Mebuki's Secret

Chapter 17: curious aren't we?

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Paragraphs are flashbacks

Inner Sakura

(Will come out at some point)


"We were."

"You knew?!" Kiba almost immanently snapped at Hinata as soon as Shino released him from his restrictive hold.

"Yes," Hinata said as she spun on her foot and started in the other direction, half fleeing from her curious teammates, the bound and crying out boys far below them, and her only female friend.

"Why didn't you tell us?!" Kiba asked as he easily caught up with her.

"Sakura-san just informed us that her teacher had ordered her not to tell anyone." Shino said almost immanently. "It'd make sense if Sakura had asked Hinata not to tell anyone about it as well."

"She could have said that Sakura has a special jutsu that could do us some serious damage!" Kiba countered. "This way we know to be at least wiry of her!"

Hinata said nothing as both boys continued to counter the other's logic; she just led them towards the center of the forest, hoping that arriving before dawn would distract both alpha boys.

End recap

Sakura felt as if Karma really, really hated her.

I'm so dead…The pinkette groaned and buried her head beneath her barrowed pillow. "Please tell me how the rest of you found out." Sakura asked from beneath her pillow. She knew that the only rookies who weren't in Hinata's room at the moment were Tenten, Lee and her own two missing teammates.

"I watched you and Hinata-sama practicing that night you spent the night here last time." Neji answered from where he sat against the wall close to the door. Kiba and Shino were sitting against the wall close to Hinata; Shikamaru, Ino and Chōji were sitting to Sakura's right. All of the boys sitting closer to the door as both Ino and Hinata were the only ones in the room who were actually close to Sakura.

"My team watched you take out the sound team in the forest," Ino said simply. "That's why I said I blamed you for that 'someone' who tried to 'kill me'."

"…Hinata-chan," Sakura groaned as she peeked out from her pillow and stared moodily at the shyest member in the room. "Please tell me you didn't tell your team everything you know…" Hinata didn't say anything for favor of shaking her head vigorously.

"She didn't tell us anything!" Kiba whined pathetically. "So what is it? What can you do? How do you make it? Can you teach us? Have you named it?"

"It's a rare bloodline," A new voice answered, Sakura peeked out from beneath her pillow to eye the boys curiously. It was too deep to belong to one of them, yet to her amazement everyone was turned towards Neji, who was looking at them all curiously.

"Father," Hinata groaned blushing and slapping both hands to her face in embarrassment. At the sound of her voice, Hinata's bedroom door opened and in stepped Hiashi, looking every bit of a disgruntled father.

"Hinata," Hiashi said with a reprimanding tone of voice. "Why are there so many boys in your room?" the teens all looked at each other for a moment before any of them decided to answer the clan head.

"We're planning!" Ino piped up looking incredibly proud of herself for coming with the lie so quickly.

"Planning for what?" Hiashi asked, his eyes narrowed in on the blonde as he ignored Shikamaru's rather blunter then usual groan. "I already know of Sakura-san's bloodline if any of you are thinking that I don't know."

"I have a bloodline?" Sakura asked curiously as she pushed herself up from where she buried herself with her pillow. Hiashi turned his pale eyes back onto the pinkette and seemed to think about what he just said and what he should say next.

"You know more about it," Sakura accused as she sat up further, pushing herself up until she could tuck her legs beneath her. "Can you tell me about it?"

Hiashi didn't appear moved by Sakura's best 'pleading' look that had always worked on her father regardless of his mood. Hiashi didn't move from his place, he didn't speak or even blink at the pinkette, even as Ino mimicked her pleading look. Hiashi had no doubt in his mind that both girls would be placed in seduction missions when they were older.

