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Moon Slayer

It was safe to say that for their first true battle, Team 7 wasn't just nervous; they were outright afraid. Encountering the Demon Brothers Gozu and Meiru was bad enough, but encountering Zabuza Momochi, one of the deadly legendary seven swordsmen of Kirigakure, could have been tantamount to suicide at this point. In other words, following the most simple of ideologies, the moment Zabuza appeared, 'All hell had broken loose'. Yet through that chaos, a young Genin found the courage deep within himself to fight head to head against a Jounin-class missing-nin.

And, in doing so, Naruto Uzumaki certainly proved to live up to the name "The Most Unpredictable Ninja of Konohagakure". The moment their sensei Kakashi Hatake, the copy-cat ninja, was trapped in bubble of water, both he and his teammate/rival Sasuke Uchiha went up against Zabuza, while the third Genin of Team 7, Sakura Haruno, protected their charge the bridge builder Tazuna.

While both knew they could not beat one the seven swordsmen alone – the man could eat a hundred Genin of their level without a sweat, for Kami's sake - they knew damn well they could make enough of a stir to free their sensei. When Sasuke threw his demon shuriken, Naruto caught the swordsman completely off guard by transforming himself into a copy of the shuriken and hid his own trajectory in the shadow of the original before ending the transformation and throwing a kunai that the original Zabuza was unable to dodge and therefore had to disrupt his Water Prison Jutsu. In one move he was able to free his sensei, which, in kind, went on the attack against the Demon of the Mist.

He even was able to take out the Water Bunshin in the process as a bonus.

In the end, Kakashi proved the victor by using his Sharingan eye to copy all of Zabuza's moves and psyche the man out badly enough to pause in his jutsu, allowing Kakashi to hit him first. Before he could kill the man, though, a masked hunter Nin from Kiri that was searching for the swordsman ended him with three well-placed senbon to the neck. After the hunter Nin gave his thanks and left with Zabuza's body, Team 7 resumed their trek to Nami. Unfortunately, they had not taken all but two steps when Kakashi collapsed from chakra exhaustion.

Naruto and Sasuke both had to carry their sensei through Nami, but eventually they reached Tazuna's house. They were greeted at the door by his daughter Tsunami, who was surprise seeing children being ninja but was quick to help them take their unconscious sensei to a room so he could rest.

After they entered a spare room, they laid Kakashi on the bed before a tired Naruto and Sasuke both sat down to catch their breath. Sakura sat down beside them as her boys shared a pointed look with each other, as if confirming something between them.

"What's wrong you guys?" Sakura asked, seeing their looks.

"Something was not right about that Hunter Nin," Sasuke answered.

"Jiji always told me Hunter Nin got rid of the bodies by beheading them and then destroying the remains with something like a fire jutsu. They don't drag them off, Sakura-Chan," Naruto also comments.

Sasuke gave a deadpan look at his blond teammate; "You mean you're actually capable of paying attention, dobe? The world must be ending."

Naruto glared back at the pale boy. "Bite me, teme."

"Naru-Baka; stop insulting Sasuke-Kun!" Sakura quickly yelled at Naruto in defense of her crush.

Shaking his head, the orange-clad blond stood up. "I'm going to get some air," he said with a hint of coldness in his voice.

As he left the room, Sakura was taken by surprise at the gaze her teammate gave her. The normal, lively devil-may-care flare was gone, and, for the briefest moment, she swore he looked so hurt and alone. Sakura never saw that kind of look on Naruto's face before, and for some strange reason, it made her feel horrible inside.

Why did he look at me like that?

XxX Forest XxX

The young 'hunter-nin' was squatting beside Zabuza's body, slowly unfolding a leather roll with various medical tools. He turned to look at Zabuza, trying to find any damage that may have been done. Other than a few scratches here and there, the only problem right now was the long senbon needles in his neck. He looked analyzing in the area where he had hit him with the needles carefully.

"It seems I have to cut the wrappings off his mouth first, and make him cough up the blood first."

