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This first chapter will echo the movie in showing us key moments in my OC, Victoria's, life like with Spock and Kirk at the start of the film. There will be more of a description of the OC later in this chapter (and others) but to help visualize her, an actress that I picture as being similar to Victoria is Carey Mulligan.

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It had been a…strenuous labor. Which was to be expected, neither father nor mother had ever thought they'd even be there, in the medical bay of a Starship, with her in labor. Because they had never expected to experience the labor at all. They had been told, quite a few times, that it would be rather difficult for her to conceive a child, not impossible, but it would be hard, it would take a long while, and it might not happen. But they had tried, they'd kept trying and kept hoping and, after years of it…they'd finally managed it.

They had been so thrilled, truly ecstatic to find that they were really going to have a child. But because of the difficulty conceiving, they had been sure to take enormous precautions with the pregnancy in general. Vitamins, bed-rest, relaxing activities, no stress at all, and frequent trips to the physicians for scans and progress reports and so many other things just to ensure that they'd actually have the baby in the end. They were not going to risk this gift they'd been given.

And there they were, exhausted (the labor itself had lasted 37 hours), but proud and so happy that they finally had their child in their arms, both their arms. The proud father was sitting beside his wife on the bed of the medbay, his one arm around her shoulders as she leaned on him, his other around the small bundle in pink resting in their arms.

It was a girl.

They were surprised, had wanted to be surprised, about the gender. They'd both gotten the small feeling it might be a boy though, given how hard the baby could kick, but they were both just thrilled that they had their baby now, that it was alive and healthy and safe and with them and they couldn't be happier. Girl or boy, it made no difference because it was average weight, with ten fingers and ten toes and a healthy set of lungs…it HAD to be healthy given how loudly it had screamed and cried when it arrived.

Oh they could just imagine the sleepless nights to come, but they were looking forward to it very much, the chance to be parents, to be good parents.

"What should we name her?" he wondered, they hadn't planned any names really. They wanted to just…take a moment to hold the baby and see what names came to mind, what names suited it, her.

"Hmm…" she hummed, "Anything EXCEPT…" she pointed a tired finger warningly at her husband, "Starships. We are NOT naming our daughter Farragut or Hood or Antares…"

He chuckled, he HAD made a few suggestions of a similar sort when they'd first found out they were expecting, but the more…normal names, the ones that could have been names, but he could understand his wife was joking about the 'out there names' but that she truly didn't want a name associated with Starfleet. It was partially his own fault, he came from a very long line of Starfleet cadets, commanders, and captains, nearly everyone in his family for generations was involved in Starfleet in some way, shape, or form. It was quite the 'family business' so to speak.

Starfleet, until he'd met her and until this moment, had been his life. It was, well, it was STILL his life, but as equal a part as she and their daughter were. He had actually met her through Starfleet, they had been assigned to the same Starship, had worked side by side, gotten to know each other, and just…fallen in love. They'd gotten married and continued their careers in the Fleet as well. He was on the cusp of being assigned the captain position he'd coveted for ages, and she was making her way up the ranks in the engineering department.

They had their whole lives ahead of them and now they had a little life to share it with.

"Alright, alright," he chuckled, "But…" he looked down at his daughter as she blinked her eyes open, her eyes were blue as all babies' were as the Melanin that pigmented their skin and eyes and hair wasn't fully deposited yet, but he couldn't wait to see what her eyes and hair, for she was entirely bald, developed into. He was hoping she would inherit her mother's hair but his eyes. His wife had the loveliest sandy-blonde hair and she always complimented his eyes. Though he knew his daughter would be beautiful no matter what combination of hair and eye color she had.

"But what?" she lazily turned her head on his shoulder to look at him.

"But there IS one name I was thinking of," he began, "It doesn't have to do with Starfleet," he added quickly, "Not…directly."

"And how 'indirectly' does it have to do with Starfleet?" she smiled, sure that it was just the pain medication that was making her more agreeable to hearing him out.

"Victoria," he suggested, "Starfleet's seen so many victories ever since it was created, more than their losses. They keep growing, they keep fighting, they keep helping and exploring. When they band together…" he shook his head, smiling in thought, "There's nothing they can't achieve. I want that for her," he looked at their daughter again, gently resting a hand on her chest, "I want her to be victorious in anything she sets her mind to."

She smiled and looked down at the girl in her arms, "I suppose it'd be alright to call her that," she nodded, "Yes," she agreed, laughing, "Victoria, hello Tory."

