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SUMMARY: Set after 1x10, Sacrifice, when an unexpected messenger from Rome appears, the Crown of Scotland is in the hands of the Future King of France, Bash. He has to choose between two girls he might be in love with who will be the Queen of Scotland and his Queen.

Couples/Pairs: Lolash, Frary, possibly Mash, Greith(if appears later)

OC: The messenger(a girl named Lydia)

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Lydia set her foot and took one more breath. How interesting the Court could be! Unfortunately, the moment of her leave came so fast. She laughed one more time. She enjoyed that small stay, though everybody else didn't, but what could she do about that? It was their problem.

A voice screamed her name from far behind. 'Lydia?' A woman's name. 'Lydia, stop!'

'I'm leaving now, Queen'.

'You aren't'.

'Why that?'

'You came up with the problems that had sent the whole Court to hell and you shall solve it. I can order you that since you still on French ground, but for the moment I am only begging you'.

'What problems, Mary Stuart? I find everything just at its best. And how that you do not want to lose your crown? You know that if anyone settles everything out, you might get what you want. I'll just warn you: Be careful of what you wish for because you might receive it. Since he has chosen you, you get a throne, a crown and a king, so do not tell me you want me to settle this because you might lose everything'.

Mary sighed.

'And then you'll be the lady instead'. Lydia laughed. 'Or just nothing'.

'Did you know what was going to happen? You saw everything and you were simply amused by the fact that everything was happening just the way you thought it would. You did that. And we have to dance the way you sing; we are your puppets, working the way you want. Why that, Lydia? Have we done something bad?'

'No. I am one usual human. But my way of being human is different. I am sick. I am ill of a disease that no God can cure and no Virgin can pray for. I am one human like no one other and for that I lost a birthright, I lost a man, I lost my head and my sanity. Fate is beautiful and I know that it is the one force of balance. Fate is so beautiful that lets no one be more beautiful that herself. A woman will always be the most beautiful being for some man, and that's why there must be a flaw to question feelings and existence'.

'Just like...'

'The prophecy. Yes, my Queen'.

'Your words are bitter. Why?'

'Bittersweet, actually. My words are my incoherent screams of freedom and sadness. My words are incoherent cries, a pay of respect to fate, though they have no meaning at all. You know you won't save him, right?'

'Francis? I will'. Mary's words were strong. That eased the little bit of pain in Lydia's soul. She cared, but didn't. She was caring, but she couldn't. 'I will'.

'God has the Book of Fate, just the way we have all the Books from the Saint Bible. It guides him to make some decisions, giving him alternated ideas of what future could be. Then he chooses. A chance of Francis dying to early is told by the stars, craved in stone, written in history. Salvation is hardly and option when there's no door with that name, Mary'.

'My fate is in my own hands, Lydia'.

'Isn't that disbelief?'

'It isn't. It is not in this case in which I act and I want to act knowing that my deeds aren't what will bring him down to death. He won't suffer, he won't feel pain. At least I can assure that it won't be my fault'.


'Not. I won't be the cause of his pain. I want at least that if you really think it is this way, then let it be with no sufferince'.

'Do you love him?'



'I do'.

'I asked why you love him, but if you really do. I won't need another answer because I need not one. It is funny how I ask so many questions, but I need not answers'.

'Lydia, tell me how to fix everything'.

'Between you and Francis, between you and Sebastian de Poitiers, between you and Little Lady, between Little Lady and Sebastian de Poitiers, between Sebastian de Poitiers and Francis, between Francis and Lola? Which thing?'

'I need to fix fate since it is clear that nothing is right'.

'You make it be dramatic, but fate is the most normal thing. We are not normal, Mary'.

'I do not care. I need to fix it'.

'Fix it then'.


'I am one human with different views, but not a God. I must get used to not being God too, actually. I can't help you with that'.

