By: muaaimoi

She can't believe the humiliation.

Caroline had walked into the Charity Ball like the Queen she knew herself to be. Head held high, shoulders back, and a dress that cost more than some prime New York real estate. She is ready to wow William, and leave the ball with an equally wealthy and gorgeous boyfriend. She hadn't realized she wouldn't be the only one with that plan. Stupid Alexa Walker had recognized her as competition and gone as far as to spill wine on her dress. In front of everyone. It had taken everything Caroline had not to lunge at her and make a scene. Instead she'd grabbed one of the servers near her and dragged her with her into the bathroom.

"Please tell me you know how to get wine out of this?" She hisses at the server, half begging.

"Red wine?" The girl asks, arching an eyebrow.

"Well it's sure as hell not white!" Caroline snaps.

The girl nodded knowingly."I gotcha. But I expect to be compensated for my services."

"I'll give you five hundred dollars if you can get the stain out."Caroline proposes. This is the perfect dress. There is nothing in her closet that fits the occasion better. She spent two weeks ensuring that was the case.

"Will you double that if I spill some wine 'accidentally' on that red head?" The server counter offered with a sly smirk across her rouge colored lips. Caroline was immediately hit with wonderful images of Alexa's freckled face going splotchy with rage.

"Deal." She was quick to confirm.

"I'll be right back." The server assured her with a wicked smile.

Caroline hid in a stall as she waited. Roughly ten minutes later she felt a rap on the door. She opened it to find herself splashed yet again, with what smelled like vinegar this time. She gaped at the girl in front of her. The server seemed unimpressed.

"Come on blondie, off with the dress, I need to scrape it with backing soda real quick and then wash it off."She explained.

"But I don't have anything else to wear!" Caroline hissed.

"Then you'd better close the door unless you want anyone that wanders in to see you naked." The 'obviously' wasn't said, but rather heavily implied.

"How are you even planning to dry it?" Caroline demanded.

"It's called the hand drier and it wouldn't be the first time." The server said."Now hurry up blondie, some of us haven't got all night."

Caroline closed the door, stripping quickly. She handed her dress over the stalls door, she'd never been half naked in a bathroom stall before, and it wasn't an experience she planned to repeat. It stung, just a little less than her recent public humiliation."My name's not blondie by the way. It's Caroline, Caroline Channing."

"Yeah, whatever"Was the irreverent reply.

"How do you even know if the backing soda works?"She asked.

"Mom was a messy drunk." The server replied."She used to spill everything, from cheap vodka to five dollar bottles of wine. I learned to get alcohol stains out of everything."

Caroline found herself dully impressed. She startled slightly when the hand drier turned on.

"Those things are microbe cesspits you know." She informed the other girl with a huff. Hadn't her poor ball gown suffered enough.

"Poor people have strong immune systems."She was immediately sassed."We have to, since we can't afford doctors."

Caroline focused on her shoes. Forcefully reminding herself that she wasn't at fault because others weren't as well off as herself. She did plenty of charity work and tried to give back. At least the other girl had a mother, even if she had been a drunk.

The hand drier finally went off, and the server passed her the dress. Caroline inspected it, it felt a little damp, but nothing that showed, and she couldn't see an inch of the stain.

"Great job."She praised, surprised. Part of her hadn't really expected the other girl to succeed.

"I know. With me you're totally getting your moneys worth. Now come on, we still have my favorite part coming up."

Caroline beamed, opening the door, she'd been looking forward tot his part too."She's wearing that pale pink monstrosity. Make sure it really shows."

The server absently twirled one of her curls with yet another wicked smile,"your wish is my command."

They walked out of the bathroom together, the server breaking of in search of a serving tray with red wine. She couldn't wait.

Not that she had forgotten her true aims for the evening. Especially when she ran into William.

"Caroline." He said, with one of his movie star smiles."I thought someone spilled wine on your dress."

She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear with a coy smile."It looked worse than it was."

William racked his eyes over her dress, clear desire in them, just as planned. It was the perfect dress, royal blue, Williams favorite color, and emphasized her every curve."I can see that. You look stunning."

Just then a gasp spread through the crowd around them along with the tail end of a shriek. Caroline turned to find Alexa covered in red wine, the server trying and failing to hide a smile.

"You stupid bitch." Alexa screamed,"I'm going to get you fired for this!"

The server shrugged,"Accident's happen lady. Maybe you have bad Karma."

It took everything Caroline had not let a big goofy grin escape at that. She just barely succeeded.

"I can't believe she made such a scene." William tutted.

Caroline smirked."I guess not everyone can handle accident's with style and grace."

"Clearly." William affirmed, giving her another heated look."Would you like to share a limo with me tonight Caroline?"

She smiled seductively, dropping her voice to a suggestive whisper."Clearly."

"I'll go inform my driver." William said, giving her hand a lingering press of his lips.

Caroline smiled, looking around for the girl that had helped her. She found her looking right back at her by a corner, wondered briefly if she realized what her exchange with William meant, before deciding she didn't care and heading over.

"Well someones getting laid tonight." The server commented with a sardonic smirk, confirming her suspicions. Caroline matched it with a self satisfied version of her own. William wasn't anything to be ashamed of.

"Thank you so much for your help tonight." Caroline said, utterly heartfelt. The other girl had certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

"Hey, I got to splash two rich girls and I even got paid for it. Best. Night. Ever."

"What's your name anyway?" She felt kind of bad she hadn't asked for it before.

Caroline was treated to another wicked smile."Max, Max Black."

Caroline pulled out her checkbook and signed a check for five thousand dollars. She ripped it out and handed it over with an impish grin. It widened as Max gaped at the check, eyes so big they looked ready to jump out of their sockets.

"Max Black." She repeated."I'll remember that."


Welp, I promised you guys multichapter story, so here it goes. Obviously they have a few other run-ins before they become friends, and then more. Pretty slow burn for me, so im thinking about ten chapters? I guess we'll see. I've also decided to make the next installation on the Speed Bump verse multichapter. Since you guys seem to want more of that. It should make it easier to just keep adding on. Please let me know what you think.