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Harsh waves crashed against jagged cliffs as the sun's rays rose higher in the sky. Sephiroth had flown up the coast with an unconscious Genesis in his arms, fleeing a fight for the first time in his life. As they had neared the northern continent the ocean waters and salty air got cooler, so one of the first things the former great general had done upon reaching their temporary sanctuary, was start a fire. He himself was not concerned about the weather, the bitter temperature, after all he had spent many a shirtless day in the icy north. No it had been the man he was caring for that had prompted the act. Genesis had always hated the cold, and so he sought to make him as comfortable as he possibly could.

Thankfully his angel was still alive. He could still feel a pulse, still hear Genesis's heartbeat, but the eyes he had waited breathlessly to see flutter open were now shut once more, all because despite his oath he had failed once more to protect the man in his weaken state.

On a basic level he had at least known who his remnant's were. Jenova had split his traits in three essentially to push something through the lifestream to allow him to actually walk on Gaia once more. They were a part of him in a way, and others they were completely alien. In the end he had felt a threat to Genesis safety and that had over ridden any connection to the two he might have felt at the moment.

The other three who had arrived were a complete mystery to him. The strength and skill they possessed had put them on par with a First Class SOLDIER. Only four people he knew in his lifetime had been able to achieve such a status himself included. To have the two men and the woman arrive on his doorstep had compounded an already bad situation.

Alone Sephiroth would never have doubted his ability to take any of them in a fight. But with all five rogue anomalies and Genesis's safety on the line he for the first time found doubt in his ability to reasonably end a fight Especially if they had all stopped fighting with each other and turn on him. Faint memories of and icy cave fluttered to the surface of his mind as he stared down a blond man wielding Angeal's sword surrounded by his companions. A phantom of a life that wasn't really his. It had been more like watching a highlights clip of some horrible movie.

A shake of his head allowed Sephiroth to rid himself of the vision. He needed to focus on Genesis. As his line of sight turned back to his angel however, he saw bit of movement from the other man, a slight jerk of the head, and a small twitch of his arm. Sephiroth moved swiftly dropping to his knees at the ginger's side. As crystal blue eyes slipped back open Sephiroth felt like a huge weight had been lifted. But as Genesis became more aware the man shot up grabbing at the former General's coat like it was a lifeline.

"Weiss" was the first word off his lips. "Where is Weiss, what happened." the words were stressed and it was obvious that Genesis was still weak as his hand shook to hold on and he struggled to remain upright.

This was not the response Sephiroth had been expecting but still out of the battle situation and with Genesis awake he allowed himself to remain calm, trying to think through the situation. Carefully he wrapped his arms around his angel to support him, shifting and pulling the other man into his lap before his lips parted once more. "Who is Weiss?" he could hardly tell the ginger what he wanted to know if he didn't even know who he was relaying information about.

"My brother" Genesis replied as his head came to rest against Sephiroth's shoulder, a few deep breaths left him after the words and his eyes slipped closed once more if only for a moment. "The man who was carrying me." What Sephiroth had done to him was left out of the statement but lingered in the air.

"Your brother?" Sephiroth asked trying to rack his brain for missing memories. His angel had been an only child….but he had also been adopted. Had Genesis found his family in Sephiroth's absence? His stomach twisted as he held his angel tighter. Or maybe it was a part of his memory that hadn't yet returned to him.

Genesis forced himself to sit up and look Sephiroth in the eye. "It's complicated." slipped out of the gingers mouth. "He is….a part of Deepground. A secret experiment led by Hojo to make…. a better SOLDIER. " the former commander stated thinking it was the best explanation for the Professor's actions he could give at the moment. "There is a lot more too it and I can explain later. But Sephiroth how is he."

Sephiroth had never felt this nervous, not when he'd been facing down Lazard after the incident in the VR room trying to explain the damage while Genesis was recovering in the infirmary. Not when he had to explain the odd cleaning bill for the leather couch in his off, nor when Hojo confront him about the relationship he had with the man in his arms. All he could do was close his eyes and part his lips, forcing the words. "I don't know." out of his mouth. Genesis had carried about someone and Sephiroth had very possibly took them from him.

Silence had descended on the pair after Sephiroth's last words, Genesis sat safely in his arms but the look on his angel's face had told him everything he needed to know about what he had done. The former General was afraid that all the space that had been between them before his angel had awoke in Costa would return once more. He couldn't lose Genesis again.