'Then what is it about? This talk, my head and my mind slipping in thousands different directions and nothin being truly right. What is with you actually? You can't help me, you can't do anything, you only bring powerlessness and fear'.

'I'm bringing motivation to you, idiot. And do not think I'm afraid of you because you are a Queen. I've kissed more sweet lips and dug far more graves than you did. I've kissed more royals and dug far more royal graves than any known human on Earth. Royals are nothing to me. Other people are nothing to me. And dare not to think I am afraid of anyone'.

Mary's legs were shaking with fear. This was one darker side of Lydia.

'But for the moment, I thank you for making me stay another day. I believe that this is not the end'.

'What do you mean?'

Nothing. Lydia meant nothing. And nothing was meant from then on. And both parted ways. Mary had to do another thing by then and she hoped she could do that. He had probably left already, or hid in the horror of the day before. Mary couldn't say which was the right answer, but she did have to find that man and speak with her. It was the very first time when the Court seemed as an enourmous universe. She was searching for one small star that her eyes can easily miss if they aren't careful, one small star in a huge constellation. He had this effect on her.

'Why are you running like this? Do you want to fall, Mary?'

She smiled just like the silly girl she could be sometimes. 'No'.

'Good. Well then, I have some really important things to tell you. Mary, I'm going out and I will not return after that. It seems I can't stand this place anymore. It may be something in the air, it may be something with me, but I feel that I am belonging here no more. Can you embrace me once more before I say the only and the last farewell you'll get, Mary? Please...'

'No'. She said. The words came as hollows, just like the emptiness she felt then spoke. It wasn't her voice at all. She, together with her being, her voice and her heart, was crushed by his words. Mary had one thing she wanted to talk to him that moment, but he turned her upside-down and could speak no more. Mary moaned in an inner pain. 'No' her voice repeated.

'It is alright. I was sure I wouldn't get it'.

'You do not have to...'

'Anyway, I die. People die. Beings die. Why should I live my life in this bloody cage named Court? If you give me one right answer, I shall stay more. But I am leaving and I will want to comeback never. Mary?'.

'No. I give you no answer'.

He sighed.

'Why do you want an answer to a question whose answer you do not know yourself? It is pointless no matter how hard or how easy the question can be for someone else. But as I think more I think that you want me to question myself those words and find an answer that'll will do good for you the most. Am I not right? How that? I mean... you want me too... give up on him, give up on my crown, give up on my life for you, so that we could be together. Am I not right?'

'Can't say?'

'I am not giving up these things'.

'I did. Why can't you too?'

'Because... because...'. She searched for an answer, but it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Two days before, she tried to deny what she could feel for Francis and managed not to give herself in, recently she managed to lie, crush and hurt more people, but that left no wound in her soul. How could Mary feel so heavy this answer. She could give him that answer easily. Or not. 'I do no want to' she said. Her words had not meaning.

'For the king, for the bastard, for the one with nothing, for her, for the messager or for what in the world, Mary?'

'No. No. No. No. No. No. For nothing. I have no reason, but I am not going to justify myself in front of you now. I am not going to do that now. Future looks like nothing for the moment, but if in the future there'll be one chance for you to see me explaining everything, then I'll welcome with open arms that future, but now I am giving you no answer'.

'I still love you'.

'I can't.

'At least you know that I do'.

'I do that' she replied with a clear voice. Her words had that meaning he wanted so much to hear. She indeed did that too. He turned her back at her, possibly muttering a 'Good-bye' she didn't hear. Somehow, they all knew what was going to happen. He kept walking, leaving her staring at his back, hurting herself as it could have been the last time for her to see him.

'Do not give up!' she screamed with no reason. 'Horses have large backs and big shadows!' Or maybe she had a reason, one that many couldn't understand. But she did. Hopefully, he did too. She had a sweet taste in her mouth after the last word was said. Her last sentence gave the world more hope. Then she left with a wish to see the gardens. She wanted to have a walk in the garden and free herself from the heavy things that world put on her back. Truly heavy things!

