Ginny walked up the front steps to have the front door burst open and a very enthusiastic five year old throw himself at her.

"Aunt Ginny!" He yelled as she caught him and tossed him in the air.

"Hello there my Teddy bear!" She laughed as she grabbed him and tuck and rolled with him on the grass until she had him pinned, ticking his sides.

"I give, I give!" He shouted through gasps of laughter.

"Don't let your Uncle George hear that, he will have you begging for mercy." Charlie stood in the doorway and Tonks had her hands on her hips on the front porch, chuckling right along.

"Come in you rascals, I have sandwiches out now." She turned and waved them in.

Ginny tossed her Godson over her shoulder and followed them into the house, with Ted giggling all the way.

"You called my brother?" Ginny sat down as Tonks poured her a cuppa.

"No, he was already coming for the day" she sat a sandwich in front of her.

"Really now?" Ginny sipped her tea eyeing the adults over her cup.

Tonks had certainly settled down from her wilder days. Other than the pink hair, which Ginny assumed she kept for her son's sake, she was like a normal everyday mum. Now a paper pusher at the Auror office, she had requested to not be sent out on missions anymore for Teddy's sake. Even Charlie, the wildest brother had moved back to England and had become a dragon specialist, teaching sometimes at Hogwarts or local wizarding colleges. The two had reconnected after he moved back two years ago, and after being mates at Hogwarts fell into friendship easily again. Charlie helped with Ted often, and Ginny had seen the beginnings of a romantic relationship months ago, it seemed they were just now admitting it to themselves.

"We are going to drop Teddy with Mum to play with Vic and go for dinner." Charlie bit into his lunch.

"Speaking of Mum..." Ginny began

"She doesn't know." Tonks pursed her lips, "but I'm sure she would love a visit."

"Sure! I will just swing by the Burrow on my way back on the," Ginny raised an eyebrow when Tonks interrupted her.

"She would have a heart attack! And do talk about it in my house with little ears around, someone would insist upon a ride." She motioned to her son playing with his plate before him.

"Well technically it has been passed from Godfather to Godson, so it should continue in that route, don't you think?" She said Casually before Tonks gave her a cool glare.

"My son will not be flying around on that death trap." Tonks sipped her tea, "you will keep it, Harry would want you too."

"Are you talking about the same Harry that I am thinking about, because my Harry would keep me away for fear of the danger and would not let me fly it across the Atlantic."

With this the elder Weasley burst out in laughter, and Teddy was startled out of his trance.

"She is so right. Harry Potter would have a right fit if my little sister wanted to fly that thing."

"Yup!" Ginny popped the 'p' at the end before draining her tea and rising from her seat.

"I'm heading back, I have a long drive." She gave both of the boys kisses on the forehead and Tonks a quick squeeze.

"The keys are still in the ignition." Tonks called as Ginny entered the garage.

There it sat, leaning on its stand was Sirius' motorbike. Her helmet and jacket were folded on the seat, a little handprint had disturbed the dust on the shiny black helmet from when Teddy had tried to climb on last night.

Ginny wrapped her hair up and pulled the helmet on putting the visor up and wiping it clean before shaking out her leather jacket and inspecting the red lion on the back, a gift from Hagrid a few Christmas' ago. She slipped the jacket on and zipped it up, thankfully She already had on her jeans and boots. Ginny walked the bike on to the driveway and kicked a leg over the seat before settling on to it. The fired up the engine and off she went.

She had forgotten how wonderful it was to ride. At the end of the country road she lifted off into the clouds, letting out a sigh of relief and pointing the bike west as she hit the invisibility booster.


Hours later she decided to aparated herself and the bike closer to Bobby's house after clearing her head flying. The junkyard was in sight, and she turned the booster back on, now in sight of muggles. As soon as the wheels touched the ground the bike was visible again and she parked the motor bike not too far from the impala.

Sam and Dean could both be seen hanging their heads out the window with gaping mouths.

"What the hell are you thinkin kid?" Bobby shouted as the came through the front door, "all these people are gonna be sent to the loony bin for seeing a flying motorcycle."

"No worries Robert. Invisibility, no one else could get their eyes on me." She smirked, red lipstick perfect after being crammed in the helmet for so long.

"Now boys, if you will please excuse me. I am in need of a shower and a bit of sleep. You should rest up as well. Things will be busy tonight." She passed Bobby and went straight to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water.


"What the hell?" Dean sat at the kitchen table, cutting the toaster waffles on the plate before him.

"Who the hell is that girl?" Bobby sipped his Irish coffee from across the table.

"Harry Potter's girlfriend" Sam said simply while eating his yogurt.

"No really, you picked up a witch. What are you thinking?" Bobby shook his head giving them each a look that clearly informed them of their idgit status.

