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What have we learned: The Soul Society is watching the elemental nations now. Yoruichi is in the mix and causing chaos like normal. Something is wrong with our precious rosette's head. Tsunami-Chan has the hots for Kakashi. Naruto considers members of the Anbu surrogate brothers and sisters, with one being near a mother figure.

Zangetsu, badass in black.

Piercer of Heaven

"This fog... It's not a natural one," Kakashi whispered.

"Kakashi-sensei, this is his Kirigakure no Jutsu, isn't it?" Sakura asked, but got no answer. They were all waiting for Zabuza to show himself.

When Team 7 arrived at the bridge, they found themselves engulfed by a dense fog that seemed to stretch on for miles. Kakashi took lead while Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto's Kage Bunshin stood in defensive stances around Tazuna, surveying what they could of the area for any threat. They did not have say it; their sensei knew the Genin were just as tense. The fog around them felt almost suffocating, as if it was another enemy itself. Kakashi and Naruto narrowed their eyes upon hearing a familiar evil chuckle.

"Hello Kakashi. Sorry to keep you waiting, still have those brats around I see."

Slowly the fog fades in front of them which reveals not just Zabuza in a the same pants but with a black sleeveless shirt with fingerless forearm long gloves. Beside him the 'hunter Nin' in the same gear as before, but to Team Seven's surprise the Demon Brothers are also present. The copy ninja silently cursed. The Anbu must not reach them in time for someone to find and free them. This just made things more difficult.

Sasuke and Naruto's Kage Bunshin narrowed their eyes while Sakura kept herself together as the three remain standing defensively in front of Tazuna. The said man paled seeing the remains of her building crew lying on the ground either dead or dying. Zabuza eyed his prey but noticed one odd change right off the bat. Zabuza's eyes narrowed sharply when he saw who he thought was the blond runt from last time. Even Gozu and Meizu were taken back by the blond's appearance. He wore some kind of unique black with white inner lining kimono gear with a hakama and his Konoha hitai-ate now wrapped and hanging off his neck. But there was also the look in the brat's eyes; he seemed calm, cool, and coiled like a proper Shinobi.

The clone only stared calmly with a faint smirk gracing his lips. Boss is gonna love the look on this bastard's face when I dispel later on.

"Hit puberty or something brat," the former Kiri swordsman spoke off handily.

Naruto's clone just smirked; "a shinobi always keeps a few secrets. I might tell you after I kick your ass."

Zabuza grunts with a smirk under his bandages; "still a cocky little shit I see. Least that didn't change."

"I aim to please you son of a bitch…"

Meanwhile behind the mask, Haku bit her lip slightly. She knew she would have to fight, but a part of her was screaming not to. More specifically, she had her eyes completely locked on to Naruto and no one else. She did not want to fight him. But to complete Zabuza's dream, her heart couldn't choose. But at the same time she running questions in her head.

Why am I feeling anything for him, I only spoke to Naruto-Kun once? I can't lose focus; I must aid Zabuza-Sama, Gozu-Kun and Meizu-Kun and stop these Konoha Nin. One step to fulfill Zabuza-Sama's dream.

However images kept flashing in her mind of the past week and watching Naruto become a small light of hope for Nami. And seeing him with those orphan children along with his rosette teammate affected her more than she will admit. Only twelve and he acted like a responsible father to his children.

Or how one should really act at any rate…


The said girl got out of her thoughts; "yes Zabuza-Sama." She answered in a emotionless deeper voice to hide her real one.

The blond clone narrowed his eyes, he could not hear the name but swore he heard that voice before but could not place it.

"We follow your plan. Take care of that blond gaki. Gozu, you have the Uchiha brat. Meizu, take care of pinky. Hatake… is all mine…" Zabuza said in a drawn out tone blanketing the area with strong killer intent. Kakashi's eye only twitched while to the former Kiri swordsmen surprise that damn blond brat remained unaffected, Tazuna paled as he tried his best not to fall to his knees. Sasuke however seem to be slightly trembling which did not go unnoticed by the former Kiri swordsman.

"He's shaking again, how pitiful" Zabuza mocked.

Sasuke smirked "I'm shaking with excitement."

Naruto just dryly looks at Sasuke then back to Zabuza; "and you call me cocky?"

"Naru-Kun you are quite cocky," Sakura said dryly.

Kakashi eye smiled; "you do know how to stand out Otouto."

Sasuke lightly smirked, "Hn."

Naruto felt his eye twitch; "and everyone is taking his side." The blond points to Zabuza who smirked under bandages.

