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As I mentioned in the last story, this is a Spider/Tiger pairing with each hero getting their lady/man:

Peter - Ava

OC - ?

Luke - Jessica Jones

Sam - MJ

Danny - Gwen

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Everything Has A Price

Ch. 1

Unknown location, 3:30 PM…

It was dark, so dark that you prayed you could somehow develop night vision instantaneously. But then you breathed a sigh of relief as occasional flicker of light pierced the thick darkness.

But once you reached that light, you would've wished you stayed in the dark.

That spark of light was a piece of equipment coming from the Goblin, one of the most dangerous villains out there to date. The owner of the famous corporation known as OSCORP, now once again a grotesque goblin due to his former employee Otto Octavius was hatching a new scheme. He still had in his possession the Venom symbiote, a living organism that granted the wearer of it enhanced abilities, but as the cost of sharing the body and slowly being corrupted by it. Not too long ago, he had enhanced the formula to create a new symbiote, dubbed Carnage by its creator. Peter Parker was the first subject for Carnage and it didn't turn out too well, his son Harry had taken the symbiote back, re-creating Venom and the team of Spider-man and Venom had almost done him in.

And his last plan, oh my, his last one was to goblinize the entire city of New York, every single man, woman and child would be a goblin, with him as their leader and king. He had even turned Spiderman's team against him, but through the aid of those fools at SHIELD, he was thwarted yet again, forced to hide like an animal being hunted down, surfacing only to acquire material for his new experiment, double-checking to make sure that he didn't leave any evidence behind.

But he knew it was only a matter of time before they found him once again. A matter of time before they tried to foil his plans once again.

The Goblin made his way to the machine he had created over the past two weeks; the Venom symbiote slithered in its container, awaiting the plan of its master to unfold. Five separate containers were beside the symbiote, with tubes connecting to each one.

"Venom, you have proven your loyalty to me. Replicating you was pure genius but, there was something lacking, there was no…variety." Goblin said as he made his way to a lever. Goblin gripped it with one of his hands.

"You know what they say, variety is the spice of life!" He shouted, as he dropped the lever, bringing his machine to life.

Sparks danced all along the symbiote's container, causing it to suffer. It kept throwing itself along the sides of the cage, trying to get free but it couldn't. Pieces of its form now rose from it and were funneled through five different tubes, each stopping in a separate chamber.

The Goblin's grin threatened to split his face as he pulled the other lever, making each chamber fill with chemicals. The power was cut from Venom's chamber and the symbiote slumped at the bottom of it, thankful that the torture was over.

Each chamber roared with life as the matter mixed together, each pod forming its own color.

"Haaa ha ha." The goblin chuckled darkly as he cut the power again, causing each liquid to funnel into a separate container. Goblin looked into each pod, one was dark blue, another was yellow, the third was orange, the fourth was purple and the fifth and final pod had a green compound in it.

"And now the coup de gras."

Osborn pushed a button in the center of all five pods, giving each compound a jolt of electricity. Osborn waited, his empty yellow eyes narrowing at the pods. Then slowly, one by one the compound in each pod began to move and slither just like the original.

"Yes…HAHAHAHAHA! YES!" The Goblin shrieked as the new symbiotes came to life. The Goblin picked up a remote and pushed a button, causing cages to lower from the ceiling, each housing a person, three were male and two were female.

"Please, let us out!" One of them wailed.

"What do you want with us?" Another said with fear.

The third was a red-haired girl with green eyes. She was just silent, huddled in the corner of her cage.

The Goblin smiled, "Well you all have been waiting patiently, especially Donna over there."

The red haired girl stood up.

"How did you know her name?" Another asked him.

"Why Carl, don't you recognize your boss when you see him? How are your wife and daughter by the way?" Goblin asked.

Carl's eyes widened, it couldn't be. He was told that Mr. Osborn was away on business.


"It's Goblin now actually. Anyway, I want each of you to meet your "other"."

The cages then lowered completely to the floor but at the same time the pods across from them opened, releasing the new symbiotes made their way to the closest host. One by one the alien goo latched onto each person. Their screams of surprise and fear, as well their futile attempts to struggle were practically amusing Norman.

