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Get A Clue

Mika and Aiden were at a loss as to what they were missing. Well they weren't the only ones, they were both pretty sure Sango, Rin, Shippou, Jakken, Miroku, Inu yasha and Ren were out to sea too, but everyone else seemed to get it and were pointedly ignoring them as a result. Well maybe Sesshouamru wasn't in the know either, he had one hell of a poker face after all. The only way they knew the others were clueless too was the fact that they were all asking to be in the know too and getting shot down just as hard. Mika was pretty annoyed that her mother wouldn't tell her, but Kagome went bright red everytime Mika so much as got into her line of vision. Aiden had no luck with Hermione, Mina or Dare, the latter two just smirking while Hermione..well if looks could kill....

"This is really starting to piss me off." Mika muttered, bad temperedly kicking a stone into a tree, embedding it there with the force of her kick.

Patting her on the shoulder Aiden figured something really big must have happened, for them to all be risking Mika's wrath like this. But what had he and Mika missed, and what did it have to do with them specifically?

"We need to bribe someone...but who and with what?"

Considering her whispered suggestion Aiden tried to remember if there was something he had that anyone here might want. Well, maybe his Aunt Kagome would want to know more about her future, but his gut was saying that even her curiousity wasn't going to be enough to get her to spill. He could try to blackmail Dare, threaten to tell his mom all sorts of horrible stories about him, but Dare hit pretty hard even when he wasn't trying to and he wasn't feeling so great to begin with. Mentally going through the other possibilities he could come up with only one logical possobility. "We should ask Kohaku. He doesn't get embarassed and as the oldest he should be too mature to make us bribe him...or at least whatever he asks won't be humiliating or degrading the way Dare's would be."

"Worth a shot. Wish me luck." Leaving his side Mika headed for her oldest cousin, not bothering to waste time asking him if he'd spill since his hearing was keen enough to have picked up on her and Aiden's discussion. "So? What's it going to take?"

Everyone within hearing rang leaned in to hear.

Looking down at his little cousin Kohaku wondered if the situation would become less amusing if he were to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Unlike his aunt, brother and cousin, he really wasn't too embarassed or mortified to give Mika a straight answer, nor was he quite so childish as to keep his mouth shut just to screw with Mika and Aiden's heads, the way Mina and the water demons were. Hermione was keeping her mouth shut because if she opened it Aiden might never recover his hearing...or his manhood such as it was. He was also willing to bet, unlike the others, that the others interpetation of what had been said was incorrect. Not that he didn't believe Mika was above such a thing, but because he doubted Aiden would be able to handle it if she did. The man blushed over a kiss, so logic dictated that a promise of the sort the others susupected would not have enticed Aiden to have given the fighting performance he had given. And while he was mildly curious to know the truth, he was, like his father, not so undisiplined as to make his curiousity known. If you didn't know something, act like you did was pretty much one of his father's philosophy in life.


Shrugging his shoulder ever so slightly Kohaku lowered his head just enough to whisper a few, to the point sentences in his cousin's ear before straightening, wanting to catch her reaction when the shock wore off.

It didn't take long.

Mouth opening and closing wordlessly several times as it sank in she was soon doubled over with laughter, her arms wrapped around her waist so hard it was a wonder she wasn't cutting off her circulation. Weaving in place as she walked back to Aiden her laughter was full bodied and joyful, the sort of laugh that made people instinctively smile when they heard it, simply from the runoff of happiness behind it. Knowing her older cousin as she did, Mika just barely managed to whisper the truth to him before she broke out into even more laughter as she awkwardly made her way back to Aiden to deliver the hilarious news.

Raising an eyebrow Aiden got straight to the point once she'd finally managed to make her way back to his side. She was laughing so hard now that there was tears running down her cheeks. What was so funny?

Holding up one finger to indicate he needed to give her a minute or two, it took Mika a good four minutes before she was capable of saying a full sentence without breaking back into hysterical laughter. Leaning forward Mika placed her lips against his ear and whispered. "They think I was promising you kinky sex if you won." That was all it took to get her going again, so she completely missed his reaction to the news.

Blinking rapidly Aiden was too stunned to even blush. "Oh." Well that hadn't been what he'd expected, though it certainly explained a thing or two. Well damn, he didn't know whether to be flattered or irked about the whole thing now.