He took a scissor-like tool from the scroll, and slowly closed in on the clothes. When his hand was no more than a few centimeters from the target, Zabuza's hand shot up and grabbed the fake hunter-nin's.

"I can do that on my own, thank you very much" it came from Zabuza, as he slowly opened his eyes, and began to rip the wrappings off.

"Oh, Finally awaken I see," the Hunter Nin said calmly.

The Kiri swordsman slowly sits up with a groan; "sadistic as ever I see, damn you're rough." Zabuza spoke up as he pulled out the senbon.

The hunter Nin frowned under the mask shaking his head; "could you please be more careful pulling those out Zabuza-Sama. One wrong mistake could cause internal bleeding and you could truly die."

Though he was listening he really did not care as he pulled out the final senbon. Rubbing his throat he looks over annoying at the Hunter Nin; "take off that damn mask as stop acting like a boy Haku. It's creepy as hell"

"Sorry about that, I like wearing so much I forget it is on. It was your idea to hide my gender if I recall Zabuza-Sama. With this special battle Kimono and my bindings over my breasts along with the mask people can't tell if I am a boy or girl." The brunette paused as she took off her mask.

"Though it did help pull off the act and fool the shinobi from Konoha. If I didn't intervene when I did, you would have been killed for sure"

Zabuza grumbled; "Damn that Kakashi, catching my off guard like that with his Sharingan. Then there was that little blond punk," the Kiri swordsman seethed. "Little Chibi bastard actually was clever enough to use the Kage Bunshin like that to make me drop the water prison Jutsu."

"Appearances can prove deceiving?" Zabuza dryly glares at his apprentice. "He seemed rather unique compared to the Uchiha and the rosette haired Kunoichi."

He was a loudmouth idiot wearing a Kami forsaken orange jumpsuit. What self-respected Shinobi would happily wear that fucking ugly color in broad daylight? Zabuza blinked; why the hell am I even thinking about that? I am going to slaughter that runt for ruining my fun.

While her master was mentally musing on how many ways he could kill a whisker cheeked blond Haku was wrapped into her own thoughts. Though you hid it well amongst your comrades, I saw the real you. Why do you hide your true self Uzumaki?

She looks at her Anbu mask on the ground; and why does my heart tell me you're like me…

"Least we found Gozu and Meiru before they were picked up by the Konoha Anbu. Shall we let them help us Zabuza-Sama?"

The Kiri swordsman was silent for a minute as he let his thoughts roam in his head. There would be strength in numbers and he can focus on solely on Hatake while Haku and the brothers can deal with those Genin brats. As far as he saw the blond and the Uchiha would be a challenge to the demon brothers, but they would not last against Haku. And getting them out of the way to kill the bridge builder would be a bonus.

"Might as well. We will figure out the plan later. Now let's get out of this forest so I can recover."


XxX Naruto XxX

Sitting on the rooftop of Tazuna's house, the blond Genin looked up at the moon. With hardly any cloud cover, the stars shined brightly for anyone staying up tonight. The wind breezed just enough to sway his hair and clothes a little without making him too cold. While normally Naruto would sit back and enjoy the view, his thoughts were elsewhere. As he dropped the fake persona he normally showed, a calm stoic expression took its place.

While a part of his thoughts were consumed about Zabuza and the 'hunter Nin', the rest focused about his team. While he was happy he got on a team with his lifelong crush, he also knew she would completely ignore him with Sasuke being there as well. He honestly did respect the Uchiha's skills – he was the top student in the Academy for a reason, though he wouldn't go so far as to call him a prodigy like Itachi was – but he had never cared for the other boy's personality. Granted, if he had watched his entire clan be slaughtered by his own brother, he'd be pretty pissed too. However, shutting yourself off to everyone that could help you and acting as if you were superior enough to not need them was just wrong.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he looked to his left to see a forest area nearby the house. He watched as leaves and branches swayed in the wind, reminding him a little of the trees back home. Then his eye quickly focused on what he thought was a silhouette of a tall man under one of trees. However, before he could grab a kunai, the man vanished. Knowing it could be a possible threat, Naruto quickly leapt off the roof and chased after the man.

