Chapter 13: The Calm Before The Storm: February 21, 1974

Several questions were on Snape's mind as he was heading back to the Slytherin common room. Though Lucius had long since left Hogwarts it didn't stop him from walking with Severus.

One thing that bothered Severus the most was how Rabastan and his wife had two children without anyone really noticing.

Lestrange just seemed to appear out of left field encroaching on the house of Slytherin very stealthily.

Slughorn seemed to be under the delusion that Harry Lestrange had been attending Hogwarts since his first year but Snape knew better.

Snape had vivid memories of the students in his house. He had to for cautionary measures. Even though many would believe that Potter and his cronies were the only bullies he had to face, there were plenty of people in Slytherin who despised him as well.

Lestrange seemed to had seemed to sneak in like a snake would sneak on their prey and everyone was oblivious to this.


The older blond turned towards Snape.

"What is it, Severus?" He asked curiously.

"You know Rabastan and his wife pretty well don't you?"

"Not really." Lucius said, looking at Snape suspiciously. Snape knew he was being deliberately obtuse.

"I only asked because it seems very suspicious that the two mention having son who is in their fourth year when they were only finishing their seventh year when I was attending my first year at Hogwarts."

"I'll admit that the circumstances do appear suspicious. You'd think I'd remember someone who had attended Hogwarts here if he was in the same year as you were." Lucius said. "I do believe that Molly may in fact be trying sabotage. Her husband is a spy for the dark lord after all."

"Really? Doesn't Rabastan work for the DMLE?"

Lucius chuckled.

"So young yet so naïve."

Snape scowled.

"Well in any case you seem to be silent about the matter."

"You haven't thought of one thing, Severus. Her son does not necessary have to be one who was born into the family. Molly said she adopted him and his brother earlier this year. Seeing as she adopted them she must have seen some potential in their magic and could very well be seeing if they are good enough to join the dark lord's cause."

Snape sighed. Eventually the two had made it outside Slytherin's portrait.

"So can I get a smooch. I think I deserve one after walking you here this entire way and certainly after you were getting cozy with Lestrange." He said, sulking pathetically.

Snape scowled.

"Cozy? He isn't a fop like you."

Lucius chuckled as if he were inwardly amused about something. 'Isn't a fop indeed.'

"What has you so smug?"

Lucius' hands reached out to stoke Snape's cheek with his fingers before they clinched on the bottom of his chin. Just as he lunged to give Snape a kiss on the lips, Snape pulled away and punched him across the face knocking Lucius to the ground.

"That hurt." Lucius said licking his lip where Snape had caused it to bleed.

"Then don't kiss me." He said coolly.

Lucius chuckled inwardly.

He couldn't forget the way Lestrange had his hand planted on Snape's shoulder as if it belonged there. That smug glance gave the impression that he was confident in his standing with him and that Lucius would never come between them.

If Snape's words had any merit however Lestrange had just as much of a chance as he did and that was comforting enough.


If anyone had known Harry at all they would have known he was slow to trust and quick to distrust. There was no denying that Rabastan and his brother were both evil people however at the same time something about that scenario bugged him.

Rodolphus happened to be Rabastan's older brother not the other way around. It was obvious at first glance that while Rabastan looked like an adult, Rodolphus was in fact attending Hogwarts as a fourth year.

Remus had told him that Rodolphus was older than Rabastan. Five years older to be exact. So why was Rodolphus still at Hogwarts while his brother was working with DMLE. Something didn't add up.

While in the past he would think nothing of it, his experiences had aided him in not making assumptions before collecting the facts and at the moment Harry was unsure of anything.

At the same time however it would be foolish to not tread the deadly waters with caution.

The introduction to Rabastan was brief and Harry was relieved when he finally exited Hermione's office to head back to the Slytherin common room.

Inside the common room, Snape seemed to be the only one present. He was currently sitting on the couch his nose glued inside the book he was reading.

"So how did it go?" He asked not looking up to see who it was.

"It was fine." Harry said cautiously.

Snape didn't seem too surprised that it was him. Quite amazing guess work for someone whose eyes were glued into their book.

"You looked a little uncomfortable."

"I can say the same for you. Does Lucius flirt with you often?"

Snape growled looking up from his book.

"That's a vulgar way of putting it."

"Vulgar? He does it just the same." Harry pointed out, scoffing at Snape's audicity.

"Is that supposed to be your idea of a joke?"

"My idea of a joke? You're the one beating around the bush. You can't even admit to yourself that he was actually flirting with you."

"I'd prefer not to be bothered with such things. If you are just going to laugh about it I'd prefer that you do it in your own private abode."

"You're clearly mistaking me from someone else. I would never joke about such a thing." Harry retorted, surprised and angered that the boy would proclaim such a thing. "If it's something you dislike you should be upfront about it. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away, you know."

