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Porcelain Princess

Summary: After his stay in juvie, Puck no longer has an interest in girls. Instead he prefers the company of other boys. Meeting Sam, Puck finds himself stepping into a dominant role. Although he cares for a submissive Sam and helps him find love with Blaine, there's only one person Puck really wants, but winning Kurt Hummel's affections won't be easy.

Chapter 1

Even as a child, Puck had always been somewhat demanding. He had his old man wrapped around his finger before he left them one day and never returned. His Nana was another person who would always give her grandson anything he desired. Her devotion to him and his little sister, Sarah, became even stronger when their dad took off. Sometimes, his mum would be firm and disciplined Puck like any parent should, but she often ruined the affect by giving him ice-cream or candy afterwards.

In his early school years, the way he played up meant he often had the attention of the teachers fixed on him as well as the eyes of his fellow students. It seemed that everyone knew who Noah Puckerman was and were eager to be on his good side. Of course, not everyone could be. Those who argued with him earned themselves a wedgie, a swirly, a punch or worse.

Perhaps the person Puck most had control over was his best friend, Finn Hudson. With a certain puppy-dog look, a perfected glare and the right words, Puck could convince the other boy to do whatever he asked of him. Although Finn initially protested to the idea of sneaking into Mrs. Baker's back garden so they could spy on her as she sunbathed in the nude, he had agreed after Puck had pulled him into a headlock. He had been against the plans to pull pranks on the school teachers but agreed when Puck bribed him with some comic books.

As Puck grew older, he still managed to keep a certain control over Finn, his Nana and everyone else around him. At school, he made the decisions on who was thrown into the dumpster and who wasn't. He decided which girls were the hottest and which dudes were cool. He also dictated who the losers were and made a habit of stealing their lunch money.

In the school cafeteria, he made the rules of which clique sat where and he'd beat the hell out of anyone who tried to defy the seating arrangements.

He was known for being a womanizer and it was a reputation he had always been proud of. Any girl who was rated hot and fuck-worthy in his eyes would eventually get nailed Noah Puckerman style, and not one of them was ever dissatisfied. Of course, he did have some limits. He was a firm believer in 'bros before hoes' so he wouldn't touch one of his boy's girlfriends, mothers or sisters.

Or at least, he didn't stoop so low until Quinn Fabray. He'd always thought she was beautiful, but she was his best friend's girl so he respectfully stayed away. Then Finn pissed him off so Puck thought it was his duty to teach Finn a lesson. Although it was unintentional, Finn had done the unthinkable and made Sarah cry. Best friend or not, nobody was allowed to get away with making Puck's sister cry unless it was Puck himself causing the tears.

So, he had got Quinn alone, turned on the charm and offered her wine coolers and assurances that she wasn't fat. His plan had been to take Quinn's virginity then boast to Finn about it the next day. But before he could brag, Finn had managed to get Sarah some expensive doll she'd been desperate to have. Finn had scraped together all of his pocket money to buy her the gift as an apology for upsetting her.

After that, Puck felt immense guilt for what he'd done so he kept it to himself. He planned to keep his night with Quinn a secret forever but some powerful force up above or down below decided to make him suffer. Quinn Fabray, President of the Celibacy Club, was knocked up. At first, he tried to convince himself that the baby was Finn's, but he knew it wasn't true. If Finn had lost the big v, he'd have told him.

Although he didn't want Finn to know the truth, Puck did want to take care of Quinn and their baby that was growing inside of her. For a long time, she refused to let him be a part of her pregnancy and it damn near killed him. Then, with the unwanted help of Rachel Berry, the truth met Finn's ears. After that, Puck found himself with Quinn living at his place and Finn refusing to talk to him.

He figured that another drama had been sent his way and that life would just go on. He couldn't have been more wrong. He ended up being thrown in juvie and he came out a changed man.

His experiences had left him with new and overwhelming feelings and desires to consider. He never really knew if any of the prison movies he'd watched were accurate portrayals of life in the slammer, he still didn't really know, he only had knowledge of his stint in juvie.

Not knowing what to expect in that place, he had gone in, hoping to keep his head down and butt covered at all times and just do his time before returning back to the outside world. On his first day, he found himself being 'claimed' by a handsome Jewish guy in his early twenties named Slater. The dude was bigger than Puck and he couldn't help but envy Slater's guns. He was in juvie for grievous bodily harm. Though he had a bit of a temper, Slater wasn't really a violent person in nature. He was a fairly decent guy, actually quite smart and insisted that the older dude he had attacked deserved getting his head kicked in, but the law disagreed.

After Puck had been let out of the infirmary, the nurse tending to his abused nipple after it had been ripped out, Slater, his cell mate, had sucked a love bite on his neck. At first, Puck had been petrified, worrying he was about to be raped but Slater simply told him that he had been 'claimed' and nobody would touch him if they knew what was good for them. As it happened, nobody else bothered Puck as they saw the mark on his throat that boasted he was somebody's property.

Slater was one of the top guys in the joint, the kind you didn't mess with. He made Puck his bitch. In return for keeping Puck safe, Puck served Slater with sexual favours. Overall, Puck was treated well for a jailbird even if Slater fucked him a little rough sometimes. During his time in there, Puck realised all of the top guys had a bitch or two that they looked after in exchange for sex. Not all the guys were as good as Slater. There were some rough dudes who were clearly abusing the bitches they were allegedly 'looking after'. The prison guards turned a blind-eye to the on-goings of the inmates, leaving petty criminals as helpless victims to harder criminals.

The justice system definitely sucked. Puck was glad to get out of there. However, he couldn't forget how it felt to be with Slater, to be with another dude. He found himself bored with pussy and craving cock. Of course, he wasn't the natural submissive type. The only reason he'd bent over for Slater without a fight was because he'd been scared to death in that place. Now that he was out, he felt powerful again and he wanted to reverse the positions. He wanted to be the dominant and have other dudes be sex slaves for him.