"She really is Bobby." Sam nodded.

The man turned and looked at Dean, looking for a serious explanation.

"Ginny Weasley. Apparently this stuff is real. She was born with her magic and so were her thousands of brothers." Dean shrugged.

Bobby just looked between the two of them with a gaping mouth, but finally blinked a few times, shaking his head and sipped his coffee.

"Easier than I thought" Sam commented.

"After the crazy crap you boys bring home, I'm done being surprised"


Dean's day was mostly spent tuning up the Impala while his brother sat on the ground handing him the tools he required while skimming a stack of large hardback novels. They sat in comfortable silence other than Dean's grunts for tools, and Sam's turning of the pages.

"So what exactly are you trying to accomplish here?" Dean wiped his hands on a rag before tucking it into his back pocket and taking a swig from his beer.

"Just research on Ginny." He breathed out, annoyed. "You know for being his love interest there isn't much about her."

"What do you mean?"

Sam looked up at his brother through his messy hair, " I mean, you see her for a moment in the first one, she is saved at the end of the second, you don't hear much more about her until the end of Order of the Phoenix, they date in the next book but he breaks up with her. They kiss at the beginning of the last book, and then she shows up at the end." He closed the book in his hands and picked up another, "She was headstrong, snarky, good at quidditch."

"What the fuck is quidditch?"

"A wizard sport. Played on brooms. Seven players." he tried to continue but Dean held up a hand.

"Stop with the nerd talk."

"It's not nerd talk now. It is a real sport."

Dean rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Back to the topic at hand. Anything else on her?"

"A few other things, here and there. Mostly, in love with Harry Potter."

Sam watched as Dean turned back to the car and leaned inside; soon the sound of a ratchet could be heard within the metal casing.

"Maybe I should research Harry, and the death eaters." Sam mumbled.

"Look dude, I can't see us learning anything new about some scar headed teenager." Dean's voice echoed off the hood.

"Why not?"

"All you will find is a bunch of fan theories and crazy fan girls. Besides, what does this have to do with him? Aren't we talking about Ginny here?" He sat up and locked his elbows on either side of the engine.

"Yes. But-"

"Why are you reading those stupid books anyway, they are just hero worship." He threw the rag down after wiping his face, "this woman couldn't even tell it like it is, he died. Why couldn't she write that in? Ginny married? I don't think so." He walked away from the car leaving his brother in a state of slight shock.

Ginny had just walked out of the front door and Dean pushed pass her without a word, "ohhhh, touchy touchy."

"Any idea what is up your brother's ass?" She casually glanced into the open hood of the car.

"Not a one." He shook his head.

Ginny looked around for a moment, eventually she settled down on the dirt drive way next to Sam. "Whatcha doin?" She hummed while crossing her ankles and leaning back on her hands, long hair lying on the ground behind her.

"Um," Sam started shoving books in his bag, "just some research, that's all."

She smirked at him knowingly.

"On me? Or Harry?"

"Well. Either really." He shifted nervously avoiding eye contact.

"Just ask me. I am an open book." Ginny sat up and folded her hands in her lap.

"Really?" He stopped and gave her a look.

"Sure." She shrugged

"You have kept up this whole mysterious vibe up all too well to offer to spill everything."

"Well you aren't very likely to help me if you don't trust me, and you aren't going to trust me if I am so secretive." she began picking her nails.

" How much of it is true?"

"The books?" He nodded, "Most of it. Surprisingly enough"

"I really do have six brothers, Fred really died. Ron was best friends with Harry. He married Hermione. They just had their first baby. Tonks survived, unlike what is written in the books, Remus died, But she and Teddy are doing well for themselves. Luna ended with Neville, not Scamander. I refused to let Harry break up with me though. We had been together a year a half when he died. Neville did kill Nagini, but I got Tom. Medal of Honor and all of that. Didn't go to the ceremony."

" How old is Teddy?" Sam made to stand and held a hand out to help her off the ground

"Five, and wild as ever. He is the reason I had to get Sirius' bike. Tonks found him climbing on it last night." she took his hand and followed him to the house.

He opened the door and they found Dean standing in the way, face dripping with water as if he had just washed his face. He stared at her incredibly, as if he was looking at her for the first time.

"What did you do?" She stopped and narrowed her eyes at him.

"I'm sorry." Dean said genuinely.

"What for?" then Sam saw the realization dawn on her face, "You didn't!"

"I didn't mean too," but he was interrupted by the pop of a slap across his face so loud it even made Sam jump.

She pushed passed them and up the stairs, taking two at a time.

"What the hell Dean?"

"No more research. She is who she says." Dean turned and left his brother on the porch gaping like a fish.

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