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Ch/11 pt.1

James led the comatose blonde over to the couch as soon as the two men arrived in the parlor. Gently, he proceeded to push Minato's head between the man's legs in preparation for the emotional onslaught. Pulling out his wand he conjured a glass of water for the shinobi and crouched down to meet him at eye level, patiently waiting for the future Hokage to take the proffered glass.

Minato blearily peered through his fringe at the man in front of him. The man…no James…they …they were the same. His eyes held no pity or horror at what he witnessed from viewing the loom, - only understanding. He too would orphan his daughter and leave her a horrifying fate to handle alone. Preferring to keep his silence Minato wordlessly extended his hand to accept the cool glass of water. A single nod of acknowledgement was all the brunette received from him, but that was enough.

James straightened running a hand through his hair further messing it up. Today's memories had been equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. Watching Amaryllis fly and make friends had filled him with an immense amount of pride. His baby angel was perfect – it was the Cerberus, Dursleys, and as ashamed as he was to admit it Dumbledore that bothered him.

Could his father have been right?

James had joined the Order and followed Albus's commands faithfully. All he wanted was to put an end to the suffering his country was currently enduring. Albus had offered him a chance to help. Had he entrusted his family to the wrong person?

Taking a seat beside the still silent Minato Namikaze he thought over his choices. Neither man noticed the arrival of the others both lost in their private thoughts.

Shikaku rather than walk further into the room than necessary plopped on the floor resting his head against the plush sofa's side that Minato and James were currently sharing. Tilting his head back hoping that his closeness offered his friend some comfort he too lost himself in his thoughts as he recalled today. He had watched a demon slaughter his clan members. People he had grown up with had died as he had watched that brief battle scene with Lord Hiruzen and Sakumo's son. Was he among them? His father? Mother? The piles of bodies were numerous…

Shifting his position slightly at the uncomfortable direction of his thoughts he scanned the room. Minato still looked pale but Shikaku spied the quiet fire in his comrade's eyes. That fire was surely what would elevate the man to Hokage. Whenever the scenes showing his home's destruction tonight had become too much for him he had observed his friend instead. Minato Namikaze had always worn his heart on his sleeve, an uncommon trait for a shinobi. Tonight Shikaku had watched as horror, excitement, and hopefulness had repeatedly passed over his friend's face. However, despite it all that the man's fire had never quite went out, dimmed surely—especially at the end, but never out.

They would get through this. He owed it to his friends, his family, and his village to stop mopping and start planning. He was a strategist damn it and this time he was going in with all the facts ahead of time. He wouldn't mess up.

With that thought in mind he stood up using his Kagemane Jutsu to pull up Minato with him. When he was confident his unresponsive friend was going to stand on his own he released the ninjutsu pulled back his arm and WHAM!

"What the hell was that for!" screamed an irate Namikaze from his place on the floor clutching at his now bleeding nose.

Shikaku lazy stood over the man nonchalantly holding out his hand as if he hadn't delivered the punch that sent Minato to the floor in the first place offering him help up. "You were being stupid" he replied uncaringly with a shrug of his shoulders.

"We're being offered a chance to redo the future and rather than live up to my expectations as both a father and future leader of the village you're crying on the floor like a woman".

"I have no-"

Holding up his hand in the middle of Minato's defense Shikaku continued unperturbed "As the future head of the Nara clan may I express my extreme disappointment in my future Hokage's inability to get off his ass"


"And fix the problem we currently find ourselves in" Shikaku concluded his for a Nara lengthy speech still loosely holding out his proffered hand from earlier, which looked to be no longer needed as an irate Minato Namikaze was now inches away from his face seething in fury.

Slapping at the offending appendage of Shikaku's Minato leaned in even closer to the Nara's face if it was at all possible "You don't know, you didn't see….that wasn't your—"

"Family?" Shikaku quipped blithely "Of course it was or didn't you notice the bodies of my clansmen lining the streets piling up while defending Konoha from that demonic monstrosity?"

Losing his ire rapidly Minato backed up "I'm sorry – I just"

"NO!" shouted the normally quiet Nara. Fiercely grabbing Minato's shoulders he backed the slender man into the far wall lifting him by his vest "I want you to stay angry! Get mad! Scream! Rage! Cry! I. DON' .WHAT. . " releasing his friends' shoulders but not backing away Shikaku leaned in and quietly finished "Sakumo is dead. You are dead. I might be dead. We are here to change all of that but if you don't get your head out of your ass nothing will be accomplished and we might as well have never gotten this opportunity to begin with because you will have wasted it away by crying in a corner. I expect better. DO BETTER." With that the future clan head left the room heading in the direction of the guest wing. Only Sakumo and Gideon spied the man's smirk as he left the room; accomplished in his task.

"What was with all of that shouting?" asked a confused Lily as her and an equally confused Kushina entered the room.

"Nothing" answered Minato quickly eyes never leaving that of his concerned girlfriends "We've just been confined in one room all day with no outlet—tempers are bound to flair" he added nervously fiddling with a kunai at his hip as he attempted to laugh his first comment off noticing Kushina's disbelief.

"So dinner?" asked Sirius cutting through the silence that had descended following Minato's unconvincing lie, even Lily who hadn't spoken ten words to the man was staring at the blonde doubtfully.

Lily, clearly having decided that it was either none of her business or that she would just wait to bully it out of James later (Sirius was leaning towards option number two) decided to go along with his rather bollocks subject change.

"We just sat down not five minutes ago" she answered looping her arm through James' pulling his mate off the sofa.

Leading the way the redheads turned down the hall six silent men following in their wake or in James' case dragged like Lily's old school bag full of books that she use to lug around Hogwarts.

Passing by the hall that led to the kitchen that Sakumo had found him in himself in this morning the redheads led him off to a larger more formal dining room nearby. Spotting Kakashi at the end of table with the rest of their group Sakumo sat down in one of the empty chairs beside his son.

"Productive day then?" questioned Charlus passing various dishes around from his seat at the head of the table.

"More like frustrating" grumbled Fabian from his place while attempting to coerce little Fred to put a napkin on his lap.

"Oh?" came the quick reply from Kushina who was still warily observing her boyfriend "—why is that?"

Settling on the diplomatic answer for now Sakumo answered "Being stuck watching events play out that are out of your control is….trying" absentmindedly twirling his pasta at the end of his fork, not really hungry his mind on other things. It wasn't that he was afraid of death, as a shinobi it's something you accept and prepare for. However, leaving Kakashi all alone did not sit well with him at all.

"How are my grandchildren anyways?" eagerly asked Dorea leaning across the table looking from James to Sirius.

"Well?" she questioned impatiently when nobody answered her.

"Umm…I mean I haven't…we haven't seen my yet" Sirius stuttered, the first of the two men to give in to her persistence.

"And why is that?" asked Celeste worriedly from her spot hands clutching and unclutching the napkin in her lap.

"I'm sure everything is fine" Charlus assured the girl before Dorea could speak up.

"Yeah" agreed one of the twins from further down the table.

"We've only started memories from"

"-Our Sons' third and James' daughter's first year at Hogwarts"

"-Sirius said you were only a month along. Yeah?"

Seeing Celeste hesitantly nod in agreement the duo continued.

"-Well the tiny devil hasn't started school yet then have they"

"-Cut off date for Hogwarts is September 1st"

"-Need to wait a year for her to start-"

"- or a few days seeing how eager those woman are with their loom"



"—uhh guys?" Interjected Celeste hesitantly, still not entirely comfortable with her role amongst the group.

Swiveling their heads away from one another causing a temporary halt to their insults the Prewitt twins gave the quiet blonde their attention.

Shrinking a bit in her seat unused to the attention Celeste tentatively pushed forward "It probably isn't good to …to make fun of the gods. We "she continued gesturing around the table at those that stayed behind at the manor "read up on them…and they can be" pausing she considered her words "…vengeful".

"Haven't thought of that"

"Good catch there"

"In more ways than one"

"Sirius has great taste he does"

"Brains and Beau-"

"That. Will. Be. All" ground out Sirius not appreciating the direction the twins' conversation had turned. Looking at his…girlfriend? He asked her, but addressing everyone from that group "so what did you pick up today?"

This question launched all those around the table to start discussing various things to put on the timeline and folklore surrounding the deities. Minato attempted to focus on the discussions going around him, but it was hard knowing what he did. Donning an animated mask the troubled shinobi steadfastly refused to acknowledge his girlfriend's gaze throughout the meal.

When dinner eventually ended and everyone went their separate ways agreeing that after the twins version 2.0 were put to rest and Kakashi given busy work (the last part was not verbally acknowledged in front of the small boy, but rather something Sakumo had stated that morning after breakfast. All future knowledge given to Kakashi would be approved by him first) they would discuss what information the men were shown.

Avoiding his girlfriend's stare Minato practically bolted once dinner concluded. Deftly maneuvering through the chairs he took advantage of Sakumo sans rare imperceptiveness and ushered the man's son out of the room.

He wasn't using the boy as a shield. He was…he was finding out more of his apprentice. Yes! That would do nicely. He needed to talk to the boy and get a feel for his strength and weaknesses. If he was too busy to dwell on how to tell his girlfriend of today's events well…oops.

Ignoring the angry gasp and the yell of "dattebene!" he turned around the corner with his absconded apprentice and disappeared from Kushina chan's sight.

Shikaku's Guest Room, Potter Manor

Despite his apparent genius Nara Shikaku did best with visuals. Although not needed, the tall strategist found it easiest to move pieces around in various scenarios to "play out" his many scenarios to determine the best outcome for any of his given plans. Breathing out another sigh Shikaku moved the candle stick he was using to represent Sirius Black from the couch corner closer to the center of the carpet. Taking a step back to observe his new change he once again surveyed the multitude of items strategically placed around the carpet.

Knock. Knock.

Hoping that it was Sakumo-san, rather than Kushina or Minato (he wasn't quite sure which of the two was worse; the first being a loud women content to use her tiny yet, surprisingly effective fists to extract information, while the latter may just hit him in retaliation for his outburst earlier) not wasting time putting off the inevitable (the beating would only be worse if he ran) the man lazily ambled with only mild trepidation over to the door and pulled it open …only to be proven wrong on all three accounts.

"Hello dear" said an amiable, suspiciously innocent looking Dorea Potter. Pushing her way past her guest she invited herself inside. "You didn't show for dinner so I made a plate up for you before the house elves cleared everything away" she waved a plate heaped with thick noodles and a meat sauce of some type under his nose.

Shikaku sluggishly trailed after the petite civilian back into his small sitting area. Plate still in her hand, he watched Dorea Potter unabashedly poke through his written notes on the table and survey the numerous objects scattered around on the floor.

Catching his eye the women straighten up turning to face him "Is the room not to your tastes Shikaku dear?" Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she attempted to goad him into revealing the purpose of the seemingly random placed objects.

Stubbornly, if a bit mulish the Nara stood his guard; arms crossed, shoulders hunched refusing to answer. She would have to do better if she thought that a bit of food would cause him to give up information.

Smiling slightly she took a small step towards him bringing the plate of food fully into view. "Is my decorating not up to your tastes dear" her voice took on a slight edge at that "-or is it something else?" she taunted.

Narrowing his eyes at the she-demon he quickly tried to think a way out of the situation and still get the food. She was elderly overpowering the woman would be easy. He could snatch the plate and toss her out the door. For a second he pictured the scenario however awful it would be to pick on the elderly as he imagined the scene, a small smirk gracing his face. Alas, she was an ally as well as his host here at Potter Manor. That and throwing elderly civilians no matter how devious was frowned upon…well everywhere really.

"Well?" Dorea Potter questioned still withholding the food laden dish enticingly.

If he said something about the decorations she would beat him, women took sofa cushion designs and knick knack placements personally in his experience. However, he wasn't sure if he wanted to explain his plans so early in the game…he could always make up a lie - save himself, but eventually he would make his strategies to the group known. No doubt the Lady of Potter Manor would quickly figure out that he had lied. Shikaku quickly noticed her and her daughter-in-laws sharp countenance upon meeting the women last night.

…still there was no way he was going to lose a battle of wills with a woman.

Nara Shikaku watched as she pulled out a bottle of some type of alcohol and proceed to conjure two glasses. Oh what the hell it wasn't as if he wasn't planning to share his ideas at some point soon.

"I was strategizing" the Nara conceded reaching for the glass of fire whiskey Dorea had poured. Pointedly ignoring the women's victorious smile he continued "I do better with visuals. Usually I use shogi pieces, but as I don't have the game available I improvised".

Dorea who had made herself comfortable on the coach by this point in time slowly sipped from her own glass. "Shogi?" she questioned. "Isn't that some type of Japanese chess game?" she asked.

"Chess?" Shikaku asked interested despite himself.

Not responding right away the elderly woman called "Hocus!"


"Mistress called Hocus" squeaked the small creature looking at surrounding area the mad little thing became even more excited if possible. "Would Mistress like me to clean the guest bedroom!?" Hocus asked looking entirely too happy at the prospect for the Nara's comfort.

"No, please bring me my chess set" ordered Dorea.

Deflating slightly at the missed opportunity to manically clean the house elf neatly curtseyed towards her mistress and mistress's guest. Maybe when Hocus got back mistress would let Hocus clean the dirty guest suite, with an excited squeal the tiny elf quickly disappeared.

Almost immediately after disappearing the elf was back again with a game board of some sort. 'A chessboard' Shikaku internally corrected. Watching as Dorea unfolded the board on the coffee table Shikaku began eating his meal that Dorea had finally relinquished. Carefully eyeing each piece and its' position on the board while alternating between his "fire whiskey" and meal Shikaku tried to draw parallels between the little figurines and Shogi tiles.

"This-" Dorea started dramatically "is a chessboard and these-" she pointed at the tiny moving pieces-WAIT MOVING! "are chess pieces. Say hi chess pieces".

"Hello good sir!"

Shikaku's normally shuttered eyes went as round as Dorea's tea saucers.

"Bloody hell we have to play with him? He's half asleep"

"No you play with him, your side always loses"

Shikaku eyed his whiskey glass warily…the whiskey hadn't tasted that strong. Hearing a giggle from across the table he watched Dorea Potter attempt to contain her laughter behind her hand. Obviously losing whatever internal battle the woman was attempting she collapsed in a fit of hilarity on the settee.


"I'm sorry?"

It took five minutes for Dorea to get herself under control, three to explain the game, and another ten seconds for Shikaku to understand the entire concept.

Their match wouldn't end until the rest of their party would reconvene later that evening.

Behind Rock wall, Somewhere on the grounds of Potter Manor

Judgy little brat Minato thought warily eyeing the small silver haired child that was currently glaring at him from the rock the Jounin had placed him on after he had stopped running.

Ignoring the stare for now Minato peered over the rocks from where he was hiding. Good no Kushina. Turning back he took a good look at his new apprentice.

Well…he looked like a child. He was too short, too skinny, and unquestionably too young to be a ninja. Nonetheless...a ninja Kakashi would be in only a month. Silently cursing the fate of prodigies and wartime graduation Minato rocked back slightly on his heels and stood up. Jeez… the kid's head barely reached his thigh.

No longer able to ignore the condemnatory gaze aimed at him Minato decided to speak up "So I'm Minato..."


"I uhh work with your father sometimes"


"We are you know ninjas…together"

If anything the kid's glare became even harsher

"We were actually talking about you before we left Kohona"


"Uhh… wow tough crowd aha" Minato nervously toyed with the ends of his forehead protector. The kid could melt steel with those peepers of his. He continued, rather bravely in his opinion "…and he asked me to take you on as my apprentice at the end of the month".

Kakashi glare let up opening the kid's expression just a bit. Success!

"Thought we could get in a bit of training in and get a feel for one another's skill"


"-and you know maybe get to know one another. Ya know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, dream for the – wait what".

"…I said okay".

"Oh. Well uh...let's go" walking in the direction of a decent sized clearing he passed earlier while flee-jogging away from the manor Minato and Kakashi prepared to spar. Facing the kid who had yet to say more than 4 words to him Minato wondered how their relationship would grow…or if the child would ever talk.

What to look forward to in Part II of chapter 11.


"We're breaking into the Ministry of Magic"