A/N: This is a Story about a man who has it all; the face, the body, the ladies, and the fortune – everything he dreamt about having. He wouldn't change a thing. Would he? He's never had to face that question, because who would trade that sort of life in for the ordinary? He dreamt of big things growing up, and she just wanted happiness in a content life with the man she loved. But when Edward gets a taste of what he missed out on – in an extraordinary way – he learns that sometimes the luke warm life can be extravagant.

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Rated M.

Who am I? I'm that guy you see getting into that car that looks like it costs more that your house – it probably does. I'm the man who wears Armani suits and Rolexes to work just because I can. I'm the guy who has that heart stopping grin that makes your girl swoon while you idly talk about your boring ass day. I'm the guy who has it all.

I'm the guy you wish you could be.

Cocky? Yes. A fucking brilliant business man? Hell yeah. A rich kid who had everything handed to him on a silver platter? You'd think so, wouldn't you…

But no, that's not the case. You see I had to work hard to afford this life. To afford the name Edward Cullen. I may be an asshole, a bastard, the motherfucker who just complained about a chef's five star soup and then fucked his waitress in the bathroom, but I worked hard in my life to be able to say any of that. Sure I had to lose a lot to get here… but what's life without a bargaining? Who has the bigger condo, which has the nicest car? Who has the prettier piece of pussy giggling and hanging off his arm? It's all just a game that I'm fucking good at.

I grew up in the tiniest waste of land space Forks Washington. Smack dab in the middle of No Where County, and the town of Misery. I guess you could say I come from Chicago, but I did 'grow up' in Forks. It's where I learned a lot of things. That's where I found her.

Fuck! Don't think about that shit now. Leave it buried where it's supposed to be.

Composing myself I shift slightly on my feet with a low sigh. The line at Starbucks is a fucking mile and a half long, just pairs and pairs of people waiting for their turn to be at the counter. It's loud, and I hear a squeal from a nearby child making me cringe in the slightest.

"Fuck this." I huff under my breath.

Passing the people in front of me without even so much of a glance, and ignoring the protests, I make my way to a small blond refilling the cup dispenser. She turns around with wide blue eyes swallows as she looks at me dressed in my best clothing. She can't be more than 16.

"Hi," I mumble as I whip out my members card from my wallet, "One medium black coffee."

"Yes, Sir," She responds quietly, swiping my card with shaky fingers. A lock of hair falls in front of her face and she nervously tucks it back behind her ear. "Th-that'll be one minute, please."

I curtly nod and step back some, ignoring all the people to my left.

"Hey, I know who you are!" a high voice says from beside me.

I jump and look down at a short woman to my right. There wasn't anyone by me before, where the fuck did she appear from? She stares up at me with almost a… smug… smile of her face.

I run one hand through my unruly hair and take a deep breath before answering, "Of course you do."

"You're Edward Cullen!"

"Yes, I am." I say slowing and without interest as if she's a child. She does remind me of one; short, giving off a hyper vibe like fucking waves, and her voice 3 octaves higher than a normal persons. But she's obviously around my age.

"You must really like your life, you know, considering what I've heard about it…" she says coyly.

I purse my lips with the resemblance of a small smirk, "I do – thanks." I answer, suddenly having an interest with the buy 2 get 1 free sign, swaying from the ceiling.

She continues like I've never spoken a word, "With all the advantages you can have with the snap of a finger."

I stare down at her incredulously, "You're right, I do love my fucking life… do you like yours?" I mock.

"Yeah," She smiles, "But I usually have to deal with a lot assholes." She snickers in on her own joke.

My order is called up and I step forward, thanking God that I don't have to talk to the crazy woman anymore, and grab my coffee. With a small nod towards the young worker I turn around and nearly collide with the woman, stopping just inches from her body I hold my coffee up higher, trying not to spill it.

"What the hell?!" I shout.

"Just tell me one thing, Edward Cullen." She says cryptically quiet, only a few inches from my face, "Would you change your life if you could?"

My eyebrows nit together with question, "No," I grind out. 'Get the fuck out of my way!'

She steps back and out of my path with a whimsical musical laugh like it's hilarious, and gestures for me to walk past her. I trudge past and hope to the Gods that I never have to fucking see that crazy women again. There's a reason why some people are on fucking medication.

Forgetting the crazy fucking scene back there I get into my car and drive to work.


Did you know that after the first year 50% - 70% of new businesses tank? After the second, the third, the fourth, and then the fifth the risk gets lower, but it's the first year that can really make or break what you've been working towards your whole life. I did, and I still continued to go forward with my plans of being CEO of Cullen Inc. At the age of 21 my business employed a few thousand, and it kept growing as our stats grew with more potential. At the age of 25 I employed 30,000. And now at 27 I can say that I proudly employ 400,000 people in the work force. 400,000 people sitting under my thumb. That's 400,000 people that count on me to help them feed their families, feed Fido, and keep up the mortgages on their houses.

As the faint buzz of my computer titters in the background, and the almost incoherent tock of the clock ticks behind me on my egg shell white wall, I stare out at the New York sky line from my ceiling to wall window. The view is vibrant and the color is nice, and I take this time to think about where I am in my life. I'm fucking king. This is what I always dreamed about and I'm here – with more than I could have ever imagined. It's times like this where I let my mind wander to places I hardly ever go to anymore.

'Would you change your life if you could?'

"Ha," I scoff. What kind of fucking question was that anyway? And why the fuck did she bother to ask it? I'm Edward Cullen! I'm the CEO of this fucking world, let alone my company! I'm… I'm…

"I know you're Edward Cullen!" She cried, "But you're not my Edward anymore! You're driven with nothing but anger and I hate it!"

"I'm building this life for us! And your either going to live it with me, or watch me live it by myself!" I yelled back.

I remember the stony tears that fell from those chocolate browns in one of our first fights of many. I couldn't watch her cry again so I did what any cowered would have done, I looked away near the forest tree line just behind her head and let her slip slowly slip from my grasp.

I'm torn away from thoughts as I hear my door fly open and quickly shut again. Swiveling my chair around I see Kate walk in with her 'fuck me' red high heels and her tight 'bend me over' leopard print one shoulder short dress. I welcome the distraction from the painful memories and even manage a small smile when I see a pink frosted cupcake in her palms, topped off with a single blue candle flickering with her movements.

With a seductive smirk she sat down directly in front of me on top of my redwood desk and leanes in closer, gently tugging on the end of my tie to pull me closer.

"Happy birthday, Mr. Cullen," her red lips smirked, "Make a wish."

Looking down at the cupcake in the middle of us I quickly blew it out and roughly set it aside, standing up and pouncing on her.

Remember that piece of pussy that I mentioned before? Well, meet example 1. Kate Denali. She's a good fuck – I'm not going to sugar coat it. I might even say a good friend if she weren't so dim witted at times, but a nice piece of ass all the same, just one of many, and a dime a dozen in my world. Being the rich girl that she is it wasn't hard landing an even richer fuck buddy as me.

As her hands start to slip to the lapels of my suit jacket trying to gently push it off I pull back with a smirk coating my lips, "Uh, uh, uh," I admonish, "I'm at work, you know the rules about that."

"But it's your birthday!" she pouts.

"Exactly," I chuckle, slipping her off my desk and fixing the papers so they're once more in three neat piles. I then turn to here again, "I'll see you later."

With one last peck on the lips I swat her quickly on the ass and shoe her out my office doors. I have work to get done.

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