Chapter 33

The next few days were like a whirlwind for Naruto, so your humble author will do the best he can do to sort out the events in a reasonable and timely fashion

Day 1:

It was dark

It was dank

It was dismal in the place that Naruto called his mind.

Well, that's not exactly true because the mindscape, and this has been mentioned previously, isn't really a reflection of the person's state of mind, more a reflection on their inner chakra system. So people usually have some sort of imagery to reflect that. Underground caves, sewers, concrete hallways. Really anything that has a vaguely tunnel-like form and with no exception has water running along the bottom.

Naruto knew that, but he needed some brooding time. Going poetically emo was just about the most he was going to go with it though.

He was sitting cross-legged in front of the cage that held the Kyuubi, or at least what was left of the Kyuubi.

The giant construct had shrunk down to the size of a fox about double the height of a normal person, although it was hard to discern the true size of Kurama because it was curled into a fetal position.

Naruto sighed and rubbed the metal bars that held him away from his newfound friend. Its chest was rising and falling at intermittent time periods. More than once Naruto was afraid that Kurama died on him. Naruto didn't know how Kurama worked. Could it even die? If not, then why was it obviously showing pain?

The one time Naruto tried to get past the bars and comfort it, it began thrashing around in fitful nightmares. He'd vacated to just outside the bars after that and contented himself with just looking after the big fox.

Immediately after. Immediately after Naruto managed to befriend the fox, to show it that it can count on humanity, to show it that someone out there could love it unconditionally, it lost so much of itself that it went comatose.

Kurama, the giant nine-tailed fox and Naruto's friend, was comatose.

He didn't blame Yugito, who went through so much to retrieve him from the clutches of akatsuki.

He didn't blame Sakura, who risked her life to allow Yugito and Kakashi to chase after the mad bomber.

He didn't blame Kakashi, who was nearly blown up for his sake.

He didn't blame Chiyo, who literally gave her life to him.

But it was hard for him. If they had just been infinitesimally faster, if Team Gai had fought just a little bit harder, Kurama wouldn't be comatose.

Naruto didn't want to think these thoughts. It made him feel bad, like a petulant child who didn't get his way. Regardless, as he gazed at the fox, who was having trouble breathing at the moment, these thoughts surfaced into his psyche against his will.

He didn't have any right to be angry. He didn't have any right to throw a temper tantrum. He didn't have any right to be dissatisfied with how his friends and companions held themselves throughout the mission because if they did any worse, Kurama would likely be dead, or gone, or whatever happened to giant constructs of chakra when they got used up.

After his awakening, Gaara flew them all back to Suna, where they all swapped stories on what happened to them. For Naruto, it was tiring to be resurrected, so they all decided to stay the night and head back in the morning. Right now, he was asleep and contemplating the meaning of friendship and the bonds that are created when one makes those friendships while staring with sobered eyes at the body of Kurama.

Light footsteps began echoing all across the room. They were hard to pin down because Naruto's back was turned and the sound was bouncing all across the room, but he didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know that they were approaching him.

Eventually, they stopped when the unknown was right at his side and sat down next to him, not saying a word.

Much louder sounds of water becoming forcefully pushed to the side sounded out behind him. In the soundless room, they created enough decibels to almost fool Naruto into thinking he was right next to a roaring waterfall.

Eventually, these too stopped when the second unknown padded to his side and laid down next to him.

These two were obviously Yugito Nii and the Niibi no Nekomata, Matatabi.

After a bit of the three sitting there quietly, Yugito, still having a greater height and strength than Naruto, pulled him into her lap and held onto him tightly.

He laughed a little bit at this show of comfort. "You know." He said in a joking manner "It's pretty emasculating when you do that."

"I don't care." She retorted in the same joking manner. "You obviously have no idea what the concept of self-preservation means, so mommy cat has to take care of her kitten from now on."

Naruto leaned his head back onto her shoulder until his lips were almost touching her jawline. "You know." He said quietly. "Calling yourself my mommy is pretty weird after you practically shoved your tongue down my throat."

Yugito chuckled throatily at that. "I thought guys liked that stuff."

"Only the ones with mother complexes."

Yugito turned her head and planted a kiss on his temple. "So what should I refer to myself then, if you don't like 'mommy'?"

Naruto brought a hand up and began tracing her jawline. "Why not Neko?"



"Try again."


"Wouldn't that mean that you have a sister complex?"

"Joking, joking." Naruto said airily. "…How about… Mrs. Uzumaki?"

Yugito laughed a little bit at that. "Mrs. Uzumaki? If anything, you're going to be called Mr. Nii."

"Mr. Nii?" Naruto said with an air of feigned incredulity. "So I'm taking your name then? Is everyone else going to be taking your name?"

"I have half a mind to make them. Kurotsuchi and Fu don't even have last names. It might take some convincing to get Temari to take it up. I'm sure Mei won't mind; she seems up for anything."

"Kurotsuchi Nii, huh? Has a ring to it, I guess."

"Well of course they're going to take it. After all, I am the alpha female." Yugito said a little sarcastically.

"The alpha female?" Naruto said, running with it. "Kurotsuchi and Fu aren't going to be happy with that."

"Well, they're just going to have to deal with it. I'm the strongest here. I love you the most. I'm the oldest."

"By a significant margin." Naruto said, to which Yugito bonked him on the head for. Whilst rubbing his hurt cranium, Naruto bleated out a question "What was that for?"

"You're not supposed to mention a girl's age." Yugito said resolutely.

"Well, I'm not talking to a girl. I'm talking to a mature woman." Naruto said the last part huskily in her ear.

"Do I need to give you two some room?" Matatabi asked, speaking for the first time since she sat down.

"If you wouldn't mind." Yugito said.

"Oh, you really wouldn't want that." Naruto said. "Feels okay in the mindscape, but when you wake up, you're going to need to clean up a huge mess."

