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Chapter 51

Standing in the shower together, Puck let out a startled yelp as cold water came crashing down onto his skin. Although the icy water shocked Kurt too, he remained composed and simply twisted the dial and adjusted the water to a warmer temperature. For his boyfriend's sake, Kurt pretended to ignore Puck's less than badass reaction and tipped his head back so the warm water could beat pleasantly down his body.

Moving up behind the countertenor, Puck wound his arms around Kurt's waist pressing his front up against Kurt's back. Lightly taking Kurt's chin in his hand, Puck guided the slightly shorter teen's mouth to his own so they could kiss under the spray of the shower. As one of Puck's hands skimmed down to gently hold Kurt's penis, Kurt lifted one arm up and wrapped it backwards around Puck's neck.

"This is like a porn version of Dirty Dancing," Puck smirked taking note of their stance.

"I get to be Jennifer Grey," Kurt claimed. "You can be my Patrick Swayze."

"Deal," Puck agreed kissing Kurt again while trailing his fingers down Kurt's raised arm, Kurt following the movement then placing his hand over Puck's other hand that was wrapped around Kurt's cock. "You're getting hard already," Puck observed with a grin, his head bent so the water wouldn't get in his mouth or eyes.

"It feels nice," Kurt sighed, his breath ghosting across Puck's skin before he had to spit out a small mouthful of shower water.

"I feel her breath on my face," Puck sang huskily into Kurt's ear. "Her body close to me, I can't look in her eyes, She's out of my league, Just a fool to believe, I have anything she needs, She's like the wind."

Kurt smiled as he sank back into his boyfriend's hold, keeping his eyes firmly shut against the water. If it wasn't for the fact that Puck's erection was poking into his back and he had his hand softly jerking Kurt's member, the short serenade could have been considered romantic. Reaching for the hotel supplied soap, Kurt, turned in Puck's arms and got to work on washing his lover's muscular body, quickly discovering Puck's ticklish ribs.

"You little bitch," Puck said playfully pecking the other boy on the cheek.

"Language, Noah," Kurt reprimanded landing a smack to Puck's rear before soaping up the area, one finger circling dangerously close to Puck's opening.

"Hey, you've had your turn," Puck reminded him guiding Kurt's hand away from his ass and then round his front to wash his cock and balls. "You're the one getting his ass pounded next."

"I know," Kurt replied looking down and concentrating on cleaning Puck's engorged member. "And I'm looking forward to it. But… promise me you'll be gentle, at least to start with."

"You got it, princess," Puck said kissing the boy's lips before taking the soap from him and washing his slender ivory-skinned body.

Standing under the spray of water together, the two teens let the soap suds wash away before Kurt insisted that they shampoo and conditioner one another's hair. Puck complained that his mother had washed his mohawk for him before the prom but Kurt was having none of it. He lectured the Jewish teen about personal hygiene and the importance of hair care.

"Whatever Kurt, this talk is kinda turning me off." Puck pointed out. "Less talk and more making-out, babe."

"Maybe I'm not in the mood to kiss you now," Kurt teased turning his face away so Puck couldn't find his lips.

"Not really giving you a choice, princess," Puck replied before pinning Kurt against the shower stall tile, the cold surface causing Kurt to hiss as it connected with his skin. "Ready to kiss me yet?" Puck asked keeping Kurt's hands locked against the tiled wall either side of his head.

"I'm never kissing you again, you Neanderthal," Kurt told him defiantly though there was still a playful glint in his eye.

"Of course you are," Puck insisted confidently. "Your sweet little ass and hot little mouth just can't get enough of the Puckersaurus."

"Dinosaurs are extinct, Noah," Kurt declared squinting his eyes against the shower water. "Just like your sex appeal."

"Hey, I created sex appeal." Puck pouted and Kurt sniggered at him, turning his head away every time Puck tried to steal a kiss. "Such a fucking tease," Puck groaned releasing Kurt's wrists and turning the water off. "One kiss?" Puck begged.

"Nope," Kurt cackled pushing past Puck and running from the bathroom back to the bedroom in all his naked glory.