"Father," Hinata called softly, giving her father a hopeful look when he rounded his white eyes onto her. "Please," Hinata whispered, Hiashi blinked once before he slumped his shoulders and sighed. Ino and Sakura immanently squealed and toppled Hinata over as they shouted their thanks and hugged Hinata until her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

"It's a long story," Hiashi sighed as he stepped into his daughter's room. "You might want to get conformable." The children didn't hesitate in rearranging themselves into a loose circle with an opening that faced Hiashi, Neji refused to move from where he sat against the wall beside the door.

"It all started when I was about your age," Hiashi started slowly as he settled. "My brother and I were placed on separate teams, Shino-san your father was my teammate, as was your mother Kiba-san." Kiba perked up at that and seemed to be painting a picture in his mind about what his mother must have looked like. "Ino-san, Shikamaru-san and Chōji-san you already know that your Father's were a team." The three nodded together.

"What none of you know is that there were two other teams that graduated with our year." Hiashi said.

"But I thought that only three genin teams could graduate in a year?" Sakura asked looking confused, Hiashi agreed with a nod.

"In peace time you'd be correct." Hiashi said calmly. "However, in war time, anywhere from three to six teams can graduate at one time depending on the death toll." Sakura didn't appear to like that answer as she slumped back onto her belly and listened quietly.

"My graduation year held about four teams, I've already told you two of them. One housed: Kushina Uzumaki, your mother," Hiashi said with a pointed look at Sakura. "And a boy named Minato Namikaze."

"The fourth Hokage?!" Sakura asked as she snapped to attention from where she sat between Hinata and Ino. "Mom never talked about being on the same team as the fourth!"

"…I suspect that she doesn't tell you a lot of things." Hiashi replied calmly, his eyes slightly narrow. Sakura blinked before she nodded in agreement.

"The other team of our generation was one that housed Kizashi Haruno, Hizashi Hyūga, my brother," Hiashi said with a quickly glance at his nephew. "And a boy named Fugaku Uchiha."

"What's the point of you telling us all this?" Shikamaru asked from his place between his two teammates. "Why are you telling us all of this?"

"You seek answers to what Sakura-san is and what she can do with her abilities." Hiashi answered. "I am giving you your answers."

"…this is going to be along story isn't?" Kiba asked with a yawn from where he sat beside Hinata and Shino.

"Yes," Hiashi agreed with a nod at the young man. "Thus, the reason why I told you to get comfortable." The children grumbled as they each settled in for what was undoubtedly a long night of storytelling.

"Now where was I?" Hiashi asked with a look at Hinata.

"You were talking about the given teams…" Hinata said, suppressing a yawn.

Hiashi nodded his head in thanks before he continued. "Now, my generation of shinobi were raised to survive the war, the reason behind our unique configuration. But none of us were nearly as successful as team three, the team housing Kushina and Minato…"

Hiashi sighed as he finally closed the door to his daughter's room, every last one of the children were finally asleep with just a bit of knowledge of what it was like to grow up in war, but not a damn thing about what Sakura's abilities were.

The orders are quite confusing. Hiashi sighed as he walked back to his own room, glaring at the sun that was threatening to peek over the far and distant horizon. I don't see why she can't know her inheritance.

It was as Hiashi was climbing into his cold bed that he realized that Shikamaru was a Nara and that it would undoubtedly be Shikamaru who caught on to what he was half heartedly attempting to pull. If any of them would continue to wonder and ask questions it would be him.

"Damn this generation," Hiashi sighed not really meaning his words. They're going to be the end of me

In the dark of Hinata's room, eight children slept soundly together. The girls in the center of the room were curled together, with their teammates at their backs almost protectively. Only one boy sat further away from the group, his head bowed as he leaned against the wall closest to the exit. Slowly the boy raised his head and his purl white eyes locked onto the one of the boys nearby.

"You noticed that too right?" Neji asked the darkness softly, the boy he was looking at barely even twitched. "What are you planning?"

"Questions and research," was the soft mumbled reply. "He told us of the war not of her abilities."