"Just saying the truth gaki," Zabuza who chuckled amusingly being given the finger by the blond Uzumaki. "Well… NOW!"

Haku sprinted towards Naruto with senbon in between her fingers. Gozu went for the last Uchiha with his claws ready to strike. Meizu also charged for Sakura who was in her Hakuda stance with a Kunai in each hand.

I won't fail you Kakashi-Sensei, Yoruichi-Sensei, Zangetsu-Kun, and Naru-Kun! I will not be a weak link!

Naruto and Haku clashed with the blond clone avoiding the senbon thrown at him at whom both pull kunai and charge. To the brunette's surprise the blond was keeping pace with her as she ducked being slashed to the face where she counted by trying to run the clone through with her kunai. He deftly sidestepped, avoiding being dispelled. The two move flawlessly in almost a dance trying to hit the other.

"Will you not let us complete our mission? I would rather not fight you," Haku said in a emotionless deep tone.

The clone still swears he heard that voice before. He stares evenly at the enemy before him; "Have you seen the people here? That Gatou is slowly killing off this nation with his actions! I will never let him win!"

Haku bit her lip under her mask as she backflipped avoiding a knee strike. She quickly goes into rapid handsigns as she skids backwards.

"Hijutsu: Sensatsu Suishō."

Instantly hundreds of ice shaped senbon appeared above her as the Bunshin Naruto widen his eyes. Holy shit…

In a heartbeat they fly with blinding speeds towards her prey. But to her surprise behind her jutsu strikes dead on the blond vanishes in a blink of an eye.

What was that! That wasn't Shunshin!

"Wide open…"

Hearing a voice whisper she turns just as a powerful palm strike hits her in the chest. The force sent her skidding back several feet before recovering. Her chain mesh took most of the force but she still feels some ribs might be a little cracked.

"Tessho- a palm strike meant to break bones and kill at the first hit. I held back on purpose. But trust me when you will be in pain for a while," Naruto said calmly.

But mentally The Naruto-clone internally shivered. He remembered being hit by that from Zangetsu. It did indeed break bones, and the strike had sent the poor blond flying into two trees. He was never gladder to have a massive fur-ball of infinite malicious energy to act as a healing source.

"I heard that!"

Promptly ignoring the fox's uproar through the link from the original Naruto, the blond clone charged ahead. Haku goes into another set of handsigns. Soon ice gathered Haku's fist as she slammed it to the ground.

"Hyoton: Namida Reito"

Soon sharp spikes of ice shot forward on Naruto who dodged in seconds and thrown several kunai at the Hyoton user. She skillfully cartwheeled out of the way and threw senbon in retaliation. Again to her shock the blond moved out of the way in time.

It's amazing how he improved from only a week's time. Did it have to do with that weird power I saw?

XxX Kakashi and Zabuza XxX

Kakashi was holding up his Kunai in a defensive stance. Zabuza was totally controlling this battle, no doubt about that. His Sharingan wasn't too much use as the fog was too thick. He was covered in small cuts here and there, the biggest being in his hand. Zabuza had stabbed him with a strange blade as soon as he had tried to uncover his Sharingan. After that Zabuza had disappeared into the mist, showing why he was called Demon of Kiri. His ability with the silent killing method was frightening. The only reason he was still here was because of his Sharingan; he could dodge just enough for Zabuza to miss any of his vital areas. He was just hoping that Naruto and Sasuke were doing better. He could still hear sounds from another battle, so he was positive that they were still alive.

"Well, well Kakashi, it looks like you don't look so good" it came from Zabuza in the mist

"You're worried about me Zabuza? That's cute. You don't have to, I'm more than ok" Kakashi said, hiding his worry.

"Really? I guess we will have to do something about that won't we?" Zabuza said finishing with an evil laugh. Kakashi tightened up his stance and awaited a new barrage of assaults.

XxX Sasuke and Gozu XxX

Flipping over the taller man Sasuke skillfully avoiding the metal claws of the former masked Kiri Chunin. Much to the older man's ire he had to admit this kid is good, but one way or another he was killing this punk.

"Stand still you little brat," Gozu grumbled.

The Uchiha scoffed; "right so you hit me with those poisoned claws, I'll pass."

"It will only hurt for a minute, I promise," the older male said darkly as he charged.

Sasuke quickly goes through several handsigns. He soon takes a deep breath.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

The Chunin widens his eyes as the flames envelope him before he could scream. The Uchiha watches silent as the fireball dies down and he sees a chard Gozu lying on the ground but before he look back to help either Naruto or Sakura he sees the body turn to water.