Bath towel in hand, Puck ran after Kurt and chased the male diva around the sofa a few times, their cocks and balls swinging everywhere as they moved. He finally caught Kurt and latched an arm around the boy's middle before hauling him up in the air and gently dropping him onto the sofa. He straddled Kurt's calves before lightly rubbing the towel over him to dry him off. After having his torso dried, Kurt wrenched the towel from Puck's grip then rearranged their positions so that Puck was sat on the middle seat of the couch and Kurt was straddling his lap. He draped the towel across Puck's shoulders then gripped the two ends and pulled Puck towards him and rewarded his boyfriend with a sensual kiss.

Resting his hands on Kurt's bum and giving a gentle squeeze, Puck enjoyed their lustful make-out session as he wondered how amazing it would feel to finally be sheathed inside of his beautiful boyfriend. Standing up, with Kurt in his arms, legs locked tight around his waist and arms around his neck, Puck carried him over to the bed. The towel was dropped somewhere on the floor along the way before Puck carefully placed Kurt in the middle of the mattress on top of the quilt cover.

"Think we can try something, babe?" Puck asked looming over Kurt and dancing his fingers across Kurt's flat tummy.

"Possibly," Kurt answered. "I'm not prepared to do anything too kinky tonight, but I'm open to suggestion."

"Right," Puck nodded pressing a quick kiss to Kurt's pink lips. "Well I actually wanna re-try something." Puck told him. "Remember when we tried the whole bondage thing and I tied you up?"

"Yes, I dimly recall how I freaked out and used the safe word we'd set up because I was unable to cope with the feelings of vulnerability being bound and nude inspired within me." Kurt commented, his body tensing up just a fraction but relaxing again when Puck placed a gentle kiss to the pulse point in his neck.

"Well, you're already naked," Puck smirked as he blatantly eye-fucked his boyfriend who blushed under the heated gaze but smiled at the same time. "And I'm not looking to tie each other up tonight. Another time maybe, but not now."

"Then what is it you wanted to do?" Kurt asked in confusion.

"When I tied you up that time," Puck said. "Do you remember what I was doing just before you used the safe word?"

"You were… licking out my asshole," Kurt replied.

"Yeah," Puck nodded. "And if the thought of me rimming you still freaks you out then it's totally cool, we don't have to do it. But, if you think you could be ok with it I'd like to try it again. You're not tied up this time and you've already fucked me so you should be more relaxed and eating your ass out will help prep you for my cock anyway…"

"Noah, you're rambling," Kurt interrupted reaching a hand out to cup Puck's face and stroke his cheek with the pad of his thumb. "You've been so good to me. Not just tonight, but ever since we've been together. As your princess I certainly believe you deserve a reward for being so wonderful." Kurt smiled at him.

"Is that a yes?" Puck asked hopefully.

"Indeed it is," Kurt answered kissing Puck's lips before turning onto his stomach and wiggling his butt in the air. "I'm all yours," Kurt declared demurely.

"You're the best, princess," Puck told him happily as he eagerly moved down the bed so he was in the perfect position to eat out his boyfriend's glorious behind. "Remember; just tell me if you want me to stop."

Kurt nodded before folding his arms and resting his head on top of them as he waited for Puck to begin. He let out a contented sigh as Puck gently travelled his hands up and down the backs of his thighs a few times before moving up to massage the globes of his ass. As Puck parted Kurt's butt cheeks, Kurt let out a soft gasp as the cool air of the hotel room hit his entrance.

"Such a pretty little hole," Puck commented before blowing his breath along the crack of Kurt's behind, smirking to himself as he saw Kurt's body tremble in pleasure. "I bet it tastes so good."

Lowering his face to Kurt's quivering opening, Puck poked out his tongue before licking the sensitive area. He heard a gentle moan from Kurt but no orders to stop so he kept going. Holding Kurt's cheeks open with his hands, Puck buried his face in Kurt's ass and probed him with his tongue. Concentrating on making it feel good for Kurt, Puck worked his tongue in and out of Kurt's opening to the best of his skill, keeping his ears alert to the noises Kurt made all the while. The gentle moans and pleasured whimpers spurred Puck on to delve his tongue even deeper into Kurt's passage, but he still kept listening in case Kurt wanted to stop.