"Then I guess I'll just have to play the waiting game, huh?"

"I guess so."

The fact that Yugito loved him in a less than sisterly way had shocked Naruto at first. Of course it would, it came right out of the left field and threw him for a loop. But it wasn't a feeling that Naruto was unhappy to reciprocate.

He loved Yugito more than a lot of things in the world. She was always there for him to give him a hug, some words of encouragement, or a slap on the face when he needed it. Because she was in his life, he benefitted from it inherently.

So when it turned out that she loved him as a man, instead of a little brother, he knew that he loved her as a woman, instead of a bigger sister. It wasn't such a huge paradigm shift, after all.

It would be slightly difficult to explain the content of their relationship and how it came to be if anyone asked. But that didn't matter to him or to her. They loved each other. They've loved each other for a very long time now and they probably will always love each other.

He saw her for who she was and she saw him for who he was. Yugito was harsh, sometimes cold, demanding, kinda needy, and very serious. Naruto was idealistic, a little bit stupid, overeager, not willing to let things go, and set in his want to make bonds and retain them. These were character traits that they didn't look past in each other. They were there and they were there to stay.

In other words, Naruto loved Yugito not because she was kind, protective, strong, beautiful, mature, and so on. He loved her not only for her good traits, but also her bad ones. He loved her for all that she was. He loved her when she reprimanded him for doing something stupid. He loved her when she held him close and comforted him. He loved her when she put him through the grinder for training. He loved her and he always will love her.

The same could be said for Yugito. She loved him when he exclaimed in joy at finally mastering a jutsu. She loved him when he unwittingly said something stupid. She loved him when he held onto her at night. She loved him and she always will love him.

They understood each other.

That understanding was there far before Yugito kissed Naruto when she found out he was alive.

Naruto snuggled closer into her embrace. "Thanks." He finally whispered quietly to her. This conversation was really what he needed right now. Something inane and stupid that could make him laugh and get his mind off things.

Yugito nodded and held on to him just a bit tighter. She was only half joking when she told him that she'd never let him go again, seeing as how he has a penchant for getting into danger. But that wasn't the only thing that made her want to hold on to him.

Even in the dank mindscape, he was warm and comforting to her touch. She just liked… touching him, or being near him, or holding onto him. He just emanated that kind of feeling to her.

Matatabi got up and began pacing around the joint mindscape a little bit. Every once and a while, she'd paw a little bit at the bars keeping them away from the Kyuubi.

"Do you think…" Matatabi started, but trailed off before she could finish her thought.

Naruto looked up at her and grunted for confirmation.

"Eh, d-do you think… it'd be okay… to get rid of the seal?" This sentence was said with pauses in between, as if she was confirming this train of thought as she was saying it.

Naruto looked up at her in interest. "I don't know, why?"

Matatabi pawed around restlessly. "It's better than just waiting for Kurama to get better. If I get this seal away, then we could probably help Kurama."

Naruto's interest was certainly getting piqued. "You mean you can help Kurama? Why didn't you say so before?"

Matatabi didn't look too decisive on her point. "I don't know. Maybe. It's just… it can't hurt, right?" Matatabi started pacing around again. "It's just… It's hard to see Kurama in the state it's in. The least we can do is to uncage it."

So it wasn't that she could help Kurama, just that she didn't like seeing it caged like that.

Naruto got up from Yugito, who stood up as well, and faced the cage that held Kurama away. "Even if something bad happens when I get rid of it, I don't think there'd be much effect on me. Kurama just… doesn't… have the chakra for it anymore."

Anytime Jiraya had the time to come by the training camp, he made it a point to instruct Naruto on advanced sealing and chakra theory. Naruto was getting help in every single aspect aside from those, so those were what the perverted sage went with. Although he had gotten a lot of lectures (using a lot of diagrams and simplistic analogies), Naruto never really took to the subject all that much. Even so, now he knew how chakra interacted with people and things just a little bit better, so he wasn't afraid anything big might happen if he got rid of the seal on Kurama.

The Uzumaki made a claw-like hand impression and held it slightly in front of his navel, then made a twisting notion. Jiraya, in his infinite wisdom, also deemed Naruto was fit enough to hold the key to the Kyuubi's prison, seeing as the sage could see the efforts that Naruto was going through trying to befriend it.

"Woah, I don't think you want to do that."

It was a male's voice. Kind, light, a little bit hesitant.

Naruto froze in his motion, halting the gate's imminent opening prematurely. Slowly, ever so slowly, Naruto turned around to see what awaited him.

Directly behind him was a guy. He had long, spiky blond hair, was wearing a robe that had red flames licking the bottom, and looked kind of nervous. He had a big smile on his face and was rubbing the back of his head nervously.

Naruto's breath hitched in his throat. This was the man that he looked up to for most of his life. This was the man that put Kurama in him in the first place. This was the man that made the blunder of signing four marriage documents in one go. This was the man who had a hand in creating him.

He was Minato Namikaze.

He was Naruto's father.

He was dead.

He was standing in Naruto's mindscape

Silence reigned over the shared mindscape for 10 seconds.

Minato was the one who broke the silence. "Hey Naruto, I'm your dad. My name is Minato Namik-" His eyes opened as wide as they could go in pain and surprise as he suddenly found a knee directly in his crotch.

Naruto stood over the keeling man. "I-I don't know what to say." Naruto was breathing hard and was trying his damndest to hold back the tears in his eyes.

If there was any sort of situation that Naruto would have anticipated, it would not be meeting his dead father in his mindscape. Naruto looked up at Yugito, who watched everything so far with silent incredulity. "Is this a genjutsu or something?" Naruto asked.

Yugito, wide eyed, shook her head slowly from side to side.

Minato, thinking he was the one the question was directed to, got up and answered Naruto's question with a comically higher pitched voice than usual. "No, Naruto, this isn't a genjutsu. I really am your father. When I was sealing the Kyuubi inside of you, I imparted a piece of my chakra as well so I could council you not to unseal the Kyuubi when you began to lose yourself."