"You don't think I know that." Snape snarled. "You have no idea what Malfoy has put me through."

Harry huffed. Even though the two had expressed frustration for two completely different things, he imagined that he had enough frustration of his own with his feelings for Snape.

He kind of felt sorry for Lucius Malfoy. He must have been used to dealing with his unrequited love for Snape. Inwardly he thought he could relate with this one small thing.

Harry shook his head. Now he was becoming too soft, he'd never feel sorry for a Malfoy.

In any case Snape mistook Harry's silence for a lack of a prudent response to his declarations and turned back to his book seeming satisfied with Harry's silence.

Harry sighed and went to bed.

The next day Harry headed off to breakfast before treading to Professor McGonagall's class for Transfiguration.

Most of the students were lined up outside her classroom.

Harry turned from his spot in line at the sound of footsteps treading up the stairs.

Professor McGonagall was looking much younger with her wrinkleless face and brown hair tied in a bun. Harry was used to seeing wrinkles on her face and specks of her grey hair mixed in her brown hair.

She headed to the door of her classroom and opened the door with her wand.

"Come in." She said.

For most of the class, Professor McGonagall seemed absorbed in her lesson so to speak teaching more complex techniques of transfiguration. Most of the things covered in her class were very familiar.

Harry could feel himself growing drowsy. He was half tempted to sleep during class.


Snape's eyes were planted on Harry. He, Muliciber and Avery were sitting towards the back of the classroom. It was simply by chance that Harry had sat in the row in front of them.

Avery had thought it a good idea to attempt to fold a paper airplane thoroughly tuning out Professor McGonagall's lecture. Muliciber did the same thing, his eyes enticed with Avery's talents so to speak.

What could be interesting about paper airplanes though, Snape couldn't even guess.

Snape was bored out of his mind. His hands itched to do something.

Harry who was sitting right in front of him was slouching somewhat almost as if he were about to fall asleep.

'Idiot.' He thought staring at the back of his head. As time progressed however the sight of his hair began to irritate him. 'It's even messy like Potter's.'

He was sick of looking at the ugly mop and wanted to give him word about it.

Muliciber elbowed him in the side giving Snape a smug grin, pointing at Harry and holding up his new paper airplane.

Snape chuckled inwardly. 'That ought to get his attention.'

Muliciber took his grin as acknowledgement and threw the airplane in such a fashion that it hit the back of Harry's head.

The boy didn't stir.

'Is he fast asleep or is he ignoring it?' Snape thought irritably.

"Mr Lestrange!"

"Which one?" Rodolphus asked.


"Yes, ma'am?"

"When transfiguring unmovable objects in to living creatures what is the most important thing to remember?" She asked.

"Always remember to take in the accordance of the size of the object that you are transfiguring." Harry said groggily.

Snape was confused. He would have sworn that Harry was asleep. There was no way he could have told her the answer unless he had paid attention which he knew for a fact that he hadn't been.

Harry's head in an instant was flat against the desk.

"Pay attention, Lestrange." Snape hissed from behind him.

Harry got up and turned around staring at Snape with confusion in his eyes.

Avery and Muliciber stiffled their laughter.

'Does he have to look so idiotic?' Snape thought irritably.

He looked like a fool with the way he looked at him as if he had just woken up from a long nap.

Snape sighed.


After class Harry was heading to herbology the only class besides charms that they didn't have with Gryffindor. His bag was slung around his shoulder as he headed for the greenhouses.

Suddenly a woosh of wind slipped by his ears and Harry could feel his bag growing lighter as its contents spilled on the floor.

Harry turned and peered at the bottom of his bag. It seemed someone had burned a hole on the bottom of the bag.

He knelt to collect his things. Luckily the bag could be repaired but he wondered who would have the nerve to do such a thing.

His journey to the greenhouses took longer than expected and he was late for Professor Sprout's class.

"5 points from Slytherin, Lestrange."

Harry sighed. He peered around and saw Snape, Muliciber and Avery already sitting down so Harry took a seat next to Rodolphus and set his things down on the table.

"What happened to you?" He whispered.

"Nothing really." Harry said waving his wand over his bag, repairing it so it was as good as new.

"You were late to class and your bag was destroyed. I think I could put two and two together." Rodolphus whispered.

"I don't care what you think. It's none of your business." He hissed.

Rodolphus frowned but remained silent.

While the two had talked, Harry had remained oblivious to Snape who was looking at Harry with a touch of concern.

What was the matter with them, he knew that Harry was somewhat of a slacker but Rodolphus didn't need to concern himself with him. He was late to class and that was the end of it.

After the hour had transpired and the students excused, Harry was stopped just as he was about to head out of the greenhouses.


