Kiss and Tell

1 year ago...

Bones was supposed to be having a good time. That was the point of dragging him out of his dorm room and into the only club within walking distance of the Academy. It was the anniversary of his divorce and he, being a grumpy son-of-a-gun most of the time, was worse today. So, of course, Kirk's idea of the perfect way to resolve that was to get the man as drunk as possible till he started singing sea shanties and thinking he was a cowboy…

Neither Uhura nor Victoria were sure what Kirk meant by that or that it was possible to get Bones THAT drunk. But there they were, going to the club with Kirk and Bones, if just to try and keep the men in line. Bones they didn't think they had to worry about, the man tended to just nurse a drink or two all night in a brooding way. Kirk was the one they were really going for, they had to make sure he didn't get kicked out of the Academy for getting plastered and starting a fight…which admittedly seemed to be his habit when drunk. Uhura had actually been surprised at how adamant Victoria had been in insisting they go with the boys as 'support' for Bones and chaperones for Kirk, emphasis on watching Kirk. Victoria had just defended that in saying that if Kirk was expelled…her only source of amusement would be gone.

Uhura was sure THAT was the reason for it. Still, it had been amusing for HER to see Kirk's reaction to them not in Cadet uniforms. It was…weird, to think that, the typical uniforms usually left little to the imagination, even less when they were members of an actual ship. She'd actually tried to launch a petition to make the women's uniforms less about dresses and more about pants…or at the very least, make the skirts longer. It was ridiculously hard to run in such a short skirt without fear of the back flying up as you went. Though she had to admit, Victoria did have one point in actually defending the uniforms. If they ever faced some sort of enemy chasing them, all they had to do was run faster than at least one man and they'd be safe…because the man would be so distracted by the woman in front of him and be easily caught…which would serve him right for looking and being that distracted in the first place.

Victoria had a weird mind, though she was sure it was more the amount of pleasure she got in seeing Kirk stumbling as they ran, when the boy would chase her because she stole an apple from him or plucked a book out of his hand or something. They were both weird, now that she thought about it. She honestly had no idea what had happened between the two of them that they were suddenly talking more than shouting, plotting together with heads bowed than trying to get back at each other, teaming up against those who harassed and annoyed them than taking those threats on alone and dragging the other into it. She'd thought they hated each other, but one particular detainment a year ago and they were almost…friends.

That was an odd thought, Victoria and Kirk friends. She'd asked Victoria about it once or twice and she insisted they were just at a truce, that they'd formed a sort of alliance, were partners and that was it. She'd HAD to remark that partners could mean quite a few things and gave Victoria a teasing look. She'd laughed for hours after at watching her friend stuttering and going on a rant about how she and James T. Kirk would NEVER work. It amused her more because there were little crumbs of actual compliments in her rant. She's shout about how he was still arrogant and brilliant and cocky, or how he was crude, suggestive, charming, and vulgar at the same time, and finishing that he was a slob/mess/handsome/such a boy! She'd laughed so hard because Victoria hadn't even realized what she'd said even after she'd finished her rather long winded rant. It had only made her more sure that Victoria actually DID like Kirk…she was just swimming in a certain river in Egypt at the moment though.

But it had given her a new perspective when she watched them, she saw the way they looked at each other, how Kirk would stare at her. And she hadn't been disappointed at his reaction to the two of them (Victoria more) in their more causal clothing. Victoria's entire idea of casual and non-uniform meant not getting into her uniform at all and just lounging around in her pajamas whenever she could help it. If she didn't have to leave the room, she stayed in her pajamas and robe. Kirk had seen her like that various times. It actually shocked her a few times to see the two of them on weekends and other off days.

She'd gone to hang out with Victoria in her room once or twice and found the girl flopped on her back on her bed, half hanging off it, her head would have been hanging off the side upside down if not for Kirk sitting on the floor beside the bed, allowing Victoria to rest her head on his shoulder as they either read or worked on a project. Victoria's roommate was hardly ever in the room so she didn't have a problem with Kirk being there more often then he probably should have been. One time though, she'd spent the night in Victoria's room, Victoria's roommate off on a retreat somewhere, and her own roommate doing…things she did NOT want to hear…in her own room so she'd gone to a sort of 'sleepover' with Victoria. She'd nearly screamed when, at the crack of dawn, the door had opened and Kirk had been there…wrapped in a blanket. She'd always been a light sleeper and had rolled over to see what the clicking/sliding noise was and seen Kirk there with a keycard of his own…apparently Victoria had managed to hack into the systems (again) and made him a secondary card into the room (something she STILL was trying to work out why she'd done). She'd opened her mouth to scream at him to get out when Victoria turned over on her bed and mumbled for him to shut the door because he was letting in the light from the halls.

