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Summary: And then they discovered a new drink to enjoy.

Little Bits and Pieces of Heaven

Chapter 4: Tequila and You

"Wakey, wakey!" A voice cajoled him in a sickeningly sweet, sing-song tone. "Wake up, come on, wake up!"

He grunted a little but did not open his eye.

"Wake up!" The voice repeated again. "Wake up you sleepyhead."

Roronoa Zoro ignored the all-too-familiar, highly-irritating voice of their witch-of-a-navigator. He opted to feign that he was in a deep, deep sleep so that she will go away and leave him alone.

He faked a very loud and convincing (or so he thinks) snore.

"Wake up you lazy ass! I'm not buying that crap!" A dainty foot connected on his midsection with enough force to knock the breath out of him.


Zoro immediately sat up from his position, trying to catch his breath.

What the hell is with this woman?! Does she really have this nasty habit of abusing him?

"Damn it Nami! What the heck was that for?!" He growled out while clutching his stomach, coughing a little.

Nami blinked innocently at him. "Eeh? I was just trying to wake you up."

He gritted his teeth and snarled. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"How can you think of me that way?" Nami said in a mock-hurt tone with one hand resting on her cheek and an obviously fake innocent expression on her face.

The swordsman glared at her.

She stared back at him, the faux innocent expression still on her face.

Then she smirked. Feigning innocence with this crewmate of hers is a waste of time. He knows her too much.

"For someone covered with a lot of muscles, I wasn't even sure that my kick will affect you." The orange-haired girl said in a matter-of-fact tone, flipping back her hair nonchalantly. "I always thought those abs of yours are… rock-hard."

Zoro scowled at her, his expression shifting into a more menacing one.

Nami smirked at him. She is standing in front of the swordsman, who's still sitting on the floor of the Crow's Nest. It gave her enough leverage to somehow intimidate the man, knowing that if Zoro stood up; he would tower over her and their roles will reverse.

And with that rather threatening expression on his face…

"What do you want Nami?"

The navigator did not miss a beat. "For you to actually pay all the belis you owed me."

Zoro's good eye widened. "The fuck are you talking about you greedy witch?!" He exploded. "I already paid all of my debts to you! Why the hell do I still have one?"

"Demo," Nami pouted cutely. "I have to charge you for my effort to wake you up."


She just continued pouting at him.

"I get a kick and I also get a fucking debt?!" Zoro stood up now, growling. "Is this your new form of torture?"


"This is ridiculous Nami!" Zoro rubbed a hand on his face exasperatedly. "Maybe I should just throw you overboard you evil witch and be done with this crap forever!"

Nami waved a finger in front of his face. "You don't want to do that Zoro-kun. Then who will navigate Sunny if you go and feed me to the sharks?"

"I don't care!"

"You're a cruel man Roronoa Zoro."

"And you're a pain in the ass!"

The navigator's lips curled into an amused smile. Oh how she loves teasing him. She really likes that close-to-exploding-because-Nami's-irritating-the-hell-out-of-me-look on him.

Her hands reached out to grab the front of his dark-green coat, pulling him closer to her. She stood on tip-toes, planting a soft kiss on his scowling lips.


"I was only pulling your leg, pirate hunter." She murmured, batting her eyelashes at him teasingly.


Nami laughed and pinched his cheek softly. "Stop scowling. I have something for you."


"I said I have something for you," Nami repeated in a rather patient tone. "Are you deaf now?"

Zoro scowled again. "You violently woke me up to tell me that?"



"Spoilsport." Nami stuck her tongue out at him.

"Your idea of fun differs from mine." Zoro muttered.

Nami poked his chest. "Your idea of fun is limited to cutting everything in two or more pieces while smiling like a maniac."

"Well-said witch." He stepped away from her and headed towards the bench. "You said you have something for me?" He plopped down casually as Nami remained standing in front of him.

"Yeah. Since you've been a very good boy and guarded the Sunny all alone while we explored the island. Thought you deserve a reward."

An eyebrow quirked up at that. "Oh really," Zoro drawled. "And how much is that gonna cost me?"


"You want me to believe that you twisted onna?"

