She had too much so with a smile you
took some.
Of everything she had you had
Absolutely nothing, so you took some.
At first, just a little.

~Ted Hughes, The Others

The sound of Felicity's heart pounding in her chest was so loud she could barely think, which was inconvenient seeing as she needed to be sure about this. She looked over the blueprints of the basement and then glanced around the room, matching up the support beams displayed on the screen of her computer with their physical counterparts in the space around her. Everything was coming into focus and getting sharper, but the more certain she became about what had to be done, the more violently her hands shook. She grabbed the edge of her desk and squeezed it, shutting her eyes as she took a deep, but pointless breath. "Calm down," she shakily whispered to the empty room. It was a ridiculous request. The only people who could remain calm at a time like this were probably psychopaths. She opened her eyes and caught sight of herself in the monitor. "Ok," she told her reflection, "if we're going to panic, let's at least do it in a calm and professional way."

The sudden metallic wrenching sound of the door opening above made her jump and she waited, her heart somehow beating even more erratically in her chest. Maybe it was Oliver. Maybe he'd come back.

He hadn't.

Digg called out her name and her lungs slowly filled with air after she swallowed down her disappointment. There wasn't any time for her to get upset again- if she fell apart now Digg wouldn't go along with her plan. Oliver had made his choice, she reminded herself. Now she had to make hers. She picked a bag of detonators up off the corner of her desk and rushed to meet Digg.

"I need you to set up some charges," Felicity said, not letting him get a word out as he hit the landing. She slapped the pack full of dark, round discs against his chest and watched as he instinctively grabbed them before she marched back towards her desk. "I've marked what I think are the right support beams, but I'll leave how much explosive it'll take up to you." The blueprints for the Foundry were still displayed on her monitors and she ran her eyes over them again to double check her calculations. She didn't want to be too thorough. They didn't need to level the block.

"Uh, Felicity," Digg started, his voice further away than it should have been. She looked up and was surprised to find that he was still standing where she'd left him.


"What's going on?"

It was obvious. "We're going to blow up the Foundry."

Digg huffed out a shocked laugh. "What?"

Okay, so maybe her plan wasn't that obvious. Especially to Digg who thought he'd been summoned to give her a ride home and not to set up a controlled detonation. To be fair, she'd only realized what they needed to do after she'd hung up and had some time to think about what might happen next. It was his own fault really; if he hadn't taken twenty minutes to get there her brain wouldn't have been able to think up so many thoughts.

Diggle sighed out her name when she didn't elaborate and started looking her over with soft, concerned eyes. The feel of it made her bristle. She didn't need his sympathy, she needed his support, so if she had to walk him through this, it was fine. Actually it was probably more than fine. If Digg was focused on what she was saying, he wasn't likely to notice the rip running up the back of her dress or wonder where her underwear had run off to.

Not that there was any reason for him to notice that last part.

At least she hoped there wasn't.

Her face grew hot as her eyes darted over to the trashcan the small scrap of fabric was currently buried in. She ran her hands over her hips in what she thought was a casual manner and then let them drift down over her backside so she could reassure herself everything was still covered. Digg quirked an eyebrow at the movement and she froze. It would serve her right if he figured everything out because she was touching her own ass. She needed to stay focused.

Digg cleared his throat, and she swallowed anxiously as her hands swept back to her sides. She'd never been one to keep secrets from him, he knew her better than almost anyone else, but this felt different somehow. She didn't want one stupid mistake to change the way he thought about her. She didn't want him to think she was some silly girl who'd fallen into bed with Oliver Queen the first chance she'd been given.

Not that there'd even been a bed.

"I'm not crazy," she said sharply. "It's just a precaution."

Digg's eyes went from her face to the detonators in his hands and back. "A precaution?"

"Yes. In case the police come."

"The police?"

"Yes." Diggle shifted from side to side anxiously. He was worried. She was worried too, but for different reasons. Oliver and Sara could be under arrest. Or badly injured. Or dead. She didn't know though, because neither of them had turned on their comms. They could be as pig headed and ridiculous as they wanted though, it was still her job to protect them.

Unfortunately, she was flying blind. Her phone's continuing silence was setting her on edge, but she resisted the urge to check to see if it was working. If anything big happened Lance would call her, so the fact that it hadn't buzzed and the police scanner was quiet meant that things were relatively okay. No news was good news, her mom always said. Although, no news in this case might mean that Lance had abandoned their tentative partnership and arrested Oliver. No news might mean that the Starling City Police Department was about to bust down their doors.

