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It was a quiet, peaceful night on Destiny Island. A gentle breeze stroked the various bright colors of the trees' leaves, making a soft whistling noise, dancing through branches and on the sand of the beach. Everyone who inhabited the island was inside, except for one girl.

Kairi stood solemnly, her head towards the skies. She had so many things she couldn't get off her mind…namely, Riku, one of her closest, male friends.

            "I wonder…" Kairi exclaimed softly to herself, shuffling her feet along in the clear, moonlit water.

Her face clearly grew tired, and she yawned, walking over to a small, hidden passageway that only a child, not much bigger than herself, could fit through.

She walked down the narrow stony path that was dark and mucky. Kairi was surprised herself she was even able to see through it at such a time of night. The sound of the ocean faded as she walked further along, and all that was heard was faint dripping of water from stalactites and stalagmites. Kairi placed her small, fragile fingers against the cold stoned walls, tracing along the crevices and cracks until she came to the end of the short tunnel.

A small smile stretched across her face. She wasn't sure why, at times…. but this cold, small area brought comfort to her. She sat on the rock to the left with a funny face drawn on it, and looked around to view all of the childish drawings. Kairi giggled to herself. Maybe it wasn't so childish.

She twirled her hair around her finger until it cut off her circulation, without noticing. The young girl began humming a familiar tune she couldn't quite point out, and slipped off the rock to lean against it, sitting in the cold sand. She continued humming, with a small smile on her face until her voice grew softer, and smaller…and she'd fallen asleep.


 "Kairi…hey, Kairi…!"


The pale red-headed girl slowly opened her eyes, a bit blurred, and noticed a hand on her should rocking her carefully back and forth.

"R-Riku…?" She said softly, nudging at her eyes.

"Eeerrr, no…" The brown-haired boy chuckled.

"O-oh, Sora!" Kairi's face flushed a bright red color.

"Heh…yeah…hi." Sora stretched out, pausing to help Kairi up. "So what were you doing out here? You know everyone was worried. Riku was looking on the other side of the island, I better go tell him that…"
"Oh Riku's looking for me too?" Kairi's showed a worried expression. "I'm sorry to trouble you both…" She stuttered, adding a small relieving giggle.

"Uh…it's okay?" Sora laughed along with her. "Anyways, let's get outta here."
"Okay!" Kairi took Sora's hand in hers, and raced out into the bright, soothing sunshine.

"Wow! It's bight out today…" Kairi took a deep breath in of the fresh, ocean air, and enjoyed the breeze ruffling her mini skirt, flowing along with it.

She took a quick look around her, picking up on what was happening while she was fast asleep in the little cave.

Tidus had set up all sorts of junk and objects to practice whacking with his stick as usual up the ladder on the far right of the island. He was now working on whapping the…railing? She never understood Tidus' training technique.
Kairi shook her head then turned her focus on the dock. Selphie was placed on the end as usual, her head towards the sky, dreaming of who knows what. Romantic things, or so Kairi guessed, anyway. She stopped her thought every now and then, though, to hold her little yellow dress down when strong breezes quickly whisked by.

Kairi then looked over close to the mini waterfall where Wakka stood, with his blitzball in hand, and a large smile stretched across his face. He looked eager for whenever his next challenge might turn up.

"So…" Sora began, clearing his throat.
"Oh…hmm?" Kairi turned to Sora, a smile still fixed on her face.

"Ah….I'm going to go whack Tidus around. Y'know…I promised him another match after I made him look so bad last time"
Sora and Kairi giggled together.
"Oh, alright. See you, then."
Sora acknowledged Kairi by giving her a quick nod, then scampered off in Tidus' direction. She waited, watching him take a quick turn around the corner, up the ladder, then down the sloping boards supported by wooden poles.

Kairi slowly took a step backward…then another…and quickly disappeared into the small shack next to her.


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