Sebastian was just not helping. It wasn't that he outright refused to pack up their things or bring them to the car, but every time Kurt tried to get the two of them ready to leave - finally out of the hotel and on the road - Sebastian did something, anything, to slow him down.

Something that usually included Sebastian on his knees with Kurt's cock in his mouth.

"Sebastian, could you hand me that last suitcase?" Kurt asked as he tried to pack what was left of their shirts and jeans. But all thoughts of the suitcase were immediately abandoned when Sebastian got on his knees, popped open Kurt's fly, and started eagerly blowing his boyfriend.

"Sebastian," Kurt moaned, finding himself on his back on the bed for the fifth time that day. "Sebastian, we have to get goi-oh God, yes! Yes! Just like that!"

"Mm-hmm," Sebastian murmured in agreement as he wrapped his tongue around Kurt's erection and stroked. Sebastian knew every way imaginable to make Kurt fall apart, and he intended on taking advantage of it for as long as possible. It didn't matter to Sebastian that half of the time he stripped Kurt naked and went down on him, the door to their hotel room hung wide open, or that every article of clothing waiting to be packed lay in neat piles beneath them as Kurt writhed and moaned. Those things concerned Kurt, not Sebastian. Sebastian had become a single-minded monster, and his thoughts too often strayed down Kurt's pants.

By late afternoon, the Porsche was finally packed up and ready to go, but Sebastian had Kurt spread out on the hotel bed, naked, basking in the sunlight streaming in through the open window. Sebastian sat between Kurt's legs with them wrapped around his hips while he simply touched Kurt, stroked him, fondled him, massaged a hand up his abs and then ran a single finger tickling along the trail of hair that led back down. Kurt had stopped arguing with Sebastian, instead surrendering to his insistent mouth and his talented hands.

Kurt rolled his head back and forth on the mattress, humming contentedly beneath his lover's touch, hovering just beyond the reach of cumming. He peeked up at Sebastian, figuring his sadistic boyfriend was smirking at him, taking pleasure in the sweet agony he inflicted. But Sebastian's eyes stared off in the distance, his thoughts miles away.

"Sebastian…" Kurt said, trying to bring his boyfriend's mind back to the present. "Sebastian, tell me what's wrong."

Sebastian's eyes flicked down to meet Kurt's worried gaze, his cocky smile sliding back into place as if it had never left; it was simply waiting to be revealed.

"Nothing's wrong, gorgeous." He slipped over Kurt's stretched-out body, kissing the dips and planes of his skin along the way. As good as that felt, Kurt frowned, looping his arms behind Sebastian's neck when he came within reach.

"You've been stalling all day." Kurt giggled when Sebastian nibbled on a ticklish spot. "I'm starting to think that maybe you don't want to meet my dad." He pouted, sticking out his lower lip and blinking his eyes, opening them comically wide. Sebastian looked at his silly spectacle and laughed.

"As exciting as meeting your dad sounds" - Sebastian grabbed Kurt's lower lip between his thumb and index finger and playfully pinched - "it's not that."

Kurt raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Really, it's not," Sebastian insisted. "It's just…after all that's happened, we finally have this time alone. It belongs to us, and I don't want to waste a minute of it. I want us to be together, all the time, in every conceivable way…"

Sebastian kissed Kurt with those words. Kurt sighed, the gentle sound rushing past his lips, and Sebastian shared in that sigh, breathed him in. Kurt opened his mouth to speak, but Sebastian quickly clamped a hand over it, quieting him.

"But, I know you want to see your dad. I know how much you miss him. I know you're eager to get to Ohio, so…let me make love to you one last time, and I promise we'll go."

Kurt smiled behind Sebastian's hand, placing a kiss to his palm. Sebastian removed his hand from Kurt's mouth to let him answer.

"One more time," Kurt conceded, "but I get to make love to you this time."

"Ooo, even better." Sebastian grabbed Kurt around the waist and flipped them over so he was lying on his back with Kurt straddling his hips. He stretched his arms up over his head and bucked his hips. "Have at me, big boy."

Sebastian watched from the doorway as Kurt went over the room three more times, searching through drawers and wardrobes, even into dressers Sebastian knew they didn't use, before he declared it clean and gave them the thumbs up to leave. By the time they checked out of the hotel, the sun had started to set.

"Come on, come on, come on! Let's go, Hummel!" Sebastian hurried them to his car, finally looking forward to getting on the road and feeling the last rays of the sun on his face, the wind whipping through his hair. God, he loved driving his Porsche. And he loved Kurt. Having Kurt in his Porsche would be its own heaven.

Sebastian practically skipped over to the passenger door and unlocked it, holding it open for Kurt with a gallant low bow. Kurt laughed, sliding into the leather seat.

"Thank you, sir."

"You're very welcome." Sebastian winked, closing in for a kiss.

"Uh-uh, none of that," Kurt said, tightening his lips, "or we'll never get out of here."

"Oh, we're leaving. But so you know, I fully intend on blowing you in this car," Sebastian informed him. "Just not in the underground parking lot of a hotel. I do have some taste."

"Well, thank goodness." Kurt laughed, his lips still pressed against Sebastian's.

Sebastian heard his cell phone ringing in his pocket, and he nearly jumped to answer it. He knew it could only be one person, but he checked the display anyway, grinning at the name flashing across the screen.

"Just one more second, gorgeous," Sebastian said, closing Kurt's door and answering the call. "Hey, bro. What's up?" He made his way around the rear of the car to the driver's side door while he talked to his brother. "You keeping tabs on us? Making sure that we're leaving on time?"

"Well, we're excited to meet this amazing man of yours." Richard laughed half-heartedly. Sebastian laughed back, but he caught the twinge of sadness in his brother's voice. Richard's laugh died out, settling into an awkward silence.

"So, what's up?" Sebastian asked. "The car's all packed; I've got Kurt inside it, waiting. I really would like to get on the road before it gets dark."

"Uh, I just wanted to know when we can expect you." It sounded a bit like a lie...or an omission.

"We're going to hit Kurt's dad's place in Lima first," Sebastian explained, leaning his hip against the door. He knew Kurt watched him through the window, but he didn't make eye contact, needing the detachment to concentrate on what his brother had to say. "Then we'll head to Westerville so, I don't know, four or five days?"

"Oh…okay." Richard sounded disheartened. Another awkward silence followed, and Sebastian felt like he was missing something, something he was supposed to know. He wanted to tell his brother to spit it out, but he held back. After everything Richard had done for Sebastian and Kurt, Sebastian owed him that much. He knew Richard was under a lot of pressure, and Sebastian wanted to help, but he was still hundreds of miles away. He was beginning to get frustrated. He didn't like all of this beating around the bush.

"Richard…" Sebastian's stomach tied itself into a knot at the sound of resignation in his own voice, kind of in the same way it did when Kurt, standing at the threshold of his house, broke up with him in an effort to save his life. But that had been a ruse. Kurt had been trying to send him a message, using clues in plain sight. Sebastian felt like Richard was trying to do the same thing, but he couldn't make the connections this time. "What's going on?"

Richard swallowed so hard that Sebastian heard it over the phone. "I really think I should tell you when you get…"

"Please, Richard!" Sebastian interrupted harshly, coming to a breaking point. "Don't string me along! I'm a long ways from home, so please…just tell me what's going on."

Richard sighed, and Sebastian held his breath, bracing himself for the worst.

"It's mom," Richard said quietly. "She's getting worse, and dad…" He paused, breathing a longer, heavier sigh. Sebastian could feel it weighing down his whole body. "He wants to put her in a home."