"That's going to be a lot of digging," Neji mumbled. "You'll need as much help as you can get…"

"Will you help?" another voice asked softly, surprising the already awake two. "She'll need all the help she can get…"

"…We'll talk in the morning." Neji sighed as he closed his eyes he heard the other two grunt and sigh in acceptance. I have a few ideas about where to begin

The next morning found Hinata, Ino and Sakura in the Hyūga training ground with the water fall that Sakura and Hinata had first practiced with. While the boys were toying and experimenting with a few of Sakura's chains that she let out for them, the girls were sitting at the top of the water fall talking. The boy's jobs were to yank Sakura from her placement at the top of the waterfall, they weren't having much luck.

"Donated blood?" Sakura asked blinking at Ino as she ignored the tug on one of her strings still attached to her back. "Why should I donate blood?"

"No not 'should you'— 'have you!" Ino corrected with a groan. "Shikamaru and I were wondering if you've ever donated blood to Hanako!"

"No," Sakura answered, slumping her shoulders and looking dejectedly down at the pool her toes were brushing at. "Mother never let me donate for Hanako, she always said that she wasn't going to put one child over the other. She wasn't going to make both of her daughters suffer over an experiment that could end up making both of her daughters in endless pain."

"That makes sense," Hinata murmured. "I wouldn't want both of my children in endless pain either. That's just cruel."

"So then who did donate to Hanako?" Ino asked looking curious both at Sakura and at Chōji who just grabbed a handful of chains and yanked on them for everything he was worth. They all snapped and sent him flying, they were reformed and in their previous placements before he even landed.

"I remember the one panic attach you had because Hanako broke her wrist or something and she was bleeding internally because of it." Ino commented as she returned her attention back to Sakura.

"You're mostly right," Sakura said slowly. "Hanako broke her wrist and the bone had cut her artery. She needed a blood transfusion and Mother was the one who donated."

"Okay so what about the other expensive surgeries that Hanako needed?" Ino asked. "I remember there being quite a few."

"There were," Sakura agreed. "But I was never allowed to help Hanako, only my patents donated to her."

"Neither one let you donate blood or chakra or anything?" Hinata asked curiously, watching as Neji studied a long chain that surrounded him like a loose circle. He had tried doing rotation when one of the chains charged him and all it did was mimic his rotation's form, he was completely surrounded in yellow glowing chain that started with Sakura and ended far beneath the earth several feet away from where he stood with a twitching eyebrow.

"Nope," Sakura answered with a shrug. "My parents wouldn't let me." Sakura didn't see the look her two friends shared as she turned to study the boys when she felt a slight tug on her back. Shikamaru had her trapped in his shadow bind jutsu, Chōji was three times his normal size and was gripping her chains with both hands and pulling on them, Neji was studying the chains while Kiba was attaching them with Akamaru.

"Not half bad boys!" Sakura called down to them with a grin and wave, the boys grinned and put extra effort into their pulling. "I actually felt something there for a moment!" The boys collapsed into a breathless heap, making the girls laugh at them.

"Come one you guys!" Ino called jumping to her feet. "Let's get some lunch!"

"You're going to have to wait on that," the children each stiffened and turned to stare at the newcomer. With a loud groan Sakura ducked behind the waterfall's edge and hopefully out of sight of the three newcomers.

Why couldn't she be alone?! Sakura thought, knowing that she still hadn't retracted her chains from their positions. Tsunade chuckled as she stepped into the clearing, Kakashi and Hiashi right behind her.

"I see you already know about Sakura's little talent." Tsunade said as she approached the genin. "Interesting tactic, why don't you let me try something?" Sakura groaned as she could almost envision Tsunade's grin. "Sakura! Make a wall!"

Sakura peaked over the edge of the waterfall and moved the chains that were already out, into a large wall before her Hokage. Tsunade studied the wall critically before she pulled a fist back and punch the wall; the sound of cracking stone filled the air. When the dust settled Tsunade blinked owlishly at the perfectly intact chain wall in front of her, the only difference being that it had slid back words three feet and pulled and broke the earth that it rested on.