Mizu Bunshin!

At that thought Sasuke barely dodged a thrust from metal claws meant to rip through his spine. He quickly spins pulling a perfect roundhouse kick to the Chunin's face sending the man reeling.

Pulling out a Kunai Sasuke goes for the kill. Recovering Gozu shoots out a chain from his gauntlet which startled the Uchiha as he pulled his arms up to guard. To his dismay the spiked chains wrap around his wrists as the older man grips the chain and pulls harshly towards Gozu. Before he could blink Sasuke feels a hard punch to his jaw from the rogue Chunin.

"Eye for an eye Uchiha," Gozu chuckles as he keeps the chain around Sasuke's wrists.

But his fun is stopped now seeing a piece of wood where Sasuke was. Quickly realizing the brat substituted he waits quietly vanishing into the mist. Time for a hunt.

Using the mist to advantage Sasuke rubbed his eyes as they hurt strangely. Looking into a puddle they soon widen in excitement. And sure enough, his eyes were red with one tomoe in his left eye and two in his right eye. He had the Sharingan.

Not perfect but I finally have my birthright. Time to show this guy why you fear the Uchiha.

XxX Sakura and Meizu XxX

Tazuna had to admit the little rosette was actually putting up a good fight against the dual horned Kiri Chunin who was growling in frustration. When did this little pink haired bitch stop being a weakling fan girl? He grudgingly admitted her Taijutsu was good, but it pissed him off being tricked by a simple Bunshin jutsu! Oh he was going to skin this girl alive once got a hold of her.

And why is she so damn fast!

Sakura glared coldly as she stood ready for Meizu's onslaught. She had to secretly admit she felt calm. She felt no fear standing up against one of demon brothers. Was really all that training with Zangetsu and Yoruichi the reason she did not feel afraid?

I won't fall behind! I'll be just as strong as Naru-Kun and Sasuke!

XxX Naruto-Bunshin and Haku XxX

Finding an opening the Naruto clone tried to strike at Haku's ribs but oddly met by sliding off like it was ice and did not penetrate.

"What the hell?"

"This is my KorinoYoroi, hitting my skin won't be that easy…"

The blond narrowed his eyes in thought before they widen; "Hyoton…"

"Yes, I carry the Kekkai Genkai to create ice. Unfortunately it also made us a target to the Mizukage Yagura," Haku spoke gently.

Naruto nodded solemnly. "The bloodline purge." Haku nods.

Both are silent before she pleads with him again; "Please let us complete our mission. I do not want to kill you."

Naruto lightly glares at Haku before gesturing; "have you not seen Nami. People are dying from either starvation or depression. There are little orphan kids fending for themselves because their parents did not want to feed them or they were kidnapped by Gatou. I am going to kill that little midget prick when I find him!"

Haku bit her lip, and then spoke in her real voice. "Then...please forgive me, Naruto-kun."

The clone's eyes widened, as Haku flipped backwards while going through hand signs. Naruto shook his head. Why? Please, Kami why is it her!?

Finishing her hand signs, she knelt down and slammed her hand to the ground, saying, "Hyoton: Hissatsu Hyōsō."

A row of ice spikes shot forward, targeting the blond who had now been woven into her heart. While not showing any outward emotion, her mind was screaming, Dodge! Please Kami Don't make me kill you! PLEASE GET AWAY NARUTO!

Sakura's breath hitched while guarding against Meizu. Everything seemed to be moving in slow-motion as the spikes drew nearer to the clone. Even though she knew it was a Kage Bunshin, the thought of him hurt wrenched her heart.

As the last spike was about to form, everyone was sent flying when black reiryoku engulfed Naruto and shot upwards. The shock-wave was so intense; it broke the fog around them. The spikes were no match for the sheer spiritual power, making it shatter like glass.

When the reiryoku quickly vanished, everyone looked towards the blond-clone in sheer disbelief as Zangetsu formed in his hand. Slowly rising to her feet, Haku was spellbound. She had never felt that level of power ever in her life.

Zabuza, Gozu, and Meizu was in the same boat, as he looked keenly at the blond with well-hidden fear.

Sasuke stood up, shaking off the dust. He knew this was getting serious now.

Kakashi eye-smiled. He never felt prouder of his little brother, but also saw the look of hurt in the blonde's eyes.

The blond in question gazes mournfully at the second girl who had ever kissed him. "Of all people in the world, it had to be you... Haku-chan."

