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Everything Has A Price


Spiderman and White Tiger were back to back now, the symbiote family slowly crawling to close them in, literally licking their chops.

"Heh, this looks like a horrible zombie movie, the heroes are cornered, waiting their impending doom." Spidey said nervously.

"Now's not the time for jokes Web-Head."

Venom-Goblin was hanging back, simply watching the show that would commence soon. From his standpoint, his "children" were complete successes, all five of them.

If they took out Spiderman and his team, then the sky would be the limit for them.

Scream launched at them first, using her hair to try and grab one of them. Tiger dodged and clawed at it, trying to give her a bad haircut, but the "hair" simply regenerated.

"You shall share the fate of our brother." Scream hissed at Tiger. Tiger simply fell into her stance and charged the symbiote. She leapt at her with a flying kick but Lasher intercepted her and dropped her with his barbed tendrils.

Tiger immediately went to her communicator, but it was in the grip of Lasher, who crushed it before she could call for backup.

"Your friends cannot save you now." Lasher hissed sinisterly.

"Uh Spidey, a little help would be nice." Tiger said, using a kip-up to kick Lasher in the face, then cut more of Scream's hair before evading both of them.

"About that Tiger…kinda busy at the moment." He responded, as he quickly ducked a blow from Riot, and he was grazed by a quick strike from Phage, tearing his costume but barely breaking his skin.

Agony came up from behind and connected with a strike to the back, knocking Spiderman over, but he landed in a handstand position and launched up into the air and webbed Agony, then threw her into Phage and Riot. But Riot grabbed the web line and yanked Spiderman towards them.

"Tazer Webs, tazer webs, tazer webs!" Spidey cried as he pushed the button, shocking the group of symbiotes, stunning them long enough to give him a solid landing, only to meet the pumpkin bomb of one Venom-Goblin, but he narrowly avoided it with his spider sense, but it didn't detect the hard strike from Riot, skipping him like a stone on the pavement.

Why is my spider-sense not working on these guys? It just worked on the Goblin, but there's something about the symbiotes that doesn't trigger it.

Spiderman dodged a wild swipe from Phage and a kick from Agony and grabbed her by the leg, but she spewed acid on his arm, but he fought through the pain and swung her around hitting both Phage and Riot. He immediately grasped his arm and hissed in pain.

"Spidey! Call for backup now!" Tiger yelled, Scream had just managed to claw her back. He went for his communicator while dodging the now participating Venom-Goblin.

"Fury, please tell me you've developed mind reading powers now?" He pleaded into the communicator.

Spider-Man, I have the rest of yo-"

However his voice was silenced by Goblin grabbed his wrist, crushing his communicator in the process.

"Hey! I just got that one." Spiderman said, glaring at Venom-Goblin.

"Just put it on my tab." He retorted, before throwing Spiderman towards the now recovered Riot and Phage, Agony had moved in on White Tiger, the Latina was now contending against three symbiotes.

But even only one was a challenge for her.

"Norman, there's still a chance we can fix this! What about the Iron Patriot?" Spiderman called, as he charged the symbiotic villain, blasting webbing in his face, blinding him while at the same time landing both boots in his chest.

"Ha! Iron Patriot was my sad attempt at atoning for the mistakes I've made Spiderman. But I don't have to atone for anything! I've got nothing to be sorry for! In fact, every action from now on will be enjoyed, savored…especially the demise of Spiderman and his team!" He cried, the Venom tongue flicking out of his mouth

He stared in shock, he sounded even more crazed than the last time.

What did Octavious put in this serum?


Spiderman whipped his head around and saw White Tiger, now in the clutches of Lasher and Scream; all five symbiotes were side by side with her in their grasp.

"Good work children." Goblin praised.

Now Peter was angry, everyone could see it through his mask.

"Goblin, call them off…now! Or I swear I'm gonna-"

"Beat you down!"

Roman and Harry were still running from the jocks, but keeping a good distance away from them. Flash and his buddies were getting tired

"Well, at least I don't have to go to the gym today." Harry said.

"Oh, what gym do you go to? I'm trying to find one in the city." Roman huffed as he kept his eyes open for a projectile to use.

"Got one right in my house, one of the bottom floors, turn!"

Both boys whipped around the corner, running now on the main street, actually right near where the fight was happening. Out of his peripheral, Harry saw the Goblin, his father and Spiderman fighting, and White Tiger was captured, struggling to get free from the clutches of five symbiotes.

However, his eyes widened as Goblin's eyes fell on him.

