Hey guys! Okay so the fic will be about what would happen if Tsunade had a nephew like the original Tobirama living during Naruto's time. His age is the same as Kakashi's so he is part of the Gai, Asuma generation. I was curious to see what would happen if their was another character around in the mix and Tobirama happens to be a favorite character of mine. This was just a plot bunny which I had to write down because it was stuck in my head. If enough people like it however I will probably continue it. The changes that occurred will be addressed in flashback or character reference so don't worry if everything isn't addressed immediatly. If anyone has any tips, feedback criticism etc. I welcome everything.


The sunset bathed the entire compound in majestic red hues. The warmth of the sun settled on Sasuke's face as he sat on the porch of his house kicking his feet off the wooden elevation rather unceremoniously. He could hear the water running in the kitchen and the kettle whistling indicating that his mother was preparing dinner. Inclining his head at an angle he took in the peace trying in vain to settle the worry settling at the pit of his stomach. His brother would make it home. He had too! Itachi never broke a promise. A small voice in his head whispered that Itachi had never been this late from a mission.

Sasuke would never admit it but he also missed the annoying Anbu that usually tagged along whenever his brother came home from his missions. Sasuke felt it was unfair that some random white haired baka of a Senju could spend more time with his brother then he did. He couldn't even understand why his brother brought the man home when it was clear that most of Uchiha in the compound did not tolerate the Senju. Most of the hate came in stares and whispers but a couple of times he had seen some of the Genin take good aim with mud ball's. He didn't know why the Senju didn't just move out of the way even with their good aim Genin were nothing to what an Anbu was but for some reason at least one of the balls always hit their mark after a mud round. But it wasn't his business so he would just stick pestering the man to train him because the threat of having someone else teach Sasuke how to fight seemed to give Itachi a wakeup call on needing to spend time with Sasuke. Maybe he was afraid Sasuke might decide he was better off without him, he couldn't suppress a smirk as the thought crossed his mind.

The rays of the sun set. He could hear the crickets chirping merrily away only plummeting his uneasy feeling further down his gut. Uchiha didn't cry but no one ever said it was easy to keep a poker face, especially if the poker face belonged to an almost eight year old with a dark imagination. Sasuke jumped up suddenly as he saw two figures make their way to his house. He suppressed a holler of joy because Uchiha don't holler or jump and settled for walking to greet them.

Itachi had a hand slung over the man wearing an Anbu mask who seemed to be supporting every pound of his brother's weight. Itachi attempted a smile in Sasuke's direction but the fuming Uchiha ignored the gesture and ran straight at his brother nearly nocking both figures down. Itachi nodded and was lowered to the ground by the Senju who had also grunted in pain when Sasuke in his passionate moment nearly ran both Anbu over.

"You baka! Why aren't you in the hospital?" Sasuke raged.

His brother poked him in the forehead as he tried to remove the armor. "Not wounded just tired." He rasped.

Sasuke frowned. His brother never, never had chakra exhaustion as far as he could remember so why was his brother keeling over now and coughing?

"And you" He pointed at the man with the wolf or was that cat mask? It was really hard to tell those damned white things apart. "Why'd you let him get hurt?" He infused the words with as much venom as he could.

The mask came off and crimson eyes met his as the man reached over and messed up his hair. "Oi I said to stop doing that!" Sasuke protested trying to flatten his hair, but the scowl only caused the man crack a grin and his brother chuckled mid cough. But the skillful attempt at what Sasuke now suspected was to distract him from his brothers condition failed miserably when his brother began to retch blood. The Senju eyes narrowed as if he too had misjudged Itachi's condition.

"There will be hell to pay when Orochimaru is through with me," he muttered as he lifted the ailing Uchiha as best he could with a gash of his own running across his abdomen.

"Not the hospital," Itachi protested. Something passed between the two and the Senju inclined his head.

"Have it your way then."

"My thanks Tobirama-san."

"Sasuke why don't you go tell your mother we're coming?" Itachi shot a withered look at his friend before fixating his gaze on Sasuke nodding grudgingly.

Sasuke looked worriedly from his brother to the Senju still not convince but the command that had his brothers full approval had him running to the door. If anything the Uchiha had plenty of its own healers.


Mikoto ran out the door the moment Sasuke had announced that Itachi was back. Dropping the dishes into the sink as gently as one could when in a hurry she ran outside to be met with both scowling sons and Tobirama who tactfully allowed her in taking over assisting her son. Had it been months or decades since she was last able to hold Itachi like this?

She loosened her grip when Itachi told her she was choking him and insisted that Tobirama be the one to take him to his room. Mikoto sensed a story behind this reasoning but if there would ever be a time to ask she suspected it wouldn't be in front of Sasuke. So she allowed her son to be led upstairs by his friend and went to finish the soup so that when the boys did get themselves all cleaned up from whatever hell they had been sent to they could at least have a decent meal.

She frowned as she chopped the tomatoes with an extra force frustrated at herself for not being able to do more for her son. Being raised during a time of war Mikoto sadly knew that Itachi never would experience the life she had wanted for her eldest son. He had grown up too fast and ever since he had joined the Anbu Itachi had become distant. Every mission seemed to be another step away from his family. She began to see less and less of him around the compound to the point where she suspected that he was purposely avoiding the place. Even on those now rare family meals he would not speak unless spoken to. Fugaku considered this a good upbringing; she considered it a threat to Itachi's mental health. When he had first brought home a subordinate Mikoto had been beside herself. Sure the man was Senju but at this point she would even welcome that infamous Jiraya whose books had been juicy enough to receive the greatest honor the Uchiha bestowed on such cheap trash an official banning from the compound. Besides it would be healthy for Itachi to have an older role model. She sighed as she continued hacking at the poor vegetables.

Minutes later Tobirama came down and politely informed her that Itachi wasn't feeling up to eating downstairs. This she completely understood. She had briefly served in the Anbu, it was there that she realized that Shinobi life was no longer for her. She felt that creating life was a far more fulfilling life then destroying it. She just hoped Itachi would be able to one day realize this and put his kunai away for good.

So how was that?