Naruto began to calm his breathing. "That's… that's pretty convenient, don't ya think? Why couldn't you seal away some of your chakra to meet me before this? I had to go through the first thirteen years of my life not knowing who my parents were! I thought you two just abandoned me in the orphanage."

Minato rushed forward and brought his arms around his son in as comforting an embrace as he could manage. "I-I know that I put you in an unfair situation, Naruto. I'm so sorry for that. I did the best I could under the situation."

Naruto's face twisted into a grimace. He wrapped his arms around his father and held him as tightly as he could. Tears were flowing freely from his eyes.

Minato would have continued to enjoy this familial embrace were it not for the knee he found buried into his crotch, exacerbating the previous nut shot. Minato wheezed air out his lungs and sunk to the floor. "Y-You really have to stop doing that." Minato wheezed out.

"You fucked up." Naruto said, his face back to normal and wiping the tears away from his cheeks.

"I know! I'm sorry for having you shoulder the burden of hate. You needed the power of the Kyuubi to even have a chance of surviving against th-"

"No, no, no." Naruto interrupted. "You fucked up in a much different way."

Minato looked up from the ground confusedly at his son. Naruto pointed to behind him, where Yugito and Matatabi were watching in silence.

Yugito nervously waved at her father-in-law, while Matatabi decided to sit down and look as regally imposing as she could.

Minato stared at the two in a shocked silence. Slowly, ever so slowly, he turned his head away from the two and looked back at his son. "You're going to have to explain some things." Minato finally said.

*Some very simplified explanations later*

Minato was very silent. "S-So, you're Yugito Nii, and you're the Niibi no Nekomata, Matatabi." Minato said, pointing the two in question. "And when I was in office, using shadow clones, I signed four marriage contracts simultaneously, then forgot about it. Not only that, but about fourteen years later, all the villages decided to take those marriage contracts seriously. You got your arm cut off while trying to protect a Jinchuuriki who was a dictator. Then you lost your life trying to protect your friend, who was the Kazekage and a Jinchuuriki, and was brought back to life. Now, you're romantically involved with two-"

"Three." Yugito interrupted.

Minato winced a little bit. "Three of your, now five, wives. The Kyuubi, whose name is Kurama and doesn't have a set gender, got sucked out of you, but not all of it, only most of it. It is also one of your precious people. Now you're sleeping in Suna and are about to set out to the training camp, where shinobi of all the villages come together to share their techniques and learn how to get along with each other."

Naruto nodded. "Pretty much."

Minato began rubbing his chin in thought. "How old are you, by the way?" Minato asked Naruto and Yugito.

"I'm 29, he's 16." Yugito stated simply.

Minato chuckled a little bit. "I'm so glad Kushina isn't here." Minato said under his breath. "I know she'd kill me for sure if I wasn't already dead."

Naruto returned his attention to Kurama. "I'm going to unseal Kurama now. It doesn't have enough chakra to hurt me even if it can get out."

Minato looked at the big fox in consideration. "It won't get out either way. Most Jinchuuriki seals have it so even if the seal is unlocked or destroyed, it'd still be up to the bijuu whether or not to come out. If it comes out and it had enough chakra, you'd die, but seeing as it's predisposed…" Minato trailed off.

Naruto nodded and put his hand back into the claw shape, then finished unlocking the seal. The gate lock swindled away and the giant gates slowly opened, showing Kurama the freedom it always wanted.

Minato tutted out a few sounds of apprehension. "I can't believe the Kyuubi is in such a state."

Naruto walked into where the cage previously stopped and crouched down a safe distance away from Kurama. Naruto sighed a sad sigh. "…Yeah, I can't believe it either."

Matatabi pawed over to where Kurama was laying. One of her tails came forward and nudged it in its stomach. Its breathing hitched a little bit, but was unresponsive otherwise.

Yugito came over and draped an arm around Naruto to comfort him.

Minato walked a bit closer than Naruto did, coming all the way up to Kurama's face, where he tentatively rubbed his hand on the top of Kurama's head. There was no change in its expression.

Golden flakes began lifting off Minato, giving him a divine appearance. Naruto looked up at him in shock and wonder. "D-Dad, what's happening?"

Minato looked at his arms with an understanding gaze. "The amount of chakra I put into you isn't enough for a prolonged existence." He put his hands on his hips and sighed. "You know, I thought that when we'd meet for the first time since you were a baby, I thought it'd be a bit more… dramatic I guess."

Naruto stumbled his way to where Minato was, Kurama no longer thrashing in his presence. Minato placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I wish I could have been there to see you grow up. I wish I could have been there to see you graduate from the academy, or get promoted to chunin, or meet your first girlfriend- well, maybe not that last one. That one might have turned out to be a bit more painful on my side because of your mother." Minato smiled widely.

Naruto chuckled against his will.

"Son, the only thing I want of you, is to be happy. If you find your happiness, it would be the most a father could wish for." Minato looked away from Naruto and addressed Yugito. "Also, I'd like it if you could look after Naruto. He really gets his personality from his mother, after all."

Yugito nodded, tiny little pinpricks of water coalescing in her eyes. The scene in front of her was just too heart wrenching for there not to be some sort of reaction out of her.

"And son," Minato said, turning his attention to Naruto once more. "Never forget this one thing. I am more proud of you, than of anything else I have ever had a hand in making in my entire life. If your mother was here, she'd feel the same way as me."

Naruto nodded, tears falling from his eyes all the way. Minato turned his back on Naruto and placed his hand on Kurama's head. "What are you doing?" Naruto rasped out.

Minato rubbed Kurama's head lovingly. "I'm going to take a page out of your mother's playbook, and do something impulsively without thinking." He flashed Naruto one more smile before getting absorbed into Kurama's head.