He didn't want to abuse anyone though. He wasn't like some of those nastier guys in juvie. He wanted to enjoy himself and reassess his power, but he wanted the other person to enjoy it too.

Sitting in his first Glee Club meeting since getting out of juvie, Puck cast his eyes over Kurt. He seemed the most obvious choice because he was openly gay but Puck wasn't ready to make a play for him yet. As appealing as the idea of being with Kurt suddenly was, he didn't want the boy for a sex-toy. He doubted Kurt would be the type anyway. He was too much of a diva to really submit and he wasn't too fond of Puck. No, he needed someone easier to start out with. Someone he could intimidate easily in case they didn't want to gay it up with him so he could scare them into keeping silent.

He looked to Artie briefly but he felt weird about taking advantage of a kid in a wheelchair. He then mused over the possibility of Finn who he had always been able to talk into things he didn't want to do before, but taking the Quinn and baby drama into account, Puck knew Finn would take some work.

It was then that his eyes landed on the new kid. With such a large mouth, Sam Evans had to at least be a little bit gay. It would be such a waste if he wasn't and since he was sort of dating Quinn, his sort of ex-girlfriend, Puck hoped Sam might be fearful of getting his ass kicked for such a thing.

After Glee, he yanked Sam into a janitor's closet and was pleased to see the worry in the blonde boy's eyes. Being a bully for so long really did have its benefits. His badass reputation was no doubt something Sam had heard about judging by the fear in his eyes and the way he let out a nervous audible gulp.

"Dude, please, I'm sorry ok," Sam babbled before Puck had even voiced anything. "Just don't hurt me. I'll give you my lunch money; I'll do your homework. Anything, I'll do anything."

Puck quirked an eyebrow before a smirk formed on his lips. Sam was making everything so easy for him.

"That's a massive mouth you've got there, Sam," Puck said. "I bet you could suck cock real good with that large hole."

Sam's eyes widened and he covered his large lips with his hand.

"You ever sucked cock before?" Puck asked him stepping a little closer and backing Sam right up against the wall of the small closet. "Answer me."

"Yes," Sam admitted and Puck's manhood stirred to life at that admission.

"Well, well," Puck replied in amusement thinking that the situation was almost too perfect. "The new boy likes cock. Are you gay, Sammy? Is Quinn just a beard?"

"Please don't tell anyone, dude," Sam begged, his eyes on the floor.

Although he had a muscular build and could more than likely hold his own in a fight, Sam managed to look small and vulnerable. The sight aroused Puck further and he instinctively knew that Sam would make one hell of a submissive.

"On one condition," Puck compromised and Sam nodded waiting to hear his fate. "If you want me to keep your sexuality a secret you have to do everything I tell you. You have to be my sex slave. I want you to suck my cock, then you suck my cock, if I want to fuck your ass, then you spread your cheeks and beg me to fuck that filthy little hole. Understand?"

"I… yes," Sam murmured looking to be near tears.

"Good," Puck replied gently. He was pleased to have what he wanted but he couldn't help but feel guilty as he looked Sam over. There was something about his posture that suggested he'd been hurt badly by someone. He looked like a skittish animal and though Puck had meant to use a little intimidation to get what he wanted, he didn't want Sam to outright fear him. "Hey, if you're a good boy then I'll take care of you. Now tell me, have you been sexual with other guys before?"

"At my old school," Sam told him. "There was an older student, Graham. He… he owned me."

"Did he hurt you?" Puck asked and Sam nodded, eyes still downcast. "Is he the reason you transferred?"

"I needed to get away," Sam sighed. "Things weren't too bad in the beginning but then… he changed. He wanted to do other things and he didn't care whether I wanted to or not. I don't want to go through anything that brutal again. Please, don't tell anyone I'm gay. I'll… I'll do what you ask me to just… please don't hurt me. Please, I'm already broken," he said the last part in a whisper but Puck heard it.

Stepping forward, he pulled Sam into a loose hug, lightly petting his hair. It may not have been the best way to comfort someone but the action usually worked for his sister, and it seemed to calm Sam a little too.

"I'm not looking to hurt you," Puck told him lifting Sam's chin but the blonde didn't make eye-contact. "Being in juvie changed me. I just want someone to make me feel good and I want to make you feel good too. I'll take care of you and I won't even have to worry about knocking you up. And if anything we do is too much for you, I won't force you. Pick a safe word. If you use that any time we're together, then I'll stop. I promise."

"Um… I don't know… Rocky?" Sam replied still not meeting Puck's eye.

"Ok, your safe word is Rocky," Puck confirmed. "Feel free to use it any time, I won't be mad."

"Puck?" Sam asked a little uncertainly as the mohawked boy opened the door and they stepped out. "When we're… you know… what should I call you?"

After quickly checking that they were alone, Puck told Sam that he ought to call him 'Master'. He also gave the boy his address, they traded phone numbers and he instructed the blonde to meet him at his house later that evening since his mum and sister would be elsewhere.

Throughout the rest of the day, Puck observed Sam from afar. It was strange to see him behave so naturally and fairly confidently after seeing such a vulnerable side to him. At that point, he decided that Sam wasn't just a convenient partner to experiment with his new gay desires. He was clearly a damaged spirit and Puck was determined to heal him.

His eyes strayed from Sam over to Kurt. He let out a sigh as he watched the boy move. He admired his courage for being open about who he really was. The beautiful boy was certainly stronger than people realised. He wanted to hold him like he had held Sam, but that wasn't an intelligent move, not yet.

To Be Continued

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