XxX Konohagakure - Hokage Tower XxX

Shifting through his last papers for the night, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, chewed on his old pipe. He was basically working on autopilot; though working his mind was more focused on his surrogate grandson. While, of course, he was proud of Naruto becoming a Shinobi, he had thought that his grandson would finally drop that false persona by now. While shamefully admitting he should have been there more for Naruto than he was, his grandson always said he knew his Ojisan was busy, though Sarutobi could see the loneliness in Naruto's eyes.

I am grateful at least the Anbu detail that were assigned to watch over him as a child deeply grew to care for him like he was their little brother. Though I am still amazed how much you care for my grandson Yugao. To treat Naruto like he is your son, especially after what happened to you when protecting him. I just wish I could have lessened the missions for them back then so they could have been Naruto more often.

Though he saw how happy Naruto was while being on a Genin team, he could tell the boy was more excited about one member being on their team especially. Hiruzen knew full well about his grandson's crush on the Haruno girl, but sadly, she fell into the line of being a fan girl to the Uchiha boy than a true Kunoichi. The strange thing was, something about that always felt off to the old Hokage, as if those feelings for Sasuke were not real. He knew all about young Haruno's life, since for the most part of it, she was alone like Naruto, save for her parents. But when she met the Yamanaka heiress Ino, she became more open. While happy that she had finally found someone she could be friends with, Hiruzen noticed along the short years after Sasuke came into the mix, Sakura had changed - and not for the better.

Tetsu and Kiyuriko Haruno even came to me and pleaded that something was wrong with their daughter. Perhaps I should have investigated further.

He often wondered if those feelings were pushed onto her by someone. Often times, the actions she performed were so incredibly sudden and extreme, he couldn't help but wonder if something was forcing them. It could explain why Sakura and the Yamanaka girl stopped being friends. Did young Ino have something to do with it? He wondered if it would be a good idea to speak to Sakura about that. If she was not careful, she could endanger everyone on their missions, who could get her or, Kami forbid, Naruto killed. He knew full well his grandson would rush to protect her if the pinkette was ever in danger.

I am going to have to speak with the girl when she returns to the village. Best I find the root of this problem before it grows uncontrollable.

His eyes soon instantly narrowed as he looked sharply at his crystal ball on the side of his desk. The sphere was engulfed by what looked like black flames with a crimson-tipped outline. Soon, a beam of black and red flames shot up, nearly reaching the ceiling. The windows behind him suddenly cracked by the force of the flame's energy, and suddenly the flames quickly vanished.

The old Kage's eyes widened when a figure appeared in the ball. The person was standing in the middle of a forest, engulfed by the black red flames.

His old pipe dropped from his mouth as he whispered out, "Naruto..."

XxX Naruto XxX

The whisker-cheeked boy in question was jumping through the trees trying to find the man he saw before. He was moving as fast as he could, but the man just seemed be that much faster. Could it be a ninja? Did Zabuza's accomplice or another ally come out to scout out their position? If so, then why didn't they attack? With Kakashi out like a light from his exhaustion, it would have been relatively easy for another Jounin to just break into the house and kill all of them. Or did this person hope to pick them all off one by one? After all, they had to have seen Naruto make a bunch of Kage Bunshin during their fight with Zabuza, so maybe they were hoping to get him alone and kill him out here where it wasn't so confined. Kage Bunshin weren't all that resilient, but facing twenty to fifty of them inside a house could be considered suicide - even for a Jounin.

As he kept going through various scenarios, he slipped a kunai out of his pouch and gripped it while forming a little chakra. If they wanted him out of the picture, then he'd make sure to give them a fight.

He finally landed in a clearing near a small waterfall connected to a small river. Looking in all directions, he did not see the man he was chasing down. Assuming that they had gotten away – and no doubt reporting in with Zabuza – he let out a deep sigh and walked over to the edge of the river. The light from the full moon above gave him a good view of himself in the water. However, his eyes widened in shock when instead of seeing own reflection, he saw someone else.