Then inhuman shrieks erupted from the cages as the symbiotes took over their minds and bodies. Each one adopting its color to the costume, instead of five civilians, there were now five symbiotes.

Goblin shocked them with his energy gloves, making sure that they would obey his commands, the orange, blue, green and purple symbiotes fell in line almost immediately, but the yellow one that had Donna resisted his control. She ripped the bars off the cage and screamed loudly at him.

"Wow, what a scream! Scream…that is your name. Now obey Scream!" Goblin as he hit her again, this time the pain was too much for Scream and she bowed to him.

"Good girl, now let's see the rest of your family." Goblin said as he looked over each one. Scream following him like a lost puppy.

The purple one bit into the steel bars and spewed acid on them, causing them to melt and she jumped through what was left of the cage.

"Agony." Goblin said with satisfaction laced in his voice.

The orange symbiote roared as he formed his arms into blades. He cleanly sliced through the metal.


The blue symbiote morphed his arms as well, but into blunt weapons and he bashed and smashed his way out of the prison. Goblin actually smiled at this one, he liked its spunk.

"You shall be called Riot."

Finally, he neared the green one. It only looked back at him and then lashed out with its tendrils, denting and bending the steel bars of its prison.


All five symbiotes surrounded their leader, drawn by the power of his gloved hand.

"Now my children, I want you all to meet your "brother". But you must play mean when you see him." The Goblin sneered as he opened the container with Venom and allowed it to cover him.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on kids, let's go see Spiderman, I haven't seen him for weeks!" He called as he hopped on his glider and the symbiotes followed him via web swinging, shrieking through the tunnels as they followed their "father".

Streets of New York…

The city streets were packed with cars, the sidewalks with people, but to him they looked small.

Spiderman was perched on a tall building with his Spider cycle underneath him, his right hand cranking the gas, hearing the rev of the engine.

Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood me. I'm just testing out the upgrades Doc Connors put on the ol' Spider Cycle. He told me he put in a turbo engine so yeah…I'm excited, despite what I've been through recently.

*Spidey rewinds time frame to a few weeks back*

The Goblin had tried to goblinize all of New York, and after he was doing so well as the Iron Patriot.

*Fast forwards clip to him fighting his goblinized team*

But he went too far when he kidnapped my team and tried to add them to his goblin army. But thanks to Connors and SHIELD…

*Fast forwards to him socking Goblin in his face, clip plays in background*

We managed to stop his crazy scheme, but he disappeared before we could find him, and lately he's been relatively quiet.

That scares me.

Spiderman was brought out of the recap when his phone went off, the caller ID showing that it was his best female friend Mary Jane Watson.


"Hey Pete! Just reminding you of movie night at Harry's tonight." She said.

Oh yeah, I guess it slipped my mind.

"You forgot, didn't you?" MJ deadpanned.

He only chuckled nervously.

"I swear, you would forget your head every day if it wasn't attached to your shoulders."

"MJ, I think I would notice if my head was gone."

*Peter's body stretches as he gets out of bed, and his head on the nightstand yawns*

"Hey, don't leave yet!" The head calls but the body walks out of the room.

Peter was brought back by the sound of his communicator going off.

"MJ, I have another call waiting."

"Then I'm off! Make sure you are there at 7, and don't be late this time. Bye Peter!"

He ended the call and then answered his communicator to show Doc Connor's face.

"Spiderman how's the new engine?"

"Let me show you."

Spiderman hopped on his cycle and revved the engine loudly. He drove off the building and made a web line, creating a tightrope that the bike drove across with breakneck speed.

He bunny hopped off the end of it and drove along the side of the adjacent building.

"I think it's working out just fine." He responded.

"Excellent! I need you to bring the cycle so I can see how the frame handles the new speed, run diagnostics that sort of thing."

"You got it Doc, one Spider cycle coming up!"

Peter drove up the wall and onto the roof nearing the drop point. However, he didn't know that he had an admirer watching in the distance, his long slimy tongue licking his chops.

