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Little Bits and Pieces of Heaven

Chapter 1: Sunflower

He lazily opened an eye. Yawning, he stretched his arms over his head before shifting into a sitting position.

That was a damn really good nap.

Zoro yawned again and his good eye scanned the area in front of him. This is definitely not the Thousand Sunny's deck.

Where is he again?

It took him a full minute to survey his surroundings. Another two to realize that he had been walking in town earlier with the others and he turned towards the direction where the bars are supposed to be located (Usopp mentioned that the bars are in the West part of the town), then he lost sight of them and ended up here—under the shade of a tree, on top of the hill, in the middle of who-knows-where.

Why do the others get lost so much, he really had no idea.

He decided that it was about time to go back to the ship before the sun sets. He's not really looking forward to a mouthful of yak-yakking from their orange-haired navigator about his sense of direction—or lack thereof—once he comes back on the ship later than that.

He stood up, inserted his swords in his red sash and started walking along the road which he thinks will lead him back to town.

Half an hour later, the former pirate hunter is lost. Again.

He scratched his head. Damn it to hell and back! Where the hell is the road leading back to the town? Or better yet, to the ship?!

Groaning in frustration, he glanced to his left and right. He knows he is in a different place than where he had indulgingly taken his nap. He hadn't been here before... right?

Right. There was no field of flowers on the left side of the road in the previous place where he had come from; nor the view of the mountains from afar at the right side.

Choking back another groan he started walking again. The sun was about to set now; the sky's colors settling into a much warmer hue. He continued strolling along the road when his eye caught a flash of orange. He tilted his head towards the direction where he saw it.

Red, gold and orange colors tinge the vast sky giving out an illusion like the sky was on fire. Zoro found himself smiling at the view. It's rare to see the sun setting on the horizon of a field again since he spent his time mostly in the sea. He finds the view quite refreshing.

His gaze fell into the plants growing across the field. He realized that he was actually staring at a sunflower farm. The golden and red rays of the sun played with the yellow petals of the flowers creating a beautiful hue; creating an impression that the flowers don't have yellow petals but orange…

He approached the flowers and stared at it for a while. He reached out and touched one as gently as he can.

And suddenly he realized why his attention was caught by it. The orange color reminds him of their fiery, hot-tempered navigator.

That witch… he thought vilely.

He continued staring at the flower and found himself smiling a little despite himself.

That stupid, irritating, frustrating, adorable witch…

And she will surely, definitely rebuke him for being late, lost or anything she can think of just so she can raise that ridiculous debt of him once he gets back on the ship.

He gazed again at the field for a moment basking at the warm glow of the setting sun and the warm colors playing across the sky, reminding him of a certain nakama.

"Well finally! One of our idiots decides to show up!" Nami announced in a mocking tone as she saw the swordsman slowly climbing up on the Sunny. "Where the hell have you been, Zoro?! We were looking all over the place for you!" She shouted as she leaned on the railing of the ship.

When the swordsman did not answer, Nami frowned and rested her hands on her hips. Tapping her foot impatiently, she waited for Zoro to finally make it aboard so that she can give a good whack on that thick head of his.

She muttered a vile stream of curses under her breath. She is so damn annoyed with him right now and his silence is not helping. "Of all the idiotic things to… ARGH!" She stomped her foot exasperatedly. He got lost again. For the umpteenth time. That's the only possible explanation for this.

"Ne, Zoro," Chopper called. He was standing on the top of railing looking down at the green-haired lad. He was there for obvious reasons. From the way Nami was pissed off at their friend, she might decide to choke the life out of him and it's his duty as the ship's doctor and friend to save Zoro's life. They couldn't do very well in battle if they lose one of their strongest fighters, right?

"Where have you been?" The reindeer asked; his eyes round and big with wonder. "Dinner won't start without you and we were worried something happened to you. Are you hurt?"

Zoro smiled at their smallest shipmate as he boarded the Sunny. "Just strolling," he answered and patted the reindeer's head lightly.

"You don't need to worry about him Chopper," Nami said in a surly manner. "I'm sure he can kick the ass of anyone who will try to attack him." She frowned at the swordsman again.


That response only served to make the navigator's temper flare more.

"Leave us Chopper!" Nami ordered and the reindeer automatically jumped off the railing to go somewhere else as long as it's far from Nami (who was now emitting a rather dark aura), forgetting the reason why he was there in the first place.

Zoro's eye followed the reindeer as he ran as fast as he could towards the sanctuary of the kitchen where the rest of the Straw Hats are.

"Oi, you don't have to scare him."

Nami choose to ignore his statement. "Where the heck have you been?" She asked again in an annoyed tone that is bordering to dangerous.

"What are you fretting for woman? I'm here already!" Zoro said exasperatedly. Nami really had a knack for getting on his nerves most of the time. "Quit your yawping!"

Nami exploded. "Of all the inconsiderate things to do Zoro! We were supposed to go out and shop for supplies! I asked you to come along so that you can help carry some of it and you just had to go and get yourself lost! Again! Do you have any idea how hard it is for me and Usopp to lug all that stuff around! I'm going to charge you for this you numbskull! Expect additional belis in your debt you idiot! Oh for the love of— "

Her outburst was cut off when Zoro shoved three sunflowers in front of her face.

A small choke of surprise escaped Nami's lips as her rant was brought to a halt abruptly by sheer shock. Time seemed to stop. Words were not forming in her head and her voice somehow disappeared. She felt her hands automatically reach for them as Zoro walked past her, mumbling something that made her blush before heading towards the galley for dinner.

Nami vaguely realized that she now alone in the deck as she continued staring at the flowers in her hand.

What did Zoro say about them earlier when he whispered in her ear?

"They reminded me of you when the sun was setting. It made them look like they have orange petals. Same color just like when sun plays with your hair."

Nami brought the flowers near her cheek to feel their softness, feeling her anger slowly dissipating at the unexpected display of affection from the green-haired lad.

That infuriating, stupid, always lost swordsman!

He got her. He really got her this time with that nonchalant attitude of his...

... with a twist of sweetness. Drat.

Maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't add any additional belis in his debt tonight for this.

- The End -

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