She'd been shocked that Victoria had been expecting him (this being before she'd learned that Victoria had made him the keycard and he hadn't just randomly broken in). But Kirk just shuffled in, yawning, looking about half asleep still, and made his way to Victoria's bed. She'd watched in confusion as he just sort of reached the side of it and toppled over onto it, the blanket still wrapped around him like a cocoon, Victoria not even shuffling over so he could fit more, she tended to sleep on the edges of the bed for some reason. And then…like nothing out of the ordinary had happened…they'd just fallen back asleep, leaving her awake and blinking at them before slowly laying down and (try) falling asleep again.

She'd later learned that it was something Kirk apparently did every other Saturday for the last few months. Bones had a ridiculously early class on Saturdays for the medical students, him being cursed with the focus profession that required one of the most classes with one occurring at least once every single day. Bones would, however, take nearly an hour to get ready, setting his alarm to repeatedly go off every five minutes as he struggled to wake up and stay awake, before half-crashing through the room in a bleary haze of sleep to try and get ready. Kirk had learned after the first Saturday class that all the noise would just wake him up and he ended up just ambling out of the room and lying down in the nearest lounge, still in his blanket. He didn't mind waking up as the other Cadets started to wake and pass the lounge and see him there. He hardly ever cared what people said, but he DID care that his back and neck were a mess from sleeping on those god awful chairs and couches.

Victoria had apparently invited Kirk to crash in her room whenever Bones had classes like that, so he'd just shuffle through the halls to her room and fall asleep on her bed. Both of them would just sleep though, till they woke up and would just sort of grunt at each other in Caveman or some other language till they were fully awake and had their caffeine. She'd wished Victoria had warned her about that event though, Kirk had nearly given her a heart attack.

But that wasn't the point of her thoughts, no, it was more recalling that Kirk had seen Victoria, and her as well, at their most informal, in their nightclothes and pajamas, their hair a mess, without makeup or anything, not that either of them wore much of that. And yet…he'd been completely stunned silent (imagine that, James T. Kirk, actually SILENT) when he saw them step out of her room, Gaila already off seducing some other poor soul or something. She was sure he wasn't staring at Her because her outfit was actually very similar to the Fleet uniforms. She was wearing deep red dress that was long sleeved, but with the shoulder portions missing along with two sort of curved strips missing from the bodice of it. One was curved just under her bust, the other across her stomach on the other side. Her dress was just a little tighter in the skirt area than the Fleet uniforms though but her boots were very similar to the Fleet's, just with more of a heel. So she was sure it wasn't HER Kirk had been staring open mouthed at, but Victoria.

The girl had pulled her hair up into a loose, but high ponytail, a few strands hanging to frame her face. Her dress was very simple, blue one. It was a halter type dress, but instead of being a top that had two strips that tied behind her neck, it was more like a long solid cloth that had a loop at the end to go around her neck. It was very fitted to her upper body, but flowed out around her hips, the skirt going to her mid thigh, just a little longer than the Fleet's. She had her black flats on though. Kirk had just…stared, gaped really. It actually made HER smile to see it, to see him so taken with Victoria even with her wearing what was still considered to be a very modest dress despite being open backed.

Both fortunately and unfortunately (fortunately in that the next action amused her but unfortunate in that it stopped Kirk's gaping), Bones had rolled his eyes and punched Kirk in the shoulder to get him to knock it off, and they'd headed off for the club. Kirk seemed determined to see Bones leave the small club with some sort of woman, any woman, even the Gorn in the corner of the club that Bones insisted was pregnant and, as such, he'd be eaten alive by its mate for trying to even approach it.

Bones…still wasn't having a good time, despite Kirk's best efforts. The man seemed content to just sit there at their table, with the same firm expression on his face, sipping from his glass every so often. Kirk, surprisingly enough, WASN'T completely drunk yet, but they could tell he was starting to get buzzed. It seemed he was actually trying to make an effort to remain somewhat sober for Bones, how else would he be able to point out the actually attractive women instead of what his drunken haze made them appear to be? It was a nice change for the girls though, because it meant they could actually sit there and enjoy themselves without having to worry about a bar brawl breaking out because of Kirk.

Though, as much as they were excited and hopeful for that, for a peaceful and enjoyable night…that was NOT the direction it seemed to be going for Victoria. One of the other Cadets, one of the more senior ones, hadn't left her alone all night.