He hovered on his glider and went off in the opposite direction; there was one final piece that was required for his plan to work.

Oscorp Manison…

Harry was getting everything ready for the movie night later on, and despite everything that was going on, he figured it would have been better to do something then to sit around moping and brooding.

He had been told the following day what his father had planned to do, and it took him awhile to register it. At first, his dad was simply too busy for him, then he wasn't around at all when he became the Goblin the first time. When Spiderman saved him, he was more caring, more of a father than he ever was before, and then a…super hero who only wanted to redeem himself, only for him to become a monster once again, and once again out of his life.

He had just gotten him back.

But he didn't blame Spiderman this time, despite what he can do; he's human for the most part. Harry was just glad his dad was stopped before he could set his mad plan in motion.

"Dad…I just want things to be normal again." He sighed sadly.

Harry shook himself out of it; he couldn't act like a sad sack now, he was having a party soon, a nice distraction from this mess called his family life.

"I'm going to have to get a lot food, who knows how many people MJ will invite. Next time, I'm doing the guest list."

SHIELD Tricarrier…

Spiderman had returned the Spider Cycle to Doc Connors and was now sitting along with this in the Briefing Room with the Director of SHIELD Nick Fury, they had just finished a training session.

"Team, you did good today so I'm going to let you go early."

The teens all cheered and shared high fives.

"But, I want you to be ready to go at a moments notice, the Goblin is still out there somewhere, and I have a feeling he'll make his move soon."

With that, Fury left the room.

"You and Harry seem cool now." Luke said, as they exited Court, now moving through the corridors.

"Yes, you have done well in maintaining balance between your two lives." Danny commented.

"Gee, thanks Confucius." Peter said.

"I figured Osborn would be brooding or something." Sam said, removing his helmet.

They just looked at him.

"Come on Sam, give Harry credit, his life isn't exactly full of sunshine and rainbows right now." Peter begged.

"Think about, this own dad tried to turn New York into New Goblin."

"Hey imagine that, the city so gross, they named it dos." Ava added. She turned and saw the boys all giving her looks.


"Guys, my ears must be playing tricks on me, did Ava just crack a joke?" Peter asked, and they nodded. Ava blushed and looked away.

"I think Peter's rubbing off on her, next thing you know, they'll be smacking lips in the hallway at school." Sam laughed, now Peter blushed, but Ava's cheeks turned red with anger.

"Keep it up Buckethead and the only thing I'll be smacking is your face!" She shouted.

But Sam laughed again, "Aww, she called me Buckethead. Now who else calls me that? It's on the tip of my tongue…"

Ava hissed and her eyes turned green for a brief moment, causing Peter, Danny and Luke to back up slightly. Sam stopped laughing.

"I'llseeyouguyslatertonightbye!" Peter squeaked as he booked it out of the room, trying to ignore the screams that came from Sam.

Neighborhood in Queens…

Peter was about to reach his home when he noticed some commotion coming from the house across the street, there was large van with guys moving furniture out of it.

"New neighbors? I hope they aren't the peeping type, wouldn't want them noticing me leaving my house every night." He muttered as he neared his own front door.

But he heard laughing inside and multiple voices. He opened the door and saw his aunt with two people he had never seen before. The man was dark skinned and wore square framed glasses with a well-kept goatee. He wore a red plaid shirt with denim jeans and black shoes. The woman was a few shades lighter than her husband he assumed, she had a white top with a red skirt on. Several bracelets were on each wrist.

All the adults had wine glasses in their hands.

"Aunt May, what's going on?" Peter asked.

"Oh Peter, this is Damien and Sierra Adams, they are moving in across the street." She responded gesturing to each one respectively.

Not wanting to be rude, Peter went in the living room and shook their hands.

"Peter good to meet you, your aunt has told us a lot about you." Damien said to him.

"I just hope she didn't show you my baby pictures, if you stick around that long." He responded with a grin, gaining laughter form the adults.

"Well, we plan on staying for a long time. I got offered a job out here that I couldn't pass up, we came from D.C."

"Oh Peter, they have a son around your age…I'm sorry, his name again?" Aunt May asked politely.

