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The Past Meets Up With The Future

Staring at each other the two brother's faced off, their groups behind them, unsure what to do. Eyes only for each other the two watched the each other for any movement or actions that would give their intent away. Golden eyes frosted over with ice Sesshoumaru regarded his little brother and his pitiful group of mongrels. Did they really think that they could actual protect Inu yasha from him" They probably did, fools that they were. The other set of golden eyes in this staring match stared at his older brother with anger and a deep dislike for his only living kin. His brother was stronger then him but he wouldn't allow Sesshoumaru to harm Kagome and their friends.

"Inu yasha." Sesshoumaru said simply as he and his brother began to circle. He knew Jakken would be smart enough to take Rin and get her out of here, he didn't want her to see him kill Inu yasha. It might upset her.

"Sesshoumaru." Inu yasha replied with a short nod. "Woman, take Shippou and get out of here." He added to his mate who stood close behind him, bow drawn and arrows ready.

"I'm not going anywhere, Inu yasha." Kagome said adjusting her aim so that the arrow was pointing directly at the center of Sesshoumaru heart. "Sango?"

"I understand." Sango said with a nod and never taking her eyes off the demon lord moved to where Shippou stood with his small dagger out to protect his family. "Come. They won't be able to fight properly if they have to worry about you."

Wanting to fight but knowing that she was right Shippou stuck the small dagger into his sash and glaring at Sesshoumaru allowed Sango to take his hand. "You hurt them and I'll kill you, weakling." Shippou yelled out as he allowed Sango to lead him out of the clearing and into the woods where he'd be able to hide easily if Inu yasha were to lose.

Frowning slightly at the term weakling Sesshoumaru watched the demon exterminator leave and thought that after he killed Inu yasha he might kill the exterminator as well. Over the years she'd proven to be an annoyance, the fox pup as well.

"Why don't you just leave now and save yourself having to lose another arm, Sesshoumaru." Inu yasha sneered arrogantly, glad that Shippou was out of harm's way no matter how much the young pup bothered him. Now all he had to do was worry about his mate and he knew that he stood little chance of getting her to seek cover as well. Kagome was stubborn like that and now wasn't a good time for her to sit him.

"It will be you who will be losing body parts today, Inu yasha." Sesshoumaru said with a small smile that was more chilling then any frown or scowl he'd ever given. A smiling Sesshoumaru was never a good sign.

"Why don't you just leave us alone." Kagome demanded as she glared at the demon who she'd come to dislike as much as Inu yasha. "What have we done to you except defend ourselves against your attacks? Don't you have anything better to do with your time?"

"He was born." Sesshoumaru said simply as he drew his newly made blade from its sheath at his side. "I will spare your life, woman, if you leave now. Your mate's death will more then satisfy me today."

"I'll kill you first." Kagome declared as she met the demon's glare unflinching.

"The only one who will kill either of them is me."

Startled the three stared at the creature that had suddenly appeared in the clearing with them. It was a truly ugly thing with over a dozen tentacles for feet and a head that rather resembled a wolf demon in its true form. It was also an ugly shade of brown, the color of dried blood with its glowing red eyes hinting at its evilness. It glided towards them and Kagome, seeing the real threat for what it was turned the arrow's direction towards it.

"You're a fool if you think that your arrow can harm me, bitch. You've tried that already and failed." The monster said with a laugh that sent icy shivers down her neck.

"We've never faced you before, what do you want?" Inu yasha said as he moved to stand between Kagome and the creature, his brother's threat forgotten in the face of this monster. Every defense instinct he had was on red alert and he knew that this wasn't going to end well.

"I want all three of you dead, you half breed bastard. His human bitch as well wherever she is. No matter, I'll find her and kill her as well." The monster said calmly as his red eyes fastened onto Inu yasha's blade with something beyond hatred in his eyes. "Where is she, Sesshoumaru? Cowering in the bushes?"

"Who are you that would dare risk my wrath." Sesshoumaru demanded as he too forgot about his brother as his anger focused solely on the one who had dared to speak to him so. He assumed this abomination referred to Rin and he had no intention of allowing this thing near his charge.

"I am known as Ferio, the most powerful demon ever created. And you, Sesshoumaru, lord of the west will kneel before me. I have defeated you once, I will do so again." The creature, now known as Ferio, said with a grotesque smile as he tightened his grip on the staff he held in his left hand.

"I will never kneel before you weakling nor have I ever faced you in battle, won or lost. For even suggesting the idea you will forfeit your life." Sesshoumaru said as he showed his fangs briefly as he controlled his anger at the thought that this creature thought itself to be his superior.

"You will kneel or you will forfeit your life as your sons did when I fought them. Such weaklings, but it was what I expected." Ferio said as he jeered at Sesshoumaru. "You should have practiced what you preached, oh great Lord of the West. Had you not contaminated their blood, perhaps then they would have stood a chance."

