Prompt: Warmth

Summary: People wonder why Mikasa wore that old, red scarf around her neck religiously.

Note: Something short and sweet (◡‿◡✿)

People wondered why Mikasa wore that old, red scarf around her neck religiously.

Sasha assumed that she was always cold, whether it was a sunny day or a windy afternoon.

Reiner told her that it might get caught in her 3DMG, but the next day he saw that she was still wearing it.

Krista thought it was simply a fashion statement and she quite liked that scarf, to be honest.

Mina commented that the red made Mikasa stand out, and it was always easy to spot her.

Annie didn't care.

Ymir liked the scarf on her and thought that it was just her thing.

Berthold never really noticed.

Marco once said that red suited her.

Connie jokingly remarked that she might accidentally hang herself if she went too fast using 3DMG.

Jean thought she looked beautiful either way.

Armin knew exactly why.


The day Eren died, Mikasa tried to keep her emotions locked away within her. She started shaking, but she ignored the crippling cold that crept in her bones and froze her blood. Her logic was that she needed to focus on the task at hand before she could grieve. Her emotions would just get in the way and leading her comrades to safety was her first priority.

When Mikasa's gas ran out and she plummeted to the ground, she found that she had given up. Her other half, her sun, the name engraved in her bones; Eren was gone and she was dead anyway.

But the fire inside that refused to die, the memory of the little boy who killed, who wrapped his scarf around her neck—he told her: fight.


The wisps of smoke lingered but she saw him. She ran to him. She held him.

Eren emerged from a titan. But never mind all that, he was alive.

And suddenly her world started turning.

And she was back home.

And his heart was beating.

And she never felt cold again.