"Oh Harry…" He sang.

Roman quirked an eyebrow, "Harry, how in the hell does that thing know you?"

He sighed, "Try not to be surprised, but that freakshow is my dad."


"…Too late, I'm surprised! I don't see the family resemblance though…you're white, he's green!"

Goblin closed in on them, but Spidey managed to tag him with a web-line and use all his spider strength to keep him away from them.

"Harry *grunt* get out of here now!" He strained.

"Red and blue, behind you!" Roman shouted. Peter turned around to meet the fist of Riot, but the wall crawler released his grip and dodged, allowing Venom-Goblin to close in on the two civilians.

"There they are!" Flash called, turning the corner but they saw the scene before them; the Goblin closing in on them, Spiderman fighting a couple of monsters and Tiger struggling against the grip of Scream and Lasher.

"Uh, let's go guys, we'll get 'em tomorrow." Flash whimpered, booking it back the way they came.

Tiger only watched as Spiderman took on the blue and purple symbiotes, while she felt Phage's blade on her neck, her ribs being crushed by the combined effort of the yellow and green symbiotes. She had spent the last few minutes figuring out how to get out of this.

But she suddenly remembered how Peter had fought Venom before, how he had used electricity to defeat the experiment.

Tiger clenched her fists and sparked her electric claws to life, the symbiotes attention turned to her.

"I think you should let go of me now." She said, right as she grabbed Scream's hair and Lasher's tendrils, electrocuting the siblings and herself. They let her go and fell over stunned; she tried crawling over to Spiderman was she was held back by Lasher's tendrils.

"Children, handle those two while I talk with your "brother"." Goblin sneered. Phage, Scream and Lasher shook the cobwebs out and joined in the fight, leaving White Tiger and Spiderman to once again take on all five symbiotes, splitting the two teammates.

"Harry, look at your family." Harry watched as Tiger and Spiderman were holding their own against them, but the numbers were starting to overwhelm them.

"You could have been a part of this son, I feel Venom's thoughts, it wants to bond with you."

Roman simply stared, as Harry never took his eyes off of his father. He thought he had it bad, only because he got teased for his eye color. But Harry…his dad was a super-villain, a notorious one at that.

Maybe he should learn to be more grateful for the life that he has.

'But hey, at least I don't feel like as much of an outcast.' He thought.

The Venom suit slowly peeled off of Goblin until it formed a little sliver in his palm, beckoning his son to take it and become Venom once again.

"Harry…don't do it!" Spiderman shouted as he struggled against the maw of Agony

"Dad…you're insane if you think for one second that I'll let Venom take over my body again!" He shouted.

Goblin simply stared at him with a straight face, "You're right Harry…"

Harry's eyes widened but Spidey's and Tiger's narrowed.

"I am that insane!"


Spiderman's webbing stopped Goblin's arm, "I won't let you do that to Harry again…never again!" He declared.

"Forever the hero Spiderman, but I have a dilemma for you. Do you prevent Harry from becoming what he's been destined to be…or do you save your teammate?"

Spiderman turned and saw Ava captured by the symbiotes she was fighting once again, barely hanging onto consciousness; her costume was torn from the lashings of Lasher and slices from Phage.

"Choose Spiderman, with every second that passes…" Goblin trailed as his arm got closer to Harry.


"AAAAHHHHH!" Ava wailed, as Riot drove his blunt weapon into her arm. Everyone winced at the sickening snap.


"Their demise gets ever closer!" Goblin finished, his palm nearing its target, Harry tried pulling away as Venom squirmed in anticipation.

Roman clenched his fist in anger, his purple eyes looking for something to throw. But there was something he could use, it wouldn't hurt the freak, but it would offer the distraction the heroes needed.

Agony now bit into Tiger's arm, the acid burning her skin. Ava cried before passing out from the pain.

Spiderman's head dropped in shame, "I'm sorry." His hand loosened the grip of his webbing.

Roman snorted and his eyes turned white, but now there was a black crosshair surrounding each pupil and he spat a thick shot right into Goblin's eye.

"RAAHHHH!" Goblin roared.

Harry took the opportunity to squirm free from his grip and Spiderman roughly threw Scream away and charged the other symbiotes to get to White Tiger. But suddenly, a blue energy blast decked Lasher and Agony, while Iron Fist came out of nowhere and took out Phage.

Riot was about to make a move but Nova dropped off Power Man, who landed a solid hit on him.

Power Man looked at his leader who had White Tiger in his arms, the skin on her arm singed.