"Well now that they know will you tell me?" Ren hissed, just as curious as they had been. He hadn't caught what Kohaku or Mika had said, they'd spoken so low.

Hermione's response to that was a killing death glare. If he asked her that one more time she was going to hurt him bad. She didn't care that all this was drawing him out of the depressive funk that he'd been in recently. She was feeling decidedly dark and depressed as it was, and would prefer company rather than her friend acting like a curious three year old who couldn't stop asking 'Why?'.

Frustrated Ren wished he too was in possession of something to bribe Hermione or someone with. Not knowing was driving him crazy, especially since it seemed to be something to do with the intamacy between the weak human called Aiden and Mika. He didn't like the idea of them as a unit, even if they were only paired up in this situation by some sort of missunderstanding. The others seemed to expect it too, to see them as a grouping apart from the rest, like they were still together as a pair. The idea left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Something tells me we misinterpted something." Dare stated slowly, looking from Mika to Aiden to Kyou. "What do you think?" Not that thinking was Kyou's greatest strength, but he decided to give his cousin the benefit of the doubt in this case. Besides, it wasn't like his older brother or Andrea would stoop to gossiping with him.

"What else could it be though?" Kyou countered, trying to think less dirty and coming out empty.

Aiden meanwhile, having the facts now, had figured out where the mistakes had been made and was now snickering just a little himself. He couldn't help it though, the images in his head were just too damn funny. There was, after all, nothing remotely sexy about Hogwarts uniforms. Okay..there was the whole school girl look, but given the death glares, 'comment if you want to die' looks Mika would be giving off at the movie premiere, Aiden couldn't imagine any guy thinking sexy thoughts once they locked eyes with that. He sure wouldn't.

Mika, now in control of her senses enough to see the possible payback option, gave Aiden one of her 'don't you argue with me' looks. "We aren't telling the idiots the truth."

Nodding, Aiden got the message. Besides, they all deserved it for having such dirty minds.

"We're never going to know what was so funny, are we?" Sango asked Sesshoumaru, who simply shurgged his shoulders like he could care less.

"We could make them." Inu yasha suggested, seeing nothing wrong with strong arming his children into spilling their guts. In fact, it could be fun. He wouldn't mind seeing how his children messured up against him, though he didn;'t have that much hope where his son was concerned. The kid defintely took after Kagome, or maybe her cat. Lazy thing that it was.

"You don't want to. Trust me." Was his mate's counter to that idea. Her tone said it all.

Since no one was willing to spill their guts on the topic found so hilarious by some, the group lapsed into relative silence after a while, topics of conversation popping up occasionally but about nothing of consequence. They had traveled for about five hours when a thought occured to Mika.

"Hey...if we're going where I think we're going...wont we run into that prince guy? The one who married that doctor friend of Hotaru's?"

"Hey yeah..I think you're right." Kyou answered with a considering look. "Sweet, we can bunk down at his place and get supplies and stuff."

"Your stupidity astounds me sometimes." Andrea drawled, looking at him in disgust. "And given how stupid you are normally, that's saying something."

Glaring at her Kyou would have shoved her if it weren't for the fact that she'd shove back and harder. "What's stupid about food and shelter? I mean the guy's a family friend, right? Why wouldn't he give us stuff, demons or not? Its not like a lot of villages are going to be all that welcoming with Uncle Sesshoumaru and my cousins in tow."

"It's stupid because any idiot would know how important it is to keep Sesshoumaru AWAY from him." Rolling her eyes Andrea couldn't believe even he was that clueless. After all, the problems a visit to the prince were all male related to begin with. If men thought with their heads instead of their egos, there would be no problem with going to see the prince guy. But male egos were involved with Sango as the prize which translated to 'lets avoid the prince at all costs'.

Remembering his brother's mentioning of a prince Sesshoumaru looked down at Sango questioningly. "Why do I need to be kept away from some weak human prince?" Surely it wasn't for his safety, but there had to be a reason given the reaction of the others.