"What was he doing?" the former general finally asked trying to make something out of what had happened. Trying to find some way to repair things.

Genesis sighed as he chose his words carefully. "Weiss...thought that you had kidnapped me. He and Nero, his brother and now mine had sort of been watching over me as I recovered, and knew…" another deep breath came as the ginger couldn't bring himself to say what was on the tip of his tongue and thus moved on. "He was coming to rescue me, but I told him you were my Sephiroth. I was still weak so he was taking me down so I could stop the fighting."

Sephiroth nodded as his angel finished his explanation. He had filled in the pieces Genesis had left out easy enough. They had though he was a threat to the ginger's life. Almost unconsciously his arms tightened. From a military perspective their actions had made sense, And he couldn't deny why someone on the outside might have thought he was intending to harm his angel. But being able to come to that conclusion so easily crashed into him like a behemoth.

Rather that letting himself surcome to the overwhelming guilt, he made a resolve to work through the fog in his mind. Sephiroth couldn't afford any more miscalculations. As as he tried to analyse what had happened his eyebrows creased and he tilted his head to the side looking back at Genesis. "Why did you fall unconscious if he didn't hurt you."

His angel opened his mouth to speak, and the closed it again. Everything was such a blur leading up to their flight that Genesis hadn't completely processed what had happened. "I drained my mana reserves." It wasn't a feeling the former commander was used too. He had only done it twice before in his life. But that didn't make sense he had no materia...or so he thought. He patted himself down to make sure he hadn't missed something. But no. He only had on a shirt and sleep pants Sephiroth had found stored in the house.

"What's wrong?"concerned at his lover's actions, as he relaxed his old a bit as Genesis looked about his body.

"Do you have a cure materia on you?" was the response he received which only deepened his worry. Had his angel been injured?

"No, are you alright?" he cursed once more mentally. "If you need medical attention I'm sure I can manage to find some potions."

Genesis looked at him realizing his lover was lost on his train of thought. "I'm fine" he stated placing a quick kiss on Sephiroth's lips to reassure the man.

It was no secret at least to the people that knew him well that Genesis Rhapsodos was able to cast his fire spells without the needed materia. He was a natural pyromancer. How he had the ability had never been explored fully but often exploited. It had been chalked mainly up to his natural talent and affinity for the element and life had moved on.

But the former commander had cast cure. He had felt the flow of energy through his body. He had seen the spell hit Weiss before his eyes slide closed

How had he cast cure without the needed materia when he'd only laid hands on the small cure orbs when absolutely necessary?

Was it something Minerva had given him?

So many questions were pouring through him as Sephiroth watched the expression on his lover's face change. "I healed Weiss. Without materia." Genesis finally stated. And he felt an overwhelming sense of security that his brother had lived.

Genesis gaze followed to the cave's exit. "I want to go to Banora."

Sephiroth had an urge to question why his angel wanted to return to his destroyed hometown, but in the end it didn't matter. Genesis wanted to go, so they would. "Rest, the sun is high now, we can leave in the morning." Sephiroth replied placing a kiss on the top of the other man's head.

The ginger merely nodded and settled in to Sephiroth a bit more. He wanted to see Weiss again but he needed answers. He need to see if he could call Minerva again.

The crimson dyed tattered cape belonging to one Vincent Valentine fluttered violently in the harsh winds of the icy continent. Snow crunched under his boots, as Nanaki padded softly beside him. There was a solemn air that seemed to surround them. The last time they were here, they had sacrificed so much to save their planet and eradicate the person who had threatened it. It had taken everything that had, and much their group hadn't been willing to give. In the end they had triumphed or so it seemed.

Now two short years later Sephiroth was back, and seeming as strong, if not stronger than ever. Cloud whose strength and leadership had brought them victory last time was currently fighting for his life in a WRO Hospital's intensive care unit. What had become of Sephiroth in the battle with in the former Shinra building was unclear, other that he was the one who had walked away.

Tifa had refused to leave his side, and Reeve had taken to helping Edge pick itself back up The Turks were assisting as best they could. The children who had disappeared were at least safe. Barrett was looking after Denzel and Marlene and watching over the city in case Sephiroth showed himself again.

Cid had brought them here on the Shera, but had stayed with the airship and Yuffie….

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ Vinny." the girl hollered at the top of her lungs, a figure wearing a blue parka coming stumbling out of the white behind them.