As soon as he was gone, Kurama's eyes opened suddenly. It thrashed around a little bit to get into a suspicious battle stance and began to breathe heavily. Its eyes were looking around the room frantically, trying to absorb all the information in the setting it was in as it could.

Its eyes finally rested on Naruto. "K-Kit?" It asked in a voice that was uncharacteristically higher and lighter than it usually would have. "What happened?" The voice was somewhat androgynous in nature, no longer booming and deep. It was the voice of a normally talking person, not the one of a ginormous bijuu.

Naruto stood stock still for several seconds before rushing forward and enveloping Kurama in the tightest, biggest, most heartfelt hug the big fox had ever felt in its entire life. Kurama, no longer at the mass that it usually would have been, stumbled a little bit before falling on its ass. "When did you get so big?" It asked in wonder.

Naruto buried his face into Kurama's pelt of fur, too happy to vocalize what situation the fox was actually in.

Too happy to do much other than hold the fox as tightly as he could and not let go.


Day 2:

Tsunade was rubbing her temples as soothingly as she could under the situation she was in. In front of her was a smiling Naruto, an aloof Kakashi, a slightly nervous Sakura, and a seemingly-not-caring Yugito, who looked like all she wanted to do was to leave and get some shut eye.

Tsunade sighed for the umpteenth time that day. "You guys are going to give me an aneurism someday."

"Well it's a good thing you're a medical shinobi." Naruto said, smile not slackening in the slightest. Tsunade's glare was enough to make him rethink his previous statement. "Y-You know, so you can take care of that aneurism…"

"Jiraya." Tsunade said to the sage to her right. "Tell me again why I'm not allowed to place Naruto under house arrest."

Jiraya laughed uproariously and slapped Tsunade on the back a few times. "Are you kidding? Place the kid that helped kill two akatsuki agents and who was resurrected from the dead under house arrest? That's absurd. There'd be riots."

"It's just going to happen again." Tsunade said. "You told me, with confidence, that you thought Naruto was strong enough to take out members of the akatsuki if push came to shove. From the report of the situation I got, Naruto was taken out in a matter of minutes after barely hurting Sasori at all."

"It was a bad pairing." Jiraya said. "Who knew Sasori made something that could work against Jinchuuriki? Well, now he's gone and no one knows how to make any more of it."

Tsunade silently seethed. "I should punish you to the full extent that I am capable of. But I can't. Because you helped save Gaara from having his bijuu removed, and you still… have yours, I guess."

Naruto nodded happily. "Yup. Kurama's looking a bit down, but still has chakra."

Tsunade waved her hand to the side. "Dismissed."

Naruto, in a manner most unbefitting of his character, decided to sedately remove himself from the foldable chair and head out of the temporary commanders tent with slow, precise movements. Yugito followed after him and began walking next to him side by side. Her hand reached downwards and grasped Naruto's hand into hers, intertwining the fingers in a most loving fashion.

It was strange in the training camp. There seemed to be nobody in their way as they continued to the five tents consisting of their housing.

Yugito looked down with that light smile on her face to Naruto. He was smiling profusely, a victim of supreme happiness.

She laughed. It was a light, carefree, harmonious laughter. One that drew Naruto's attention back to her beautiful face.

Her laughter proved to be infectious, as even Naruto was starting to laugh lightly as well. "What's… what's so funny?" He finally asked in between gouts of laughter.

She stopped suddenly and peered down at him, still smiling. Quickly, she bent down a little bit and planted a big kiss on Naruto's mouth.

Naruto's eyes grew wide in surprise for only a second before he eagerly reciprocated the kiss. It was only meant to be chaste, but Naruto had other ideas, as he brought a hand to the back of her head to hold her in place.

Getting the idea, she leaned in even more and deepened the kiss. Their lips began sliding past each other, caressing and directing the other's movements in a moment of togetherness.

Yugito took a handful of Naruto's hair for leverage and leaned her entire body against his, her curves sinking into Naruto's own athletic body frame. Her other arm was wrapped around his waist, holding him to her.

They continued this interlocked embrace up until Naruto tried to move his foot away to get some leverage, only he didn't see the rock behind said foot. He tripped and fell flat on his back, dragging Yugito down with him. His hands felt the soft grass on the ground. The sun was suddenly blocked by Yugito's body.

She landed on her knees on either side of Naruto's body. Her torso was arched so that her head was directly in front of his.

Her breath tickled his nose and mouth. She was panting, her face was flushed; her eyes were half-lidded, but were completely focused.

She landed small, little kisses on his jaw and neck, moving enticingly slowly towards his torso. Her index finger's nail grew about an inch in length as she dragged it down Naruto's shirt and jacket. At the very bottom, it opened up easily, baring Naruto's front to her eyes.

Naruto's eyes grew wider and wider as she did this. It was at the point that she was licking Naruto's abdomen and upper body, tracing the curves of his musculature, that Naruto gently laid a hand on her shoulder and pushed her away.

Their eyes met, she resigned herself to something and nodded so incrementally that Naruto felt like he might have imagined it. "Y-Yugito…"

Her hands reached around her back and pulled at something Naruto couldn't see. Her front armor piece slackened visibly, and she quickly shucked it away. It was when her hands grasped the bottom of her longshirt that Naruto intervened and grabbed her hands in his, halting them from their progress.

"Look, Yugito." Naruto said, huffing a little from all the adrenaline in his system. "Don't you want to start somewhere a bit more…" Naruto looked around at the tents pitched all around them and the wide open blue sky above them. "Private?"

Yugito looked around as well before offering a simplistic "No one's here right now."

"But they might come back soon."

Yugito leaned her body forward, making Naruto lean back until the nape of his neck was resting on the fine grass. "I. Don't. Care." She said these words softly, but with a definite severity to their meaning.

Naruto grabbed her waist and rolled over. Now on top, he leaned close to her ear and whispered "Well I do. I wanna keep you all to myself."