The symbiotes all rose and looked to their father for commands, but as he was about to issue them he was knocked off of his glider by Nova.

Roman and Harry didn't stick around and made a break for it. Goblin shook himself out of it and nailed the cosmic hero with an energy blast.

"Seems like you won again Spiderman, or did you? Why don't we ask White Tiger?" He taunted, only getting a rise out of him, his body was shaking he was so mad.

"At ease Spiderman, do not let him goad you." Iron Fist warned.

Goblin hopped on his glider and each of the symbiotes stuck a web-line to it as he flew away, leaving all four heroes surrounding White Tiger.

"Nova, call Coulson and have him bring medical personnel." Power Man stated.

"Make it quick." Spiderman added bitterly.

Sam held his communicator up and spoke to Coulson who had SHIELD drop ships pick them up.

"It wasn't…" Iron Fist began.

"Don't say it…don't you dare finish that sentence!" He interrupted.

Power Man stepped forward.

"Fine, then I will, it wasn't your fault. This could've happened to any one of us."

"The odds were not in your favor, if your communicators were still intact we could have been here in time." Iron Fist continued.

The sounds of thrusters filled their ears as the drop ships came down to ground level. Spiderman carried White Tiger over to the medical bed and laid her down carefully.

"Don't worry Spiderman, she'll be in the best of care." Coulson said before he followed the bed into the back of the ship.

Spiderman just watched the ship ascend to the big helicarrier in the sky until it was out of sight. He was once again speechless.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and oddly enough, it was Nova.

"Webs…let's go." He said, flying over to the drop ship that was going to carry them back to base. He slowly made his way to the ship, silent, which was completely out of character for him.

I…I got nothing guys.

Briefing Room…

The room was just as silent as the drop ship was. Fury felt the sadness in his troops.

But that didn't stop him before.

"Team, there comes where teammates will get hurt, minor or fatal…" He began, letting his words sink in.

"White Tiger knew the risk going into this, you all did. Now I need you to snap out of it and focus."

Spiderman's head rose a bit.


"Don't want to hear it Webslinger. This is the price of leadership. You think for one second that guys like me or Captain America have a spotless record?" He asked.

"You're acting as if she's dead. If you're like this when a teammate is injured, then I can't imagine your reaction when someone dies on you." He stated.

Spiderman's fists were clenched tightly.

"Fury, I felt weak out there!" He shouted at his superior.

"My spider sense did nothing against those things, and there were freaking five of them! Not only that, Roman and Harry almost got caught in the crossfire! Too bad it was only the two of us." He yelled, directing it at his team.

Power Man stared right back at him, "Alright man, you're mad that Tiger got hurt. So I'm going to let that slide."

"Don't even try to blame us for this Arachnerd!" Nova fired back.

"Your spider sense is only a tool in your toolbox, and one tool can't do every job." Iron Fist added calmly.

"Thanks Sage! That really helps right now."

"Lay off him alright. Your girlfriend is going to live."

"Shut up Buckethead!"

"ENOUGH!" Fury shouted, overpowering Spiderman and Nova.

Just then a medical agent entered the briefing room, "Director Fury, White Tiger is awake, she has a severe fracture in her right arm and third degree burns along the same arm." He said, handing him the diagnostics.

"So…she'll be out of action for awhile." He muttered.

"Yes sir, the facture will take a few weeks to heal at least, given her powers." The agent said.

"Can we see her?" Peter asked, taking his mask off.


The boys immediately walked away from the table and made their way to the infirmary. But Fury stopped Peter.

"When you're done, come back here. There's something I need to show you."

They locked eyes for a second and Nick let him go. He was alone in the room and his own communicator lit up.

"This is Fury…Is she cleared?...Good, tell her I have another assignment for her."

The boys were now in the room surrounding the lone female of the team. White Tiger's arm was bandaged and in a sling.

"So…you feeling okay?" Peter asked.

"Yeah…I am. Doc gave me the bad news, I'm going to be on the shelf for awhile, even with my powers." She said with a sigh.

Iron Fist, Nova and Power Man shared a look.

"If you need anything Tiger, just let us know. We're here for you." Iron Fist said, resting his hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks Danny."

"Get well soon." Nova offered, and he felt her smile through her tiger mask.

The boys made their way to the door, however Ava reached out and grabbed Spiderman's arm, her yellow eyes telling him to stay behind.

"Parker…we've known each other for awhile now right?" She asked.

He nodded curtly.

"You could say we know each other right?"