"I have no sons nor a mate." Sesshoumaru said with an almost sarcastic smirk. Obviously this creature was as stupid as he was ugly. That was saying something. "You appear to be the one who's weak here. Even Inu yasha could probably defeat a weakling such as you."

"Feh." Inu yasha said as he looked at the monster. "If your quarrel is with him why seek my death as well?"

"Ah but your sons and daughters caused me trouble as well, half breed. You see I am from the future and I'm here to make sure that you and your offspring cease to exist. Or should I say never exist?" Ferio said and with a laugh before lifting a finger to point at Sesshoumaru. "Your daughter was a particular thorn in my side. I enjoyed killing her very much."

"My daughter?" Sesshoumaru said more to himself then to anyone. Could it be that this beast spoke true? Could this Ferio really be from the future? Had he really lost to this monstrosity? Had this thing murdered his children? But if that were true why bother coming back to the past?

"Yes, rather spirited despite her human blood, your little bitch. Unfortunately I had to leave before I could get to see your mate in action as well. No matter, I will find her shortly and find out for myself just what sort of fighter she is. I'll give her your regards before I slaughter her like the pathetic being that she is." Ferio said as showed off his large fangs. "It would appear that the females in your family pose the only real challenge."

"If what you say is true then you will die for harming my offspring." Sesshoumaru said carefully; his eyes for once flashing dangerously.

"Don't worry, Sesshoumaru; you'll be dead soon and they'll have never drawn breath." Ferio said with a cruel laugh as he suddenly charged Sesshoumaru.

"Leave Master alone." Rin suddenly cried from the safety of the wood and before Jakken could stop her she ran right in front of the smiling monster. "I won't let you hurt him."

"RIN!" Sesshoumaru yelled as he moved to interfere, knowing in his heart that he was too far away. The monster would get her before he could do anything to stop it.

Just as one of his tentacles reached out to wrap around her a white and black blur came out of nowhere, grabbing Rin and carrying her to safety with a single bound. Watching they could see that it was a girl and she obviously had demon's blood in her.

"It cannot be!" The creature yelled as his eyes followed the movement, watching the young girl gently set the small child on her feet before turning back to face him, head held high and sword drawn. "I killed you! You insufferable brat!"

"I don't die easily, Ferio. Leaving when you did was a big mistake." The girl shot back and with another bound landed in front of the beast, her back to Sesshoumaru, Kagome and Inu yasha. The girl was nearly as tall as Sesshoumaru and her hair was just as white, a stark contrast to the black clothing she wore. Her hair was caught up in a high ponytail and hung all the way to her lower back, hiding her features from view. Something about her suggested that if they could see her face they'd see the face of a girl with demon heritage. She was dressed in a cat suit similar to the one Sango wore and she smelled like a demon, not a full one but at least half.

"So you came to protect your father, girl? Do really think a pathetic half demon like you stands a chance against me when your brothers and kin couldn't stop me together." Ferio said but Kagome wasn't alone in detecting a hint of fear in the creature's voice. Wait a minute, was this the daughter Ferio had mentioned? Was this Sesshoumaru's daughter from the future?

"Wow, I bet that took a lot of brain power to come up with such a long sentence. As for my brothers and cousins you just banged them up a little bit, assehole. We're not easily taken out, especially by weaklings like you. Now if you know what's good for you you'll just let me kill you, that way you won't have to suffer the humiliation long." The girl said sweetly as she braced her legs slightly; her eyes glued to the staff in Ferio's right hand.

"I will never surrender to you." Ferio growled as he glared at her.

"Your funeral." The girl said as she easily dodged a flying tentacle. "Father, Uncle Inu yasha, we need to break his staff. It's his way of controlling time. If we destroy it he'll be unable to escape us again." The girl called out not seeing the look of amazement on Sesshoumaru's features when he realized she had referred to him as father. So it was true, this girl was his blood? But how could that be? She wasn't a full demon.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Kagome said and changing the direction once again sent an arrow straight for the staff's jeweled top. As she'd anticipated the creature had forgotten that her arrow would do little damage and instantly moved to knock it away, leaving the staff vulnerable as he twisted it out of the arrow's reach. Seeing the ploy for what it was the girl jumped into the air, slicing the creature's arm off with a slash through the shoulder blade that sent black blood flying through the air as the arm fell. As the arm fell into range Inu yasha, having followed her lead used his own blade to slice the staff in half as it spun through the air. The staff having been split from top to bottom it exploded into shards of wood, a black slime seeping from it that was similar to the creature's blood.

Howling his anger and fury at the fact that he was now trapped in this time Ferio shot tentacles at both of them, the half demons easily dodging the attacks. Coming from behind Sesshoumaru sliced the demon's upper body in two only to have it come back together as though nothing had happened. Having jumped over the creature's head Sesshoumaru landed beside the girl and with a shock he looked into a face that could very well pass for his own. Her face carried the familiar purplish blue strips across her cheeks and there was the familiar mark upon her forehead. The only thing that marked her someone other then his double was her obvious female form and a large scar that spanned from her right eyebrow to the center of her cheek, narrowly missing her eye.