Reflected back in the water was very tall man in maybe his late thirties staring back at him. He had pale skin, high cheekbones, stubble, and long ragged black hair with brown highlights. His attire consisted of a tattered white dress shirt with an upturned collar and cuffs, black pants, low-heeled boots, and a long, amorphous black overcoat with a burgundy highlight that flared out into ragged ends. On his face, he wore brown-tinted, semi-transparent wraparound sunglasses.

A chill ran down Naruto's spine, as he could feel the man's piercing gaze look straight through him. It was as if he was trying to look into the boy's very soul. Soon, the man slowly vanished, much the boy's relief, but he quickly noticed an object floating in the water. Hexagon in shape, it looked like a hand-sized wooden badge with a skull carved in the center with four lines connecting to it. Kneeling down, his curiosity took over, and he stretched out his hand.

As he reached for it, he noticed the sound in the area become deathly silent, as time itself had stopped. There was no rustling in the trees, no water beating against the rocks, no animals of the night sounding their cries. As his fingers went into the waters, he felt his heart racing for some unknown reason. This felt...familiar. It was almost like he'd remembered an old friend or found an item he thought he had lost.

His fingers were almost touching the badge, about to close around it, when he heard a whisper in his mind say, Awaken me...

The very moment his hand gripped the badge, everything went black.

XxX xx XxX

Sakura exited the house, growing a little concerned for her teammate. Ever since he had stormed out of the house ten minutes ago, her heart began aching, almost screaming at her to look for Naruto, but she couldn't understand why. She didn't love Naruto; in fact, she only tolerated him at the best of times, while others, she just kind of wished he'd go away and maybe not even come back. It was just so annoying, what with him always asking her for dates when she clearly wasn't interested, always complimenting her when all he was doing was distracting her from Sasuke! It wasn't right! She belonged to Sasuke! Naruto-Baka didn't deserve her! In fact, if he died, she would be so much better off!

Her heart clenched in pain at the thought, and her eyes widened a little before her head started to pound slightly. She took a few calming breaths and rubbed her temples.

What is wrong with me? Why did I think that? I wouldn't ever want Naruto to die, even if he does get a little annoying at times. She let out a sigh. I think the stress of everything is getting to me. I need to find Naruto.

Taking a few steps away from the porch, she looked around, hoping that the blond hadn't wandered far. Looking up, she smiled when she saw the full moon shining in the night. It felt comforting to her for some strange reason, like some memory she'd forgotten as a child wanted to bubble to the surface. It actually made her think of the snow and ice in winter - oddly enough her favorite season, despite the fact that her full name basically meant "spring field of cherry blossoms." She didn't know why, but the way the moon would reflect off of the snow just always felt so...beautiful...

Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind blew violently from the forest, the force so strong it nearly sent her flying back into the side of the house. Covering her face by holding her arms in front of her, she tried to look where the wind was coming from, but she couldn't see anything through the trees. Her eyes soon widened in absolute shock and terror, though, as she watched a large beam of what resembles black and crimson flames shoot into the sky.

Her ears then started to pick up a sound. A scream so deafening, it echoed everywhere, and panic set into her as she began to recognize the voice. Naruto!

Without even a second thought, she ran into the forest at full speed. Is Naruto hurt? Was he attacked? Is he burning in those eerie flames? Please, Kami! I didn't mean it when I talked about him dying! I'm sorry! I'M SORRY!

Her heart clenched at that thought, forcing her to move faster and dodge through the trees. The blonde's scream became louder and louder, and her clenching heart turned into a knot in her stomach. The wind grew even fiercer as she landed near a clearing, and she covered her gaping mouth as tears start forming from her eyes in horror at what she saw.

There, by the river, her emerald eyes witnessed Naruto literally floating slightly in the air within the epicenter of the black and crimson flames, the upper part of his clothes burning away. Sakura could feel the sheer intensity of the flames as she heard the blond screaming out in pain as loud as he could. She ducked as some of the flames nearly hit her, not seeing a small portion of it vanishing into her arm.