Yugito grinned at such a cheesy response and conceded to his point, marked by when she tied her front armor piece back to her torso. They both stood and faced each other a little awkwardly, before Naruto offered his hand, which she happily took.

They continued walking on their merry way, looking like nothing happened at all, except for Naruto's ruined shirt and jacket. After a few minutes of walking, Naruto broke the silence. "So what was so funny?"


Naruto made a few random, unsure hand gesticulations. "You know, before you forced yourself on me, you were laughing a lot. What was so funny?"

Yugito gave a small huff of amusement. "First of all, I didn't hear you complaining."

"Naturally, I was just so scared." Naruto said with a shit-eating grin.

Yugito sent a knowing glare his way. "And second of all… I don't have a reason."

"No reason?"

Yugito wrapped her arm around his body. "I don't need a reason to laugh, if I'm happy enough."


Day 2.5

"Hey Naruto… I, uh… I need to talk to you… for a second." Kurotsuchi refused to meet Naruto's eye and was clutching an elbow with one of her hands.

"Okay." Naruto said simply. Yugito and Naruto had just made it to the tented area where they usually would sleep and to put it mildly, Yugito was hoping for a little alone time with Naruto. This seemed for naught, however, because Kurotsuchi needed Naruto for a second.

Kurotsuchi glanced at Yugito, then to Naruto. "…Alone." She added.

It took Naruto two seconds to process her words and the ramifications that were held in them. Kurotsuchi was never meek. She never hesitated to speak her mind in the bluntest way possible. And she never would refuse to make eye contact with Naruto. "Oh, uhhh… Sure." Naruto tapped Yugito's elbow draped around his neck. "One second." He said to the cat woman in question.

Yugito looked mildly annoyed, but relented, noticing the serious atmosphere that suddenly pervaded upon their selves. She made a beeline to the hot springs in order to give them some space.

Kurotsuchi reached out and tugged on Naruto's sleeve, drawing him into their tent. Naruto had a mask of seriousness and concern about the situation he was in.

Once inside, she sat down on the cot and bade him to follow suit. She looked nervous, Naruto noticed. There were black bags under her eyes, her hands were shaking, she didn't look like she'd bathed in a few days. "S-So." She started out. "I—uhh, I see that you and Yugito are…" She didn't finish her sentence.

Naruto's eyes widened. "Kurotsuchi." Naruto said resolutely and flatly. "Do… Do you have a problem with me and Yugito…" He couldn't finish his sentence either. This was one of the few things that kept him up at night; quarreling and being forced to choose between his wives.

Goddamn it. He knew this thing wasn't going to work. Pervy-sage is so full of shit. How could one man be happily married to five wives? Actually, it would be quite easy for one man to be happily married to five women; the real question would be how could five women be happily married to one man?

Naruto hung his head in shame. "I-I'm sorry." He said, cutting her off. "I-I can't choose between you and her. It wouldn't be fair."

Kurotsuchi's lips turned upwards into a dark sort of smile. "It's not about that." She said wistfully. "I was just… making an observation I guess."

Naruto breathed out a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear." He said under his breath. "…Wait, so what did you want to talk to me about?"

Kurotsuchi opened her mouth once, then shut it. Then she opened it again and shut it again. This happened a few times more until Naruto grabbed her hands in one of his and put a hand to her chin, so he could point it to him and look her in the eyes. Now that quarreling was out of the realm of possible things that could make her like that, Naruto was scared of what really was making her act so uncharacteristically.

"What. Is. Wrong?" He asked as comfortingly as he could.

Tears began to coalesce at the corner of her eyes. Her nose scrunched. Her lip was quivering. "I-I-I-I-I-I…" No matter what, she couldn't make the words take form.

Naruto leaned in explosively and kissed her quivering lips. He wrapped his arms around her back and brought her in until she was sitting on his lap. He broke the kiss and held to him as closely as he could. "What's wrong? You can tell me." Naruto whispered into her ear.

"I'm pregnant." Kurotsuchi said into his ear.

Naruto stilled. "W-What?"

"I'm pregnant." Kurotsuchi said again, her torso beginning to wrack itself with sobs. "And-And-And-And… you don't have to worry." She said into his ear, full of despair. "I'm… I'm going to get rid of it, so you don't have to worry-"

Naruto put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her away from him. She was arm's length away when she saw the look on his face.

It looked dumbstruck, like he had been hit in the face with a shovel. "Y-You're pregnant?" Naruto asked unbelievingly.

Kurotsuchi nodded, tears leaking out of her ducts like mad. "I-I'm going to get rid of it, so you don't have to-"

"You're pregnant." Naruto said once more, lips slowly curling inward to become a smile.

Kurotsuchi shut her eyes and nodded, not noticing how Naruto's face of unbelieving dumbstruckness was turning into one of hopeful jubilance.

"You're pregnant." He said, voice out of breath for some strange reason. "You're pregnant." He said a little louder and happier.

Kurotsuchi tentatively opened her eyes to see Naruto's body, shaking with excitement. "I'm going to be a dad." He said, completely having put the abortion thing out of his mind subconsciously.

"Y-You're okay with that?" Kurotsuchi asked. "B-But the akatsuki-"

"The Akatsuki can all go suck a dick for all I care." Naruto said loudly and happily. "You're pregnant and I'm going to be a dad!" Naruto brought her back to his torso for a full-on bear hug.

Kurotsuchi allowed him to hug onto her for dear life. This situation was… unexpected. The most she had thought would happen would be Naruto to silently and sadly take up the mantle of responsibility and feign a sadness over her choice of having an abortion, but ultimately allow her to do so. He was… completely, unequivocally, decisively happy about the news.

He hugged her for all that he had to hug, laughing breathlessly at the news. "I have to tell everyone." Naruto said suddenly, pulling back just enough so he could look her in the eye.

She gave him a somewhat cross look. "I-I don't think-"

Naruto wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. He picked her up bridal style and ran out of the tent as quickly as he could.