"Roman. He's getting his room set up in the new house or skyping with his friends. He took the move kinda hard." Sierra sighed.

"I'm sure there was a lot he had to leave behind." May said defensively.

The parents looked at each other, "Yes, he had a girlfriend, as well as his group of close friends. Those guys have been inseparable since they were kids" Damien chuckled solemnly.

There was silence for a while, until Peter spoke up.

"Aunt May, I'm going to Harry's now, I'll see you later." He said, leaving to change his clothes.

"Ok Peter, but do me one favor? On your way out, maybe stop to see Roman, introduce yourself."

Peter paused briefly.

"Sure." He replied, and he got a smile from his parents.

As he headed to his room, he thought about this kid, leaving everything you knew could be frightening, going into the unknown is never a fun thing to do; even when the unknown could reap great rewards. Like, let's say, joining the Avengers.

Yeah, I still haven't given them my answer, but Cap said to take as much time as I needed…and I still need it.

"So Bro, how's the Big Apple? Is it everything your mother said it was?"

"I don't know Baron, I just got here. I literally just finished setting up my computer so I could talk to you clowns."

A young man was sitting in his room, talking to a couple of his friends through Skype. He looked about eighteen, dark-skinned and he stood six feet tall and was well built, like a swimmer. He was currently wearing a black shirt with white sleeves and dark denim jeans. But his most exotic feature was the amethyst eyes he was born with.

Now the eyes darted back and forth, following the buzzing he had in his room for a few minutes now. He wanted to kill it, but he couldn't let his friends see him do it.

Or that's what he would have said not too long ago.

Roman picked up a pencil from his table and launched it at the fly, pinning it to the wall behind him.

He looked back at his screen and saw their stunned faces.

"Dude, it's been awhile since I've seen that. I still think its crazy that you were trained in marksmanship." Baron stated, getting a nod from his friend.

Baron was dark skinned like Roman; he had the standard dark brown eyes with black hair. Next to him was their friend Daryl, he was Caucasian with blue eyes and brown hair in a short Mohawk.

Roman mentally sighed; he didn't want them to know how he really got his marksmanship, so he fed them a bone that he was trained, but it wasn't a complete lie.

"Heh, well it was for my own defense I guess." Roman replied, scratching the back of his head.

"But you guys texted me from the ride up, what did you want to talk about?"

They looked at each other.

"Ashley." They responded in stereo.

Roman didn't respond immediately, his mind swimming with excuses to not talk about her.

"I ain't talking about that now, not in the mood." Roman muttered quickly.

"Come on man! I know you two were close! Are you gonna try the long distance relationship or something?" Daryl asked.


"I would. That girl had been crazy about you since freshmen year." Baron added.

"…We broke up." Roman muttered softly, his voice barely audible.

"What?" Both boys asked.

"We broke up!" Roman yelled at them, their eyes widened in shock, as they felt his purple eyes burn holes through them. They had gone out since high school and were head over heels for each other.

They were also surprised at his reaction. Roman never lost his cool. He was solid as a rock.

"Rome…" Baron began.

"No, I'm not getting into it. I'll…I'll talk to you guys later tonight." He uttered sadly, as he closed the chat window and put the computer to sleep.

He walked away from the screen and sat on his new queen sized bed and stared at the floor, remembered the last time he saw and spoke with Ashley.

The tears…

The pain…

The betrayal that showed through her eyes...

He sighed with a shake in his voice, but he was shaken out of it by a knock on his door. He opened it to see a boy around his age with brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a blue button down with a white shirt underneath, denim jeans and gray sneakers with black laces.

"What's up?' Roman asked carefully.

Peter was slightly taken aback by his violet eyes, but everything else about him was normal.

"Hey, I'm Peter Parker. I live across the street, just wanted to come by and say hi is all." He responded with a smile.

"Uh I'm Roman. I think my parents are with your aunt. Very sweet lady by the way." He said, leaning against the doorpost.

Neither of them said anything, eyes locked on each other.

"Look, I'm not really up for talking right now, you go to Midtown High right?"

