Revenge of the Fathers – James P, Harry P, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto U

Summary: The fates have enough of watching their plans derailed by those who think they know better. Going to the past they pick 6 guards to protect their champions, and who better at protecting their young then an over protective father. Fem!Harry Fem!Naruto

As this is going to be a Naruto/Harry Potter crossover it is going to be AU. This will contain bashing of Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Danzo, and Xenophilius Lovegood. Most likely the all of the Weasleys aside from the twins as well as Sasuke/Sakura will take a beating as well. I don't want to go overboard too much with the bashing but I def. don't see myself being all to kind to these characters as well. I also don't plan on bashing Hermione too much but I'm not too sure if I should have her play too much a role in the story as well. That doesn't mean that I don't like these characters in general this is just the way they are in my story.

Warning: I'm tying Greek mythology into this so if you don't know who fates are I'm referring to the ones believed by the ancient Greeks. Slow start ch.1/ch.2

Warning: I don't have a Beta so I will make mistakes. If you see some corrections feel free to tell me in a pm or review. I won't take offense and will try and change it.

Warning: disregard times/ages for Naruto's world I had to change some around to get the timelines to mesh. Age difference however should remain the same between characters for the most part.

Atropos was currently rethinking her choice about granting humanity free will as she watched Clotho and Lachesis unsuccessfully attempt yet again to untangle their loom. How is it that not one but BOTH of their champions' purposes had been derailed. Not being bothered to help her sisters with what she deemed as a lost cause Atropos thoughtfully tapped her scissors against her chin as she pondered their current dilemma.

Although naivety typically goes hand in hand with "innocence" Atropos was tired of her heroes attempts at change be impeded by those that were supposed to be allies. Now if it were just one hero that was having trouble she could just send them back in time with their previous memories and make them do it again. A little known fact about the Fates was that after the fall of Chronos at the hands of his children father Chaos had granted them the Titan's powers over time and space trusting them to do a better job wielding them. Several times throughout the course of history the sisters had had to use the sacred powers. However, their father had limited the use to once per century to eliminate the temptation to abuse the unique set of powers as that damn Titan had. Stupid Titan. I hope his children gave him terrible indigestion gods knows how much Demeter and Hades could have caused in his stomach. Even before the kidnapping thing those two had had it out for each…she should know as Clotho had weaved their rivalry during one particularly boring decade. Back to the problem at hand. Due to the fact that there was one not two heroes in need of a "due over" Atropos couldn't fall back on the ole "you've been a dumbass now try again" routine.

What the sisters needed was a new plan.

What they needed was someone to watch out for their naive little charges. Someone who would protect them; guard them from harm and manipulation. Someone that would stand in their corner and give everything they had to protect their little champions, just as her father had done with Gaia and Nix when they were making fun of the sisters as children. She needed someone like father. Wait! That was it! She didn't need someone like father she need A FATHER.

Dropping her scissors Atropos hurried over to her sisters she had a plan to fix their loom and they had a couple of favors to call in to do it.

-July 31st 1980—St. Mungos – 10pm

"Oi! Padfoot! Look at her isn't she beautiful" exclaimed an exuberant man by the name James Potter. He was short compared to his friend standing at 5"10 his brunette hair was mussed more than usual probably due to the number of times he ran his fingers through out of nerves during the last 8 hours. Holding his arms out he proudly showed off a small bundle to the man by his side.

"Aye, she's gorgeous Prongsie" replied his best friend and newly made godfather Sirius Black peering down at the bundle, which contained a newborn baby. The baby was currently asleep but the little cherub was still cute as a button. The best goddaughter in the world he privately thought in his ever so humble, yet wickedly brilliant always fantastic opinion. "Hopefully, being brunette is the only hair characteristic she shares with you mate". Pointing at the small tuft of brown on his pup's head "Be a shame if she had the unruly rat's nest that you call hair".

After carefully placing his daughter into the basin next to his sleeping wife James turned around his arm rose "You prat! I'll have you know that my hair is windswept and sexy!" but as he went to hit his friend a bright flash of light engulfed the room taking the two men with it as it disappeared.

