In the whole trip to Bobby's Ginny never had to rebind the man. Sam checked his pulse several times, afraid he was riding with a dead wizard in the back seat. Ginny was dozing in the front when the tires ran over the rocks of Bobby's drive. She awoke when the car came to a halt before the house.

Bobby singer step on to the front porch, "we have had another Hunter die, about thirty minutes ago in El Paso." He walked out to the car. "Who are you?"

"Ginny Weasley at your service." She took a low bow. "Sammy I can get him. Dont throw out your back for some grimey death eater." She shooed sam away from the body in the back, waving her hand and levitating him out of the car. Behind her a familiar sound of a twelve gage being cocked rang out.

"I wouldn't Bobby." Dean pushed the gun to aim away from her. "It won't do anything but piss her off." Dean slung his bag over his shoulder and lead Ginny and the floating figure into the house.

"What the hell?" Bobby shouted as Ginny tied the body to a chair in the living room.

"We seriously owe her, don't try and kill her please." Sam patted Bobby's arm before he dropped his bag on the couch.

The room was dusty and dark as usual, but this did not deter Ginny. With out warning she ripped his mask off and revived him.

A dark skinned man gasped and sputtered for air. He was bald, thin, and had striking blue eyes.

"Zabini." She growled.

He finally noticed who his captor was, eyes widening in fear.

"I see my reputation still proceeds me"she smirked.

"Weasley?" He whispered.

"That's Ginevra to you horrendous pieces of filth." She snarled in his face.

"I'm, I'm sorry, Miss Ginevra." He stuttered.

"There you go Blaize, groveling like you should have been for years." She drug a scarlet nail across his cheek.

"You know this guy?" Dean stepped up next to her.

"Went to school together. His extracurriculars included sleeping around and being a jackass." She dismissed Dean. "So Zabini, would you care to tell me why you are in the United States?"

"I can't." He whispered.

"Oh, think you will find that you can" she paced the rug before him.

Bobby offered Sam an tumbler of Jack and stood next to him in the kitchen watching the red head scare the man before her.

"Where did you find this girl?" Bobby swirled his glass.

"She found us."


They watched Ginny push Blaize for a while, before finally leaving her to her own devices. At midnight they heard her shout and her footsteps to the front door.

The three of them looked at one another for a moment before Dean finally rose from his seat.

"You sure?" Sam made to stop him.

"I got it." He first checked on the man, now unconscious in the chair, then followed her out the door.

The screen slammed behind him and he scanned the darkness for her. Finally the burning end of a cigarette could be seen near the Impala. As he approached he could see the tindrels of smoke rising into the air, and finally her features as she took a long drag off the filter.

"Well?" He stopped in front of her crossing his arms.

"Found out a bit. It was started by Lucius Malfoy, and they are gathering followers like wildfire. But that's it." Her smoke filled words dripped with frustration.

"What do we do with this random guy in Bobby's living room now?" He pointed at the house. "Do we jist aim a gun at him till he wakes up and kick him out or what?"

"I wiped his memory clean. We can drop him off anywhere, he isn't our problem anymore and he is now completely harmless." She took one last drag before dropping the fag and putting it out with her foot.

"Should we do that now?" He opened the trunk of the impala and pulled the gun from his pants, to place it among the wepons in the back.

"We can. Doesn't matter." She stayed leaned against the side of the vehicle.

"We might as well do it." Dean looked at her.

She lead him to the house and went straight to the sitting room, making quick work of levitating him out of the chair after severing his binds. It was only after she dropped him in the car that Dean noticed she had no wand in her hand. She slid into the seat before he had even gotten around to the drivers side.

He cranked the car and she rolled the window down. A rock tune rang out from his leather jacket and before he could react she had dug it out and flipped it open.

"Ello?" She pressed her ear to the phone. "Dropping this sack of shit off, dunno when we will be back, depends on how far Dean drives. Mhm. Yeah. Sure. Bye"

"Who said you can answer my phone?" He snapped.

"I did." She leaned over and slipped the phone in the front pocket of his jeans. He looked at her hand curiously as he felt his body betray him at the contact her hand made with his leg.

Ginny returned to her side of the car and looked out the window. "Lucifer. He said Lucifer before I wiped him. Does that mean anything to you?"

"What did he say about Lucifer?" Dean almost shouted.

"Nothing. He just said Lucifer." She turned to look at him.

"Shit." He hit the steering wheel.

"Who is that?" She asked.