"Well that's different," Tsunade mused staring at the wall, she turned her eyes to examine where Sakura was, only to see Ino and Hinata trying to waking up the soaking wet, knocked out girl. "So she felt the shock of my hit huh?"

"Not again," Sakura half groaned half mumbled out in her delirious mind. "Please not again…" Tsunade laughed at Sakura's antics, now knowing that Sakura could feel everything that the chains felt Tsunade laid one green glowing palm on the wall. Everyone watched curiously as the wall's yellow glow turned to an almost blinding neon green before it dulled back to its original faintly yellow.

"Do I want to know what you just did?" Sakura asked as she lifted her head from the stone she had been sprawled out on. Tsunade threw Sakura a look that the younger girl wasn't sure was a good thing or a bad thing.

"On the count of three everyone attach Sakura."

Lady Tsunade is insane! Sakura groaned buried herself under the water, hoping that she might at least delay them. Why do I have to deal with so many opponents? Don't I get at least one allay?

Sakura groaned as she trudged wirily back to Hinata's room; Sakura didn't even know that the blue haired girl could be so flexible. As it turned out, Sakura never wanted to be on Shikamaru's bad side and disappointing Kakashi was a big mistake—not that Tsunade's intelligence was anything to be trifled with, but that was beside the point. The point was that Sakura got her butt handed to her three ways from Monday.

The only blessing that Sakura had was that Kakashi reframed from using Chidori on her; but even she could see him vibrating with the desire to test it out on her. The entire group of attaching genin, one chunin, and the two Jonin plus the Hokage proved that Sakura was not only in over her head but was severely out skilled.

At least I found out that I could track people. Sakura mused as she sighed and thumped against a tree along her way back to the safety of her friend's room. Sakura had found that if she lets her chains shatter into dust over any living creature she could track them, she found this out when Kakashi had targeted a particularly weak point in one of her chains soon after the little 'game' of tag started.

Sakura had no problem avoiding her sensei after words. As soon as Sakura figured out how she kept avoiding her sensei, she thought it was a cool little trick and almost immanently dosed everyone else in her chain dust and just as quickly found the down side to the new tactic—she couldn't tell who was who.

At least I didn't douse anyone I'm not familiar with. Sakura though to herself as she caught sight of the house she had been searching the good portion of the day and the entire night for. I wonder how long this lasts—

Sakura's train of thought was cut off as she immanently jumped high into the air to avoid a boulder and then surrounded herself with her chains to protect herself against Hiashi as he sprung out of nowhere and attached her.

"If you can get to the Hyūga compound house without fainting from exhaustion then this game of tag is over." Tsunade said with an evil looking grin. "But everyone here get's to target you and try to stop you. If we can apprehend you before you reach the house or delay you till sun up then you lose and I get to pick someone to teach you how to use these chains effectively."

"Lady Tsunade it's nine O'clock now," Sakura said hesitantly. "When you said sun up are you talking about tomorrow's sun rise?" Sakura regretted asking the question because Tsunade's answering grin told her everything she needed to know.

"I suggest you start running Sakura." Kiba snickered, Sakura groaned and high tailed it away from the group, unknowingly going in the opposite direction as the Hyūga house hold.

"We're goanna end up winning this aren't we?" Hiashi asked with a small grin at the quickly fleeing pinkette's back.

"She doesn't know these lands," Hinata said lowly to her teammates. "She won't be able to make it back on her own"

"You can't hide in there forever, ya know." Kiba called out from the other side of Sakura's burrier, she'd forgotten that everyone had taken on their own teams. "You've got ten minutes before Sun rise!"

"I kind of hate you all right now." Sakura growled back to the brunet. She felt Hiashi and possibly Neji immanently start thumping and hitting her perfect barrier, looking for a weak point in the jutsu. They couldn't get a point if she out waited them in the end, they needed to capture her after all.