Vincent didn't even give her a look. Knowing the young ninja would continue on with what she wanted even without his acknowledgement. "Tifa called" she stated slipping her PHS into her pocket, the conversation being why she had fallen behind.

The identity of the caller was something the silent gunman already knew and a simple hnn was all Yuffee received as a response as Vincent waited to hear what the woman had to say. A call from Tifa likely meant news about Cloud. And since Yuffie seemed happy as always the gunman at least assumed it had been good knews. The girl had always worn her heart on her sleeve.

"She says Cloud is still unconscious but his body is responding well to the materia they've been using. They've scheduled a surgery in two hours. That's all they know right now." Yuffie had proven Vincent's assessment correct. There were few people in the world he allowed himself to truly care about and the blonde swordsman had become one of them. They had formed a relationship similar to that he experienced as a Turk with his partner. Someone to watch out for you. To understand you, and help you. He had been concerned for the darkness hanging over Cloud's heart for some time a weight just as deep as his own guilt.

He had believed that the blonde was someone he could count on him. It had never occurred to him that something might arise to make the blond depart against his will. The incident with Sephiroth had been a harsh reminder to Vincent of how cruel life could be. Not that he had ever truly forgotten. For now at least though it seemed he wouldn't be losing anyone else important to him.

Now they could at least focus on why they were here. They had checked the Forgotten City for signs of Sephiroth or his remnants since thats where the trio had taken up residence before. It had turned up empty, though they had manage to recover most of Cloud's materia stash much to Yuffie's delight (Vincent truly worried about her priorities somedays). They were about to leave when they'd gotten word of Shinra picking activity at the crater.

What that was none of them know but the gunman was willing to take a bet with the recent events. Currently their job was just scouting, but as pack of ice hounds appeared Vincent was quick to point out if just to himself things were rarely as simple as they were supposed to be

Mako enhanced eyes rimmed with gold slide open as firm hands slide across the floor to position themselve to lift the body currently occupying the hallway. A groan fell from Weiss's lips and while he felt like he'd been ran over by a herd of chocobos, he was very much alive and not bleeding out on the floor.

As the Tsviet's leader stood, he took a moment to compose himself, once the fog cleared his brain a swear fell from his lips as he push his way through the rest of the house. When he reached the outside however he was nearly shocked at what he found.

All fighting had ceased, Nero was currently leaning on the shoulder of the longer of the silver haired men. The other man looked fairly annoyed, but not ready to fire shots again at the moment. Rosso was standing nearly as frustrated with his brother, a hand over her fight, obviously trying to hold in some remark. As the shorter haired man appeared to be lost if not a bit confused.

As Rosso turned to look at him, relief flashed in her eyes before confusion settled. "Where is Genesis?" she asked.

"Sephiroth took him again." Weiss stressed, rubbing his stomach where he had been stabbed. "I thought you might have seen where they went."

"No, we were too busy becoming friends right?" Nero winked at Yazoo, and Weiss couldn't help but shake his head. He never did fully understand his brother's actions.

"It seems" The middle of Sephiroth's remnants began to speak. "That as much as I would like to part ways, that we are yet again set on the same prey." he finished smoothly almost gracefully sliding away from Nero's contact. Yazoo didn't care for humans at all, the only thing that made it tolerable for him to work with them was that they weren't exactly human themselves. There was a bit of mother in them if it was ever so faint. And that in some sense made them family. Though a part he would never openly claim.

"I can find them." Nero winked, just as gracefully reclaiming his position on Yazoo as the remnant had done removing himself. "And there's room on the helicopter, especially if we get rid of useless weight." he smirked.

Rosso raised her hand in anger as Weiss grabbed. "Don't bother right now." He ordered and she stayed her hand. The interaction had not gone unnoticed however. "I'll go retrieve Genesis's things. He'll want them when we find him. Get loaded up."

Yazoo was about to argue about who was incharge, but truthful he had missed Kadaj's guidance. Leadership was not his place. And this Weiss, the other two had described seemed to handle the position with natural talent. For now as long as their goals conceded he would let the man lead them. Later….well that was another story.

As Weiss made his way back into the house, he wondered what they would find. Genesis had said that Sephiroth was sane again….yet he had stabbed him with barely a word. It was highly confusing and their new allies (a term he used loosely) Only added to the mix. In the end Weiss knew even less about what they would find when they eventually caught up to Genesis and Sephiroth again, than what he did when they first arrived.