XxX Four years ago XxX

Sitting in his office, the Sandaime went through his daily paperwork. Sitting not too far from him on the sofa, an eight year old Naruto read a scroll silently. Stopping what he is doing, the old Kage looks over at his surrogate grandson.

"I am glad at least you dropped that mask of yours. But why wear orange?"

Naruto looked over at his grandfather-figure. "It's just a form of expression Jiji. At least people notice me. Well, somewhat, anyway."

"You know there are some that do love you, grandson," Sarutobi said warmly.

The blond smiled as the two went back into their musings. Even the Anbu hidden in the room preferred this Naruto. While he still drove them crazy with pranks, (something Kushina did religiously), the calm stoic blond was a welcome sight. A knock on the door brought everyone out of their thoughts.

"It's Aoi, Hokage-Sama," the Chunin's voice said from behind the door.

Sarutobi gave quick look to Naruto, as if saying 'just act as you are now please'. The blond sighed but nodded to comply since it was Aoi. With a stern voice, he gave the Chunin permission. The door opened as the green-haired man wearing a standard Konoha Shinobi uniform walked in. Noticing Naruto, he gave a small wave, since Aoi was one of the few that did treat the boy well. The blond smirked and gave a two finger salute.

"Least your acting like yourself," Aoi sighed in exasperation.

"Jiji forced me to," the blond said dryly.

"Still, that outfit. Please promise one day you burn that abomination."

Aoi being among the few that always cringed seeing that orange jumpsuit from hell as they call it. Seriously how did the brat not get caught when doing pranks dressed in 'THAT'!?

The blond grumbled about nobody understanding a form of expression. Aoi chuckled but got serious when he looked back at the Hokage and saluted.

"Mission complete."

"So what did you find in the land of Tea?" Hiruzen asked in his business tone.

Aoi sighed. "It was a wild damn goose chase. The rogues of 'supposed' ninja turned out to be witless thugs with over inflated egos. They weren't even really that skilled, save their boss who was a former samurai."

"Any civilian's harmed by these fools?"

Aoi looked down. "Some people tried to fight them before I got there. Four were wounded, two dead. And I won't mention about what they did to some of the women."

Both Hiruzen and Naruto's eyes narrowed with rage. Both adults hear the one child in the room seething. "And they dare call themselves shinobi..."

"Don't be naïve, Naruto. There are many shinobi parts of the Hidden Villages who have done such things too," Aoi commented.

"Then what the hell is to gain by doing that?!"

The adults sighed as Hiruzen took over. "Not all see the world like we do. They follow and choose the easy path of corruption, and power can corrupt even the most compassionate of people."

"These fools think themselves above the code of shinobi, so they follow their hollow logic. In the end, all that awaits them is a hunter Nin's sword," Aoi finished.

Naruto was silent for a moment. "When I become a shinobi, I will make sure any traitor I come across gets what's coming to them."

Aoi and Hiruzen nodded in agreement.

XxX Present XxX

Near Tazuna's home, Naruto and Aoi both charged one another. The former Konoha Nin grabbed the Raijin-Ken from his satchel, and in moments, the pure blade of lightning appeared. Giving a fierce battle-cry, both struck their blades together into a deadlock, their face showing no emotion as they tried to out-muscle the other. Aoi was actually impressed by Naruto's strength.

"Took a shine to Kenjutsu, I see," Aoi commented.

"You never know when you need a good sword to sever the heads of traitors," Naruto growled out in reply.

They remain locked for another second until Aoi ducked down into a reverse leg sweep. Naruto jumped up, avoiding the move and starting an axe kick. Aoi easily rolled out of the way within a second as Naruto's kick slammed into the ground, leaving a sizable crater. Seeing an opening, Aoi went for a thrust straight for the blonde's heart, but in a blink, the blond vanished, surprising the missing Nin.

That wasn't Shunshin! What was that?!

His purple eyes looked in all directions for the enemy. They soon widened as he turned sharply to parry Naruto's sword that was flashing towards him. If he had not known better, he would have thought Naruto had used the Hiraishin! No, this was different and maybe more frighteningly faster than that. Grabbing his umbrella from his back, he threw it high into the air. Naruto watched as it opened but mentally he prepared and started chanting.

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."

As hail of senbon rain down at him from the open umbrella he raises his hand toward the sky and yelled,

"Hadō #33: Sōkatsui!"

A massive beam of blue flame shot from his palm, and Aoi covered his eyes from the sheer intensity of the blast. In seconds, the flames melted away the senbon and burned the umbrella as it blasted upwards into the heavens. As the flames vanished, Aoi lowered his arms and stared at Naruto in awe.

