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Now, on to chapter 1! Please enjoy!


Ron had left them a while ago. Harry didn't know exactly how long it had been; time seemed irrelevant, a distant part of life, here. Away from civilization nothing really seemed to matter; not even the horcruxes. Harry knew they had to find and destroy all of them for the sake of the world, to stop Voldemort from massacring most everyone on the planet, but Harry took a moment to relax. Closing his eyes he slowed his breathing and imagined a different life for himself. His parents alive and well, sending him letters every week to see how his seventh year at Hogwarts was going. Him, seeker and Captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team, flying around on his broom (which his father had first taught him how to use), waiting to catch a glimpse of the snitch while a game against Hufflepuff went on around him. Professor Dumbledore alive, not treating Harry any differently than the other students in Hogwarts. Because in this reality there was no Voldemort, and Harry wasn't the Chosen One or the Boy Who Lived. He had all of his friends around him – Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Seamus; everyone – and they did normal things together, like go to Diagon Alley every year before school and visit each other's houses. They didn't practice Defence Against the Dark Arts except in school because they were all just normal teenagers of the wizarding world. In this world, Harry's friends had met his parents; more importantly, though, Harry had met his parents, and life for him was perfect and normal, just as it should have been all along.

The dream couldn't last forever, though, and soon Harry had to come back to reality. Just as with the Mirror of Erised, he shouldn't focus on the life he could have had, the things that should have happened. It would only bring pain and misfortune, and he had already had enough of that to last a lifetime.

Sighing, Harry slowly opened his eyes and looked around him. That was not his life and never would be; he needed to let go of his dream and move on, because there were more important things to focus on right now. Like the horcruxes that they still needed to find and destroy. Like the fact that Ron had left them and probably wouldn't come back. Like how lost and sad Hermione had been since he had gone.


Harry knew that Ron and Hermione had something going on between them, some connection they weren't willing to acknowledge; he'd always known. They were the only two who couldn't see it, or rather, chose not to see it. But Harry also knew that neither of them was ever going to act on it, and eventually they would both move past it and forget. Right now, though, it was hard for him to see Hermione so downtrodden, to see the pain in her eyes even when she smiled. Hermione, who had always been so strong and fierce. He tried to help, though, to make her smile or laugh when he could, to help her forget for even a moment that this never-ending horror was actually their lives.

After all, that's what you did for the people you loved.

Hearing a radio come on in the tent, Harry gave one last look at the darkening sky above and walked over to the entrance of the tent. Before going inside he vowed to himself to make Hermione happy, even if it was only for a moment. In time she would get back to normal, but until then he had to do everything in his power to help her feel like herself again, for as long as he was able to.

Opening the flap in the tent he walked in, seeing Hermione sitting on the steps nearest the radio, feet on the first step up and arms wrapped around her legs, a dejected expression on her face. In that moment she looked vulnerable and fragile. Those were two things he had never associated with Hermione, and it strengthened his resolve.

She didn't look up as Harry took a seat in the chair close-by, or fidget when he gazed at her for a few seconds. She didn't even seem to notice him until he was standing right in front of her. She glanced at him for a moment and took the hand he offered, sadness in her eyes. He needed to wipe that away.

Taking both of her hands, he pulled her to a standing position and took the horcrux necklace from around her neck, tossing it onto the bed beside them. Taking her hands in his again, he slowly pulled her away from the radio and into the middle of the space, and, hearing the song that came on the radio, he began to dance with her. He started out slow, moving her arms with the hands he was still holding, smiling when he saw her smile at him and start to dance, too. He picked up the pace and soon they were both grinning from ear to ear. It was something fun, and they both needed that right now with everything going on.

Harry twirled Hermione around and then pulled her into his arms, one hand on her back and the other clutching her hand. As they swayed from side to side and became a little more carefree their dance became sillier, Harry being spun instead of Hermione, until they finally settled on slowly swaying, resting their heads on each other's shoulder.

The music began to fade out and the air in the tent suddenly changed, intensifying and becoming charged; both parties could feel it. As the music finally faded completely they gradually slowed down their dancing until they weren't dancing at all. Hermione pulled away a couple of inches and they just looked at each other. Harry knew what he wanted to do, and he tilted his head slightly to convey that to Hermione, who also tilted hers slightly. As they looked into each other's eyes Harry could tell she wanted it too, but after a second she pulled away completely. Giving him one last soulful glance she looked to the ground, turned away, and walked out of the tent. Harry watched her go, and somehow he felt like he had ended up doing more damage than good.