"Noah," Kurt panted pushing his hips back and pressing his ass closer against Puck's face and feeling more of his invading tongue.

"Liking that princess?" Puck asked pulling his mouth away.

"Mmm, feels good," Kurt nodded, his face buried in the pillow and his fingers tightly clutching the duvet.

"You taste so fucking sweet, babe." Puck complimented before spreading Kurt's ass and spitting into the tight little hole nestled between the two cheeks. "I need to fuck you so bad."

"Yes, please, yes," Kurt moaned eagerly as Puck flicked his tongue around his hole. "Get me… get me ready," Kurt ordered through his panting breaths as he grabbed the lube from the bedside table and tossed it back to Puck.

"Kurt, you taste so good I could eat your ass all night," Puck told him as he poured a generous amount of lube onto his fingers before carefully slipping one finger into Kurt's entrance. "That ok, babe?" he checked and Kurt let out a whine as he nodded.

"More." Kurt requested so Puck complied and inserted a second finger into Kurt's hole. "Oh, mmm, Noah."

"You're taking that really well, princess," Puck commented as he scissored his fingers inside of Kurt. "I guess your hot little hole's really hungry for my cock."

"Oh fuck, I want you," Kurt confessed pushing back against the fingers inside of him, releasing breathy little moans all the while. "Please, Noah."

"Soon," Puck told him resting one hand at the base of Kurt's spine. "Just let me stretch you out a little more. I don't wanna hurt you, baby."

"I can take it," Kurt insisted sounding desperate and impatient.

Puck just smirked before adding a third finger along with the first two. He shoved all three digits in and out of Kurt's tight opening in a cork-screw motion, speeding up the pace and rhythm as Kurt whined urgently for more. Still working his fingers in and out of his boyfriend, Puck placed a kiss to Kurt's skin just above his ass-crack. He then kissed his way up the knots of Kurt's spine before sucking a mark onto the back of Kurt's neck.

"Oh fuck!" Kurt cried out as Puck's fingers teased against his prostate. "Oh Noah, please, I ne-need… I need you."

"Not just yet, princess," Puck replied with a wicked smirk as he continued to tease his boyfriend.

"Damn it, Noah," Kurt complained before latching hold of Puck's wrist and pulling the Jewish teen's fingers out of his asshole. "On your back," Kurt ordered even as he whimpered slightly at the loss of Puck's talented fingers.

Puck followed the instruction and moved so he was lying on his back. With nimble fingers, Kurt selected a fresh condom and slipped it onto Puck's member. Placing his hands on Puck's strong muscled chest, Kurt straddled his boyfriend and braced himself before sinking down onto Puck's cock.

"Nrgh, fuck, you're so big," Kurt said breathlessly, his tone almost accusing as he struggled to accept Puck's dick inside his body. "Mmm, oh my Gaga, sweet Armani… ow, shit… ah, mmm, Noah."

"Whoa, relax Kurt, breathe with me," Puck told him when his boyfriend forced himself all the way down on his cock, his face red from the effort, tears burning in his eyes and seemingly not breathing. "Breathe, baby, just breathe."

"I'm breathing," Kurt hissed at him before dropping his head so that his forehead rested against Puck's. "Noah," he sighed as he tried to get used to the feeling of being so stretched and full of cock. "Fuck," Kurt swore as he shifted a fraction, the movement sending a spasm of pain through his body. "You're too big."

"Relax, you can take it," Puck assured him stroking Kurt's hair away from his forehead, still damp from their shower. "C'mon, give me a kiss, babe."

One hand placed at the back of Kurt's neck and the other resting at the top of the boy's ass, Puck guided their mouths together and kissed his boyfriend deeply with the hope that Kurt would focus more on the kissing than the discomfort and dull pain.