"Ah..well....you see." Going a little pink in the cheeks Sango didn't know quite how to put it. To say that the prince had a crush on her was to, well, girlie and embarassing. I mean really, even when she hadn't liked Sesshoumaru, she'd have said there was no contest between the prince and Sesshoumaru in the gorgeous department. Really, when you thought about it, Sesshoumaru knew all about Miroku and his faults, and if he met the prince...well he'd have a very negative opinion of the sort of men she seemed to attract. Sesshoumaru had nothing in common with either of them save the fact that there seemed to be something about her they all found attractive. Going even redder, her thoughts weren't helping matters.

"The prince has a thing for your woman."

Trust Inu yasha to put it so succulantly.

A narrowing of his eyes was Sesshoumaru's only reaction to his brother's explanation. He wasn't really worried, since he knew for a fact he was stuck with her for what remained of their lives together. And if the prince was a threat, he wouldn't still be living in his children's reality. Of course if they were to encounter this prince, and said prince were to act as annoying as the monk, Sesshoumaru could see how their worries could be somewhat justified. He already had to deal with his brother, his brother's son and the monk. He had all the idiots he could take and his future mate seemed to attract them. The trials he must go through later in life because of her ability to attract such creatures to him. Though maybe it wasn't so bad, if she let him kill some of them for sport. Then again, he could see her taking a dim view on him going around killing things so much weaker than he was. He might too, since he wouldn't care for being remembered as the slaughterer of the weak. He preferred to be memorialized as the killer of the strongest, which was a much better eulogy for his centuries of mass human and demon destruction.

"Please don't kill him." Mika requested, not liking the look in her uncle's eyes. "He really does go on to marry a friend of Hotaru's. He'll get over her eventually without you..beating the attraction out of him."

"He's less of a challenge than Jakken." Was Kohaku's addition to the conversation, knowing that that would wane his father's intrest in a confrontation faster than any argument any of the others might have come up with.


Everyone ignoring Jakken's gargled protests, they all had admiring glances for the brilliance of Kohaku's logical thinking.

Considering his son's words Sesshoumaru lost all itnerest in engaging the pathetic human spawn in battle. If he was worse than Jakken, he was better off picking a fight with a rabbit for Rin's dinner.

"He is not that weak." Sango argued, completely missing the motive behind her son's insult. "He's just...well human. Jakken is a demon after all...so of course he's weaker." As a demon slayer such an argument spoken by someone else would have resulted in her blade up said person's ass. But at the moment, it was the best she could come up with since Sesshoumaru would indeed squash the prince like a bug if he chose to.

Humiliated that the human slayer was the only one defending him, Jakken lapsed into depressed silence, giving Rin a death glare when she reached out to pat him sympathetically on the shoulder.

"You're defending him?"

Paling slightly at Sesshoumaru's question Sango saw her mistake instantly. "Well...I uh...owe him so not saying something seemed..terribly impolite of me. You are of course so vastly stronger than him that the idea of you two fighting is laughable."

Somewhat pleased at the compliment Sesshoumaru decided to let it pass that she actually seemed to think he'd consider a human male as a threat to his ownership of her. Please, like that was going to happen. If she thought she could leave him now that he knew she was meant for him than she was even stupidier than his brother, which just wasn't possible.

"So we're avoiding the guy, right?" Miroku asked hesitantly, doing his best to hide his disappointment. He'd hoped to enlist the other man's help in trying to save Sango from the damn smug demon lord who didn't look the least bit upset at the idea that someone might have an itnerest in Sango as well. In fact, Miroku was beginning to hate the demon so much he'd be glad if Sango were to sudden;y fall for the prince, thus leaving Sesshoumaru high and dry. I mean a prince was just as respected and exalted in the human world as Sesshoumaru was in the demon one. If prestige and nobility were what Sango was attracted to, the prince could provide that just as easily without being a moral less, egotistical bastard like the demon lord walking in front of him with Sango at his side. Like she damn well belonged there, Miroku thought darkly.

"That would be wisest." Was Andrea's firm suggestion.

"Well that might not be an issue." Triton interjected before anything else on the topic could be said.

"Why is that?" Kagome wanted to know.

"Because Ferio has decided to come to us it seems. Battle stations everyone."

Everyone leaping into action Rin and Shippou were secured to hide nearby with Triton, Jakken, Aiden and Miroku standing guard over them with weapons drawn and ready. The rest lined up at the ready, standing in around the protected in a half circle, covering them where the others and nature did not. They were braced and prepared when the attack began.