He beamed at that, when his little girl reached out and grabbed his finger, squeezing it, yes…she'd be victorious in everything.

And if she ever wasn't…he'd be there for her.



Ten Years Later...

Victoria peeked through the doors of her parents' quarters on their Starship. Well it wasn't THEIR Starship, but it was the one they'd both been assigned to, taking her with them. Of course they took her with them, she was only 10!

…and she was currently about to be in SO much trouble!

She leaned in a bit, trying to see if her parents were still asleep, her grey-blue eyes, her father's eyes, quickly flashed around the dark room, squinting. She let out a soft breath when she vaguely made out the small rise and fall on the big bed before her, her parents were still there and sleeping, which was fantastic! She slid into the room, trying to shut the door as quietly as she could behind her, wincing when it made a faint noise. Her mother, according to her father, could sleep like the dead, but her father was far more alert, he would wake up for anything. She had to be very careful now, sometimes her dad seemed to have a second sense to him, his 'spidey sense' whatever that was (he said it was something to do with Earth ages before Starfleet) as he liked to call it, he just knew when people were there.

Unfortunately that faint noise was just enough to cause her father to jolt awake, "Huh...wha..." he winced, looking around, squinting in the darkness, "Tory?" he frowned, just barely making out her shape by the door, "It's... " he looked to the bedside, at the time displayed on a small clock, "It's 5 in the morning young lady," he pushed himself up, turning on a small lamp on the table, and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, beckoning his daughter over to him with a finger.

Victoria sighed and padded across the room, up to her father, "It's 5:03," she corrected.

"Cute," he gave her a small smile.

She always had a habit of nitpicking things like that. She got it from her mother he was sure, the punctuality, the eye for detail. She liked knowing the precise amount of things, the exact time and so on. She was like that in timing things, in calculating things to the last decimal. Oh it had been interesting when she'd learned long-division and attempted to find an end to pi, she'd worked at it for a week before giving up on that and only that. She always wanted to know the exact time something took place, the length of time it was, the right date...he could tell just from that that she'd either end up in history, one of the researchers on a starship, or as an engineer.

"Now, what are you doing up so early?"

She shifted at that question, never very good at lying to him and not wanting to answer because she knew that was what would happen if she did.

He sighed, seeming to work out why she was hesitating, "You weren't UP, were you?" he looked at her, "You never went to sleep in the first place did you?" he rubbed a hand down his face as she nodded, "I thought your mother put you to bed."

"She did," she nodded, "But I just pretended to be asleep."


She looked around trying to avoid answering again.


She winced at that, she hated when people called her by her full name, it always made her feel like she was in trouble...which she knew she likely was at the moment, "I wanted to make a surprise for you daddy."

He blinked, smiling again, "And what surprise would that be?"

She turned and pulled out a small object from a bag around her shoulder, holding it up to him. He blinked carefully taking it and looking at it in the dim lighting, "Tory...you know you're not supposed to touch the phasers. It's dangerous! You shouldn't play with them..."

"I know," she pouted, "I wasn't playing though! I was fixing them, like mommy does with other things."

He blinked, "Fixing them how?" he turned the gun-like device over in his hand gingerly, as though expecting it to blow up at any moment.

"It makes colors now."

"It makes colors?" he gave her a look, not quite sure what she meant by that.

"Uh huh, see..." she reached out for the phaser but he pulled it away.

"Why don't you just...tell me instead," he offered, trying to ignore his heart racing at how she'd nearly grabbed the phaser off him again.

"Ok," she huffed, disappointed she couldn't actually show him what she meant, "When you fire, it's one color right?"


"I put a filter inside it," she tapped it, "It changed the color without getting all blown up when you fire."

He blinked and stared at her, "You...changed the color," he started to nod, seeing what she meant and realizing that future...it most likely laid with engineering over history then. If she'd really been able to manipulate the color of a phaser blast and adapt it, even if it was just a filter, she'd be exceptional at taking apart broken parts of an engine and fixing it.

"Uh huh," she beamed up at him, "It's like those light sticks in that documentary you showed me."

"Light stic...light sabers!" he gave a soft chuckle, recalling how he'd sat her down and they'd watched the 9 movies of the Star Wars franchise once. She'd been rather fond of the purple saber that the character Mace Windu had. Ever since then she'd been obsessed with making other things as colorful as the light sabers. Unfortunately, she was more fond of making the weapons as colorful.