Kirk was highly amused to watch her actually start to squirm under the man's constant attention. Literally. He sat there with his elbow on the table, his arm bent so his head could rest on his hand, his other arm resting across the table as he just…watched the goings-on the most interested and focused Uhura had ever seen him. She'd have thought he was enjoying it actually, to see Victoria constantly turning the man down and him still not getting the hint. She wasn't sure though if it was because Victoria was turning the man down repeatedly and he was pleased she wasn't interested. Or if it was because the man was clearly irritating her like Kirk so often had and he was just happy that she wasn't turning her irritation and anger on HIM for once. Bones though just rolled his eyes, because…he knew it was neither.

He could see it in Kirk's face, in his expression how NOT pleased he was with the situation, both that the man was 'hitting on' Victoria but also that Victoria hadn't managed to get the man to leave her alone. Oh she'd tried, she'd tried everything short of breaking the beer bottle he was nursing over the man's head and punching him out cold. But he knew why she wasn't doing anything. He recognized the senior Cadet, the son of one of the heads of the Fleet, a pompous arrogant little ass who thought he could get away with murder because of who his father was. He hated people like that, people who used their father's and mother's names to get ahead. Hell, he knew everyone knew who Kirk's father was, but Kirk did everything in his own name, he didn't ever use his father to garner sympathy or support, he flat out refused it at times if that was the reason behind it. But that little twerp…he knew Victoria couldn't risk actively attacking the man, no matter how much he could see that she wanted to.

He may not be able to read her expressions as well as Kirk could, but all of them could tell she was steadily reaching the point of violence if the man didn't let up and go away.

"I'm gonna get another round," Kirk cut in, slapping the table lightly as he got up, "The usuals?" he looked around the table, the three of them nodding for their regular drinks as he headed off.

"So…" the man reappeared, moving to push himself between Victoria and Uhura as he leaned on the table to look at Victoria, nearly knocking Uhura off her seat as she rolled her eyes at the irritating boy, "Have you considered my…proposition?" he grinned, having asked her to join him for a drink.

She'd countered with a near-sneering, 'can I have a minute to think about it?' which the man had taken literally. Truly he had, they'd seen him standing at his table with his friends, smirking at her as he timed the minute out on his watch.

Victoria's jaw tensed and she took a deep breath, counting backwards to ten…something she wasn't sure why everyone insisted angry people do as it did NOTHING to help, before she turned to him, "I can't."

"And why's that?" he leaned even closer to her, forcing Victoria to lean back, "Are you intimidated by my pals?" he glanced at his friends, all watching them, "We can go to another table," he winked, "Just the two of us…"

Victoria looked down as the boy reached out and gently started to, for some reason unknown to her, walk his index and middle finger up her arm. She pulled her arm away and said the first thing she could think of that would, hopefully, get him to actually leave her alone, "I've got a boyfriend."

The man blinked, "Right."

"I do," she insisted, hearing a disbelieving and scoffing tone in his word.

"Who? Colonel Custard over there?" he nodded at Bones.

"No," she said, almost so instantly that Bones almost felt offended she hadn't thought to use him as a 'faux beau' to drive the man away, "Um…" she glanced over, seeing Kirk returning, "Him."

"Me what?" Kirk frowned, setting down the drinks.

"Yeah, right," the man laughed at that, "He's been sitting there watching me seduce you all night. What sort of idiot would let someone do that to their girlfriend?"

"Girl…" Kirk began to ask, only to see Bones giving him a firm and meaningful…almost threatening look, "Right…" he nodded, realizing what had happened.

"If you must know," Victoria sent the man a near sneering look, "James has a genius-level intellect."

"All I hear is he's overcompensating," the man shot Kirk a distasteful look.

Kirk raised an eyebrow and glanced at Bones and Uhura, "Is he being serious?" that was just…the most laughable thing he'd ever heard.

"Well it would take one to know one," Victoria countered with an 'innocent' smile, "What are YOU overcompensating for?"

The man's jaw tensed as he realized he was being insulted, "Nothing actually," he fired back, "And if you'd like…I can show you that."

"Alright, enough harassing my girlfriend," Kirk cut in, "She was trying to let you off easy buddy, just give it up."

"She's not your girlfriend," the man scoffed, "Trust me, I know what THAT looks like," it was the reason he'd targeted her, he could tell from the way the other girl was sitting that she was taken, but this one…she was free as a bird, "And it's NOT you two."

"Oh really?" Victoria gave him a look, "What, you want proof?"

"Yes," he said, without a moment's hesitation, clearly not thinking there was a thing either of them could do to prove themselves in a relationship.

