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"That's why you brought me here? To show me all that I'm missing out on?" She hisses, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, "You're ridiculous, Edward Cullen! And you haven't changed a bit from the day I said good-bye!"

"You're wrong, Bella. I have changed; a couple billions have been added to my name since then just like I anticipated."

I watch as she puts her bag back around her shoulder and stands up, trying to look presentable once again as she flattens her hair and blouse. She walks away from the table only to stop a few feet and then turns towards me again – they always come back one way or another. I smile deviously at the thought.

"You know, I actually thought that maybe you were back to the same Edward that Carlisle and Esme saved from Chicago all those years ago. That maybe somehow getting your dream and more made you humble," She accuses, pointing at me with tears in her eyes, "That maybe you were the Edward I fell in love with! But you're not. Your worse. I missed you, Edward. But not this side of the you." She shakes her head, her brown wavy locks moving across her collar bone, "Never this one."

I sigh, "Bella, please come back!" I run after her, through the people trying to dodge waiters, "I'm sorry! Give me another chance to show you that I do care about you!" Give me another chance to get you into my bed, half of my heart calls while the other half is sincerely trying.

"Well you won't get any more chances!" She calls before she gets to the door, "I'm moving to France!"

Well fuck.

And I swear, just as a small, short waitress with matching short dark hair passes with a tray of food propped up in one hand I hear her say, "Asshole," under her breath.


I decide not to call anyone to come and pick me up, nor do I want anyone to see me in the state I am in at moment. Anger. That would be an accurate description of how I feel right now. Defeat, as well, though it's a foreign feeling and it gives me a twisted pain in my side like a thorn.

So I walk. I walk around with the plan of either getting drunk off my ass or finding a brunette that resembles that woman who walked out of that restaurant. Perhaps out of my life once again, but the bitter part of me scoffs at that thought. No, she'll come back. They all do. She seen what she was missing out on and will soon realize the big mistake she made once again.

I laugh once; France? What the hell is there for her in France? Bagels and mimes and shit. She'll be back. I know it.

A few hours later I stumble out of a bar just south of my apartment. I'm not as hammered as I would have liked to be, not by far, but just enough to make me feel like me again.

I laugh once; ten feet tall and bullet proof.

I curse as I tumble over my two left feet and almost run into a small girl that stands on the side of the walk. I brace myself to catch myself against the brick wall but surprised when the women catches me and grabs the lapels of my jacket – almost like she was anticipating it.

She smiles as she looks up at me, a smug look colors her almost childlike face and an odd familiar feeling pokes at the back of my brain, but for the life of me I can't grasp where I've seen her before.

"Why hello there, Big Fella," her chime-like voice sings.

She lets me go and I stumble backwards, groaning as my ass meets the cold pavement.

Her shadow over-casts me and I look up. She stands dominant to me with her small arms on her slim hips.

"Remember me?" She bends down so she only inches away.

"No," I shake my head wearily.

She sighs dramatically and pinches the bridge of her nose, muttering to herself, "Oh, the head-aches people give me."

Her small hand grasps mine and – for being such a tiny girl – I'm surprised as she helps me up off the ground and standing against a street pole.

"So here's the deal, Hun, I'm Alice – you're spiritual tour guide blah blah blah, I'm here to help you straighten the fuck up before you face eternal doom yada yada yada, I've met you once before at you're birthday and am basically disgusted by you aaaand so one," She smiles brightly.

"Wait," I shake my head, "My spiritual what?"

"Tour guide," She nods once, looking up at me.

I rub the corners of my eyes with my thumb and forefinger, trying to get everything straightened up in my fucked up foggy brain. "Seriously, are you even speaking English? What, you want money? Are you high off acid or some shit? Crazy one-night-stand stalker?"

"Ugh! Gross!" She yells before keeling over making gagging noises, "Nope, nope, and hell no, Edward."

With one swift movement she's gone from in front of me and sits on the cement window sill a few places away, seemingly filing her nails with one leg crossed over the other.

I stumble back once more, looking at the women… this thing in a new light. I have no clue what the hell she is, but all I know is I want to get the fuck away. "Holy Hell..."

"Oh, hush," She scoffs, looking up for a moment, "Any who, I'm here to help you."

"What the hell would you help me with?" I stuttered, suddenly clear from my drunken haze. "I'm… I'm wealthy, and important, and have everything I want!"

She looks over at me, an amused brow raised.