"That was no Jutsu."

"It's called Kidō, spiritual arts used in three methods." Naruto raised three fingers before rushing forward to strike at the man. Aoi barely had time to block it and dodge out of the follow-up diagonal strike from below.

"First is Bakudō. This form is known as the 'way of binding', but also includes barriers and seals." One finger dropped, and Naruto Shunpo'ed away before reappearing, nearly hitting the purple-haired man's neck but was blocked by a hastily drawn kunai.

"Second is Hadō, the 'way of destruction'. These spells are, as you just saw, a form of attacking the enemy." A second finger dropped, and the blond quickly kicked up and hit the man square in the chest, sending Aoi flying back towards the trees. The man managed to flip over and skid to a stop on his feet, though he wondered if some of his ribs had cracked from the blow since he was breathing pretty heavily.

"Finally, third is Kaidō, also known at the "turn way." Unlike the other paths, these techniques have no set names or forms but rather are meant for healing various parts of the body." As the third finger dropped, Naruto's fist opened into a palm strike while he shot towards the man, and Aoi barely dodged out of the way in time. The strike hit the tree behind him instead, and Aoi watched, stunned beyond belief, as the back of the tree blew out into a spray of wood fiber and sent the entire thing crashing to the ground.

Aoi listened intensely at Naruto's breakdown of what he saw, gripping the Raijin-Ken. Lowering his hand from the tree, Naruto turned and stared calmly at his former friend. Both know there was nothing more to say between them. Now all that is left was their battle.

Both charged the other again, and their blades locked. With a small parry, they began their respective strikes, moving with precision and grace as they attacked and countered the other. Movements flowed between them as if in a dance, their techniques flawless. Moving in a full 360 degree spin, Aoi used his full strength to try and slice Naruto's head off. Moments before the lightning blade hit, the blond vanished with a Shunpo.

Just what the hell is that?!

Before continuing his thoughts, he turned to block Naruto's blade. Some sweat dripped from Aoi's brow. The blond is pushing him hard - a hell of a lot harder than any normal Genin! His opponent vanished again, and the former Konoha Nin was hit with bone-shattering uppercut, the force sending him flying.

In mid-air, Aoi felt powerless from that sole strike. It was like being hit by a battering ram at full speed. His vision was slightly blurry, but he could see Naruto above him, raising Zangetsu over his head while reiryoku buzzed around the blade and his body as he screamed, "Getsuga Tenshō!"

As he slashed his blade downwards, an arch of black energy fired at Aoi, crescent in shape – almost like a moon. His awe was soon turned into intense pain as the wave sliced through his body and sent him rocketing back to the earth. Instantly as it hit, a large explosion erupted, a pillar of reiryoku shooting upwards into the sky. The shock-wave of power dispelled the fog in the area, kicking dust up wildly before the energy died down.

With a Shunpo, the blond returned to the ground and stopped at the edge of a mid-size crater. Aoi lay at the bottom with a gaping slash halfway through his chest. Blood coated the ground and seeped into the man's jumpsuit. It was amazing that the man still had any life left in him. Gnashing his teeth, Aoi got back onto his feet slowly. Panting heavily from the exertion, the Jounin looked up at the cold expression of Naruto staring back.

He had seriously underestimated the skills of his opponent here. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that Naruto of all people injuring him to this level, or even at all! Holding his chest with his left hand, his right weakly held Raijin-Ken, smirking weakly. He knew the wound was fatal but still felt he had a little more fight left within him. Charging forward with a fierce roar, he tried to land a wounding blow on Naruto. The said blond just watched calmly, and in a single moment, he slashed horizontally with a wave of energy, ripping through Aoi's torso. The energy was so strong it literally sliced the man in half. In slow motion, Aoi's eyes locked onto Naruto's cerulean, and a calm bloody smirk graces the man's lips while the Nidaime's sword fell from his hand.

You've really improved... Naruto.

The two halves fell to the ground, and Naruto stared blankly at them before looking up. His first kill, like his Jiji said. It would be the hardest to cope with, but he quickly steeled himself when he remembered his own words from four years ago. Aoi was a traitor, and all traitors deserved death. That was the end of it.

"Not bad Naruto…"

The blond widen his eyes hearing Aoi's voice. He looks down seeing his former friend just barely alive. Slowly shaking his head he looks down at his former friend almost mournfully. "Damn it Aoi."