He nodded.

"If you'd like, we can do this introduction then, I'm not in the "talkative" mood." He said, not even looking at him.

"Uh, sure. I'm sorry for disturbing you." Peter said, holding his hands up in defense.

"Don't worry dude, it ain't you, it's me." Roman said before closing the door in his face.

Peter only shrugged his shoulders and made his way to party central. But he didn't realize he was still being watched.

From inside his room, Roman was staring through the wall, his now white eyes following his form through the wall as he saw Peter left his house. He laid down on his bed, his eyes reverting back to their abnormal violet shade.

'I probably could've handled that much better.'

Oscorp Mansion, 6:55 PM…

"No way is that happening!" Ava spat as they turned the corner, the Oscorp building in view.

"Friendship is valuable, and while we value yours…you need to value one of the same gender." Danny answered.

"But I so don't need a girlfriend, I'm not exactly a "girl" you know?" She responded.

The boys gave her a horrified look, but Peter was brave enough to step forward and narrowed his eyes at her.

"Let's see…long hair, lipstick, female assets. You're a girl! I'm sure of it." Peter responded pounding his fist in his open palm.

Ava growled at his joke, but a light blush crept on her face too. He basically just checked her out in front of everyone. But part of her didn't really mind…

"You know what I mean Parker, I can't talk about shopping or clothes or mani-pedis." She argued.

"Come on Ava! D's right, the only other woman you spent time with since being here was Pete's aunt and she doesn't really count." Luke added.

"Besides, you and MJ are in the same position anyway, she only hangs out with Parker and Harry, and you both could use each other." Sam continued.

She was about to retort, but she felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned to see Pete's smile and she already felt her wall breaking down.

"Come on Ava, MJ means a lot to me, you're both my friends. And as your friend I'm telling you won't regret becoming her friend." He said.

*Chibi-Peter rides a wrecking ball that smashed through chibi-Ava's metal wall*

"So, she means a lot to you does she, you like her or something?" Ava asked slyly, looking to get some ammo on him.

However, Sam was hoping that wasn't the case, he mentally glared at Peter.

"Pfft, what? It's not like that at all!" Peter responded holding his hands up.

Danny and Luke wanted to drop the conversation, but Sam being Sam found some ammo of his own.

"Whoa, sound's like someone is J-e-alous!" He accused, and Ava's cheeks grew even hotter, but it didn't hinder the glare she gave him.

"She's more like the sister I never had. Well, when we were twelve we decided to "get serious" and kissed but it didn't mean anything an-"

"Ugh fine!" She yelled when they entered the lobby, getting the attention of the receptionist, when she saw Peter she waved them up.

"I'll…I'll do it." She muttered.

"Aw thanks, you're awesome!" Peter said, patting her shoulder again as they got in the elevator. Ava's skin still felt warm where Peter had touched her.

'Don't over think it Ava, it's nothing.'

When the gang finally arrived Harry and MJ were already there, MJ was wearing her usual outfit, as was Harry. There was several bowls of various snacks and there were three video game systems lined up in front of the monstrous T.V.

"Glad you guys could make it." Harry said, sharing a fist bump with Pete and the others, he shook hands with Ava though. MJ came over and shared a hug with everyone.

"So I see the video games, you looking to get beat Osborn?" Luke said, rubbing his hands together.

"Hey what happened to movie night?" Ava asked, not the least bit interested in watching them play video games.

"Not all the guests are here, might as well have the boys get gaming out of their systems now." MJ said from the table.

"Anyway, I fired up the Wii, who's up for a little SSBB?" He challenged, pointing to the Wii system and the four Gamecube controllers. Danny, Sam and Luke immediately took their positions, and looked toward Harry and Peter.

"Go get 'em Har, you know I'm not that good at this game anyway." Peter stated. Harry took fourth player while Peter was a spectator, barking commands at certain characters.

Mary Jane was sitting at the snack table in the kitchen, lazily spinning a bowl of chips around. Ava winced slightly and turned to Peter, who met her gaze and shooed her towards MJ.

"Looks like you're enjoying yourself." Ava said to the red head.

