Hey again guys! Been a while! I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this story or weather I will keep updating but I was bored and typed up this chapter and then I felt that you guys deserved to read it since you are still following and all. Well Enjoy!

It's taken about a month but I finally convinced Sasuke to train with me. Believe it! For some reason the ghost white haired man didn't come to pick Sasuke after school the other day last week so this other Jonin lady showed up. I think her name was Anki or Anka or something. She was pretty cool but Sasuke got all weird and jumpy around her and I don't think he liked her very much so when she said she came to pick him up he said he was busy and the lady was like.

"You're lying brat." And she got this creepy voice when she said it.

And I was all like. "Nope he and I are going to train to be really good ninja." And Sasuke-teme was all like, "Yea."

So were standing now practicing shuriken throwing. He's pretty good but soon enough I'll catch up to him. Believe it! And then everyone will have to acknowledge me.

After we're done with the shuriken throwing we practice some Taijutsu. He's got all these awesome moves and sometimes if I bug him enough he teaches me a few. He's not that bad of a guy even if he is a stuck up teme sometimes. I know cause when you fight with someone you can tell. And he's not really into it today cause he keeps looking up at the sun for time and then he stops and sais he has to go. I hope everything's alright with the white haired guy I haven't seen him around but hey hey maybe he's on a mission or something like the ones all the strong ninja get. And one day I'll get those missions and protect the village believe it.

There really isn't much to do without the baka so I kinda have to go home and stuff. I gotta hurry through the streets cause it's kind of late and stuff and sometimes people who don't like me attack. I don't know why I haven't done anything to hurt them…I hope. It's always quiet and if I try to think hard enough I can make myself imagine someone standing in the kitchen, it's kinda neat really almost like putting myself in genjutsu and stuff so I don't get why Iruka sensei sais I'm bad at it and all. Sometimes I leave the faucet on and then it sounds like my mom and dad are washing dishes and stuff and if I think hard enough I can hear laughing. Not the kind of laugh that all the baka stuck up compound kids have but the nice one. The one like the other jonin when they laugh at something really funny.

I'm not crying now really, really! Because ninja don't cry an all and one day I'll be the bestest strongest ninja ever and then I'll definitely have a real family believe it! And crying is for babies so I make ramen and leave the faucet on and then it's not so lonely. Not really. Believe it!

Sasuke frowned as he blocked another blow from Naruto. He was forced to grudgingly admit that Naruto was getting better at an astonishing rate. He even began doing better in class after Sasuke said he'd never acknowledge anyone who couldn't even tell a rain ninja from a rock ninja. Tobirama was supposed to return today. It had been a week since Tobirama had left on a mission and truth be told Sasuke wasn't worried. He wasn't. It's why he hadn't been looking up at the sun during the spar.

But what if Tobirama got hurt? What if he didn't come back? Tobirama was one of the strongest shinobi he knew. He couldn't just die! He tried very hard not to think of that as he doubled back to his apartment. Well Tobirama's apartment but it was also kind his apartment now as well. He had to admit though that while Naruto was annoying he was far far better than Anko whose insanity was on a whole other level. Sometimes he wondered how Tobirama could stand her. Regardless he was only too happy to find an excuse any excuse so that she wouldn't have to "babysit" him.

He heard rustling in the leaves and looked to the side smiling at his own ability to detect other Anbu. Tobirama showed him a few of the codes after Sasuke bugged him enough. He was shown the not so classified ones but those could seldom be found in textbooks anyways so it was still something. Three branch waves meant a change of patrol. Two branches and a tap responded indicating a thirty minute delay. And the high pitched bird whistle meant an acknowledgment.

It was dark when he reached his destination. Crossing a few more streets he opened the door he was met with a darkened apartment. His first assumption was that Tobirama had not yet returned but the sound of a shower told him otherwise.

"Are you back?" It felt strange calling someone by their first name so half the time Sasuke just settled for a general question that didn't include names even though Tobirama said he didn't mind if Sasuke called him by his first name.

There was no immediate response so he hurried to the door his eyes wide as they took in the sheded Anbu uniform soaked in blood and rapped on the door loudly.

"Sasuke, I'm back." Came the reply muffled by the torrents of water flowing from the shower. "Are, are you hurt?" He anxiously asked.

He could hear laughter on the other end. "I'm not that easy to kill or nick for that matter." A wide grin found its way to his face as he waited patiently for the Senju to finish while he warmed some takeout on the stove. He couldn't wait to hear all about the mission!

After another hour or so because Tobirama seemed to really really like water in general Sasuke finally saw Tobirama and tackled him with a hug for good measure. He was angry at Tobirama for how dare the man leave him alone with his crazy teammate? But truth be told he also felt exceedingly relieved that Tobirama was alive. In the month that he had come to live with the man he could not comprehend how he could have lived without him. The Senju was obviously not always available but Sasuke enjoyed those days when Tobirama spent hours helping him with new jutsu's with a greedy zeal. Somewhat surprised but inwardly pleased, Tobirama hugged the Uchiha back and then the both of them sat to eat dinner.

"So who did you fight? Did you get to see any cool new jutsu?"

Tobirama raised an eyebrow at his wards upbeatness it usually took a new jutsu or whole lot of tomatoes for dinner to make him this hyped about life in general. "Why don't you let me finish my food first?" Tobirama chuckled as he wolfed down his plate. Even he had to admit this mission had taken longer than required but it could not be helped. His eyes narrowed and Sasuke frowned.

"Seeing a new jutsu in play is far more dangerous than you may think."

Sasuke's face sombered. "But you could just use it against them…." His eyes widened as he realized that it was not an Uchiha he was speaking too. The implications of a new jutsu being used against a non Uchiha hit him full force in the gut. "I meant well…what I meant was…" The frown on the face widened looking like a pout as puppy eyes begged for forgiveness.

Tobirama sighed. "Sasuke, it is good to wish for new jutsu but you must never forget that sometimes even the simplest of techniques can be vital to saving your life. And these techniques come with both a great price and responsibility." Sasuke nodded somberly as he chewed on a riceball.

"But," Tobirama added, it was seriously hard to ignore the pouting child. "To answer your question yes I encountered a rather lethal wind user."

This had Sasuke grinning from ear to ear. Tobirama closed his eyes briefly before recounting the tale. Chuckling inwardly, this kid was seriously making him go soft. A feat not easily accomplished against the head of the Senju clan.

Why is Naruto not as upbeat as he always was? He is he just hides the loneliness well so no one noticed that the happy go lucky Naruto was real but at the same time a bit of an act.