The dying Ame Jounin looked up at the young Genin sternly; "Save it Naruto. I made my bed; I will reap what it sowed in the bowls of hell. Do some real good around here kiddo, See ya…"

The last breath left Aoi's lips as his eyes lost their light. Naruto closed his eyes only feeling small pity now for the dead man at his feet.

Once Kakashi and Zabuza are done playing around, I will finish who is left.

Snapping his head up, he realized Aoi was on Gatou's payroll. This meant the bastard snake planned to betray the former Kiri swordsman at some time during or after the battle on the bridge. Walking over and sealing the body away into a scroll, the blond sprinted out of the area, hurrying as fast as he could towards the other battle.

XxX Naruto-Bunshin and Haku XxX

Back on the bridge as the mist slowly reformed, the Naruto-clone and still masked Haku stared at each other. The hurt in the blonde's eyes were as clear as day upon realizing who he was fighting. Reaching up, her dainty hand grabbed her mask and threw it to the side, where it shattered on the cement. Though her face was blank in expression, tears rolled from her right eye as her shoulders were trembling. It was obvious she did not want to do this.


Haku gave a small sad tearful smile. "Because Zabuza-Sama saved me. I wandered for months alone through the roads of Kiri, no one cared enough to stop up and ask if I was ok. We were in a civil war, and one only looked out for one self. That was until Zabuza found me. He took me in, he cared for me, and he trained me. That was when his dream became my dream. That is why I am Zabuza-Sama's weapon, his tool meant to kill his enemies."


Naruto's outburst shocked her into silence, and he ranted on, "You're a human being like everyone else! You have your own dreams! Your own goals for the future, your no fucking emotionless tool!"

"Shinobi are weapons, Naruto-kun. That is the fate for those who walk that path," Haku said with a sad smile.

The blond shook his head. "Maybe, but cutting out your own soul will only make you into a lifeless shell! And I know deep down you are nothing like that! And you damn well know it too!"

His words struck her harder than she ever felt, the conviction in his eyes almost overwhelming her. She tilted her head in confusion when the boy she was unconsciously cared for suddenly widened his eyes. He looked sharply back to the village and then in the direction where he saw Zabuza.

"This fight is done Zabuza," he remarked with absolute seriousness.

The missing Kiri Nin stared at him and then burst out laughing. "Oh really, brat! That was a good one. Tell me, why should I stop fighting?"

"Gatou sent another Ninja to kill both my team... and you as well."

Everyone's attention zoomed in onto the blond. The two Jounin gave stern look, Sasuke was not surprised, Sakura's eyes were wide, both Gozu and Meizu look at the blond boy, and Haku only remained fixed on Naruto.

"And how pray tell do you know this boy," Zabuza asked sternly, a frown forming on his face.

Naruto smirked. "Because boss just killed the ninja who planned to kill us all, Aoi Rokusho."

Kakashi's eyes went wide as saucers. Oh he knew about Aoi, moreover he remembered how Naruto was so pissed when finding out Aoi betrayed Konoha and took the Nidaime's sacred sword. It took the Sandaime a week to calm the boy down. After that Naruto threw on his damn idiot mask full time. Kakashi and Hiruzen knew it was hide the hurt and anger.

But now after four years, it was Naruto who killed the traitor. The silver haired Jounin was not sure if this was Karma or Kami pulling this stunt.

Zabuza only scoffed and readied his sword again. "Unless you have proof, this fight is still on!"

The Kiri Nin continued his battle with Kakashi, and Haku soon ran through rapid hand signs.

The clone's eyes widened and he raised a hand in a halting gesture towards the girl. "Haku-Chan, wait! Please listen to me!"

"I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. Hyoton: Makyō Hyōshō!"

In seconds, a dome of ice mirrors surrounded the blond clone. Haku walked into one of mirrors and soon images of her appear in all the ice mirrors.

"This is my strongest attack. I...I do not want to fight you Naruto-kun, but I must help fulfill Zabuza-Sama's dream. Please forgive me…" the tears still rolled, but now from both eyes from her blank face.

"Haku-Chan," he whispered. I am going to wring Zabuza's neck for doing this her!

XxX Kakashi and Zabuza XxX

It was worth a shot Otouto. I just hope you get here to stop this.

Kakashi looked worriedly in the direction of where all the battle sounds where coming. He was starting to get a little worried. It hadn't been nice sounds that had come from that direction, and a few moments ago the whole section of the bridge was trembling. And even through the thick mist he could see shadows clashing.