"Hay Neji you out there?" Sakura called from inside her chains, she heard a grunt followed by another round of incredibly fast pounding that bounced around all around the outside of her shield. "Can you see me in here?" It was still on the other side and Sakura could imagine both Hiashi and Neji weighing the pros and cons of telling her such information.

You think he can? Inner asked curiously. Sakura sighed and waited patiently for an answer, when she counted up to twenty she realized that Neji wasn't going to answer her.

I know how to get his attention if he is watching!Inner said with a sinister grin and chuckle, Sakura gawked at the wall of her shield before she let out a mental shriek.

Are you insane?! Sakura thought as she slapped her hands against her burning cheeks. If Neji can see me in here then so can Hiashi and Hinata!

Three for the price of one! Inner shouted as she collapsed into a ball of howling laughter. Sakura didn't bother trying to decipher what her idiotic 'inner self' was trying to say while laughing at the same time, she really didn't care. Sakura decided to do something else, something that wouldn't be so embarrassing to her and would get her in a lot less trouble.

"Neji how many fingers am I holding up?" Sakura asked as she raised on hand facing the direction she last heard Neji's voice, she let her hand form a fist and, with a brightly lit face, raised her middle figure.

As it turned out Sakura had found the branch house and, although she entered it successfully, it didn't count. So technically, Sakura lost the exercise. Not that she really cared at the moment.

Sakura relaxed into the steaming water at the Hyūga's personal hot spring it was absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word. From its roof that was open in summer and closed in winter, to its crystal clear waters that were at a constant temperature of about 85 to 90 degrees. Even the steam gave the elegant décor a whimsical feel to the surroundings and the hot spring's occupants. Hearing a loud splash and heavy laughter, Sakura sighed as she sunk into the steam water till it touched her nose.

There was only one problem with the only hot spring in the Hyūga compound: It was genderless.

Just when I was getting comfortable, Sakura thought with a pitiful whine as she glared at Kiba as he and Akamaru surfaced from the water's depths laughing joyfully. The only bright side Sakura had was that everyone was wearing their bathing suits—and Hiashi scares the stuffing out of the boys; that tidbit of info made Sakura's day. So while Ino, Hinata, Tsunade and Sakura were at one end of the steaming pool, all of the boys were at the other end under the watchful eyes of both Hiashi and Kakashi.

"Sakura you did good today," Tsunade murmured from her place next to the Sake table. "Better then I thought you would have done." Sakura turned towards her teach to see the older woman was beat red in the face.

"I didn't know you could make clones with your chains." Tsunade mused. "That was some quick thinking on Kakashi's part. How did you come up with that?"

"It's not any different then the substitutionjutsu," Sakura answered. "I figure since I'm the only one who can sense where each individual link is, I'm properly the only one who can us the chains with the substitution jutsu."

"Interesting tactic..." Tsunade said softly. "Why do they explode?" Tsunade asked as she remembered Kakashi destroying one of the chain-substitute's by accident and then having to cast his own substitute to get away from the blast radius of the exploding clone.

"I don't know," Sakura answered thought fully. "When we infiltrated Orochimaru's base, I noticed that every time Arashi-san destroyed one, they'd explode too. The only thing I could come up with is that they're just shattering but because they don't have a specific direction they go everywhere."

"Can you make that explanation simpler?" Ino asked, "Not everyone thinks like you do."

"Sorry," Sakura chuckled as she smiled sheepishly at her friend. "Think of the chain links as water and the substitution jutsu as the balloon."

"A water balloon?" Ino asked blinking at her friend, Sakura nodded in agreement.

"You know how a water balloon explodes when you puncture its surface?" Sakura asked making the other two girls on either side of her nod in agreement. "The water is released and it just goes every where right?"

"Oh I get it!" Ino said. "The chain link gets turned to dust and just like the water in a water balloon it goes everywhere!"