Victoria just stared him down a moment, before shaking her head and getting up, turning around to where Kirk was sitting next to her and grabbing his face…before she slanted her lips over his, kissing him deeply. Bones managed to hide his snort at seeing Kirk nearly fall off the back of his stool at the sudden force of the kiss behind his bottle, Uhura just…staring at them, especially when, after a moment, Kirk moved an arm around Victoria, lifting his other hand to her cheek as he seemed to return the kiss with vigor.

Which seemed to be just what the jerk needed to see because he cursed under his breath and turned to stalk off, grumbling along the way.

Bones and Uhura watched him go a moment, waiting till he'd gotten back to his friends, the lot of them turning their backs on the table to look elsewhere in the club, before turning back to Kirk and Victoria…only to see they were STILL kissing.

"Um…guys?" Uhura called, seeing Victoria step closer to Kirk as he tugged her nearer, squeezing her with his arm around her.

"He's gone," Bones added, watching them curiously as Victoria moved her one hand behind his head to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, Kirk's other hand seeming to mimic the move, getting tangled in Victoria's hair as well, "He walked away…"

"Guys!" Uhura slammed her hand on the table, making them jump apart, panting a little.

"Are you done now?" Bones rolled his eyes at them.

Victoria blinked, "I was waiting till I was sure he walked away."

"That was 30 seconds ago," Bones remarked.

"Well his friends were watching!" she defended, though they could see a faint blush on her cheek…Kirk though, seemed oblivious as he just…stared at her, his eyes wide, his mouth open, still breathing rather harshly at what had just happened, "If we stopped just because he turned his back he'd know we were faking."

"Right, faking," Uhura teased.

Victoria rolled her eyes this time, "I need a stronger drink after that," she muttered, turning to go, only to see Kirk still blinking at her. She shifted a moment, before patting his head, "Good job," and heading off to the bar.

"Jim?" Bones called after a minute of Kirk turning in his seat to watch her go, well, more like turning his head as far as it could go before realizing his stool turned as well and moving his body to follow, "Everything alright?"

"Um…" Kirk blinked rapidly, "Yeah…fine…good…"

"Are you sure?" Uhura stared at him, a little concerned, he didn't sound at all like he'd heard a word Bones had said, "You look a little um…shocked?"

"Yeah…fine…good," was all Kirk could repeat, leaving the two others to glance at each other, "I'll uh…" he shook his head, "Be back…" he murmured, getting up and heading into the crowd the same direction Victoria had gone in.

"Never thought I'd see the day," Bones muttered as he took a swig of his beer.

"What?" Uhura looked at him.

"I think Tory broke him," he smirked, making Uhura laugh, Kirk DID seem quite out of it.

Bones let out a little sigh though after he swallowed his beer. He…knew what Kirk was like. He knew what his friend would get into with the ladies…the many lady Cadets. If he wasn't flirting with them he was having a 'make out' session with them, if he wasn't doing that, he was having a meaningless fling. It was different with Uhura and Victoria though, Uhura more because, despite his best efforts, she remained closed off from responding to him, even jokingly, in his advances. She became more like the person he'd tease whenever he just wanted to irritate her.

Victoria though…he could tell she intrigued Kirk, the way she fired back at him, countered him, contradicted and argued with him…yet still was willing to get in trouble with him. Half the things Kirk had gotten into the last year was something Victoria had had a hand in starting. He had sort of just given up on it, though he had to admit both he and Victoria shared the same exasperation when it came to KIRK being the one responsible for things. HIS actions and plans were the ones that tended to get them caught. But…the fact that Victoria was always right there at his side despite that…the way she acted and held herself and just…so many other things about her, he knew that she captivated Kirk.

He was just afraid that this would be a turning point for them. They'd always had a bickering relationship. First it was more like a love/hate thing, always at each other's throats. Then it grew to a mutual respect, a more lighthearted bickering, a more amusing set of shouting matches that were more just loud discussions than angry retorts. They had just…formed a friendship, if he had to call it that. And this…this might change all that. He couldn't be sure, he didn't know Kirk THAT well as to know what the man felt deep down, he tended to keep the really important and personal things close to his chest, but…he sort of felt like Kirk only saw Victoria as a sort of…partner in crime. He could be wrong, Kirk could be completely head over heels for her and he wouldn't have the first clue, he tended to stay away from relationships since his ex-wife's and his crashed and burned. If Kirk DIDN'T feel that way for Victoria…he just might now.