Harry whirled around and saw Snape was running towards him.


Snape caught up to him and walked alongside Harry.

"Sometimes I just don't understand you."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked curiously.

"You have an ambition, right?"

Where was this coming from? There was no way Snape would have asked that question unless he was honestly curious.

"Where are you going with this?"

As the two were walking a couple of Gryffindors began to bunch together blending in with the crowds of children in the halls.

"What were your reasons in approaching me? You said you wanted to be my friend. There must have been a good reason. There was a specific time you approached me...anyone else wouldn't have bothered. Most of the Slytherins know better than to approach me when I'm around Avery or Muliciber. Yet you did." Snape said. "I thought you had wanted knowledge."

Harry chuckled.

"That's exactly what I wanted yes."

'The simple minded fool.' Snape thought, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger.

A gryffindor with short black hair peered at the crowd, glaring at the two of them.

"McLaggen? Is that the Slytherin that you and Jordan were talking about?"

Snape caught sight of Sirius Black at the corner of his eye talking with the two gryffindors and glared at them.

Black was acting very suspicious. Snape continued glaring at him listening to Harry with open ears. It seemed Potter wasn't going to show up today.

"Could have fooled me. You were sleeping in Transfiguration. It's as if you couldn't be bothered. How do I know you don't treat all of your subjects that way?"

Snape turned and saw Sirius had his wand pointed towards Harry's back. He slowed down his pace. What exactly had he done?

Snape saw a rope attached to one of the armoured helmets in the halls, it ran down the roof. Further along the hall a bucket had been attached to the ceiling.

He turned to scowl at Sirius.

Sirius gave Snape a smug grin.

What was Snape going to do? Save his life or let Harry suffer? In either case it served to his advantage. James had been talking about the new boy stalking Snape.

'What could he see in Snape?' He had asked. 'I don't understand. Who knows the last time that git ever took a bath. It's a shame. Lestrange seems like a nice guy.'

'Anyone who can sleep through class and still turn out smart is fine in my book.'

'It's only a matter of making him see sense.' James had said with a grin.

If Snape pitched in to step in or move Harry out of the buckets path, he'd be humiliated in front of the entire student population. Even if Snape didn't move in Harry's path to prevent the bucket from dropping on Harry's head, Sirius was sure that he wouldn't forgive Snape and break off his friendship with him.

"Oh...that?" Harry asked surprised that Snape even took notice. "I didn't know you were paying any attention to me. Did you see something you liked?"

Snape blushed.

"DON'T change the subject." He said turning away.

Harry grasped his chin and turned him so that he was staring right into his eyes. Snape's face was red it looked to a rather fitting contrast with the rest of his body.

"Don't you think red is a nice colour?" Harry asked pinning the younger boy against the wall.

Snape stared at him looking surprised.

"Don't say such absurd things." He said pulling away. By the way he conceiled his face with his curtains of black hair, Harry could tell that the boy was flustered. "Do you even have a brain or are you intending on using me to cheat on your homework to compensate for your lack of intelligence? I will not be manipulated into being your guinea pig."

So more or less Snape was asking him whether he possessed any intelligence or if he was using him so to speak.

He was insulted. Harry wasn't a Slytherin thank you very much. That was in another time in another universe. He may have taken on a new identity that was sorted into Slytherin however Harry was a Gryffindor at heart.

Harry huffed.

Sirius waved his wand so that the rope that held the other side of the bucket was unfastened. The bucket not having enough of a strong hold moved down, the liquid about to drinch Harry.

"Think what you'd like." He said holding the wand in the air as the bucket started pouring down. He didn't look up nor did he look back. The rope on the bucket began to unfasten and the bucket moved backwards on its own, showering the students including Sirius and the two Gryffindors beside him with water balloons.

Snape turned around at the sound of something of something splashing on the ground. The bucket that Sirius had intended on using had backfired and it seemed to be spawning water balloons on them.

It was an incredible feat in transfiguration to make the bucket spawn water balloons like that. H-l, it was an incredible feat of magic just to remove the rope from the bucket and move the bucket alone. A wizard had to have an incredible amount of focus to even pull that off.

Snape wondered how many he had spawned in that bucket. He had seen the contents of the bucket about to fall on Harry's head for some reason he had known that the bucket was there and caused the bucket to head in the other direction.

"Do you think that I honestly would sleep in class if I didn't know the material?"

Snape sighed. He had to admit that was pretty impressive. Snape turned and saw Sirius was scowling at them, drinched and soaked kind of like a wet dog. It was a good look on him.

Snape gave him a malicious smirk.

'Lestrange.' Sirius growled inwardly. He gritted his teeth, seething with anger. One day he'd get his revenge.