She scanned the Foundry, taking in all the little details that would betray them if the cops showed up with a warrant. The glass cases and wooden crates, the medical supplies, tracking devices, explosives, and weapons- all of it screamed out illegal activity. Anyone with half a brain would recognize this place for what it was.

It had been careless of Oliver to set up the lair in a building he owned, but it had been flat out stupid of her to rebuild it there. She should have created a shell company instead and used his money to purchase a property not connected to him at all. Moira Queen had known to do that with Tempest, so why hadn't she? Probably because she hadn't spent half her life as a super villain, but still. She should have realized the risk.

The past was the past, though. What was important was taking care of the problem now. She'd thought about this moment hundreds of times since she'd joined the team, thousands, probably. She'd thought about the best way to destroy everything that could become evidence in a trial if they were discovered, but somehow she'd never really come up with a plan. When it had come to her that night, it had been amazingly simple.

They would blow up the Foundry.

For normal people, this might seem crazy, but it wasn't any crazier than jumping out of an airplane. Actually, it probably was. But for slightly less normal people who were sidekicks to vigilantes, taking out the building was the simplest solution to a complicated problem. If Oliver and Sara were taken in, the police would need to gather evidence and all the evidence linking them to their secret identities was sitting in this building. Which meant the building needed to disappear.

Digg was actually taking the news better than she'd thought he would. "Felicity, I think Oliver might be pissed if he comes back to a hole in the ground."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm not really concerned with how Oliver might feel about it at the moment."


"No Digg. If he and Sara do what they're planning on doing tonight they'll be killed or arrested. Either way the police will be coming. We have to do something."

Digg shook his head. "Do I need to remind you that there's a club full of people above our heads?"

She leaned over her desk and switched her screens to show him that she'd already hacked into the power grid for the city. "There won't be after I cut the power." She'd thought about creating a small gas leak, but this was safer. Sure, she wanted to blow up the building, but not accidentally.

Digg's voice was sterner this time. "Felicity, this is…this is..."

"This is what?" she asked, whirling around to face him. Digg was staring at her cautiously, clearly trying to find the right words to ask if she'd lost her mind without actually implying she'd lost her mind.

"Look," she began more calmly, reaching out and squeezing his arm a little. "We need to be proactive. Oliver and Sara aren't thinking, but I am. This is a good plan, John. Well, maybe not a good plan. But it's a plan."

Digg cocked an eyebrow at her and tossed the detonators onto her desk. "It's also one you can forget about. We're not doing it."



"Fine," she said angrily, stalking over to the stairs and digging into a crate that was stored beneath them. She pulled two olive green duffle bags out of it before she slammed the lid shut. "Then we should start packing. We have to at least hide the arrows. And the guns. And, well, everything that's in here." Not that emptying the place would actually matter. They could take out every weapon and gurney- the room itself would still be damning. There would be traces of blood and gunpowder, holes in the concrete from Oliver's arrows, and their fingerprints scattered over multiple surfaces. They had never been careful in this space, never tried to hide that it was their home. It seemed like reckless behavior now. Next time, they'd be smarter. If there even was a next time. It would be hard to fight crime from inside a prison.

Digg sighed as he caught the bag she tossed at him. "Felicity, we can't hide all of this. Hell, we can't hide any of this."

"Tommy did."

"That was before the lair was actually a lair," he said, frustration finally making it's way into his voice. "That was when it was a basement with a couple crates of magical island herbs and a computer that was older than you are!" Digg dropped the bag onto her chair before crossing his still surprisingly enormous arms over his chest. Felicity did her best not to be intimidated. "I know you're worried, but I'm not taking bags full of grenades home to Lyla and you're not going to hide a crate of C-4 under your bed. It doesn't even make sense. If the police come here, they'll be coming to our places too."

"Which is why this place and everything in it going up in flames is the best option, John." Digg shook his head and then stepped away from her, but she reached out and caught his elbow. "We might not even have to go through with it. We just need the charges in place in case everything goes wrong tonight." She felt some of the tension in his arm easing under her fingertips. "Please," she said softly. "I'm not just doing this for Oliver and Sara. I'm protecting us too. If all of this disappears, we can walk away clean."