"Yeah, it's the only thing I could come up with that actually makes sense." Sakura smiled at her friend.

"Wait a moment," Tsunade interrupted the girls. "You can sense where each link is?" Sakura nodded. "Doesn't that give you a head ach?"

"Only if I have a hundred links spread out across the village," Sakura answered with a chuckle. "I can feel everything that touches them and, with a bit of concentration, I can hear and see everything that's around them."

"Kind of like the Byakugan?" Hinata asked looking curious.

"I guess if that helps you to understand it." Sakura murmured. "I never thought of it like that before."

"What can you do with it?" Ino asked. "I mean other then capture unsuspecting kunochi's with big mouths."

"That reminds me I haven't seen Kin since the attach..." Sakura grumbled looking slightly put out. "I hope I hadn't really ended her career..."

"Who's Kin?" Tsunade asked curiously.

"She's a sound kunochi who got her ass kicked by Sakura in the forest of death." Ino answered looking proud of her best friend. "But of course Sakura got all weepy-willow and started worrying about the burns she caused to her."

"Hay I could've ended her carrier," Sakura crouched at Ino defensively. "There was no way she could have taken part in the attach because those burns did some serious damage to her physically. She couldn't even leave her hospital bed for crying out loud."

"You two lost me," Tsunade replied. "What burns are you talking about?" Sakura sighed and held her hands over the water, within seconds a chain formed between them.

"Supposedly when they're green they burn anything and everything." Sakura said as she showed Tsunade that the chain in her hands was in fact green. "Try to touch It." letting her curiosity getting the better of her, Tsunade pressed one figure against the link and almost immanently jerked her hand back with a hiss of pain.

"When they're yellow they don't burn anything and seem to be compliant with physical touch." Sakura gave Tsunade a wiry grin before she concentrated back on her chain link, she lowered her hands as she did so and was shocked that when the green glowing chain link brushed the water's edge it was like an explosion.

The girls watched shocked as an explosion of steaming hot water dosed the boys, Kakashi and Hiashi were already out of range by the time the water hit the teen boys, all of whom turned slowly to look in the girl's direction. With extreme embracement, Sakura quickly rose from the water and made for the exit quickly.

A few days later

"So how many uses does she have with the chains?" Tsunade asked as she settled behind her desk. Kakashi and Hiashi stood side by side in front of her, calm and collected Hiashi started off with the different shields Sakura could produce.

"It's almost seems like the chains have been fitted for her, because Kushina could only produce two kinds of shields: the demon binding and box shield." Hiashi informed Tsunade. "That and Sakura's ability to use the chains as an offensive weapon, Kushina couldn't do that. Sakura-san is much more proficient with the chains then Kushina was."

"You think that it might be because She awoken them when she was younger?" Tsunade asked. "Kushina didn't awaken her chains until she was like sixteen if I remember correctly."

"Yes," Hiashi agreed. "My only worry is why Sakura-san had awoken her chains so much sooner then Kushina."

"The wave mission," Kakashi answered with a sigh. "Sakura said that she was practicing walking on tree's when she lost control of her chakra and had slipped. She was pretty high up had no way to protect herself from the fall. I was in a coma and Naruto and Sasuke were out of the question."

"The chains activated to save her?" Tsunade asked blinking owlishly at Kakashi, who nodded in agreement. "Did she tell you what it looked like when they saved her?"

"She said that she felt as if she were in a great spider web," Kakashi answered. "Supposedly they were fully formed when she awakened them. Moreover, she was able to keep them out even after fainting from all of the climbing she was doing."

"Well that's something," Tsunade murmured, knowing that Kushina couldn't do that. "What else do you know about it?"

"Sakura has informed me that she has counted to at least twenty-one different forms she can use the chains for." Kakashi answered. "There is the 'balancing chain' the evidence after using this was reported to Sandaime-sama on the same night that it was discovered." Tsunade nodding, signaling that she had read the report.