As he went, he just started shouting out the results of their union wildly and recklessly to anyone who listened.

"Hey You! I'm going to be a dad!"

"Oi! I got my wife pregnant!"

"My kid's going to be royalty!"

He went on and on like that, going off on random tangents sometimes he was so excited. Kurotsuchi just went with it. Eventually she began to laugh in a way that only a person who had been previously crying could laugh. She laughed out of joy, out of happiness, out of relief, out of a lot of things.

"Hey! Dad!" This statement got Kurotsuchi's attention, forcing her to look at who Naruto was directing that to. He was a bulky man with a pronounced upper jaw. He and Naruto had been getting along well enough that he insisted on the Uzumaki calling him 'dad'.

Kitsuchi looked away from the students he was teaching about earth manipulation to see his son-in-law carrying his daughter bridal style. Before he could get out any sort of interrogative, Naruto finished the thing that he wanted to say.

"I put a baby in your daughter! You're going to be a granddaddy!" And just like that, Naruto was off like the wind, trying to tell everyone how happy he was about the news.

Kitsuchi blinked once and allowed the words to get processed in his head. It took him a solid ten seconds to process it and in the time that it took, his students began to get kind of worried. "Uhh… sir?"

Kitsuchi looked at the student who spoke in question. "What?" He asked gruffly.

"Are you okay?" The student asked.

It took a while for him to answer. "…I don't know."

"Hey dogbreath!" Naruto shouted at Kiba. Just when he was turned around enough to look in Naruto's general direction, Naruto shot past him. "I'm going to be a dad!" He shouted back.

"Hey Ino!" Naruto shouted at the Yamanaka. She looked up a little to see what Naruto was on about. Really, he got excited over the simplest of things. Before she could ask what he wanted, he shot past her. "I got Kurotsuchi pregnant!" He shouted back at the dumbfounded Ino.

"Hey Chouji! Guess what? I'm going to be a dad." Naruto said to the Akamichi in rapid succession. He was gone before Chouji could raise his head from the meal he was eating.

"Neji, Tenten, Lee, Gai!" He said to the four members of Team Gai, who were walking sedately, talking amongst themselves. "Kurotsuchi's pregnant with my kid!" Not even Lee could track how fast he was moving at that point.

"Hey Shino! I'm going to be a dad!" Naruto said, jostling Kurotsuchi around a bit to bring attention to her. She giggled a little bit and half-heartedly swatted at him. He was off before Shino could tell Naruto that he knew before the blond did.

"Hinata!" He shouted at the Hyuuga. "Kurotsuchi's pregnant!" He was gone before the Hyuuga could politely say "congratulations" to his face.

"Samui, Karui, Omoi!" He said to the Cloud trio. "I got Kurotsuchi pregnant."

Just when he was out of earshot, Karui nudged Samui in the sides. "Aren't you glad that you didn't hop on that train when you could?" Samui smiled a little bit. Yeah, that kind of life just wasn't for her.

"Oi Pervy-sage!" Naruto shouted at Jiraya. "I had sex with Kurotsuchi and got her pregnant!" Jiraya was passed by Naruto, but not before he could give out one of the patented 'bro fist after finding out one of your bros got laid' bro fist. For that particular comment, Naruto got hit in the head by a slightly indignant Kurotsuchi, although she was too happy to stay mad at the blond lug.

"Shikamaru!" Naruto said to the Nara in question. "I got Kurotsuchi pregnant!" Shikamaru didn't reply for several seconds because of the game of chess he was playing, when he did, Naruto was long gone.

"Sakura! Kakashi!" Naruto shouted at his pink-haired teammate and his aloof sensei. He stopped directly in front of her and elevated his wife slightly. She flung her arms wide and said "I'm pregnant!" They were gone again before the two could comment.

"Naruto sure works fast." Kakashi said, mostly to himself before getting back to the porn that he was distracted from.

Sakura snapped her fingers in realization. "So that's what was wrong with them." She said mostly to herself before trying to get a bead on Naruto to properly congratulate him. He was way too far away now for her to do anything, however.

"Hey Granny!" Naruto said, barging into the commander's tent. "Kurotsuchi's pregnant." He was out of the tent before the pen Tsunade was holding could hit her desk. She looked wide-eyed at the tent flap fluttering in the man-made wind where the married couple had been at moments prior. A smiling Shizune was smirking to herself quietly behind the elderly Senju.

"Akatsuchi!" Kurotsuchi yelled at the large, childish teenager. "I'm pregnant!" Before he could even turn around, the two were dust in the wind.

"Hey Temari, Kurotsuchi's pregnant!" Naruto said to the wind mistress, actually stopping in front of the person for once.

She held up a hand. "Yeah, I gathered."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed. "Is the information all across the camp yet?"

"Well it doesn't help that you two are just going around, shouting out at the top of your lungs that you're pregnant."

Naruto started jogging in place. "We can't let the information get to anyone other than by us." Naruto said in a comic worried tone.

Kurotsuchi giggled. "No, I guess we can't, can we?"

With that, Naruto shot off in another direction, leaving Temari in the dust.

"Congratulations, by the way." Temari said to the empty air where the two used to be.

"Yugito!" Naruto shouted into the hotsprings, afraid to go in lest he accidentally slip on the surface with his sandals.

"What?!" She shouted out.

"Kurotsuchi's pregnant!"


"I'm pregnant!"

"…Great for you?"

"It is great!" Naruto shouted. Before he could jet off to find more people to tell the good news to, Kurotsuchi tapped his cheek a few times.

"You know." She said. "Fu's pregnant too."

Naruto's face lit up even more, if it were even possible.


Fu looked away suddenly from the training dummy she was slicing up using her water swords to see Naruto bolting towards her with Kurotsuchi in his arms. Fu's face softened at that look of contentment on Kurotsuchi's face.

