Bella POV

It was kind of creepy if you thought about it hard enough. Actually standing by and watching someone else live their life, all the way up until they pass away.

I didn't do that with my parents, no, I did it with Cora. I would check on her everyday, I had to make sure that she was ok. And some sick part of me was happy that she wasn't for a very long time.

She eventually did get married. Just like she said, though I didn't doubt her, but a part of me did hope it was a lie.

Once she was married I checked in less and less. But one night when I did check in on her. That no good husband of hers was yelling, he was drunk out of his mind and he laid his hands on her.

I lost it.

They never did find his body, I made sure of it.

I regret it though, because she seemed to actually be in love with that man and it broke her heart.

After about twenty years she grew sick, she was getting fairly old. The life expectancy was pretty short back in the day, it was 48 I think. That was the average.

On her last night she was in bed, she didn't have kids, no friends, she lived such a private life and I never understood why.

But I came into her window that night while she was staring up at the ceiling. I sat on her bed and she looked at me, and though I wasn't expecting much she smiled and reached out her hand.

It was amazing that she remembered me, and that night I was by her side crouched down on one knee by the bed, holding her hand as she spoke to me. She wasn't making much sense actually. But she repeated over and over that she knew I'd come back eventually.

That shit was depressing, because I wish I could take everything back and be the one that she grew old with. I could've gave her kids, moved her out this place. We could've been in California somewhere enjoying the sun, our little kids running around everywhere. But I'd never get to share that with her, and it hurt me.

After she passed, Emmett and I stayed around a little longer before deciding we had to move so we could actually live our lives.

I let Emmett choose, and he came up with a place called Forks, Washington. I told him to choose another one since it sounded like some place in one of those movies where people go missing, but he was really persistent. He said we could probably out live everyone there and they'd never notice.

So that's how we ended up buying some old house in the outskirts of Forks. It was super secluded, just like I pictured, and Emmett had to remind me countless times that we were the monsters that went bump in the night, so there's nothing I should be afraid of.

I didn't really like the place; there was just something about it. I felt as if people knew we were here even if we didn't show our faces yet. As if something was lurking in the dark far off somewhere.

The two-story house was apparently abandoned by some old renters who decided to move out to a city with more "life."

At least that's what the realtor say, we wouldn't know who he was speaking of, he seemed to be leaving out a bunch of details.

Since I wasn't much of a talker, my questions stayed locked in the back of my mind while my brother decided to be the one to strike the deal.

The realtor made it seem as though someone died here, though I couldn't smell it –maybe he was just freaking out.

As time passed things got easier. We settled in pretty nicely, and Emmett was going through our money quickly by ordering many things that we could do without, like multiple laptops and oversized televisions. He was really into the technology that progressed over time, but I was stuck in the old days with a simple flip phone that I could easily use.

He called me old and well, he was technically right, I just don't get how he didn't grow up mentally like I did.

The day we finally got out to go food shopping was an interesting experience. People have never seen us before and apparently they really didn't want us in their small town. Of course we could hear their harsh whispers as they wished us gone, saying that more young people in this town would just cause more trouble to the peaceful, and oh so delicate town they live in.

The more aisles we went down, the more whispers.

An older married couple that might actually be only a few years younger than I stated that we reminded them of a family that used to live in town. Of course they seemed to not want to speak of this as they quickly changed subjects.

It was odd.

I wasn't surprised at the lack of welcoming that small towns seemed to be known for, I was shocked that people just had such a negative reaction.

Almost as if we were bad luck.

But it wasn't as if the city could just form a border around their town and keep people from entering.

They'd just need to get over whatever had them holding a grudge against new comers.

Emmett and I decided to stay in our own little world as we picked out some cereal that would hold us over for a month. Little to say our cart was packed to the top with food so we could avoid coming out as much a possible.

While I was distracted by reading the back of a cereal box called "Fruity Pebbles" someone approached my brother and I and stopped directly beside us.

I glanced up, prepared to move out of the persons way until I noticed he was staring at us as if we were breaking some type of law.

The man had on a cop uniform and I kind of froze up, not sure of what laws we could've possibly broken seeing as we haven't been here long.

The man held out his hand and I hesitantly took it.

"I'm Chief Swan, nice to meet you two. Now, don't you guys have somewhere to be."

He stated while crossing his arms over his chest. He was a well built man, probably reaching 6 feet exactly, maybe in his late thirties judging by the salt and pepper hair he was sporting, or maybe it was just the stress.

He waited for an answer as me and my brother kind of just sat there completely clueless as to what he was asking.

It wasn't that we were trying to be rude, no. But he did take it as that eventually.

"Should I contact your parents and let them know you two are skipping class?"

My eyes went wide, I knew we were forgetting something.

"Sir, we just came into town recently. Our parents sent us out shopping before we get settled and get registered for school, sir." My brother stated.

He made that lie up right on the spot, this is why he talks for the both of us. Because I probably would've just looked at him and told him it was rude to assume and that he should learn some manners.

Fuck, I really am old.

"Mhmm." The cop said as he eyed us again before spinning on his heel and walking away.

"Alright… I can't believe we didn't notice that. We kind of are the only people who are under 20 walking around, well physically. Shit you know what I mean." Emmett stated before putting his box back on the shelf.

I put the box of fruity pebbles into the cart, figuring I'd probably really like them.

We went to the meat section and piled up on steaks. We usually go through 30 steaks a week, so that's how many we got before heading up to the front.

The lady at the check out was probably like 26 or so. She smiled kindly at us before looking towards our cart, her eyes widening.

It was comical, but I still felt bad.

I smiled at her and helped put the grocery's on the counter for her so she wouldn't be doing it all by herself while my brother put them in the bags.

After paying two grand for everything we walked out of the store with two shopping carts and packed everything into the car.

Now that we had everything put away in the house we settled in the living room and thought about what we should do about the topic that was brought up earlier.

"Do you think we should attend, just so we wont get in trouble if the cop starts digging around?" I asked.

Emmett sighed and shook his head. "I'm not too sure, honestly it'd probably be a good idea, but what if things go wrong. I just don't think it'd be too smart to be around so many people."

I sighed and laid down on the floor.

"Let's do it. Just for a while, and maybe we could just enter as seniors, and then we won't have to worry about school anymore. Then we definitely stay in the state for a while and just stay hidden." I commented, hoping he thought it was a good idea.

He nodded. "Alright. You know what, that sounds like a good idea. Let's do it."

And just for the record, it was a bad idea.

One I'd probably regret for the rest of my life.