"Don't slice off his tentacles, they'll only grow back like the rest of his body. If it didn't we would have defeated him easily." The girl said as she dodged one of the tentacles aimed straight at her head with an ease that suggested she'd done this before. "Any wound he suffers will heal itself in seconds." For what seemed like hours instead of minutes the five battled, neither side winning or losing. Ferio healing all of his in seconds and the rest managed to avoid the worst of his assaults through shear skill and the fact that without his healing abilities Ferio was a very stupid and weak demon. Breathing hard and near exhaustion the warriors faced off, all seeming hopeless.

"Are you truly my daughter?" Sesshoumaru demanded finally as he looked over at her while keeping most of his attention on the tentacles. Dodging as oppose to slicing Sesshoumaru eyes assessed the demon, trying to find its weakness so that he could use the knowledge defeat it.

"Eventually I will be." The girl said as she jumped several meters in the air to avoid another tentacle, her golden eyes blazing with bad intent. Coming down with her sword ready she used it to slice the demon's head off, grabbing the head while she was at it before it could fall and be picked up by Ferio. Holding the head by the hair, which screamed at her, the girl simply smiling grimly. Getting a firm grip on it Sora sent the head flying through the air to land in a nearby stream, throwing it like a discus.

Screaming his outrage now the monster's remaining body stumbled to get to the stream, his entire body disoriented by the loss of his head.

"Any of you have any suggestions on how to kill it?" The girl asked as she turned to face them all for the first time, the air filling with his curses as he stumbled around, frantic to find his head. "He'll find the thing eventually and reattach it."

"You look just like him." Kagome said stepping forward a bit.

"Yea. We've tried decapitation; we've tried drowning. We've cut off ever part of his body but it keeps coming back together without leaving a dint." The girl said as she wiped her blade absently on the long grass. "You've all been around longer then I have so... Wait a minute, exactly how old are you guys anyway?"

"I'm eighteen." Kagome volunteered cheerfully despite the situation.

"Oh well that's just peachy." The girl said more to herself then to them, a habit she seemed to share with her slightly dazed father as she turned on her heels to glare at the beast. "He would go back to a time when I'm the same age as you, Aunt Kagome. Father hasn't even married Mother yet! Why that bloody bastard. If I'm not born because he screwed this up I'll make Naraku's death seem merciful in comparison."

"Who is your mother?" Sesshoumaru demanded to know. It would appear that somehow he'd ended up with a mate that wasn't fully demon. It shouldn't be possible and yet the evidence stood before him. He would find the name of the girl's mother and see to it that their acquaintance was severed. Physically.

"I'd tell you but not only would you not believe me but there's no way in hell I'm risking never being born by telling you. From what I remember you really hate humans right about now." The girl said as she straightened, her defenses sensing trouble. "He's getting close to the head, any suggestions would be helpful right about now."

"While you fought it did you ever impale its heart?" Sesshoumaru said as an idea came to him. During the battle the creature had made it difficult to get at its chest due to it placing tentacles like a shield in front of it. They'd sliced at his chest but it seemed to be guarding its heart with special care.

"No, I don't think so. We sliced and diced his chest a lot but I don't think we ever got near his heart directly, his tentacles were always in the way. You think his heart is his weakness." The girl said catching on.

"It's a possibility." Sesshoumaru agreed, rather please that she had caught on so quickly though why he had no idea. Even though her blood was tainted she'd obviously retained some of her demon greatness which he found unusual given his own brother's stupidity despite his own demon heritage. If she was full demon he might have actual been proud to call her his own.

"So how do we get at the heart?" Inu yasha said as he tried not to stare at the girl, his niece apparently. He was an uncle, Inu yasha realized with a start. Boy, he'd never thought about that before. He wasn't sure he exactly liked the idea of having a niece who appeared to be a lot like his older brother.

"Well he appears to hate Sesshoumaru in particular, why not use that to our advantage." Kagome said thoughtfully, mulling over the whole situation. "Sesshoumaru and I could distract her while Inu yasha and Sesshoumaru daughter attack his heart."

"It could work. He hated dad above all else and he is essentially stupid, he could be distracted enough to let down his guard." The girl said thoughtfully, cocking her head slightly to follow Ferio's progress. "I think Uncle Inu yasha and I could do it."

"I say we do it." Inu yasha said with a nod. "It's our only option right now."

"I agree. In my last battle with him we fought for well over a half an hour, killing him countless times only to have him put himself back together." The girl said with a sad smirk. "Trying for his heart is as good a place as any to continue to try to find his weak point."

"We'll try it. What's your name anyway?" Sesshoumaru said as he turned to watch the monster lift his head from the water with a triumphant howl.

"Sora." The girl said, her eyes also on the monster as his head once again joined its body. "So we all agree then?"

"Let's do it then." Inu yasha said as the four fighters turned to watch Ferio lumber towards them, his newly attached face contorted with anger and rage.

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