He nodded again, this time with some caution.

"So I'm going to say this once…"

'Oh crap, what's she gonna say? She likes me or something. Oh, I really couldn't deal with that right now, too much baggage.'

"…It wasn't your fault."

The white pseudo eyes of Spiderman narrowed as his head fell.


"No Parker, I know that you're blaming yourself for what happened…we're heroes Parker, we know the risks for what we do."

He was silent.

Heh, she's kinda sounding like Fury now.

*Picture of a bald Ava with an eyepatch appears in his head*

*Cue girly scream*

"What are you screaming for?" Ava asked.

"Horrible picture in my mind, forget about it."

"Anyway, I better not see you moping around or acting all broody, or I swear when I'm out of this cast, I'll save it for you…get it?" She threatened, her eyes telling him she was serious.

"Alright fine, I don't want to end up like my previous bed." He said, holding his hands up defensively.

"White Tiger."

Ava's head turned to the door and saw Fury, standing in the doorway.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Doing fine Sir, but the doctor said I'm going to be on the shelf for awhile." She sighed.

"Well, the team won't be the same without you for awhile, who's going to micro manage me now?"

She slugged him in the arm with her good arm.

"Spiderman, let's go." Fury said, leaving the room with the webslinger in tow.

Ava rested her back down on the bed; she eyed her bandaged arm in frustration. She couldn't do any of her homework now.

Nick Fury and Spiderman walked in silence, making their through the labyrinth that was the Helicarrier.

"So…what's this about Nick?" Spiderman questioned, breaking the silence between them.

He stopped walking as they neared one of the infirmary rooms. Fury gestured Spidey to look inside and what he saw…left him speechless.

There were agents all resting in hospital beds, some with missing limbs, others with broken bones. Some were unconscious while others were just coming to. On the other side, there were a couple of agents going through physical therapy.

"This is what happens after years of being a leader. Kid, I've had soldiers suffer, be tortured, die under my command."

Spiderman only watched on.

"You are no exception Spiderman, just remember, whether it's power, authority whatever…everything has a price." Fury said, leaving him to chew on that statement.

"Everything has a price…everything?" He asked himself as he made his way.

Fury made a lot of sense, failure is inevitable, but it wasn't just failing. Part of it was Tiger getting hurt and him being unable to help her.

But the bigger part was his spider sense. Ever since he became a hero, his spider sense was a key part in his offense. He felt that he didn't have to train much because of it. But the fight earlier made him realize that even though he was upset, Danny had a point, his spider sense can't handle everything.

Iron Fist however, had senses as good, if not better than his own, but that came with years of training and discipline. Those monks back in K'un L'un could take him down with their fingers…their fingers!

Imagine me kicking bad guy butt with just my fingers…

*Spider-Man blocks Juggernaut's punch with his fingers and then flicks him in the forehead, sending him through the field goal's posts*

As the daydream ended, he snapped his fingers and swung through the helicarrier, eventually getting the room of the man he wanted to see.

There was Danny Rand, sitting in the middle of his floor with incense burning, his body in a meditative pose.

"Spiderman, is there something you needed my friend?" Danny asked, taking his mask off.

Peter removed his too, and Danny saw seriousness on his face, something that didn't happen often.

"Danny…I want you to teach me martial arts."

With the Goblin…

The Goblin had just arrived back to his base, with his "family" in tow. The symbiotes seemed pleased with their work.

"Very good my children, we'll let Spiderman deal with that situation for awhile. Now comes the time to plan our next move.

The symbiotes bowed to him, all except Scream.

"Goblin, why didn't we finish them?" She hissed and it made Osborn quirk an eyebrow. She didn't call him "Father" like the others did.

"To answer you, we must make the spider suffer before we stomp him into the ground. And since you did so well, I'm going to let that show of disrespect go."

Goblin moved over to his controls while gesturing for the symbiotes to enter their pods, "There must be ways we can improve your performance, so children, go to your rooms." He said with a smile.

They all held back for a second before Goblin shocked them with his gloves. Lasher, Riot and Agony went to their chambers, while Phage lagged behind them. But Scream refused to move, until Goblin tried to shock her, but she avoided it and lunged at him with her hair.

"No experiments!" She shrieked, she looked toward her siblings and saw that they didn't move in to assist her. But Goblin took that moment and stunned her with his gloves; he roughly grabbed her and threw her into a barred cage.

When she stood and grabbed the bars, electricity ran through her and knocked her backwards, the damage revealed Donna's face briefly before the suit covered it.

