She didn't want to marry Jacob.

That was what threw everyone off. They'd spent years, nearly a decade, expecting the imprint to act as it was meant to, for dear little Nessie to fall in love with Jacob just the way she was meant to.

But she didn't.

Oh, she loved him, certainly, but not like that. She'd grown up thinking of him as a father figure, an older brother. Her psychology had wired him in as family, not a potential lover.

She didn't want to marry him.

Jacob was the only one that understood and took it well from the start of the revelation. How could he not? He was always whatever she needed him to be. The imprint didn't make him love her romantically, just willing to do what she asked.

And she didn't want to marry him.

It wasn't like anyone was particularly dismayed by this news (though Leah had growled and left when she saw Jake accept it so easily, memories of Sam bubbling up and overtaking her calm). It was just… unexpected. They weren't prepared for it. Alice's wedding plans were no longer applicable, because she hadn't seen this coming, tied as it was to a wolf and a hybrid.

Because Nessie didn't want to marry Jacob.

And both of them were okay with that.