"Fu!" He shouted again, albeit slightly lowered in volume this time.

When he got close enough, Fu leaned in cutely and gave an elongated "Ye~s?" to the Uzumaki.

"You're pregnant!" He said excitedly, scooping Fu up on his back. "We need to tell everyone the good news!"


Day 3 (Warning: lemon ahead)

Naruto was leaning back in his little cot. A lot had happened that day, so he was fairly mentally pooped.

First, Mei came back from Kiri and chewed him out something fierce when she learned that he died during the mission and that the only thing that kept him alive was the Hand of the Machine. Other than that, Tsunade alerted the rest of the kage about the pregnancies, prompting an impromptu meeting between the leaders of the continent. It was a unanimous agreement that at the very least, the two pregnant wives should stay at a safe house somewhere. Not only to give them protection, but also to provide them a good area to bring up their kids.

Mei suggested a beachside resort on an island very close to the main one that Kiri was located on. Once she gave the details of all the things the place had to offer, everyone agreed to it. After all, they all had safe houses of one kind or another all over their respective countries, but none suited to catering to the needs of two pregnant ladies like the resort did.

Kurotsuchi didn't like it at first, but was convinced when she learned she could continue light training there with the small training grounds attached to it.

In the end, because the resort was so huge, Naruto and co. decided to all go there. Temari had actually never been to the beach and Yugito, although wasn't too keen on the sea, wanted to go wherever Naruto was going.

It looked like things were really going his way, that is until Kurotsuchi and Fu heard about him dying on the rescue mission.

Oh, there were so many tears and slaps across the face and the calling a certain someone a certain phallic symbol. Yup, when they learned that the father of their unborn children might have died on them, they made him promise to never go into harm's way again. Seeing as he was a ninja, he persuaded them to eventually drop the promise to never going into perilous harm's way. They were still pretty stewed about the whole thing, but he didn't expect them to not come to bed with him.

And it was looking that way too. The sun was going down and the air was getting chilly. Soon, he'd have to climb into bed alone, something he hadn't done in a very long time indeed.

Naruto sighed to himself and began drawing back the sheets on his cot. There was a slight coughing sound coming from the entrance. What was standing there kept Naruto's attention for a very long time.

Yugito was in a towel and nothing else, it appeared. Her hair was down and still in strands from the water logged in them. Steam was drifting off her body, meaning that she'd been in the hotspring until very recently. She had a brave and defiant look on her face that was somewhat dampened by the growing blush on her cheeks, expanding across her nose and up her forehead. She stepped in the tent and let the flap flutter back into place.

"We uhh… we never got to finish what we started yesterday." Yugito said.

Naruto grinned a little sheepishly. "O-Oh, that's right. I'm… I'm sorry. It's just been kinda hectic lately…"

"It's- It's fine, I get it. It's not every day that you learn you're going to be a father." Yugito said reassuringly.

Naruto nodded.

Silence engulfed the tent, neither really knowing how to start out. The previous day's attempt at intercourse had been a matter of passion and circumstance. Now that they were both just… there, and accepting what was about to happen, it brought up a slightly awkward, anxious air in the tent.

"S-So…" Yugito finally said. "How do you want to start?"

"Well, I- we'd usually start with kissing." Naruto winced immediately. There was no way that Yugito wanted to hear about how he did it with Fu and Kurotsuchi.

"O-Oh. Right, of course." Yugito said, taking a few tentative steps to his cot. Naruto stood up and faced her as she did so.

When she was close enough that Naruto could feel the hot air of her breath on his forehead, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips, not taking her hands away from the towel. Naruto reciprocated and wrapped his arms around her, drawing him closer to him.

She drew her (comically enough) rough tongue to and fro on Naruto's lips, asking for permission to enter. Naruto allowed and she pushed inwards, exploring his mouth, fighting a little with his own tongue, allowing Naruto access to her mouth.

Naruto ended the kiss, bringing his lips down her jaw, to her collarbone, staying just long enough to nibble and suck a bit on a protruding scar, then down her ribcage, up until the towel that she was still holding onto.

Naruto eyed upwards, as if asking permission. When he received no words of negative, he brought his hands and clasped them in hers, slowly bringing the towel down and uncovering her modestly sized breasts.

Naruto lowered himself on the cot into a sitting position, bringing Yugito down with him. She flung away the towel and sat on his lap, knees on either side of him. There, she helped him out of his night shirt and planted a few kissed on his neck, drawing her hands up and down his toned abdominal muscles.

The Uzumaki brought his hands upwards and palmed her breasts gently, rubbing them in between his fingers. He could hear her breath hitch slightly on his neck, bringing a smile to his face. He oriented her nipples in between his middle and index fingers, squeezing and pulling the small nubs to her satisfaction.

Her satisfaction wasn't being sated fast enough, seeing as how she pushed Naruto on the bed and began suckling and nibbling on his neck while she brought a hand down to rub at his crotch and engorged member. Naruto gave out a groan of pleasure at her ministrations, bringing a smile to Yugito's face.

She turned around so that she was facing Naruto's lower body and tugged down the boxer briefs that Naruto was wearing for sleep wear. His cock was laying on its side, semi-engorged. She grabbed it at the hilt and leaned forward slightly, a little amused at the sight of his pubic hair.

"So you're a natural blond, huh?" She asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto retorted, bringing his hands forward to get a good grasp of her hips. He lifted them until her knees were on either side of his neck, giving him a perfect view of her engorged vagina.

"Nothing." Yugito said huskily. She leaned down and gave his member an experimental lick, getting another groan from her partner. Her eyes widened and she gasped a little as she felt Naruto begin his own meal. "I-If you make the joke…" She warned.

Naruto leaned back and audibly smacked his lips. "A wonderfully tasty pussy on a wonderfully tasty pussy."

Yugito growled a little at Naruto. Deciding that he didn't want a pissed off cat woman around his balls, he quickly gave forward a little apology before delving back into her snatch.