"I knew the risks when I signed on. I don't regret what we've done. Do you?"

"No, but I'm not exactly keen on prison. Orange isn't really my color."

"Let's worry about that if or when we need to." Digg gave her a small smile as he clasped her hand in his. "I know you're upset with Oliver right now, but maybe he came to his senses."

No matter how much she wanted to believe that, it didn't seem possible. Even after everything that had happened between them Oliver had been completely resistant to going about this in a different way. Felicity's eyes swept over the room again, trying to imagine a happier outcome. Even if he didn't change his mind, Oliver might get away with it. He had a knack for surviving, which she'd always been grateful for. If he made it out alive and didn't get caught, nothing would change.

Except he'd be a murderer.

She knew that it wasn't fair to call him that now. She'd looked the other way in the past when he'd killed and very few of the deaths the team had been involved in had ever given her pause. But she had to draw a line now. Slade Wilson was a bad man who deserved a day of reckoning, but everything about this felt different. Killing Slade would destroy what was left of Oliver's humanity. The Mirakuru would see to it.

The adrenaline that had been coursing through her veins for the past few hours suddenly seemed to drain out of her body and she felt exhaustion creeping into her bones. All she wanted to do was crawl into bed. "This might not be the right thing to do, Digg," she confessed. "But we need to be able to fight another day."

Digg thought for a moment and then picked up the detonators. "It's just a precaution?"

Felicity nodded.

An hour later, after the club's power had been cut and the last of the disgruntled revelers had gone, the basement at Verdant was fully rigged to blow. Small blue lights blinked steadily out from the darkened corners of the basement and seeing them was somehow comforting. Being in the vigilante business had really messed with her mind.

Digg came up behind her at the desk and nodded at her monitor. "What about the computers?"

The decision should have been easy. Felicity wasn't a fool, she knew it was best to destroy them, but everything in her was screaming not to. They were beautiful and fast- they practically hummed under her fingers when she used them, and it wasn't like they'd done anything wrong. "They're encrypted," she said slowly, considering the work she'd put into those programs. "And they'd be useful to have if we need to start over. I could take them home. If the police find them, they won't get anything off them without triggering a self destruct."

"You sure?" Digg asked, looking over her system. "Back in the Army we were always stoked to find an undrilled hard drive. Oliver can always buy new ones."

He was right, but it seemed cruel to expect her to so casually leave behind everything she'd built. There really was no such thing as completely secure technology, though. The SCPD might have hired some sort of computer genius that she wasn't aware of and it would be stupid to get caught because of her ego. The smartest thing to do was to leave them behind.

She ran her hand down the side of one of the screens. "We'll leave them here."

Digg ran a hand down her back sympathetically. "You ready to go?"


There was one thing she needed to take with her, even though the safest place for it was still the Foundry. Leaving it behind wasn't an option now, not if there was a chance they wouldn't be able to come back.

She walked over to the med bay and opened the lowest drawer on one of the carts before pulling out a slightly worn looking cardboard box. She held it in her hands for a moment, unsure of how to explain it.

Digg's eyes were heavy on her when she gently placed it on one of the gurneys. "What's in the box?" he finally asked.

She ran a finger under one of the flaps, loosening it slightly as she gave him a wry grin. "What's inside isn't really important. What's important is for you not to get angry."

Digg groaned and then slowly walked to her side. "What is it?"

"It's well, it's uh…" There was no reason to be nervous. It wasn't like the boys didn't keep secrets from her all the time. There was no going back now anyway. "It's a box of drugs," she said casually, willing the universe to make it seem like it wasn't that big of a deal. "Not like Tylenol or your special aspirin, though. These are of the more illegal variety."

"How much more illegal?"

"Like highly illegal. The highest. Pun fully intended." She shot him a teasing smile. "You'll get that in a minute."

Diggle watched as she drew back the flaps and then cursed softly when the contents were finally revealed. She didn't blame him; the box was almost overflowing with contraband. There were packets of fine white powders, vials of liquid, bags of colorful circles, and a few standard orange pill bottles that were filled to the top.

She shrugged. "I told you guys we might be able to counter the Mirakuru if we were a little creative."

"I don't think any of us realized how creative you meant," Digg murmured, shaking his head. "Will it work?"