"There is also the Shield Orb and Chain shield, whip, blade, binding and cage that Hiashi spook of." Kakashi continued without waiting. "However, Sakura has informed me that she can also detect 'Killing intent' with them and also give a chain link to the others. Sakura calls this the 'protective chain transfer' anything or anyone who has negative emotions towards anyone who is holding one of her links will automatically activate the chain and it will react according to protect the person it's been given too."

"In other words anyone who holds even a single link of Sakura's chains and they are automatically protected from any thing that holds ill will towards them." Tsunade summed up.

"Yes," Kakashi agreed.

"So we know that her chains can form a protective orb around her, make a shield to protect others and her chains burn people who have ill will towards her and she can make her chains take on the forms of ropes, whips, something similar to a sword, she can bind or cage people. She even *** create a conveyor belt and a chain bed." Tsunade started to rub at her temples, seemingly to forget that Kakashi and Hiashi were even in her office. "For crying out loud when she shatters her chains the dust becomes a damn near impossibly removable tracking device. She can track any and every link. She can also hear, see and feel everything that they encounter."

"She can also make pendants." Kakashi piped up when Tsunade paused for breath.

"I'm sorry what?" Tsunade asked. Kakashi chuckled and pulled on a string hidden beneath his flank jacket, pulling on the black thread carefully, Kakashi slowly reviled a single chain link the size of his thumb.

"She can make pendants." Kakashi said as he took it off and handed it over to Tsunade. "We've tested it out. Not only could she use this to track me, but I can also use it to track her."

"Can she do anything else with them?" Tsunade asked as she picked it up and held it closer to her face. It looked no different then any other silver chain link, the only thing that was odd about it was that faint yellowish glow to it; and Tsunade could only see that glow to it because she was holding it two inches off her nose.

"Yes," Kakashi nodded. "That link warms up when someone within fifty feet of me is leaking killing intent. If someone is trying to attach me and I am unable to protect myself, the chain will react by immanently putting a shield around me. If I'm wounded and still need to fight or protect someone the chain will help me move, protect myself and my blind points as well as covering for my weakness. In other words if I lose the ability to move my legs, they will automatically place a shield around me and anyone I wish to protect and they will alert Sakura but acting like video tap."

"Oh goodness," Tsunade murmured looking like she might have a head ach. "Is there anything else?" Kakashi nodded and continued.

"If someone comes up behind me while my hands are busy fighting off someone in front of me, the chains will protect me by either forming a shield at my back or killing the person trying to attach from behind." Kakashi took a deep breath before he continued. "They also let Sakura know if I'm in critical condition and she can heal any of my external wounds. The only drawback is that she has to concentrate on my chain link to focus on the healing. To do that there must be someone there to protect her while she concentrates on me."

"Sakura sure is amazing with her chains," Tsunade murmured. "She can do what her mother couldn't even dream of doing."

"...Perhaps it is time to tell her of her mother," Kakashi said, catching both Hiashi and Tsunade off guard. "She's old enough and it won't be long before she starts asking questions about the previous 'chain barer'."

"Tell me you didn't call her that." Tsunade asked looking she couldn't decide to be annoyed or to laugh. "You know full well Kushina hated that nickname."

"Which was why I used it." Kakashi answered. "I knew that no matter what she did she wouldn't find anything on a 'chain barer' a 'chain wielder' perhaps but not a 'chain barer'."

"You both do know that she's already asking questions right?" Hiashi said after a minute of silences. Tsunade let out a groan and slumped into her chair; Kakashi sighed and hung his head. "There's only so much I can say about the third war without telling her about her mother directly."

"And almost all of our rookies know about them." Tsunade murmured. "Shikamaru and Ino are the two with the most access to digging up information. With the right excuse, their parent's would hardly stop them from doing a little 'research'."

"I still don't understand why Lord Hokage put Sakura-san with her uncle and yet let Naruto go into the orphanage." Hiashi sighed. "Why didn't he just let Kizashi and Mebuki take them both in?"