"It's some student you have Kakashi, to be able to stand up against Haku" Zabuza's voice sounded

Kakashi tried to determine the origin of the voice. "The feeling is mutual. Naruto is most likely the strongest Genin in Konoha. And if not, he is the strongest of his year" Kakashi replied while keeping his worry hidden. He couldn't afford to show any weakness now. He had come up with a strategy to get Zabuza. Now all he needed was to wait.

"I don't know about you, but I would like to see this fight, so let's finish this" Zabuza said, before appearing from the mist with his blade raised for a slash. Kakashi led it slash him slightly in the stomach, making blood splatter out on his opponent. Zabuza grinned before disappearing into the mist again.

"I agree Zabuza" Kakashi said keeping the pain back by sheer willpower "it's time we end this. The next jutsu will be the last". Kakashi brought out a scroll from his flak jacket, smeared blood on it, and began a ritual like process.

Kakashi finished the ritual and slammed scroll into the ground. Zabuza laughed "No matter what you're doing it won-" he was cut short as he cried out in pain, and the mist lightened.

Kakashi walked over to Zabuza to find him impaled the ground by dogs, biting his arms legs and ribs. "You can't escape this. Now, release the jutsu!"

Zabuza tried to find a way out of the mess when he felt a cold chill and smirked at Kakashi "Sure. You want to see the demise of your student, won't you?" he said as he released it. The fog dispersed almost immediately.

Kakashi was stunned to see a big dome of ice mirrors with Naruto in the middle. To his and Zabuza's amazement the clone was unharmed as he used Shunpo repeatedly avoiding the flying senbon or Zangetsu as a shield. He was about to go to help him when Naruto looked him straight in the eye. He got the message and stayed where he was. He was just about to ask Zabuza when he answered "It's Haku's clan secret jutsu: MakyōHyōshō. No one has ever escaped or defeated it. Even I would have trouble with it." Kakashi looked away from Zabuza to see Sasuke fighting Gozu and Sakura actually staying safe and not being hit by Meizu. Tazuna was thanking Kami unharmed, but he saw the look in the rosette's eyes, she was very worried about Naruto, much like he is –clone or not-.

Soon a powerful wave of reiatsu hits the field stopping everything. First time feeling this Zabuza, Haku, Gozu, and Meizu are frozen by the sheer power enveloping the bridge. Dropping the dog summons Kakashi knows his little brother was coming now.

And by the feeling he was pissed…

What is this pressure? It feels stronger than even killer intent! Zabuza mentally was at his wits ends.

Haku kept herself in her ice mirror but looked confused seeing the Kage Bunshin smile warmly at her. "Now we don't have to fight Haku-Chan." The reiatsu faded as another voice roared.


Everyone stopped and turned, seeing the original Naruto throw Aoi's hitai-ate at the Kiri Nin. Kakashi moved fast out of the object's way as Zabuza caught the item effortlessly.

"Aoi Rokusho, missing Nin of Konoha turned ninja of Amegakure. He was hired by Gatou to tie up all loose ends. You included," Naruto said out of breath beside the ice dome.

The Naruto clone sighed in relief and raised an eyebrow. "Took you long enough, boss."

"Well, a black cat crossed my path, you know," Naruto said as he smirked. Kakashi face-faulted and mentally cried out, Dammit! That's my line! No fair, Otouto!

The clone chuckled as it finally dispelled, and soon, the ice dome shattered as a perplex Haku looked at Naruto. Zabuza, peering down at the object in hand, growled before gripping the hitai-ate tightly.

"I know he stole the Raijin-Ken, brat. Where is it?"

Without needing a word, the blond dropped the legendary sword to the ground, and everyone heard the former Seven Swordsman growling at the sight of the Nidaime's sword. The rage inside him burned like hellish wildfire. That little worm of a man had the gall to actually try and betray him! Seething, he threw the hitai-ate to the ground. A sound of clapping brought everyone's attention to the end of the bridge still covered in mist.

"To think, a snot-nosed kid figured out my plan," a man's voice cut through.

The mist began to clear, and the ninja all saw at least fifty men armed to the teeth. Making a path through them, a short man in a business suit walked in front of the thugs, a cane in his hands and a sneering smile on his face and broken arm. Kakashi and Zabuza glared but weighed the options in front of them.

"Kakashi, looks like our little 'duel' is done," Zabuza said as he hefted his sword onto his shoulder, calculating how many men he could take out with a few swings.

"Yeah, I think you're right."