"I'm not sure. Once I got all of this, I couldn't figure out a safe way to test it. For some reason the idea of making Oliver and Sara less inhibited in a uncontrolled environment really started to seem like a bad one."

"You don't say," Digg mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. "So why is it still here?"

"Insurance." Felicity sighed as she reached into the box and began rummaging around. "When Roy was at his worst, I couldn't stop thinking about how powerless we were. Even if we found the cure, how would we give it to him? I mean, we couldn't catch him, we couldn't even talk to him without someone getting hurt. You guys needed a way to take him out." She dumped the contents of the box onto the table and started sorting through the vials.

"What are you looking for?"

"Pancrinium," she responded, flipping on the overhead light as she stumbled a little over the pronunciation. "Or Pancuronium? Something along those lines. It causes paralysis in 3 minutes. It's what they use in lethal injections before they actually..." she turned to face him as she lifted her finger and slid it across her throat. "Not that I wanted to kill Roy. I just wanted to make sure he couldn't-."

Her words died off when Digg suddenly grabbed her face and tilted her head to the side. His fingers ran over her neck lightly, his mouth twisting into a frown as he looked her over. "There are marks on your neck."

Felicity cursed herself silently.

Digg's eyes hardened. "Are these fingerprints? Did Oliver-"

"What? No! Oh god, no Digg. It's not what you think," she began, her hand slapping gracelessly over his. "Although, now that I've said it's not what you think you might have thought something else, so I guess it might be what you're currently thinking. But I'm not hurt. Oliver and I we just, we… oh wow. I didn't want to blurt it out like this. Although, I'm not sure this can be considered blurting at this point. It seems like a lot of set up for me." She snapped her mouth shut. Why couldn't she ever just play it cool?

Digg's hands fell away from her. "What happened?"

Just rip off the band-aid. That was another thing her mom always said. She squared her shoulders and looked Digg in the eye. "I had sex with Oliver."

Digg made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a gasp, although she doubted he'd ever admit it. "What?" he asked.

She shook her head rapidly and took a step back from him. What had she been thinking? Her mother was wrong- her mother was always wrong! Ripping off the band aid had been a terrible plan, she should have put more band aids on instead. "N-nothing," she stammered, her brain spinning. "You didn't hear what you think you heard." She desperately tried to figure out what else she could have said. I had Chex with Oliver? Tex-mex? "I wouldn't have sex with Oliver. Especially not here."

"You had sex with him here?"

"That is not why I want to blow up the building!"

Digg's eyes rounded. "Felicity!"

"No! No, everything is fine!" Felicity said, her words suddenly shaded with hysteria as they began rushing out. "It's not a big deal. Oliver and I just had sex. Once. Okay, technically twice. First against that wall," she said, her hand suddenly rising away from her body and pointing to the spot, "and then a little bit over there, on that mat." Her finger trailed towards the mat under the salmon ladder and her eyes rounded in horror as she realized she was pointing out the greatest hits on the Felicity Smoak Foundry Sex Tour. Her arm dropped back down to her side with a slap and she looked up at him with rapidly reddening cheeks. "I promise to disinfect it."

She waited, but Digg didn't say a word. "Just…uh, don't maybe work out on that one until I do, okay? And maybe not even then. It sort of seems inappropriate. Actually, I'll burn it."

Silence wrapped around them when she ran out of words, but John didn't seem to have any intention of picking up her slack. She hadn't been expecting high fives or enthusiastic congratulations, but it wasn't like she'd confessed to killing someone. "You're being awfully quiet," she said. "I know you pride yourself on being unflappable and all, but a flap or two is probably appropriate here."

"Trust me, I'm flapping on the inside."

Digg, I know this is-"

"No, you know what? I'm making a rule. No more sex in the Foundry. This is a place for work. Only work things should happen here."

Her lips curled up a little. "Well, technically you don't even work here anymore, so I'm not sure you get to make that kind of rule, but okay, yeah. It seems like a good one. Those mats are expensive."

Digg turned in what she assumed was exasperation and walked away, circling through the open space behind her as his hands ran over his face. Felicity tore her eyes away from him and blinked back fresh tears as she looked over the narcotics covered gurney. When had her life turned into such a circus?