"There was no way that either one would be able to care for three children." Tsunade replied looking like she didn't like it either. "Hanako's medical expenses were just as expensive as Naruto's eating habits. At one point the medical expenses were so expensive that the Haruno's were looking at removing Sakura from the academy and selling their home."

"So there was no way for them to care for both Sakura and Naruto." Kakashi sighed.

"Yes, the only reason why Sakura was able to stay in the academy and the Haruno's were able to keep their home was because Sakura herself had come into quite a bit of money when she was eight." Tsunade murmured. "Her grandmother apparently liked her more then anyone else in the clan. There fore Sakura got half of everything related to the Haruno household. From their trading posts to their fabric and bakery stores, Sakura owns half of everything that holds the Haruno name."

"Who holds the other half?" Hiashi asked with a slight frown. "Surely the Haruno clan elders weren't so pleased with this declaration from their clan head."

"Oh they were anything but pleased." Tsunade said with a grin. "For a long time Sensei had to have Anbu guards protecting Sakura because a few of her uncles weren't so pleased with the declaration. Sakura is essentially a Haruno heir. Even though her father was disowned, his banishment wasn't passed down to her. The other fifty percent of the family estates belongs to the older and still more powerful heads in the clan."

"Some of her uncles tried to kill her?" Kakashi asked with a frown, Tsunade nodded.

"A couple times they targeted Hanako-chan by accident. Those screw-up's always failed either way." Tsunade snickered. "Either the Anbu took care of them or the very displeased powerful uncles did."

"The assassination attempts ended right?" Kakashi asked, still looking like he might have a hernia; Tsunade grinned at him, a light dancing in her amber eyes.

"There weren't any assassination attempts," Tsunade chuckled. "They were kidnapping attempts. The uncles figured that since their clan head specifically said that if Sakura died then her twenty-five percent went to Hanako creating the fifty percent and one untouchable little girl. They wanted Sakura to sign over her percentage to who ever it was that succeeded in kidnapping her."

"Was Hanako-san viewed the same way?" Hiashi asked, Tsunade shook her head.

"Apparently a few of the uncles figured the girl wouldn't make it to twenty much less twenty-five which was when both girls were supposed to be able to touch their money." Tsunade answered

"Does this mean that since Hanako died that her share went over to Sakura?" Kakashi asked, he continued once Tsunade nodded in agreement. "So then does this mean that if Sakura dies that her fifty percent get's split amongst her clan elders?" Tsunade's eyes locked onto Kakashi, it was more then clear that she was thinking about the possibilities of such an occurrence. When Tsunade came to a conclusion that made the color drain from her face, Kakashi knew that the statics weren't in Sakura's favor.

"Oh holly mother of—Bear!" Almost immanently an Anbu agent appeared before Tsunade. "Get a team ready to go over the Haruno main house as quickly as possible. I know I called off the last team but set up a new one anyways. Make sure the team members are here as soon as the sun gets up, you're dismissed." And just as quickly the young man was gone. Tsunade sat a little straighter in her chair, her eyes hard as she stared at both men still waiting patiently before her.

"I want Sakura to spend a little more time with Hinata and Ino." Tsunade ordered looking at Hiashi, the clan head nodded stiffly. "The more clan heirs around her, the safer she'll be. Kakashi, just to make sure that Sakura doesn't suspect anything, when there's a lull in their spending time together make sure you and at least two others that you trust are up and ready to guard her. I've read those files from when she was little. If those elders are up to trouble again then undoubtedly they'd go to Iwa or Kumo for help. Last time they jumped between Mizu and Suna, so be prepared for a nasty fight."

"Right," Kakashi nodded, his one good eye hard; preventing anyone from so much as guessing as to how he was feeling.

"You're both dismissed." Tsunade said and while Kakashi immanently disappeared from sight, Hiashi bowed to Tsunade before he left through the door.

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