She did not enter the gardens as was caught from behind by some arms. Strong arms.

'Stop here! Enjoy it! Wasn't that what you wanted to fix?' the one who the strong arms belonged to said. It was a known voice; a voice Mary didn't ever though she'd be fine with hearing it. 'Look!' And that person pointed to a certain place in the garden, not very far from where Mary and it were standing. Mary widened her eyes to see everything better. There, two people were standing. Actually, they were only standing and any word was said by neither of them.

The two froze there, watching in each other's eyes.

Mary had finally realised something: both's eyes had almost the same shade of color. That blue was incredibly beautiful. 'How that you were right here, right this moment?' she said to her. But she was long gone before Mary even noticed. Yet, Mary couldn't think about it that moment. Just as Lydia would say, 'the show' was taking place then.

Their voices were easily heard from where Mary was standing.

'I apologize' the man's voice was heard. 'However...'

'Do not justify yourself. Do not justify your actions. Do not justfy your wishes and your feelings. I really need not these explanations. I think that this is how it should have been after all. I was never one certain thing. Despite what my title and what my own self tells me, I am one bastard being after all. There's no different to be noticed. So what really happened was nothing. I mean... I knew nothing was meant to happen'.

'Do you think hopes are sometimes useless?'

'When the impossible gets in the way, they are'.

'I think the same'.

'I am grateful to that'.

'So, are you really leaving?'

'Yes. I have to. I have been banished from France, from Scotland, possibly from the whole Catholic Europe. My chances for happiness are most probably in England or where other religions reign. I somehow understand what my mother thought and why she did that to me. She gave me one chance, knowing that if I lose nothing would be changed. I am still one nothing, after all'.

'Are you really nothing?'.

'I am' she replied with pain.

'No' he almost screamed. His answer made her widen her eyes. 'I speak the truth now as I say that you are something. You mean something and if not for your mother, or Mary or the others, I am telling you the truth that you are something to me'.

She smiled. 'You are wrong'.

'No. Actually, you mean a lot to me'.



'Why you say this? I mean... you have no request, or at least you requested me nothing, now, so there's no way the word 'please' can fit. I can't really read your mind to know what do you mean when you're saying this word now'.

'Try to read it'.

'I am no mind reader. That's not a magic I can do'.



'Please...' he said and gave her a sweet and convincing smile that made her agree, without any other word. She raised one eyebrow and looked directly into his eyes. What a beautiful blue! He looked in her eyes too. What a beautiful blue! Her eyes were lightful and brilliant, on the other hand, his were hidden under a darker shade of life. The blue was the same, but not alike. 'So...'

'I am not good at this'.

'Actually, I think you are really close to figuring out what I am thinking right now. Just focus and tell me what do you think that I am thinking now. It's actually very easy' he replied as he got closer. The distance between them was made up by few inches.

She stepped back. 'I think you want something'. He followed her step.


'I can't stay what you want right now'.

'Re-see in your mind everything that you know about me. See the day when we met, see that moment when you nursed me, see the day of the Archangel, see that days after, see all days until now and, please, the most important, see that day before yesterday. Can you see it? This is truly important. I want you to focus'.

'It isn't that much to see, but I see everything. I remember everything'.

He breathed and took another step.

'Good. Think about everything that you know about me'.

'I know who you are'.

'Do you know what my feelings are?' he said waiting for a good answer, but she only sighed. Somehow he smiled, thinking that was the best answer. After some minutes of silence, he took one deep breath and cleared his throat. 'Out of duty, I chose her. Out of love, I choose you'. His smile was pure and it expressed the truth, his love.

She gave a shy smile when he heard his words, but knew it wasn't right. She forced her face not to smile, she forced herself not to breath out relief, she forced her heart not to make a move. However, wasn't it too late? His movements were way too fast and time really stops when it is about who you love. It wasn't his effect actually, it wasn't world's effect on humans, it was a crazy little thing's power that made time stop in one certain second. Of course, outside the little timeless, time went as fast as usual, but mattered not.