After a few minutes, Kurt tentatively began to move. Pulling his mouth away from Puck's and sitting up, he placed his hands on Puck's chest again before pushing up. With just the head of Puck's circumcised cock still inside him, Kurt clamped his anal walls around Puck's manhood before relaxing his muscles then slowly sinking down onto Puck again. His eyes were clamped shut, teeth biting into his lower lip and pained whimpers sounding in his throat as he slowly moved up and down, valiantly trying to ignore the pain.

Hands at Kurt's hips, Puck continued to whisper little encouragements as he watched his boyfriend repeatedly impale himself onto his cock. For Kurt and Puck both, it felt like forever before the pain faded and the pleasure made itself known to Kurt.

"Oh yes," Kurt sighed as his lips formed into a smile. "Mmm yeah, oh Noah."

Kurt continued to gasp, pant and moan as he rode the boy beneath him. For a while, Puck was happy to watch his boyfriend's cock and balls bounce from the moment, but he eventually decided to reverse their positions. He flipped them over so that Kurt was on his back, legs locked around his waist. Claiming his mouth, Puck pulled out of Kurt's body before slamming back in, making sure to hit his boyfriend's prostate and ensure his hole was thoroughly used.

"Noah, Noah, Noah!" Kurt chanted clinging to his boyfriend's shoulders before gripping at the sparse hairs of his mohawk. "Harder, fuck. Love you."

"Love you more, princess," Puck grunted as he splashed kisses over Kurt's chest and sucked his nipples before meeting his mouth again.

"Oh, oh Noah, I'm close," Kurt panted.

"Fuck," Puck swore before pulling out, much to Kurt's protest, then flipping Kurt onto his hands and knees and plunging back in. "So fucking gorgeous."

He thrust deep inside Kurt's pliant body, his cock battering Kurt's prostate with every shove. He landed a few sharp spanks to Kurt's pert little ass before moving one hand round to tug roughly at Kurt's leaking cock.

"Mmm, oh, Noah, harder," Kurt ordered. "That's it; oh fuck me… like that, mmm yeah, just like that. Oh mmm, you better make me cum, bitch."

With a groan, Puck slammed himself even harder into his boyfriend's body as he continued to jerk the boy off, desperate to make Kurt cum as his princess had requested.

"Oh, oh, mmm yeah, ah, ah… oh fuck yes!" Kurt cried out thrusting himself back against Puck's shaft with great enthusiasm and need. "Noah, Noah… NOAH!" He yelled as he was pushed over the edge and collapsed onto his stomach, unable to hold himself up on all fours any longer.

Reaching his own orgasm and spilling himself into the condom, Puck slumped down on top of Kurt, dropping kisses to any patch of skin he could reach.

"Wow," Kurt breathed out, his body still shaking from pleasure.

Puck smirked proudly before pulling out and getting rid of the used condom.

"Shit," Puck swore excitedly as he spread Kurt's ass apart and admired the boy's well-fucked hole. "You're gaping."

"Hmm?" Kurt asked.

"Your dirty little asshole is fucking gaping," Puck stated happily. "Damn, it looks so beautiful. Kurt, baby, can I…?"

"Yes," Kurt answered resting his head comfortably on the pillow. "I know what you want to do, Noah."

Grinning, Puck pressed a quick kiss to Kurt's mouth before moving down to his ass. He lowered his mouth to Kurt's fluttering hole and stabbed his tongue inside the tight ring of sensitive muscle. Kurt shuddered, gasped and whimpered at the treatment but didn't ask for Puck to stop. He allowed his mohawked boyfriend to eat his ass out to his heart's content before they snuggled under the covers together.

"Thank you," Kurt said tiredly. "For making tonight so special for me. Everything was perfect. I love you so much."

"Love you too, princess," Puck replied kissing him sweetly then cuddling him close. "What?" Puck asked curiously when he heard Kurt chuckle.

"Next time we do this," Kurt said. "I am so dominating your sexy ass."

"Is that right?" Puck asked threading his fingers with Kurt's, his tone of voice suggesting he approved of Kurt's decision.

"Indeed it is," Kurt answered. "Congratulations Noah Puckerman. Not only do you have the honour of being Kurt Elizabeth Hummel's boyfriend, but you also have the privilege of being my bitch."

"Thank you, princess." Puck smiled before they kissed again.


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