"I'd enjoy it better if I actually got to play the game. But they always commandeer it." She sighed.

"Sam, use Wolf's Side smash!"

"Shut up, I know Parker!"

Ava turned back to her, "You play those games?"

"Call it a guilty pleasure I guess, I blame those two though." She replied, pointing two fingers at Harry and Peter, who cheered at Harry's win.

A subtle knock on the door alerted the girls but the boys were into their next match.

"MJ, can you get the door?" Harry asked, but he immediately groaned as Luke knocked out his Samus with his own Ike.

She rolled her eyes as she opened the door, "Jeez, what took you guys? Ava and I are outnumbered here!"

She opened it wider and two newcomers walked in. One had long blonde hair with a black headband on; she wore a white button down top with olive pants and black shoes. The other girl had strawberry blond locks; she wore glasses that showed chocolate orbs. She wore a red sweater with denim jeans and Chuck Taylor's.

Harry paused the game and the rest of the boys paid attention.

"Everyone, Gwen Stacy and Jessica Jones." MJ announced, pointing to each one respectively.

"Luke Cage." MJ introduced. He waved casually.

"Danny Rand."

He bowed lightly to them.

"Sam Alexander."

He smiled.

"Harry Osborn."

He walked over and shook their hands.

"Peter Parker."

"What's up?" He greeted.

"And Ms. Lonely over there is Ava Ayala."

Ava waved from the snack table.

Jessica looked over and saw the game controllers.

"What happened to movie night?" She parroted.

"It was only postponed until everyone got here. But everyone's here so…" MJ trailed off, looking at the boys all huddled around the TV.

"Come on Mary! Just one more game." Sam pleaded.

She sighed at his desperation, while Peter snorted at it. But then an idea popped into her head.

"Alright Sam, one more game…" She began and Sam pumped his fist.

"But…the four girls are going to play it." She finished with a smile, causing Gwen and Ava to quirk her eyebrows, but Jessica didn't seem to mind the condition.

"Do you guys even know how to play?" Luke asked.

"Jess and I dabbled. And I'm sure you guys can walk Ava and Gwen through it." MJ countered.

"Move over boys." Jess said, sitting down next to Luke Cage and gestured for his controller. He smirked as he handed it to her.

'Girl's got some attitude.' He thought.

Gwen sat down next to Danny, who held his controller out to her, "Don't worry, I'll guide you through it."

MJ plopped down beside Sam and snatched his controller out of his hand; she then patted him on the cheek softly.

"It's ok Sam." She pouted at him.

Ava found herself moving over to the living area, thoughts of beating up Mary Jane Watson moving through her mind. She didn't like video games; she felt they were a waste of time.

"Why am I doing this?"

"Because you love me." MJ responded cheekily.

Ava sat next to Peter, who put the controller in her hands. The feel of it felt so foreign to her.

I know, I'm loving this too. Here's what I'm pretty sure Ava would be doing to video games if she could.

*Chibi-Tiger gathers all the systems she can find. Chibi male heroes run excitedly to them.*

*Tiger pulls mallet out of nowhere and manically laughs as she mashes to the pile to pieces, while the boys watch. Chibi-Nova breaks down in tears, while the others shield their eyes*

"Now I know it's scary the first time, but you'll learn to like it." Peter said in a mock consoling tone.

"Not gonna happen Parker." She retorted before moving her cursor over the characters, none of them appealing to her. Gwen had chosen Pikachu, saying it was cute. Jess had picked Samus, her "number one girl" according to her. MJ had chosen Zelda.

"Wanna pick a character today Ava?" Sam blurted, only to get a smack to the head by MJ.

"Ava, pick Lucario." Peter suggested, moving her cursor to the Aura Pokémon. Ava shrugged and clicked the A button.

"Lu-cario!" The game announced.

"Alright ladies, it's go time!" Harry said, choosing Final Destination for their first match ironically.


Roman was sitting at the dinner table with his parents, slowly eating the meatloaf sandwich in his clutches. His parents shared a look.

"Son, I know that this move was tough on you. But don't look so down." His father started.