Digg's voice was soft when he finally spoke. "There were a million times I thought this was going to happen, Felicity. Under normal circumstances, I'd be happy for you, for both of you, but now? When Oliver's-"

"Out of his mind on Mirakuru?" She smiled weakly and blew out an unsteady breath. "Yeah. I sure know how to pick my moment."

"It's not funny," he said crossing back to her side. "He's dangerous. And that's not even taking Sara into consideration right now. How did this happen?"

"I'm not really sure" she began. "We were fighting, just fighting like we usually do, with words and angry faces. But then kissing got involved, and suddenly the wall was just…right there, and, I don't know. It happened so fast. The build up, I mean. The sex itself was the right length. Just like his pe-"

"Stop!" Digg interrupted, his hands flying up and waving in surrender.

An awkward silence blanketed the room again as she watched her friend processing everything she'd told him. He was clearly having some sort of internal discussion with himself and she wondered what kind of lecture she was in store for. She'd never really gotten the full experience, but she'd heard him give them to Oliver often enough to know that it might be a doozy. She looked down at her feet, and shuffled in her too high heels. When she'd put them on earlier in the evening her biggest fear had been that she might get a blister.

Digg sighed and then stepped towards her, gently placing his hand back on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

She rapidly shook her head no and looked up at him. "I don't have any underwear on." Digg's eyebrows practically leapt into his hairline. She dropped her head into her hands. "I'm sorry," she muttered, "you did not need to know that."

Digg nodded, but then slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug, his hand running soothingly over her back. She felt his chest rumble as he laughed lightly. "Do you have a bag of spare…things or something here for situations like this?"

She looked up at him, one eyebrow lifting in surprise. "Are you asking if I have a pair of emergency underwear standing by in case of an ill advised sexual escapade? Because if you are, the answer is no."

He shook his head, "That's not even close to what I was asking."

"Good, because, I've never needed emergency underwear before, Digg. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've had sexual escapades. Lots of them. With very nice Jewish boys and one Buddhist. But those were not ill advised, they were well advised and took place in beds and the backseats of cars and my underwear always came home with-"

"Can we please stop talking about your underwear?" Digg asked, almost groaning.

Felicity blushed and nodded furiously before turning away from him. She took a moment to pull herself together, wiping at her eyes with her fingertips in order to brush away the tears that were threatening to fall again. When she felt calmer, she reached over and started scooping all of the drugs back up into the box.

"It's going to be okay, Felicity."

She nodded as she dropped the last handful in. "I made a mistake."

"Then we'll fix it."


He blew out a lungful of air and shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. Alcohol?"

She gave him a small smile. "Maybe another night," she said, picking up the box. "I think I'd really like to go home now."

Digg nodded. "Let me just make sure everything is all set.

A few moments later he was ushering her up the stairs. When they reached the door, he drew his gun from his holster and the sound of the safety clicking off echoed loudly in her ears. She wanted to believe he was protecting her from Slade, or even the police, but something in her told her that he thought the biggest threat was their friends. "Is that really necessary?" Felicity asked.

Digg shrugged his shoulders. "I hope not." He pushed open the door and stepped out, his gun trailing a path across the open space of the alley until he judged it to be safe. "Let's go."

She walked beside him through the parking lot and slid into the car when he opened the door for her. Her body was trembling slightly, but she refused to give into the temptation to cry. She'd given enough of her tears to Oliver tonight.

Dig started the engine and they rode in silence, the minutes stretching out over the miles, as the car sped through the city. She watched Digg check his mirrors repeatedly, his worried eyes looking back at the road they'd already traveled as if he expected someone or something to come racing up behind them.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked.

"Nothing, really," he said, pausing for a moment. "Roy, I guess."

Her chest tightened at the thought of the boy, but then she laughed. "Why? Did he have sex with Oliver too?"

Digg shot her a look and then laughed softly with her. "No, he was just right about something."

"Right about what?"

"He said you and Oliver would be together within six months. I had you guys pegged for needing another year."

She shifted in her seat. "You guys were speculating on my love life?"

"Yeah, a little. You upset?"

"At least there were two people that thought I could have one." She smiled wistfully, thinking about their fallen friend. "Roy wasn't right though. Oliver and I aren't together."


"No, it wasn't like, building a future sex. It was more like, going off to war sex."

"Going off to war sex?"

She lifted an eyebrow at him. "Don't expect me to believe for one second you don't know exactly what I mean."

"Alright, so, what? This was a one time thing?"