"So leave me alone!" I demand "I'm doing great!"

I watch as she leaps from her spot and watches me warily, "Are you Edward Mason? Are you really?"

"Don't fucking call me that!" I scream, my gut twisting in pain, "And leave me the hell alone you crazy bitch!"

I get up from the sidewalk and start running towards the nearest gas station I see at full speed. She won't be able to catch up with me. And when I get there I'll have witnesses and maybe insane girl will leave me the fuck be.

As I come up a corner I look back to make sure she isn't following. When I turn around I stop in my tracks as I come face to face with one mad looking woman.

I scream and before I can move she grabs onto my shirt, bringing my face to hers.

"Listen Buddy," she pokes my chest hard, "I don't exactly like you either but name calling isn't necessary."

She lets me go and starts to pace in front of me, her hands once again on her hips and her spiky hair pointing in all directions. It's not until now I see what she's wearing; a sparkling purple shirt that hangs off of one shoulder, and cut off blue jean shorts over black fishnet stalkings. Her high healed high-tops smack against the pavement as she runs her black painted finger-nails through her hair.

"You know, maybe I don't exactly love my job. You people ever think of that?! Maybe, just maybe the spiritual angel has problems of her own! Maybe Alice was cut off at the four-oh-five this morning by some ass-hole in a Volkswagen bug. Maybe Alice has a fucking life of her own that she lives day-by-day like the rest of us and is struggling to make ends meet too! Do you people ever stop and think that I might have problems of my own!" She breaths heavily, taking a moment to calm herself down, "Remember what your therapist said, Alice. Anger isn't a feeling it's an action." She repeats over and over again until she calmed down enough.

Moments pass as I stare at her in shock, not knowing what the fuck to do. I really have no experience with chicks when they PMS or freak the fuck out on me, so I stand there wanting nothing more than to get the hell away from here.

"I'm sorry…" I swallow, running a hand through my hair.

She sniffs, wiping an unseen tear away, "Thank you. Sometimes that's all that needs to be said."

I fight to not roll my eyes; woman, such drama queens.

"So, let's try this again, shall we? I'm Mary Alice Brandon – but I go by Alice. I'm here to show you something."

"Show me what?" I ask hesitantly.

"What you could have had," She smiles, her eyes dancing with mirth.

I stare at her stunned. Honestly, whatever the hell she's on – I'll take two. She's absolutely absurd. And by now it's best if I just played along.

"I'm sorry, is this the part where the cynical music starts and lightning strikes in the background?" I smirk.

She shrugs, "I've never been much for the dramatics since my younger years but if you insist…"

"And what about the faint sound of a woman's screams in the background to make me really shiver in my boots," I raise an amused eyebrow.

"Well now you're just being silly." She waves me off, "I can't bring anyone else into you're spiritual journey or else I'd get in major trouble with the Big Guy." She points upwards.

I laugh, "Who? God?"

She raises an eyebrow, "What other 'Big Guy' is there? Jeez, Edward, try to keep up please."

I shift on my feet as she continues.

"So, as I was saying; what you could have had." She continues.

"Okay," I shrug.

"What?" She says after a beat, "What do you mean 'Okay'? This is serious!"

"I am being serious," I spread my arms out and close my eyes, "Do what you want. Show me what I could have had or whatever the fuck you called it. But, uh, if you don't mind, can we hurry this thing along? I have an early meeting tomorrow morning and I'd like to be awake for it." I smile, opening on eye.

She stands in front of me with her arms crossed and an unused expression marred on her petite features.

"You know what? Fine." She sighs, walking up to me.

I smile smugly; Miss Alice is throwing in the towel.

I stay with my eyes closed, awaiting this big bad fate she's been mumbling about for what seems my whole life.

I feel a quick thwap on my forehead. I open my eyes and rub the spot, "What the hell?"

She hits me again with her tiny palm.


"Have fun, Edward." She says menacingly.


"Hey! Stop that!" I growl.


Soon she seems to be getting farther and farther from my view, like she's looking down at me as I fall deeper into Alice's rabbit hole. I would have scoffed if it weren't for my internal self freaking the fuck out. I try to yell but it's not use, I make not sounds no matter how hard I try. I am weightless and I feel nothing as I plummet deeper and deeper in only God knows where.

The gray clouds swirl in front of my heavy eyes and I struggle to stay awake. But it doesn't work, and soon I am falling under into unconsciousness.

Sorry it was a bit short!