The figure of a slender teenage girl was discernable under the rosy light of a spring sunset, pollen and orphan rose petals flew in small whirlwinds around the colorful and gentle garden. Her straight, black hair swayed every time a light playful breeze blew around her. She watched a small boy run around playfully, chasing butterflies and running away from them as if they were playing tag, playing out a clumsy, charming dance. A smile came to her lips as memories of her childhood came back to her, this was the place in which she found herself absolutely certain about her artistic passions, where she learned she could convey emotion and unspoken nothings to people through art, how many years had passed since then? Seven at the very least, but it was not until now that she felt a warm sensation again, the house had been so sorrowful for so long.

She closed her eyes for a moment and laid down on the grass, enjoying the charm of the place and moment. "Where did you go…?" She thought, opening her eyes to appreciate the now orangey hues in the sky.

"Yuki, Yuki!" called the boy, approaching her with a clumsy trot.

"Yes? Want to play something?" she said, rising up, smiling and petting the boy's head.

"Look!" Exclaimed the boy, holding out some sort of hardcover, sewn, black notebook.

"Hmm, what's this?" she inquired, gently taking the object and opening it. "A journal…?"

"A what?" asked the kid, confused.

She started reading a random page, finding the writing strangely familiar. She gasped as she recognized a familiar name. "Mikuo, where did you find this?" She asked, turning to the child.

"A pretty lady gave it to me!" Beamed Mikuo. "She said I should give it to you."

"A pretty lady…" whispered Yuki, her mouth hanging open a she remembered those words. She ran her eyes through the pages again, finding what she was sure to be her missing cousin's handwriting, unbelievable things were written there, almost as if what she had in her hands was fantastic narration of some sort. Running her fingers through the paper and turning the pages, a large napkin, freshly inked with words, fell to her lap. She picked it up and read in the same calligraphy:

"Hello Yuki,

How are you doing? You have grown quite a lot, haven't you? I can already tell you are becoming an outstanding ballerina, I only wished we could see your happy dance again. This little boy, Mikuo, he is my brother isn't he? How he resembles mother! But you know, personality-wise I think he reminds me of you, albeit a little bit wilder, but I suppose that's normal for a boy. He is always playing around, and visits often, I like him very much… I am very sorry for having left so randomly, and I don't think I can quite explain everything that led me to that decision, so I give you this, a diary I had kept up until the day I found the life I was truly supposed to live. I don't think anyone else will believe it, but I know you'll remember, won't you?

I am very happy, we are very happy. You will agree with me, when you read that journal, that this is what I was born for. After all that happened, I had time to think, and I realized everything was just as it should have been, and I'm thankful for that. Even for those who tried to hurt us, I hold no grudge against them, everyone has their own story after all. It is interesting, I don't think anyone is genuinely bad, I could even swear I saw my chaser sigh in relief when she couldn't catch us anymore, and the doctor, well, he was just hurt.

I hope you are all doing fine, I certainly am, I really cannot explain the freedom and beauty this life has given us, it is surprisingly easy to travel, to feel, to live, to love. Take good care of my brother, I know he is fond of you, and take care of my mother too, although I sometimes imagine she can tell what happened.

I hope you find something important in what I sent you, for I certainly learned a lot during the time in which I wrote that, and I send you my best wishes.

Sending her love,

You dear cousin Miku.

P.S. If you could get a mechanic gadget charger and leave it around the garden, I'd be super thankful.

The girl stared at the words amazed, but not unbelievingly, she did remember. The boy stared at her with a curious gaze. "What does it say?" he asked.

She looked at him and chuckled, ruffling his hair. "It just says that the pretty lady is very happy"

"Ah that's good!"

"Yeah!" she replied, then smiled looking at the very same spot in which she had danced so many years ago. "Say Mikuo… would you like to learn a happy dance?"

That's it, I hope you enjoyed the story c: