Title: A Seam in Time

Author: dem bones

Genres: Romance/Drama

Pairings: Main HP/SS, RL/HG with more surprises.

Summary: AU after GOF. It's been over a year since Hermione Granger has been missing and Harry has longed to find a way to search for her but it falls short. Will Harry ever be able to bring Hermione home or will he fall in love along the way?

Warnings: SLASH, HET, Femmeslash, a smidge of incest, disfunctional relationships, arranged marriages, character death, offensive language most of which will be hyphened out, harems, implied child abuse, smut in later chapters

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

A/N: Written for Ultimate OTP competition with prompt: library, the Cross-gen boot camp with prompt: misinterpretation, the AU Diversity Boot Camp with prompt: Help and the Time Travel Boot Camp with prompt: Maybe we were put here for a reason

Edit 6/10/2014: I noticed a bit of confusion with my narration so here is clarification: The story is split into 3 POVS. The first chapter covers Harry when he's back in the marauder's era. The chapter after that is Harry in his fourth year after Hermione disappeared. Then the chapter after that is from Hermione's POV after she disappeared. The story continues in this pattern switching POVs in this order.

Chapter 1. Back in Time: September 24, 1996

While everyone had been practising defensive spells during class, Harry Potter had found himself peering at Professor Snape with conflicting emotions.

If it wasn't for the incident over a year ago, Harry imagined they would have been quite distant. With the disappearance of Hermione Granger, Dumbledore had thought it to be more important that ever for the two of them to put aside their differences.

Needless to say it wasn't exactly one of the brightest ideas, he had. The two hardly got along as it was. Everything at the time had been strained and Harry had remembered often remembered the spats they had got into.

Harry didn't know when it happened though but suddenly that seemed to vanish and slowly he began to discover more about the professor. One might say it was against his will that he knew more about the man than he had ever cared to know.

With much surprise, the events brought them closer in a way that not even Harry could fully comprehend.

The man had taught him a lot of things and Harry began to slowly see, slowly open his eyes to who the man truly was and with that came the horrible revelation that he had developed feelings towards him.

Snape had a surprisingly agile grace with teaching the class new defensive spells.

It was one of many things that had Harry was attracted to. He didn't dare mention his fascination with the thin sinewy body, his firm chest, his feisty furiosity or his openly defiant stubbornness though.

After the events of the tri-wizard tournament the school had been closed down by the school board though it hadn't stopped Harry from insisting that everyone train at the school in secret.

One wouldn't think that Draco would be apart of this group, but after his father had died the Weasleys had taken him under their wing at Narcissa's insistence. She had wanted him to train with the rest of the children.

From behind Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy met his eyes glaring at him wholeheartedly. There was something peculiar about the way he was gazing at Harry as if to tell him, hands off my things.

How Draco knew of his crush on Professor Snape he didn't know.

"Today we'll be practising wordless spells." Snape said. "Mr Potter, you'll be practising with Mr Malfoy."

Draco had his wand out.

"What exactly is your relationship with Snape?" He bit out.

"What's it to you, you fancy him or something?" Harry retorted. "How scandalous."

Draco flushed.

"So what if I do?" He said. Harry noted he suddenly looked rather smug. "It's not like he'll love you anyway. I think I have a better chance as any. At least I was his favourite student."

Irritation began to well up in Harry's gut and a bit of disappointment crept in. The whole reason why he hadn't pursued the whole idea anyway was simply for the sheer certainty that Snape was going to reject him and possibly expel him from the school for his unwanted affections.

'The sad thing is he's probably absolutely right. There is no way he'd even consider someone like me but I can't let Malfoy win.'

'Expelliarmus.' He thought mentally.

A sweep of a large yellow light hit Harry in the face knocking him off his feet with a burst of white, red before there was black.

"What did you do to him, Mr Malfoy?" Snape asked as he stood before Harry Potter who was lying unconscious.

"Nothing." Draco swallowed though Snape was quick to notice the red flush on his cheeks.

"Nothing, Mr Malfoy." The man muttered softly. "It looks alot like you used an extrasensory hex. You might has well have cast the cruciatus curse."

The extrasensory hex was a lot like the cruciatus eliciting an intense mental burst of pain but without the tremors that came in wrecking havoc on the victim's psyche.

Draco paled.

"Mr Weasley, send Mr Potter to the Hospital Wing." Snape told Ron who had been in the middle of dueling with Blaise Zabini.

Ron approached his unconscious friend and helped him into the hospital wing.

When he awoke up though, Ron was quick to observe the melancholy expression on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked softly as if he was a piece of glass that would shatter if his friend didn't say the right words.

"It's nothing."

"It was that git, Malfoy. He said something didn't he?"

"He fancies Snape."

"What?" Ron sputtered, his eyes widening in shock. "What did you tell him?"

It had been no surprise to Ron when Harry had finally opened up to him in concerns about his feelings for Snape. The general prospect of romance had been discussed last year after Harry had been dating Cynthia, who happened to be a centaur whose tribe had been visiting Bane's clan for a while. She had long since gone traveling visiting other clans from other regions after breaking up with Harry.

Some of his peers hadn't exactly been too kind to him knowing that he was dating a woman from the centaurs. Harry had been quite depressed after the two had broken up and he hadn't quite understood what he had done wrong.

He had thought it strange and awkward to begin with and had thought Cynthia would have been better without him because a romance between a centaur and a human just wasn't logical. It couldn't be logical.

"It can't be logical? What kind of horseradish is that?" Ron snapped at him a week after their breakup.

"Stuff like that isn't normal."

"Since when has that mattered to you?"

"It always has." Harry said as if the answer was obvious. "I mean I know about Hagrid's parents and I know his father was a muggle and his mother was a giant but can you honestly wrap your head around the fact that they've possibly had to do 'that' in order to have Hagrid. It just sounds disgusting to me. I didn't say anything about it because I like Hagrid."

"So what you're trying to tell me is your relationship with Cynthia was nothing. You're trying to tell me it meant nothing." Ron said in a dangerously low voice.

"Things like that...I just don't understand. I mean how can your...world support this? How can your world not think it's strange. It's hard to grasp things. Oliver and Flint kiss in the corridors as if it's the most normal thing, and Fleur and Bill are going to get married never mind the fact that their children are probably going to be teased for the rest of their lives."

"How can you say that?" He inquired angrily. "If you love someone Harry, it shouldn't matter what race, or gender they are."

"I guess so." Harry replied numbly.

"Harry," Ron said. "It's okay to be different. It's okay to stand out. I mean think about it this way, even if they do scorn us whose to stop us from whatever we want. If we dared you could dress up as Batman and I could be Robin. You know the one who wears the spandex and then I could be all like: "MWAHAHA WHO WEARS THE SPANDEX NOW?"

Harry coughed through his mouth.

"Harry, are you alright?" Ron asked in concern. "Maybe I got it all wrong maybe it was Batman who wore the spandex."

Then just as suddenly Harry ruptured in laughter.

Ron patted him on the back. "You can let it out."

It was not long after that Harry began his own fill of questions.

"So I'm guessing you've liked someone from another species or are you gay?"

"That's partially right. I have crushed on an elf before, I'd say that I'm more pansexual than gay though."

Harry looked down in his lap, thinking now just brought forth horrible memories. He didn't want to think about Cynthia anymore.

"I didn't tell him anything." He said bitterly. "He cursed me before I could utter a word."

"Why does it bother you? You think Snape would really find interest in a peon like him?"

Harry sighed.

"You do don't you? If it bothers you so badly why don't you confess your feeling to him?"

"Are you crazy?" Harry asked, facing with madness in his eyes.

"Are you afraid of rejection? How will you know unless you try?"

Harry turned away.

"Look I don't think you have anything to worry about. I have a suspicion that Malfoy isn't exactly the professor's type."

"If you say so." Harry replied not looking the least bit convinced.


That evening heeding Ron's advice, Harry donned the invisibility cloak over his head, snuck out the Gryffindor Common Room and headed to the dungeons.

The journey was treacherous and Harry thanked his lucky stars that he wasn't caught by Filch as his cat did it's best to give him a heap of jump scares from time to time.

Finally Harry arrived outside Snape's office and knocked on the door. In minutes it was hastily opened by Snape whose hair looked unkempt and disheveled.

"Potter! You imbecile what are you doing down here out after curfew."

"Um, uh I-"

Harry looked at his shoes as though they were the most interesting things in the world.

"Well spit it out, Potter. I don't have all day and I'm sure the headmaster would love to hear why his golden boy is out after curfew." Snape added with a malicious sneer.

"It's just that..."said Harry who looked to be at a loss for words.

"Potter, I don't have time for this and can tolerate no more of your antics."

"I...I love you." Harry stammered

Severus Snape was momentarily taken aback before a mask of repulsion took over his features.

"Get out, boy. " Snape replied looking quite repulsed. "And Potter, I'll be informing McGonagall that you were out past curfew."

A sharp pain in his chest became unbearable and Harry gritted his teeth. He wasn't going to cry, he wouldn't give Snape the satisfaction. As he was walking away from Snape's office he waited until he was out of the older man's sight before his shoulders fell into a slouch and Harry slowly made his way to the Room of Requirement not giving a crap whether he got caught or not.

Truthfully he would welcome it, to get rid of the pain in his chest. He didn't want to stay at Hogwarts any longer. If he could, Harry would even stay at the Dursleys. Anything to not come face to face with Snape in his class.

The door to the Room of Requirement appeared and Harry stepped inside. The sight of a bed appeared against a wall in the room and Harry collapsed upon the bed crying his lungs out.


The next day Harry got up. He knew that leaving now he'd have to face Snape in the Great Hall while he stopped by to eat breakfast.

'How can I face him after that-after I-He must think I'm so pathetic. I feel so pathetic. I shouldn't have told him.' Harry thought.

Harry contemplated staying there for the remainder of the day.

'I can't remain here forever. Well-I could but if I don't go out there, the only thing I'll prove is that I'm a coward and I can't give Snape or Malfoy the satisfaction that they've got to me.'

Now that he was thinking about it more thoroughly, Snape never did give him an answer and Harry couldn't help but wonder if it was because he was dating Malfoy or if he had another lover that Harry knew nothing about. Struck with curiosity, Harry was determined to discover the answer. He wasn't eager to accept that Snape wanted nothing to do with him.

With a newfound determination, Harry prepared himself. If he was going to face Snape, Harry would face him like a man.

As Harry exited the Room of Requirement making his way towards the Gryffindor Common Room, he crashed into something.

Someone startled, and there was a bunch of moaning and groaning as Harry saw six legs poking out from nothingness.

It was an invisibility cloak but the only person who knew about it was Ron and Hermione.

Suspicious, Harry reached to remove the invisibility cloak, thinking that Draco and his cronies might have taken it.

Who he saw instead made him stumble back several feet. There in a messy pile stood a young version of his father, his godfather, and Peter Pettigrew.

"Who?" Harry stammered puzzled by the inhabitants before him.

James Potter got up and brushed the dirt off his trousers.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked the boy who was known as his father.

Sirius was next to get up.

"Are you alright, Prongs?" Sirius asked his best mate, but James wasn't paying any attention to what his friend was saying.

Instead James looked directly at Harry Potter startled to say the least.

"Who are you?" He asked.

Harry was paralysed with no ability to speak. What should he say? There was no way he was truly in the marauder's era and if he was? What if he created a time paradox if there wasn't one in development already?

Doing the only thing he could think of, Harry turned on his feet and ran. He concealed himself within the Great Hall waiting for the students to gather around the four tables.

Harry then sneaked over to check for a seat in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. When he could not find a seat, Harry had to contemplate his last two options.

He could sit at Gryffindor but there was a slight chance he might run into his father again or he could sit at the Slytherin table and risk having an encounter with one of his archenemies.

Harry transfigured his clothing to a Slytherin uniform and took a seat at their table as it dawned on him that he might encounter Severus Snape in this timeline.

Immediately after he took his seat however, Harry had a feeling he was being scrutinised by everyone around him. The scrutiny unnerved him.

He looked around hoping to spot someone familiar but he could find no one. Harry quickly finished his food and made his way to potion's class bumping in to someone along the way.

"Watch where you're going." A female voice snapped at him.

Harry didn't turn back, the voice reminded him too much of Hermione. Even with her gone it didn't stop her from appearing in his mind every now and then whenever he made a crucial decision.

Once he arrived in the dungeons, he took a seat in the back of the room not wanting to draw attention to himself. Just then he spotted the marauders coming in. James and Sirius both seemed to have a grin of satisfaction on their faces. Ducking Harry hid his head under the table looking at their shoes as they passed him by.

The classroom was noisy momentarily before it died down with the appearance of the potions professor.

Harry wearily looked up a bit to stare up at the potions professor, an old man with a rather round stomach. He had never seen the seen the man before.

"Mr. Rosier, would you mind telling me where Mr. Snape, Mr. Muliciber and Mr. Avery are at?"

"They'll be running a little bit late, Professor,"

Harry turned to look at his father, who was staring at someone behind him.

A burst of excitement jolted through his veins when he saw his mother's dark red hair.

With a newfound ambition to get the potion done, Harry was about to set off to work when he felt a warm touch graze his shoulder.

Harry turned and spotted a middle aged woman with short brown hair that hung in waves.

"Do you happen to need a new cauldron?" She asked quietly.

How the woman knew that, Harry would have never known. Apparently she was an assistant to the potions professor for today.

Harry nodded his head and the woman returned with an empty cauldron.

Today the class was brewing the Draught of Living Death.

He quickly gathered the potion ingredients and set off to work.

Towards the middle of potions class wrapped up in his potions, Harry heard the sound of the doors behind him faintly opening.

Someone poked him on the shoulder.

"You're sitting in my seat." A scratchy voice said distastefully.

At the sound of the voice, tremors scalped through his veins as Harry slowly turned around to face Severus Snape.

There was a look of surprise as Snape looked upon Harry but it was gone and replaced with a mood that forbid anyone who didn't want to risk their lives to cross it.

Harry moved knowing Snape's moods well-enough, so he had room to set down.

Snape looked at him with curiosity and surprise. His friends Muliciber and Avery however didn't seem to find anything special in the boy and took their place beside Severus, pushing Harry in a corner without a cauldron.

Looking at the cauldron with distaste, Snape rose from his seat along with his sidekicks which Harry thought was to gather potions ingredients.

Harry carefully took his cauldron back and moved it to his corner where he continued to complete his potion.

When Snape looked down to where the cauldron had been, the etched lines of distaste disappeared to be replaced by shock and surprise. Then Snape did something unexpected, he grinned.

The two boys turned and shot Harry a sharp glare as they spotted the cauldron that was upon Snape's side.

Snape however was unphased and took out a cauldron of his own and set off to work as if he prided himself on doing his own work.

At the end of class as Harry tried to leave, the potion professor had stopped him before he had left.

"Mr...Mr..." the old man seemed to be trying to figure out his name. "You can't leave your cauldron on the desk, you must leave it in the back to stew."

Harry made his way to place his cauldron in the back. "By the way, have I seen you around, I can't seem to recall your name and you are clearly from my house."

The old man's eyes suddenly widened in a dawning comprehension.

"Miss Lestrange, have you seen this student on our campus before?"

"Yes professor, don't you recognise him. He's my son." The woman replied.

Harry was startled to say in the least his parents were dead and the woman she looked nothing like his mother and something just wasn't right with what she told him that.

"I don't recall ever seeing this boy at Hogwarts."

"Nonsense, Professor. You must be getting barmy at your old age. My son has been attending here since he was a first year."

"Perhaps you are right."

The woman winked at him.

"Don't worry, Horace I'll keep an eye on him."

Once the old man had left, the woman knelt in front of him.

"It's been a long time hasn't it, Harry."

Harry was in shock to see the warmth in her eyes. Her eyes lit up in such a familiar fashion. It was eerily similar to a face he had seen before.