"Now you have a little blasty light saber," she smiled, before blinking, "Do you like it?"

He gave her a smile, seeing her looking at him with the widest eyes, just...wanting to make him proud, "I love it Tor," he leaned over and scooped her up into his arms, rolling over so she was lying beside him.

She blinked and frowned, realizing there was more space on the bed than there should be, "Daddy...where's mommmy? Why isn't she sleeping too?" she'd thought her mother was in the room too, but then again, her father's bed was raised on a small platform with steps to it and she wasn't tall enough to see over him to the other side yet.

He gave her a strained smile, "She's sleeping, don't worry."

"Did she fall asleep in the labs again?" she asked knowingly.

"Yeah," he nodded sadly, "She's been working too hard."

She nodded, moving closer to him and cuddling up as he put the covers over them, "I'm glad you like your present daddy."

"I really do love it Tor," he murmured, staring up at the ceiling as he felt her slowly fall asleep, wondering how on earth he was going to tell her about her mother, "And I love you too, always and forever."


Eleven Years Later…

Victoria paced before the door to her home, her dark, ash blonde hair tied in a messy bun on top of her head. She probably looked a sight, she knew, standing there in wore black fuzzy slippers, light blue pajama pants with clouds on them, a white t-shirt with a starship on it, and a black robe hanging half-open, the belt hardly tie. One would think she'd just woken up, that she'd looked at the clock, rolled out of bed, grabbed a robe, and stumbled into room and just started pacing.

They'd be wrong.

She'd been like that for the last three hours, hadn't bothered at all to try and make herself more presentable, but she really couldn't be bothered. She was torn between being anxious to get the mail and dreading getting the mail. She was anxious because…her notification for the Fleet would be coming today, alerting her as to whether she'd gotten into the Cadet program and she wanted to know if she had or if she'd been rejected (though her father said he doubted that would happen, their entire family had been in the Fleet and they wouldn't deny another addition to it). But she was also dreading it because…she honestly wasn't sure if she wanted to know if she'd been accepted either.

It was…a lot of pressure, to be in the Fleet, especially with her family line, to live up to the image and the dedication that her family had given to the organization. It literally was every single member of her father's family. The main descendents (though quite a few of their spouses were also in the Fleet as well) were members of a starship somewhere.

Every. Single. One.

It was enormous, to have that many members of her family acting as engineers and captains and pilots and communications experts, commanders, doctors, even cleaners. And this had gone on for generations! Granted most of the members of her father's family were men, there were fewer women which just added even more pressure to her to stick with a future in the Fleet. Because there she was, the latest addition to the family and now it was her turn to either join the Fleet or…join the Fleet because no one in her family would let her live it down if she turned the organization down after they accepted her.

She groaned and ran a hand down her face, what was taking the mail so long?! WHY did the Fleet insist on paper notifications when nearly everything else was done by computer or other electronic forms of communications? It made no sense to her, though she supposed it harkened back to some dormant part of the human mind where they constantly needed validation and proof of their achievements. The Fleet probably assumed everyone would print out their acceptance notices and frame them or something and wanted to try and take a step out for the recipients.

She just wanted to know what her fate would be. It wasn't that she'd done…purposefully bad on her entrance exams and interviews and things, she just…hadn't tried her hardest. She hadn't tried as hard as she knew she could. She hoped it wouldn't come across as arrogant to those who had administered her testings and interviews, she hoped they wouldn't think she was coasting on the success and prestige of her family name. She just…couldn't make herself want it that badly. If she got in, well, then it was just another thing she had to do, if she didn't…it truly wouldn't bother her and she'd have an excuse not to be the target of anger from her family. At worst she'd probably be ridiculed for not making it in when every other member had, but she could handle that.

The letter HAD to get there soon though because she was nearly ready to pull her hair out from all the waiting. She'd tried to sleep as late as she could just to avoid this anxiety but her nerves seemed to have gotten the best of her and there she was. Pacing. Her hair a mess. In her pajamas.

She turned on a heel as she approached a small couch and had just plopped down onto the arm of it…when a paper fell through the slot in the door. She blinked and stared at it, more apprehensive than exasperated with her own luck that she'd finally sit only to have to get up moments later. She took a breath and stood, heading over and scooping up the letters that had fallen in. There were a few little bills, some advertisements, and…a letter from the Fleet. She swallowed hard, setting the other papers down and tore the envelope open slowly, pulling out the paper.