"NARUTO!" she screamed out as loud as she can muster, hoping that he could hear her through the wind.

As if a switch had been hit, the black flames almost instantly entered his body and died down along with the wind. As it vanished, his body started to fall, but before it hit the ground, Sakura suddenly found the strength to race to him, catching him in time. His body collapsed against hers, nearly knocking the two of them over as she fell to her knees. She gently lowered the boy to the ground and rested Naruto's head onto her lap before she gave him a look-over. The blond was unconscious with some burns here and there on his exposed chest and arms. Suddenly feeling so useless, she quivered a little as she felt more tears spring to her eyes while she wondered what to do.

Was it a trap? He's burnt all over Oh Kami-Sama I am so sorry… "Naruto," she whispered crying softly, her tears landing on the blond's face. "Please wake up Naruto… Please…"

Slowly, tiredly, Naruto's eyes opened and refocused a little to see Sakura looking down at him in tears. A weak foxy grin appeared on his lips.

"He...accepted me..." Naruto said in a raspy exhausted tone.

Confused, the girl tilted her head as she rested a gentle hand onto his cheek lightly rubbing his whisker marks. "Who accepted you?"


Muttering those last words, he fell back into unconsciousness again. Panicking, Sakura screamed out, "NARUTO!"

XxX Further into the forest XxX

What was that?

Going on one of her nightly hobbies, Haku froze while looking for barriers. She dropped her small weave basket as her eye went wide seeing pure black flames shooting upwards into the heavens. She too heard the pained scream come from the epicenter of those demonic flames. She moved through the trees and stopped on a large branch the same time as pink haired Kunoichi seeing the very same blond from Konoha engulfed by the hellish fire, the upper part of his clothes being burned off.


She heard the rosette Kunoichi scream out the blond's name. Then she watched with an almost morbid fascination as the black flames receded and actually entered Naruto's body. Gravity took over as the blond began to fall and the rosette Kunoichi caught him just in time.

What just happened? What was it she had just witnessed? But a strange small part of her felt concern for her enemy; was the boy alright? For whatever the reason that wrenched at heart the most.

"He… Accepted me…"

"Who accepted you?"

"Zan…get…su…" the blond went unconscious.


The brunette narrowed her eyes; Zangetsu? What did he mean by accepted him?

Sensing someone approaching the area Haku silently Shunshins from the scene. One way or another she will figure out what has happened.

XxX ? XxX

Sitting at his beautiful but plain redwood desk a man wearing a wide straw hat and a pink flower embroidered hoari over a white one, he rests his chin on his palm with his elbow on the desk. His good eye was close while the other was covered by a black eyepatch.

Honestly, how did old man Yama stay sane doing all this paperwork… I need to promote Nanao-Chan into the Squad one.

His head soon shot up as his single eye widens. For a moment he remains frozen till he tips his hat leaning back into his chair as a warm smile crossing his lips.

"Least that's one less thing to worry about. But best to play this safe, still glad your back… Zangetsu…"


Yes, the Soul Society does still exist in this story. This is following after 'the thousand year blood war arc'. So expect some of the lunatics we all know and love among the Shinigami in this.

And maybe Squad Zero. That is if I can figure on one hell of a villain strong enough to bring them out. If anyone wants Aizen, it better be on hell of reason!

I am making a variation of the Quinces for Naruto's realm, so don't expect them to be the same in every aspect. If you have an idea let me know. A rare form of Kekkai Genkai along with a small rare Clan. But unlike their counterparts from Bleach, will not be the enemy of Gotei 13.

This will be a semi-dark story and 'M' rated.

Only few certain people will have Zanpaktou. That an only Zanpaktou of the Shinigami that have died. That or OC Zanpaktou that match certain people with their personalities.

Ryujin Jakka; will be off limits! That sword is too damn powerful for anyone to wield save for one legendary old bald scarred Shinigami.