Haku stood beside Naruto as they stared at Gatou with absolute hate and loathing. So this was the man responsible for all the pain and misery caused to Nami. This greedy, self-centered son of bitch was the one who killed Inari's father. Naruto clenched his fists tightly, and his eyes were starting to turn crimson at the edges while his pupils started to turn to slits. Sasuke and Sakura stayed protectively in front of an angry yet frightened Tazuna. Both shared the same rage Naruto was feeling for Gatou but knew that they would only get in the way if they chose to jump into the building fray. Best to wait near Tazuna and pick off the stragglers who came too close. Gozu and Meizu knew from their boss's words these kids were not the problem anymore so they stood ready at their side to attack Gatou and his men. And they be happy to do with a smile on their faces. They were getting sick of the guy.

"Kill them all," Gatou commanded with a haughty sneer.

"What about the two girls? They look fun to play with," a thug says, leering at Sakura and Haku. The rosette shivered a little, but her eyes turned harder as she thought, COME NEAR ME AND I'LL WEAR YOUR ENTRAILS AS A SCARF! Haku's own eyes were like ice as a frosty aura began to descend upon them and three senbon threaded between her fingers.

"Do as you like, but kill the others. Let's send Wave their funeral dirge in the form of their screams."

Before they could even raise their weapons to fight, Naruto shunpo'ed a few feet away from the enemy, his face blank but his eyes wide. Raising his arm and pointing his finger at the low lives, a massive wave of reiatsu hit the entire area. Kakashi and the others could barely stand from the levels radiating from the blond Genin. Hell, it was hard to even breathe! Sasuke even went so far as to think that if he already hadn't unlocked his Sharingan, this would surely have done so! This was infinitely worse than when they first faced Zabuza!

Meanwhile, Gatou was paralyzed with fear as he looked at the eyes of the boy. Glowing crimson eyes with black sclera glared with pure rage at the little man. Sweat poured relentlessly down his face, as the crimson eyes seemed to pierce at his very soul.

A red glow covered Naruto as the black reiatsu began surging around him. He could feel both Zangetsu and even the Kyuubi angered by the sight of this man. The crimson and black began to merge together, and a pillar of pure reiatsu and chakra shot high into the air, intensifying the pressure in the air to the point where the crimson and black began to surge and shake into a glowing, smiling fanged face of intense power.

With a growl that would give the Devil a pause of fear, he said, "Pathetic little creatures who dare to walk as men! KNOW THE PAIN OF UTTER OBLIVION FOR THE SUFFERING YOU CAUSED! HADŌ #33: SŌKATSUI!"

The sheer power of the attack sent the ninja behind onto the ground. However, instead of blue, a black flame three times bigger than normal blasted forward at Gatou and his men. There was no time to even scream as the flames consumed them all. Their bodies burned and turned to ashes purely from the heat of the blast, while the power of it practically obliterated their souls. As the attack faded, not even ashes remained - only soot lay where the bodies once stood.

Naruto lowered his hand, both the glow and reiatsu vanishing as he did so, and he simply sneered out, "Enjoy Hell – if there's anything left of you."

As everyone just stood there with widened eyes at what they just witnessed, Sakura bravely walked over and tentatively raised a hand towards him. "Naru-kun?"

Turning half-way, he gave a smile at his crush, his eyes back to their normal cerulean blue.

"It's okay, Sakura-chan. It's over now. You don't have to be afraid of me." He raised his hand to her, and she squealed before jumping towards him and enclosing him into a bone-crushing hug.

Kakashi sighed with relief, while Zabuza crossed his arms, annoyed he couldn't have killed Gatou himself, Gozu and Meizu looked at each other as they smirked under their masks. Haku smiled serenely, Sasuke smirked and shook his head at his teammate's antics, while Tazuna rubbed the sweat from his brow. This day may have been the most nerve-racking of his long life, but, damn, was he glad these people stayed to fight!


Everyone turned back towards the village to see Inari and the entire village standing behind them. Each person had a make shift weapon in their hands, and the young boy himself had a small crossbow in his hands.

"We came to help," Inari commented.

Naruto smirked and swept his free hand towards the soot-covered section of the bridge (his other currently wrapped around the rosette's waist who was beaming). "Afraid you missed the battle! Gatou's dead along with his thugs!"

First there was silence, as everyone stared at the soot and wondered just how such a thing was possible, but then it started to turn to murmured exclamations that quickly turned into a victorious roar.

Kakashi eye-smiled. This had to be the most unorthodox mission I ever been on. But it turned out just fine.

Standing beside Inari, the same black cat eyed the scene – or, more accurately, Naruto.

Looks like Kisuke was right after all. Let's see what you can do, Naruto Uzumaki...