"Congratulations?" a voice said behind her as she read through it.

She nodded, "I got in," she turned, offering her father a small smile.

"That's wonderful!" he beamed, moving to her and hugging her tightly.

Victoria smiled at that, she…didn't get many hugs the last few years. It wasn't that her father didn't give them out freely, it was more he was so busy with Starfleet and she'd been in a University to help prepare her for her applications to the Fleet. She'd started a year earlier than most, had managed to do a 5-year combined degree program, earning a higher degree in nearly the same amount of time. According to her father it would help put her up above the others in her applications. It seemed he'd been right, she'd been accepted as an Engineering Cadet.

Her father was always out, working with the Fleet and she'd been at school so they'd only seen each other during holidays and breaks, the summers, as was part of the program, were dedicated to academia as well so it was literally only those few times she got to see him. She missed his hugs and she was glad that he'd given her one for this.

"I am SO proud of you Tory," he smiled, pulling back, taking the letter to look at it himself.

She gave him a look, crossing her arms, "You knew I got in, didn't you?"

He smirked at her, "I may have pulled a few strings and asked around," he agreed nonchalantly.

"And you let me worry about it?" she asked, mock-offended.

"I wanted you to be surprised," he countered, "It's an outstanding achievement Tor, and I wanted you to be able to open that official letter and get that feeling for yourself."

She nodded, "You're really proud of me?"

"Infinitely so," he winked, "And…"

"What?" she frowned.

"Your mom is too."

She blinked, "How do you know?"

He sighed, nodding to one of the small monitors in the room, the one they often checked their communications and emails and other messages on, "She sent a message."

"You told her too?!" she nearly huffed, that was the LAST thing she wanted.

"Because I knew YOU wouldn't," he told her calmly, "WERE you planning to?" she couldn't answer that, just cross her arms, "She's very proud of you too Tor," he added, "Have a look at her message…"

"No," she shook her head, moving over to the computer and opening their message system, deleting the only one she saw from her mother, "If she was really that proud of me, she'd be here WITH me to tell it to my face," she turned to her father, "She'd still be here if we mattered at all to her."

Her father sighed, he'd been hoping to avoid this hostility when he and his wife had separated. He knew it was hard for Victoria to deal with, she'd idolized her mother as a child, had aspired to be like her, follower her footsteps into engineering. And while she was still headed in that direction, it was more for her own talents than because of her mother. He'd tried to keep things civil and friendly with his ex-wife, to keep his negative feelings for the woman away from Victoria and not influence her…and he hadn't. He was constantly trying to get her to speak to his ex, to spend time with her, visit her, even just contact her, but Victoria had already formed her opinion of her mother as much as he tried to keep his wife in a good light in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Victoria had been incredibly hurt when her mother had decided to leave them. To her it was a rejection of HER, that her mother didn't love her enough to stay for her. The fact that her mother hadn't even tried to make things work with her father had made her believe she just…didn't care for the family she'd formed. She'd been…quite passionate in speaking to her mother about how she wanted to stay with HIM and asking the woman to just…stay out of her life. She'd been 15 years old, nearly 16, and he could understand her rampant emotions at that point in her life, that she was more making all sorts of rash decisions and reacting to things instead of thinking of the consequences. He'd tried to respect her feelings, hoped that, after a year or so, when she'd had time to calm down, that she'd try to patch things up with her mother.

It hadn't happened.

"Well," he took a breath, "I'M very proud of you Tor," he laughed, waving the letter in his hand, "Welcome to the family business."

She smiled at that, watching as he turned to head out of the room, setting the letter down to go and get ready for the day, they'd have to go get some items she'd need to start her Fleet training, the recruiting sessions for the new Cadets would be starting in a few days. She waited till he was out of sight before her smile fell slightly, moving over to the counter where the letter was sitting. She reached out and picked it up, just…looking at it.

There was still time, as much as she hated to admit it, as much as she knew that it would kill her father for her to say she didn't want to be in Starfleet…there was still time for her to refuse their offer for placement in their program. She glanced in the direction her father had gone and back down at the letter, tracing a finger along the line of her acceptance and shifting back and forth in indecision.

She let out a breath, she supposed…she could go to one of the recruiting sessions and see if something changed her mind. She was hoping it would though, that it would make her more sure that this was something she wanted to do even if she wasn't quite certain of it herself…

She just…she didn't want to let her father down.

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