-July 31st 1980—Prewitt House – 10pm

A pair of identical men stood on either end of the nursery they were in. Both had a stocky building and stood on the shorted side at 5"9. Both had dark brown eyes that held a mischievous twinkle and light red hair that softly curled to their shoulders. The gingers arms were spread as they corralled another pair of similar looking toddlers into their respective beds.

"Now" stated the one on the left

"It is time to go" stated the one of the right

"Sleep. If you don't" they continued trading off with another.

"Go to sleep"

"How can you"

"Wake up tomorrow"

"To play some more?" The two men finished. Attempting to bribe their mini twins into going back to bed with the promise of playtime tomorrow, after finding them in their playroom, riding on their training brooms not fifteen minutes ago, while they were doing paperwork in the study. Coxing the two "terrors" as they were often called fondly back into the realm of Morpheus.

Quietly they exited the nursery heading back into their study to finish the paperwork they had both been working on before they heard the telltale high pitched cry of "Up!" coming from above.

"Well Fabian father did always warn us that we would have children like ourselves" stated the one on right.

"Well brother dear" responded the one now known as Fabian "I for one wouldn't have it any other way. Our little terrors are the best type of terrors Gideon old fellow"

"Hear! Hear!" cried Gideon.

As they were attempting to sit down at their respective desks a flash of light filled the room taking the two with it.

-July 31st 1980—Minato Namikaze's Apartment –

"So you'll take him on?" asked a silver haired man to younger one who had bright spiky hair.

"Of course" stated the younger of the two. "I've wanted to teach ever since I became a Jounin. I'll take young Kakashi under my wing for a few years and when he is older take on two more for a genin team."

The silver haired man breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you Minato". He thanked the man sincerely. "I can't stop my son from graduating early and while talented he is still only 4…and...and with the atmosphere lately I fear that pairing him with just anyone as a sensei he may be unprotected if war is declared.

"Don't worry friend. I'll protect and care for him as my own out there if it comes to war. If I had a son or daughter like you I'd be just as careful with his or her safety". The blonde lifted his arm behind his head and shrugged "Kami I hope I don't have a girl when I start a family. I don't know how I'd handle the stress of them being a ninja or...or boys!" he finished laughing nervously.

At that moment a flash of light appeared covering the two men and taking them with it as it disappeared.

-July 31st 1980—bar downtown Konoha—

It was a Wednesday night and as such the small bar Koi-Koi was sparse with customers save for regulars. It was quiet with the exception of three young men seated at the bar ordering rounds. Physically the three had nothing in common. The one on the far left was a dark haired brunette who had his hair tied back at the top of his head the ends spanning out reminiscent of a pineapple. It was hard to tell his height as he was slouching in his seat giving off the appearance to those who weren't familiar with his clan that he was falling asleep. In the middle was yet another man with hair tied back although his was loosely done at the base of his neck showcasing his straight blonde hair. He was not slouching but sitting straight up and talking animatedly waving his hands around to emphasize his point. Their last companion was a fat..hem hem …big boned man with wild red hair and purple markings on his face. He was neither trying to sleep nor talking animatedly but rather leaning on the bar hold up his head as he good naturedly listened in on the conversation. These men were Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Choza Akimichi the members of the upcoming InoShikaCho team.

"And then I used my jutus to possess him taking him by surprise, mind you he really should have known I was capable of that as he's a Kohona ninja and made him give me the last clue needed to get to the exit" Inoichi recollected to his team.

*sigh*"Troublesome. Congratulations on finally becoming a Jounin Inoichi" mumbled the half asleep Nara signaling the bartender for a refill.

"We all knew you could do it!" Congratulated Choza.

"You know you would have gotten it sooner if you would stop chasing skirts so much" spoke the lazy Nara.

Inoichi opened his mouth to retort most likely about how at least he wasn't afraid of the opposite sex when a bright light interrupted filling the establishment taking his lazy friend with it.