"The king of Hell." He snapped to look at her when she laughed "no really, he is the literal king if hell. The devil, satan, take your pick. He is trying to slip out of his cage."

"So the Deatheaters are conspiring with the king if Hell now. Great" she sighed.

They rode insilence for a few more minutes before Dean pulled over infront of a forest. They got out and dumped Blaize among the trees before heading back to the car.

On the way back Dean's body was still relling from Ginny's touch earlier. The fact that he was completely turned on by a witch was freaking him out completely. He kept stealing glances at he across the car.

"Can I smoke?" Dean nodded.

"I need to think and it helps me" she lit up and took a deep breath.

He watched her chest rise as she inhaled the smoke a few times. Her jeans were tight and her button up flannel was puckering at her breasts. He shook his head and turned back to the road, now pushing the image of her naked body out of his mind.

After an eternity it seemed they pulled up to Bobby's scrap yard. They both piled out of the car and she stood in the dark.

"You can go in, nothing will get me." She chuckled.

He continued to look at her as she leaned against the hood of the impala.

"What? Wanna drag?" She offered him the cigarette with her head tilted to the side in confusion.

Dean shrugged and went for the fag, he drew in a breath and exhaled smoke into the air. She gave him a crooked smile and took a step forward.

"You like what you see, Dean Winchester? " she looked up at him "I saw you stealing glances in the car"

She leaned forward and captured his lips. He didn't push her away like his brain screamed for him to, instead his tounge begged for entry and she obliged.

After a few moments Ginny pulled away with a grin on her face and looked down at what he thought was a watch but he soon discovered was not when he saw the face of a pink haired woman looking up at them.

"Tonks!" She leaned up against the impala and smiles as she took another drag.

The woman rolled her eyes, "You're still smoking?"

"Of course" Ginny nodded.

"Of course." The girl named Tonks repeated, "Molly is going to blow her top."

"Mum is thousands of miles away." She dismissed, "how's my Teddy boy?"

"I caught him climbing on a certain item in the garage last night when he was supposed to be sleeping in his bed" Tonks pursed her lips.

"He gets so restless before a full moon, you can't blame him." Dean stood by and watched her talk to the woman in her watch.

"I'm not blaming him Ginny."

She sighed, "alright, alright. I will come get it."

"Are you going to bring him?" Tonks finally cracked a full smile motioning toward the hunter next to her, Dean noticed exactly how nice looking this woman must be. Her heart shaped face was full of joy, that's when he heard a little boy's voice.

"Mummy! Is that Aunt Ginny?" Soo the screen seemed to move about for a moment before settling on a turquoise haired boy, "Aunt Ginny!"

"Hey there sweetie!" Ginny smiled at him like he held the world in his hands.

"Did you get anymore bad guys?" He hopped up and down, face much to close, his brown eyes and freckled nose were all you could see.

"Do I spy some freckles?" She laughed, obviously trying to avoid the question.

"I was with Charlie today!" He seemed far too excited about this Charlie charater, "who is that?" His brown eye got bigger, until it filled the face of the watch, seemingly examining Dean.

"He's nobody." She shook her head, "how about I come over for tea. There is something I need to get from your house."

"Tea is now Aunt Ginny."

"I know."

"Come now Ted. Lets fix her a plate." Tonks voice was heard before the watch went back to normal.

Ginny finished her cigarette and straightened her clothes.

"Your leaving?" Dean questioned.

"I will be back in a few hours."

"Who was that?" He tried to stop her.

"That, was my Godson." Ginny kept walking.

"The one..."

"I only have one. And he is a werewolf." She stopped, "none of my siblings were crazy enough to name me Godmother with how reckless I have become. Perhaps Charlie if he ever settled."

"Either way. I will be back in a few hours, get some rest."

And with that she turned on her heel and vanished.

Many hours later, as the sun finally rose a rumbling could be heard outside. Finally it stopped but a new rumbling could be heard inside the house.

Dean's door was thrown open as Sam ran in. "Ginny just landed a motorcycle on the front lawn." Sam pointed to the window.

Dean scoffed at his brother and walked to the window to see Ginny astride a big black bike in the grass. Her helmet was already off, and she was unzipping a jacket with a giant lion across the back. She swung a leg over and hung the jacket on the handle bars opposite the helmet. As she shook her hair out Ginny looked up at the house to see the Winchesters hanging out the window.

"Good morning boys!" She smiled before walking into the house.

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