This time, it's Nami's turn to scowl. "Be nice Roronoa!"

"I can be nice," Zoro said condescendingly. "But I doubt it if YOU can."

The navigator pinned him with her most venomous glare.

And Zoro wisely kept his mouth shut, though maybe it's already too late. Knowing Nami's tendency for violent outbursts, their so-called 'playful' bickering can turn into a full-blown fight in a matter of seconds. And he would rather not get a huge lump on his head or get struck by lightning.

Suddenly Nami's fist collided with his head.


"That's 100,000 belis in your name again you stupid swordsman!" She declared with a crack of her knuckles.

The swordsman rubbed his head, wincing slightly. "Never doubted that," he said with a sigh. He knows he had it coming... he'll just never learn. "If my debt hits 120 million belis, you can just surrender me to the marines and get my bounty."

"Don't worry. I was actually planning to." Nami countered with an awfully evil smile on her face.

He snorted in response. As if she can really do that. Still rubbing his abused head, he opted to finally finish their conversation so that he can go back to his nap (before Nami decides to abuse him more. Seriously, what the heck does he see in this vicious woman?).

"So what and where is this something that you have for me?" He inquired, yawning widely. He shifted from his position so that he is now lying on the bench, an indication that he is ready to doze off… again.

The orange-haired girl smiled at this. "I'll give it to you tonight," she said. "You've got the second watch right?"

"Why tonight? Why not give it to me now?"

"Because patience is a virtue," Nami replied cryptically, which only pique Zoro's curiosity. "I have the first one so I'll just wait for you here ok?"

"You disturb my nap just to tell me you're giving me something tonight?"

Nami rolled her eyes at him. "Yes. And for your information, you were not asleep earlier!"


The navigator bent down so that her face is close to his. "Stop scowling. You can go back to your beloved napping now. I promise I won't disturb you." she smiled cheekily at him.

"Just try and die witch."

Nami laughed and kissed his cheek before heading towards the Crow's Nest exit. "Ja mata ne, Zoro."

And she got a snore as an answer.

"You sure took your sweet time," Nami complained petulantly when Zoro finally arrived at the Crow's Nest almost half an hour late for his shift. She narrowed her warm brown orbs at him. "Don't tell me you got lost on your way here?"

"I don't get lost you freaking witch!"

"Right." Nami huffed in disbelief.

The tall swordsman glared at her. "I took a bath, oh evil one. Weather's a bit hot tonight."

She made a face at him, looking down at her bikini top and skimpy jean shorts. "Of course it is. We are anchored in a summer island after all."

Zoro plopped down beside her on the bench. "So what do you have for me?"

"Tch! Impatient as ever aren't we?"

He frowned. "Quit your dilly-dallying. You already made me wait a good half a night to know whatever it is so make sure what you have for me is worth all this trouble!"

She beamed a smile at him. "Oh you are going to like it. Very much."

Zoro merely raised an eyebrow at her as she reached inside the brown paper bag beside her.

"Sake?" He queried when she handed him a bottle.

Nami grinned. "Nope!" She watched as the ex-pirate hunter studied the bottle with keen interest; the corner of his lips twitching into a smirk.

Oh, he already likes it. There is never a doubt on how much this guy loves booze.

"I got this back at the town. Thought you might like it. It's strong stuff or so they say." Nami explained. "Though I doubt if there is any 'strong stuff' for you."

Zoro scrutinized the drink. "Never had this one before," he stated. Not wasting any second, he opened the bottle and was about to guzzle it.

"Chotto matte!" Nami shouted. Without a second thought, she shoved her fingers inside his mouth to stop him.


"Don't drink it like that you brute!" The navigator screeched, hitting his head with her other hand. She made a face a she pulled her fingers from his mouth, wiping it on his pants.

Zoro was coughing, his eyes bulging out. "What the heck was that you sadistic witch!" He almost roared out when he regained his composure… voice.

"Don't drink it like that!" Nami bonked him on the head again. "You're going to ruin the fun!"

"FUN?! WHAT FUN?!" Zoro retorted scathingly. "You mean shoving your damn hand inside my mouth?!"

"Sheesh. Quit whining."

"I don't whine you wicked witch!"