He closed the space between them if a passionate and strong kiss. And she answered with the same burning desire, but that couldn't happen and both knew it. Despite that, they couldn't care less.

Minutes later, she broke from the magic, breaking her own heart at the same time, but it was for the better good. 'No'.


'I know'.

'I just realised I want you to stay. Please stay! I am not asking you as the future king, but as a mindless lover searching for love, begging for the love of his life to stay more. Time can stop when it is about you. You are what makes the bastard I love to be and not a meaningless king. Please, I want to be a bastard with you, rather than a king with her'.

'That's not true!'

'It is!'

'How do you know?'

'What was the thing from moments ago if it isn't true? I love you'.

'My 'I love you' will always be a 'Thank you', Sebastian. And I do love you back, but time doesn't always stop. Please, never say you love me again because that's a lie and because you must love her. Actually, you do love, Sebastian, that's the truth'.

'Believe me it is not!' he said. 'And do not ask me how that I know it because I just do it'.

'Hopefully, we might meet again, but I will leave now' she replied with a clear voice. Then with no other words she ran. Her feet had a direction, a true one. And she had to reach that place when the exile could truly start'.

He didn't follow her, but turned the opposite way, muttering some things Mary couldn't understand. He saw her and got closer. His eyes were teary, but Mary could do nothing about that. 'Bash...' she whispered.

'I hate myself'.

'Do not. Bash, do just what you must do. I can't say anything more. Listen to what your mind whispers and what your heart screams. Go after her or stay here and keep talking to me'.

'I hate words'.

'Then do something without words'.

He looked into the emptiness. It didn't took long for him to think. He turned to Mary and whispered a name. She couldn't understand what he muttered, but the name 'Maitland' sticked to her being even though she didn't hear it at first. 'Maitland' she repeated when a voice in her head mirrored his word. 'Maitland'.

She and Bash parted ways thirty seconds after that word was first spoken. From where she went then, the stable, she could hear the whole Court screaming in amazement. Bash possibly did something, but she couldn't say what. The horses shivered as she entered. Even they could sense something.

Two horses left the Court that day. Mary couldn't really keep both of them after all. Was the one she lost the one she was meant to be with? She couldn't say. She could only hope that who fate left her with was the best. Actually, she started to believe not in fate anymore. 'I believe not in fate, but in myself'. She kept telling herself that each moment after that.

'I believe not in fate, but in myself'.

'I believe not in fate, but in myself' and 'Maitland'. These words sticked with Mary for her whole existence ever since the moment they were spoken aloud. Twenty months later, Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scotland, was going back to her home nation. It was the time of her reign in there. Her first day at Linlithgow Palace was just like her first day at the French Court: the carriage had black horses, the people in rows, trumpet sounds, a man in the first row. Only that it wasn't Francis. Bash, her ladies, France's royals weren't there anymore.

But if she closed her, they were there.

She chased away the beautiful image. That was the past and the past hurt her the most because that magic moment, the French Court, Francis, everything was away. And she hated that but had no power.

'Your Grace, welcome back' the man in the front rown said.

She didn't look at the man, though she thought that man looked familiar. He led her to the main entry of the Palace. Mary was tired and wished for nothing but a good sleep. It was just like her life ended together with Francis's. It was almost like that. But not completely. She entered the Throne room, but nothing was interesting there. It wasn't the French Throne so it wasn't really beautiful, though from then on, that was her place.

'Your Grace, I am your current secretary' the man with the familiar face said as they entered. 'My name is William Maitland'. And he kissed her hand.

Mary woke up from that magical trance she had been in ever since Francis's death. She reacted to that name. She heard it before. She heard it twenty months before and the word come from Bash's mouth, Bash who had the same blue eyes and the same dark hair as the man standing next to her. 'You?' she whispered.

