Hey guys! Sorry I haven't published anything for awhile. I've had a hell of a year and unfortunately was not in the right head space to write. This is a kinda short chapter, I'm still getting back into the feel of the characters. I hope you enjoy it and know there's more to come! -Yes the pun was intended, no I am not sorry even if it was cheezy :)

Tony opened his eyes slowly. It was dark outside and the lights in the room were dimmed. As he sat up Tony realized two things; one he was naked and two he was still in the living room. Loki must have moved him to the couch. A slight panic crept into his chest as Tony remembered the promise he made while in a fit of lust as well as the future firefight waiting for him once Natasha and the others came looking for him. Tony wondered just how big of a rock he would need to crawl under.

"Jarvis how long was I asleep?"

"A little over three hours sir."

Tony cursed under his breath. How much time did he have? Two more hours at best. At worst less than 5 minutes. Either way he couldn't out run them this time. Whether he liked it or not he would have to face the team some time. Why not just get it over with?

"Jarvis let me know the minute the Avengers arrive. Prep the Hulk Tank just incase. And any info on where Loki is?"

"The tank is prepped and on standby. Loki is currently not on earth at this time. Would you like me to inform you if he reappears sir?"

"Ya god only knows what he's got planned. Why the hell did I make that stupid promise."

Tony peeled himself off the couch and headed towards his bedroom. He was in desperate need of a shower, some food, and clean clothes.

After he showered, shaved, and got dressed Tony walked back downstairs to the kitchen. He had just finished eating some leftovers when Jarvis spoke.

"Sir the Avengers are requesting access. Shall I ask them to leave?"

Tony sighed loudly.

"No let them up J. I can't avoid them forever so I might as well get this over with. Have Mark XVII and Mark XVIII on standby in case I need some backup."

"As you wish sir."

Tony sat at the bar staring down the elevator doors. He was so lost in thought he didn't even hear the soft footsteps behind him.

"Are you ready?"

Tony sprang up out of his seat yelping loudly.

"Loki what the hell! Warn a guy before you give him a heart attack!"

Loki chuckled.

"Now where would the fun be in that?"

Loki stalked forward, wrapped his arms around his mortal, and pulled him into a deep kiss. He had spent the last three hours preparing for their week away. Anthony would be his for a whole week. No Iron Man, no Avengers, no interruptions for one whole blissful week. Loki trailed a hand down Tony's back and squeezed the mortal's firm ass, grinding his pets half hard denim covered crotch against his own leather clad thigh. Loki was getting excited just thinking about all the delicious fun they would have this week.

At that moment the elevator dinged and the cold metal doors slid open. Tony froze in Loki's grip. Kiss broken and lips hung open in terror. This was so not the way he had imagined this starting. But, then again, he was damn sure they didn't think they'd be greeted this way either. Tony could feel their eyes burning into his back but he was too scared to move. This was so not going to end well. And of course, Loki being the smart ass God of Chaos that he is, just had to open his mouth and make it worse.

"Now pet how am I supposed to have my fun if your friends keep interrupting?"