"Enjoy your timeout Scream." He sneered as he turned to the other four symbiotes.

Scream's siblings didn't enjoy seeing their sister treated this way, but they were sealed in their cages, powerless to stop him.

Scream glared at her family from beyond the bars, but her gaze shifted to the Goblin as he started the experiments, hearing their shrieks beyond the glass casing.

One week later…


The bell sounded; releasing the students from school for the day, ready to once again enjoy the weekend. Peter and the guys moved out of the large door and stood in a circle.

"Okay, who's hotter, Wonder Woman or Black Canary?" Harry posed.

There was silence.

"That…is a tough one." Danny said.

"Black Canary…hands down, no matter what." Roman said, crossing his arms.

"I can appreciate strength, Wonder Woman for me." Luke answered.

"Dude, I'm with Roman, Black Canary." Sam said, sharing a fist bump with him.

The girls came out of the doors next, each with their usual outfit, except Ava had her arm in a brace and sling, and Jessica was carrying her books for her.

"Hey Pete, Canary or Double W?" Harry asked, shoving him lightly.

"Oh…um…never really thought about it." He said nervously, getting looks of shock from most of them.

"Never crossed your mind…not once?" Roman asked, not believing him for a second.

Ava too was wondering whom he preferred…not that she cared, they both dressed like tramps anyway.

The way that heroines were portrayed in comic books made her angry sometimes; they all wear these skimpy outfits that show too much skin, using that to their advantage in certain situations.

"Well, uh…"

*It's time for WHEEL! OF! EXCUSES!*

Do you…run away?

Do you…pretend to take a phone call?

Or do you get bailed out in a miraculous way?

"Parker, Cage, Rand, Ayala, Alexander, where do you think you're going?"

Everyone turned around to see Principal Coulson standing in the doorway with crossed arms.

"You guys still have that assignment you were supposed to do for me, haven't given you the details yet."

Peter gawked slightly, "Oooo yeah! Ha, sorry Prinicpal Coulson."

The group of five began walking back to the school, after bidding their friends goodbye. The five normal kids decided to grab some frozen yogurt before going their separate ways.

"Can't believe Peter never thought about that before, that guy must have crazy self control." Roman said.

"When it comes to girls, he gets rather…shy. He gets nervous so easily, and that doesn't help his bladder yet."

Jessica and Gwen giggled, and Harry palmed his face as Roman laughed.

"What's so funny?"

They turned around to see Flash Thompson closing in on them, along with two other football players.

"Come on Flash, you still mad about last week? Just drop the macho act and let it go." Liz sighed, brushing strands of hair out of her vision.

Flash ignored her comment and cracked his knuckles as he neared them, but Roman didn't budge, he knew this was going to happen. Guys like this were easily predictable, wound their pride and they go off.

"Girls, you might want to leave. Harry, you too." Roman said, taking off his sweatshirt and shrugging off his backpack.

"Rome, you can't take them on by yourself." Harry started, but Roman stopped him.

"Can't let you guys get hurt for what I did." He emphasized, letting Flash know it was him.

"This won't take long, I remember how to get there, I'll meet you there in a few." He said, waving them off.

The jocks all surrounded him while Harry and the girls moved on from the scene. Liz grabbed his sweatshirt, while Harry took his bag.

"Tch, how noble of you." Flash said.

Roman slowly fell into a stance, both his fists were up, close to his face and he stood on the balls of his feet.

"Well boys…let's go." He challenged.


The team was once again in the Briefing Room, all costumed up and ready to go.

"So Fury what's the assignment, secret spy mission? Tracking an escaped fugiti-?"

"Team, since White Tiger is on the shelf, I've called someone in to be her temporary replacement…she's waiting for you in Court."

Tiger growled.

The boys looked at each other, "Sir, we don't need a replacement, we're been handling things on our own quite well."

"For now Iron Fist, what if Goblin decides to attack again? I need this team to be at the top of its game. Meet her in Court."

And with that, he left the room, leaving the teens confused. But they followed him anyway.

Tiger trailed behind, but Peter slowed down to catch up to her, "Don't worry Tiger, this is only until you are healed…no one can replace you."

Tiger looked up at him, "Thanks."

When they got the arena, there was a lone female in the center of it. She had short blond hair with blue eyes that a black domino mask surrounded. She wore a red shirt that stopped at her midriff and black hot pants, along with black and red boots that almost reached her knee.

"Team…meet Carol Danvers, also known as Ms. Marvel." Fury announced.

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