'Yes. But my name is William Maitland, your Grace'.

Both smiled.

Then, that night was different from what she thought it would be. She and 'Wiliam' spent it just like old two old friends would: talking and nothing else. 'Did you catch her after you left the Court? I mean Wiliam, I do not know for sure but I think that I was sure that from the moment you left me there and entered the castle it'd be the last time I was going to see you... in a while. I didn't expect to see you in here. Did you catch her?'

'I didn't catch her, Your Grace. I'd call you Mary, but I'm not sure my head would be safe here'.

'I am sure it will be'.

'I didn't catch her, Mary. I just didn't. By the time, I passed Court's gates I wasn't myself anymore. By that time, I was already somebody else and I guess she felt the same'.

'I mean not to ask you too much because I'm afraid you might ask me questions too. In spite of that, how are you?'


She raised one eyebrow. 'I do not know what it means, but I am happy if it's something good. Hopefully, it is'.

'It truly is' he replies with a big smile on her face.

'Are you married?'

He widened her eyes at her question, just like it was something he didn't expect to ask. Well, it could be felt. His way of existing give him in; he had happiness in his life. He cleared his throat before he answered. It was only to win time to choose some right words. William really needed some good words to use as an answer. 'Yes' he said simply, just like the won time was in vain, but it wasn't.

Mary smiled.

'Her name is Mary. We married twenty months ago. I just arrived in Scotland and she came out of nowhere. Actually, I was coming from nowhere and she was there'. His way of talking showed Mary his feelings. He was truly happy.

'How is she?'

'Beautiful and nothing else'.

'I am happy to hear that.'.

A knock at the door intrerrupted the two. A man's voice announced the coming of a woman. Mary knew not who that person could be, but his reaction said it all aloud but with no real voice. 'Mary Fleming' the guard said. The name sounded like nothing to Mary... at first. The door opened and in front of Mary's eyes a woman appeared. A big smile invaded her face.

'That's my wife, your Grace' William said.

A year passed, and somehow Mary seemed freed from the duty of marriage. That was for a while and she was sure of it. Hopefully, as long as she was free she was thinking about the most beautiful moments of her life. Yes, she did that. William Maitland became the well-known head-secretary of the Queen in a short time. She was feeling good to have a beloved face near her.

'I love you' he whispered to her in that moment of passion.

'I love you too' she replied. 'With all my being and my whole heart'.

She was burning at his touch, wrapped in his kisses and in pleasure as she confesses her true love to him. It was not that they didn't tell each other each moment how much they loved each other, but that was the night in which they were their trueselves. Not William and Mary Maitland, but Sebastian de Poitiers and Lola Fleming. That made their confession and their passion mean something. He expressed his love for her in a way she couldn't believe was truly real. He was for her a magical prince that was only hers, and held the key of her life. She had long realised he was her everything. His name, his real name, was on her lips the moment after she lost his lips. Lola moaned and opened her eyes in disbelief, in fear that he was with her no more. But he was and he loved her. And as their passion reached its peak, she repeated to herself and to him how much she loved him.

And that was for sure.

'Will we ever tell Margaret that she's the bastard of the Scottish Queen with a deceased French Prince?' she said after few moments in which both had calmed their burning hearts.

'I do not know' he replied. 'Margaret is our child for the moment. Margaret is our daughter until we figure out how to tell her about her true parents'.

She smiled. 'Maybe her little brother will tell her...'

He widened his eyes. 'What brother?'

'I do not know. We'll think about that too' she replied. He kissed her good-night, but neither could sleep. He turned to her and whispered some words to her. She closed her eyes with those words kissing her ears and her mind, just like she was hearing a beautiful story about lovers who had gone through lots of up-and-downs but never gave up their love. Sleep took her easily, slowly, but all at once.

A new star was born for sure that night, above their heads. And for sure, that star reached even the year of 2014. No one and no word can say and can be said against this truth.