"Dad, I'm fine."

"If you're fine, then why are you still eating? You normally finish your dinner in seconds, especially meatloaf." Sierra chuckled.

Roman put the sandwich down and rubbed his eyes.

"Is it about Baron or Daryl?" His father asked further.

"Or Ashley?" Sierra added, and that got their son to flinch.

"Roman, you know she didn't mean what she said right? She was angry, she was sad."

"But didn't she understand it was hard for me too?"

"To be fair, you broke up with her. She feels she's the victim." His mother said.

"Give her time son, give her time." Damien added, grabbing his plate. But he grabbed the sandwich and finished it quickly.

"Maybe I'll need some time too." He muttered, before heading up to his room and shutting the door behind him.

He stared at his ceiling, and then looked toward the dartboard he had set up on the door. He sat up and grabbed the darts off of his desk and one by one, nailed the bulls eye every time. The last one he lobbed in the air, and it managed to sneak its way into the bull's eye through the other darts.

"For some reason, doing that always calms me down." He sighed happily. Then he turned to the pencil that pinned the fly. He ripped the pencil from the wall, threw the fly away, and cleaned the pencil before putting it back in the holder on his desk. He grabbed his iPod and after scrolling through his music he found the right song.

"Every time…the moon shines and they come alive…yeah! Every time…the moon shines and they come alive...yeah!" He sang along.

At the Oscorp Building…

"Ava, use the Aura Sphere!"

"Agh! Peter, I know!"

"Mary, sidestep dodge! Press L and Down on the stick!"

"Sam, I played this game before!"

Needless to say the movie didn't happen, they had played Super Smash Bros Brawl the whole night, even the girls were getting into it. The final match ended between Ava, who was getting used to Lucario's play style, and MJ who had now transformed Zelda into Sheik and was using her superior speed to add damage.

However, Peter and Sam were getting hyped up more than their respective "students", each trash-talking the other. The rest of the group rooting for both combatants.

MJ had just got off Sheik's up smash and Lucario sailed off the screen.

"I don't believe it, she didn't have that much damage." Peter said in disbelief.

"Ha! Believe it Parker, believe that my girl just won!" Sam said, mocking Peter.

MJ smiled at Sam's remark, she kind of liked the sound of that. However, that smile became open in disbelief as Lucario slowly floated down to the platform.

"Ava! You're still in it!" Jess shouted.

Both girls quickly picked their controllers back up and continued the brawl. Eventually an item appeared, a very colorful item that floated all over the screen.

Scene is now in slow-motion…

"Get the smash ball!" Pete and Sam shouted in stereo.

Everyone's eyes widened, all pointing toward the TV.

Both characters jumped toward the ball, and even though Sheik was faster, her strikes didn't break it. But one strike from the Aura Pokémon broke it and that Ava slammed her thumb on the B button.

Lucario moved to the background and fired the aura beam, sending Sheik off screen and to her death.

Scene is in regular motion…

"Game!" The game announced, "This game's winner is…Lucario!"

"Yes!" Ava cheered, throwing her fist up, fully in the moment.

MJ hung her head in defeat, but smiled and shared a high five with Ava.

'Take that Alexander, Watson!" Peter said, putting his arm around Ava's shoulders, getting her to blush.

"Enjoy this win Parker, Ayala! This was only one of many battles!" Sam vowed, putting an arm around MJ.

MJ giggled that their competitiveness, but the Latina only rolled her eyes.

"Um, who said we would play again?" Ava asked, taking Peter's arm off her, despite secretly not minding the feeling.

"Oh come on, you had fun, and you know it!" MJ smiled, not falling for her act.

"One more game Ayala…unless you're scared."

That got Ava's attention, she turned to Mary Jane, the rest of the guests waiting with bated breath for her response.

Oh boy, MJ has no idea what she brought out of Ava, but I'll tell you the results of this challenge next time.

I kinda suck, don't I? Having Peter leave you with that nasty cliffhanger. Well, you know the drill since authors say it all the time...Read and Review. Let me knwo what you think so I can do better in the next chapter and future stories to come.

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