"Well, seeing as I'm not speaking to him right now, I'd say so. At least I think I'm not speaking to him. I haven't really tested the theory."

Digg focused on the road for a bit as he mulled something over. "Have you thought about Sara?"

Of course she'd thought about Sara, how could she not have. A deep sense of shame swept through her. "Yes."

"Oliver won't let her hurt you. And neither will I."

"If I were her, I'd kill me."

"Really?" Digg grumbled. "If I were her, I'd kill Oliver."

"She might, Digg." Felicity said, softly. She looked out the window, her eyes focusing on the world outside as they turned a tight corner. The view changed instantly, the way it did sometimes in cities. Trendy shops and dimly lit restaurants disappeared and perfectly manicured lawns and well-appointed houses began flying by. It all still felt unfamiliar.

She'd only moved out this way a few weeks ago, on Laurel's recommendation, strangely enough. It had been a neighborhood she'd mentioned Sara should consider settling down in when she'd officially come back from the dead. Sara had ignored the advice, but Felicity had run with it. Laurel might have been a pill-popping alcoholic, but the girl knew her real estate.

Her new townhouse was lovely with its modern appliances and granite countertops, a definite improvement over the chipped tiles and not quite cold enough freezer she'd been living with the past few years. Everything was new and shiny and she was sure she'd grow to love it once she finally had the time to unpack. Right now, though, it still felt a bit like she was staying in someone else's space.

She felt a pang of longing for her old apartment in the Glades. She'd loved living there, loved her neighbors and her elderly doorman, the corner bodega selling fresh flowers out front and the Korean taco stand that was open until two. Before the Undertaking, before she'd known the overwhelming nature of guilt and grief, she'd never thought about living in any other part of town. Over the last year, though, the jagged cracks that ran through the streets of the Glades had turned into crooked fingers pointing heavy accusations in her direction. The makeshift memorials that continued to pop up on street corners had started to whisper that the blame for the destruction was hers. Living where she had been living meant there was never a reprieve from the darkest truth in her life- she had failed the city. She'd tipped Merlyn off when she'd put the Trojan into his mainframe and lost them the time they'd needed to go through his data- the time they had needed to stop him. There had been countless nights when the photo walls of the victims had caught her eye as she was driving home and she'd had to pull over from the weight of so many lost lives on her shoulders. She'd never told anyone.

Not that there was really someone to tell.

"Whatever you're thinking inside that head of yours, stop," Digg said. "Don't be so hard on yourself."

He reached over to squeeze her hand and she squeezed back, appreciating once again how strong he was, how capable. He was the only person in her life who'd never let her down. It was a shame he couldn't say the same thing about her. "Why not?" she asked. "I might have ruined everything. You walking away for a while, that's something we can fix later. But this, I don't know how to make this go away."

"Do you want it to?"

"It doesn't matter what I want. None of this is real."

"What do you mean?"

An alert went off on her phone. "It's just the Mirakuru," she said, reaching into her bag to find it. As she rummaged around it buzzed again and then again. Diggle glanced over at her nervously- multiple alerts were never a good thing. Her hand finally wrapped around her cell and her stomach dropped as she read the message aloud. "There's been a shooting at a political fundraiser downtown," she said, trying to stay calm, but failing as she pulled up her contacts. "I'm calling Lance."

Diggle flipped on the radio, tuning into a local news station. The cold, analytical voice of a reporter filled the air, her words clipped and fast as she mentioned the possibility that Moira Queen had been shot. Felicity kept the phone up to her ear, desperately waiting for Lance to pick up, but he didn't.

They listened as the reporter plucked a man from the crowd of people the police were ushering out of the building and asked him to confirm Moira's status. "The attacker was shot, not Mrs. Queen," the witness corrected, his voice thin, but certain. "He burst in wearing a mask and started shouting at Slade Wilson. It was terrifying."

Felicity's heart leapt into her throat and she felt herself being pressed against the door as Diggle whipped the car around at full speed, heading away from the residential area and back towards the city. They flew through the streets, Digg's eyes intent on the road ahead as she used her tablet to once again hack into the EMS services of the city.

They heard the first report of his death from a police captain calling for the coroner over her car's radio. The face beneath the mask had been revealed, much to the shock of everyone that had known him. They had a positive ID.

Sebastian Blood was dead.