That kiss…HE'D nearly blushed at just WATCHING it. HIM! And he just…he worried for Victoria, she was…annoyingly interesting in a sort of 'sister he never wanted' sort of way. He always felt protective of her, but she always proved able to handle herself so he'd never worried. But this was different, because SHE was different around Kirk than she was others. And he was truly concerned that she wouldn't be able to keep going the way she was and handle Kirk the way she did other men. He didn't want Kirk to take advantage of the girl's friendship with him, to take advantage of her himself and just…make another notch in his bedpost.

He doubted Kirk would do that to the girl but…in a sort of 'unwilling big brother' way, he had to worry about it.

He glanced back as he took another gulp of his beer, able to see Kirk and Victoria through the crowd, vaguely though, as they spoke in the back by the bar. He sighed, turning back to Uhura, hoping that things wouldn't get awkward now. He'd had to deal with the obvious affection and connection the two had, they really DID act like an old married couple even if they both denied feelings for the other…he couldn't begin to imagine what it would be like if the two suddenly ended up tiptoeing around each other and getting all stuttering and awkward.


"Victoria!" Kirk called as he pushed his way through the crowd.

"What?" she looked over from having given her order, "Did you or the others want another drink?"

"No um…" he swallowed, looking around, "Can we talk?"

"About what?" she frowned, shocking him with how easily she was acting like nothing had happened.

"About the big wet one you just laid on me."

"Please," she scoffed, "It was hardly wet, I DO try to keep the slobber to a minimum."

"But you admit it was BIG," he countered, "Look…please?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes, gesturing to the bartender that she was just stepping away for a moment and to hold her drink as the alien behind the bar nodded and she headed over a few feet away with Kirk, "What about it?"

"You kissed me."


"And…YOU kissed me."

"I got that, thanks."

"YOU kissed ME."

"James if you're just going to repeat that over and over again, can I go get my drink first?" she deadpanned, "This will be less painful that way."

He shook his head, "I mean…why?"

"Because you were there?" she gave him an odd look, "I don't understand why you're freaking out about this, you've kissed tons of girls and it never meant anything with them. Why now?"

"So it…it DIDN'T mean anything?" he blinked, before forcing himself to let out what he hoped was a relieved breath…trying to ignore how that actually stung a bit to hear her imply that.

"Oh it meant something alright," she nodded, waiting till he looked at her, startled, before adding, "It means I owe you one," she nudged him, "So if you're ever hit on by a girl you REALLY don't want to be around, feel free to call me your girlfriend."

"Right," this time it was HIS turn to scoff, "As though I'd ever turn down female attention."

She blinked at him, "So if that Gorn over there…"

"Ok, ok," he cut in, "Fine, if I'm ever in need of a fake girlfriend, you'll be the first one I call," he poked her, "So you'd better come running and not complain."

"When do I NOT come running when you need me?" she rolled her eyes at that, before taking a breath, "But really James…thank you for going along with it."

"Why DID you pick ME to do it though?" he frowned, "Bones was right there."

She grimaced, "And he's like my brother," she shivered in disgust, "That's just wrong."

Kirk let out a mock-sigh, "And here I was, hoping it was because I was the better kisser and you wanted a good experience for the night."

She snorted at that, "Oh yes, because your kissing is SO exceptional," she countered sarcastically, "Really just absolutely phenomenal, makes me warm all over, just…outstanding!" she couldn't help but feel like she was getting a bit too heavy on the sarcasm though…it was just…

She couldn't let on just how true that all was, to her at least.

That had been…quite the experience, kissing him.

"Like you were so much better with your hair teasing and your grabbing my shirt and you bit my lip!" he poked her again, though he hoped she didn't see how hard he'd swallowed at that, he loved it when girls did that mid-kiss.

"Well then, we've learned we're both remarkably skilled kissers," she stated.

"And that you owe me one," he added.

She shook her head, "Anything else, or are we good?"

Kirk paused, putting a finger to his chin as though in thought, before shrugging, "We're good."

She nodded and turned to go back to the bar for her drink, watching out of the corner of her eye as Kirk headed back to the table, before taking the shot the bartender handed her and throwing it back, hoping she might make herself drunk enough that she could wake up later and convince herself that the entire kiss had just been a very, VERY drunk moment…despite knowing she wasn't even buzzed at the moment. She let out a sigh and ran a hand down her face, this was…not good at all. She could admit…she…HAD wondered, once or twice, what it might be like to kiss him…and now that she knew…she closed her eyes and groaned. What had she just gotten herself into?

But luckily (or unluckily, depending how one looked at the situation...she wasn't quite sure she'd ever know which it was), her thoughts and attempts at getting drunk were cut off when the Gorn in the corner went into labor...

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