"Well sorry… I guess."

"Sorry my ass!"

Nami took the bottle from him, setting it down on the floor. "Geez, I'm sooo sorry, Zoro-sama. I know you'll forgive me though, because I'm cute."

Zoro answered her with a string of profanities.

She ignored it and instead, made a grab for the neatly folded blankets she brought earlier. She spread it on the floor and turned to stare at the still glowering swordsman.

"Come here and sit." She ordered, totally refusing to acknowledge the fact that Zoro is still glaring daggers at her.

"Zorooo," she sweetly called his name when he did not move. She flashed him a mischievous smile, patting the empty space beside her.

The swordsman reluctantly relented with a sigh. She was never the one to be intimidated or affected by his glares. He strode over to her and sat himself beside her. He might as well give in to her whims rather than have her bitch at him for the rest of the night

"I promise you this'll be fun." Nami assured him when he sat down beside her. She crawled closer to him to kiss him.

"Trying to make it up for shoving your hand inside my mouth huh?" Zoro asked against her lips, with one eyebrow raised questioningly at her.

"Oh please," Nami made a face at him.

"Just hand me that bottle and let me enjoy my drink and you're forgiven."

Nami shook her head. "No."


"We are not going to chug it down 'til the bottle's empty pirate hunter." Nami smiled playfully at him.

"Why not? I like to drink that way." Zoro retorted.

"Come on Zoro," Nami pinched his cheek, hard. "Humor me ok?" She moved away from him to grab the paper bag from the bench. Zoro frowned when she pulled out a small salt shaker (obviously from their kitchen) and a small plastic box with lemon slices in it.

"What's that for?" Zoro queried not really understanding the need for them.

Nami grinned. She grabbed the bottle and handed it to him. "They call this Tequila. And these..." she motioned to the salt and lemon. "We need them so that we can drink it."

"Can't we just drink that stuff normally? Like bottoms up, then winner takes all?""

"You're no fun!" Nami pouted. "Rules in drinking this stuff are: lick, shot, suck."

"There are rules in drinking this?" Zoro stared at her in disbelief, as he opened the bottle.


"Why the hell would I want to lick, shot and suck when I can just drink it all?!"

Nami smirked and the green-haired lad merely raised an eyebrow again. There is that mischievous glint in her eye—the one that promises him he is going to certainly enjoy what she had in mind.

"I'll show you why," she murmured, taking a slice of lemon from the box. "Take your shirt off."

The corner of swordsman's lips twitched up at that. When she put it that way…

He obligingly pulled his black tank top over his head, throwing it aside and watched the orange-haired girl moved closer to him with a sensual smile on her face.

She kissed him full on the lips before placing the lemon slice between his teeth, the smile never leaving her face. Then she moved to lick the spot above his collarbone slowly, teasingly. His earrings tinkled against each other when her head brushed against them. He watched, fascinated, as she pulled away only to sprinkle a bit of salt on the wet spot before licking it again.

He could only stare at her when she took a swig from the bottle, licking her lips when she's finished before diving into his mouth, taking a bite from the lemon she had placed there.

Instinctively, Zoro pulled the lemon out and crushed his mouth into hers; tasting the alcohol she just recently drank, tasting the tanginess of the lemon she had just bitten, mixed with just a hint of saltiness and her own sweet, unique taste…

Kami (even if he doesn't believe in one), booze combined with Nami's taste is more intoxicating than anything he'd ever tried.

Nami pulled away for air. Panting, she rested her forehead against his; loving the way he was staring at her… as if he's going to devour her right there.

She gave a shaky but amused laugh. "Do you get it now, swordsman?"

Now he finally understands why she wants to play this little game. "Got it."

The navigator smiled naughtily at him. "Your turn," she said invitingly, pulling at the strings of her bikini top.

Zoro's smirk is unrivaled.

"Cause you and Tequila make me crazy

Run like poison in my blood…"

- The End -

I really like the idea of both of them 'discovering' tequila and having fun with it. The last, italicized part is from Kenny Chesney's You and Tequila (the title came from that song too, as I mentioned in my disclaimer). And no, the song did not inspire this one-shot. I just like that part that's why I included it here.

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