Yugito would have rolled her eyes if she had the thought processes available to think up such a clever physical show of irritation.

She continued to lick and suck around his shaft until the entire thing was completely wetted and erect, gasping and moaning every once and a while when Naruto would lick at a particularly sensitive bundle of nerves.

Yugito brought her head down and engulfed the head in her mouth, drawing her tongue on the top of his cock in swirling patterns, hoping to get a response out of him. Naruto brought his hands upward and spread out the lips of her labia minora, affording him a good view of her vulva. There, he inserted his index finger into her vaginal opening, making her gasp in pleasure and a little bit of pain, clenching hard on the foreign object. Naruto would have hissed in pain if he didn't think it would ruin the mood. He began drawing the index finger in and out of the opening, trying to loosen it up a bit while he licked at her lower lips with joy, getting tickled every now and again by the trimmed blonde hair around her vagina.

The cat woman began to bob her head up and down on the shaft, bringing it as far in as the pubic hair began tickling her chin and drawing back out to the head of penis. Feeling a little bit experimental, she abandoned using her mouth and brought her chest out forward, wrapping her breasts around the penis. They weren't absurdly large enough that she'd be able to entirely wrap around his shaft, nor would she be able to comfortably orient her head to orally pleasure him at the same time, but it was a unique and foreign experience that neither Kurotsuchi or Fu could pull off, something that Naruto had yet to feel.

She began to use the palms of her hands to bounce her breasts up and down on his cock. Not one to be outdone, Naruto fingered around her clitoral hood and finally freed the elusive little bundle of nerves from the skin surrounding it. He, while continuing to finger her, kissed her clitoris and began to lick and kiss at it at a rapid pace, hoping to set off Yugito before she managed to set him off. It was hard though; the feeling of her bouncing breasts going up and down on his slicked cock was almost unbearable.

Yugito was gasping for air and mewling at a rapid pace almost as soon as Naruto began his assault on her clitoris. Invigorated at the prospect of losing, she began bouncing her breasts up and down as rapidly as she could, allowing drool to trickle down her mouth and land in the waiting crevice of her cleavage to help slick the rod sliding in and out of it.

Yugito abandoned the use of her knees to keep her lower half upright and instead decided to fall on Naruto's face for support. A little bit surprised at the action, Naruto allowed it nonetheless, as it gave him a better access to her vulva.

With both of their attention to the other's pleasure, it wasn't very long after they started that Naruto felt his thighs clench and Yugito began grinding into Naruto's face against her will.

An elongated groan was all her warning before semen began caking the inside of her breasts and the bottom of her chin. At the same time, she nearly screamed in pleasure as she felt that knot that had begun building in her abdomen release all at once, coating Naruto's face with her own release.

She could both hear and feel Naruto doing his best to lap all the fluids that landed on or near his face, so she decided, after a few seconds of rest, to scoop up some of the semen that had landed on her chest and give it a lick.

Sweat was on her brow and she was breathing as heavily as if she had run five miles in the span of five minutes. Even so, she could taste the bitterness of Naruto's semen on her taste buds. It wasn't completely anathema to her, but she wasn't really one for bitter tasting foods, so she decided to forego eating the rest of the semen on her chest.

She laid there, on top of him, drawing in as much air into her lungs as she possibly could while Naruto did the same.

Her arms were shaking, even so, she drew herself up from his legs and landed on top of him, her knees on either side of his midsection. Naruto pushed himself up and proceeded to kiss Yugito some more, his hands roaming all over her body. Because she was in a profession that had her remain in tip-top shape, she had a very well-toned and muscled body. Naruto slid his hands from her lithe back to her succulently firm ass cheeks, to her long, powerful legs, to her stomach, which was so toned that he could feel her muscled abs underneath the layer of skin.

Some might be turned off by how strong a woman she was, but not Naruto. He loved every nook and cranny and everything that made Yugito, Yugito.

Naruto suctioned his mouth on the side of her neck, licking, sucking, kissing, and doing the best he could to draw the tiny little moans out of her body. The sounds of her moaning turned Naruto on enough that his wilting member suddenly engorged itself again, poking the underside of her ass.

Yugito gasped a little at the feeling of his hot rod poking her ass. "Someone's getting frisky~" She whispered in his ear in a husky, seductive tone.

Naruto slid an arm under her ass and picked her up. He laid her down on her back on the bed and began rubbing her sopping pussy. At the height of her moans of pleasure, Naruto oriented his dick to her snatch. He tried to get it at least directed at her opening, but the hole was so tight that it kept slipping off.

"Here." Yugito said quietly, wrapping her legs around Naruto's midsection to keep him in place and grasping Naruto's rod at the hilt. Once it was where she wanted it to go, she pushed Naruto to her using her legs just he thrust forward.

The head of his cock slipped in her pussy making Yugito moan in ecstasy and pain. Naruto began licking at her neck again, hoping to draw her attention away from the pain. Ever so slowly, he began moving his hips forward and back incrementally, trying to get Yugito used to the feeling that had abandoned her for so long.

Yugito grasped Naruto by the chin and leaned forward to thrust her tongue in his mouth. Naruto moaned and momentarily forgot about his lower body as she divided his attention in two.

She pushed him back until he was on his knees and she was perpendicular to the ground.

All at one go, she fell on his turgid prick. It pierced through her vagina and hilted at the bottom in one fell swoop. She gasped at the sudden pressure and foreign feeling inside her vaginal walls.

Yugito stayed in that position for a while, thrusting her hips forwards and back in an effort to get a feel for being on top.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked between kissed to her collar bone and neck.

"Yeah." She said quickly and without breath.

Once she was comfortable, she began rising and falling on Naruto's meat stick in small increments at first. The friction from Naruto's prick sliding in and out of her hot snatch forced her body to soon begin rising and falling with reckless abandon. Naruto gripped her ass cheeks with his palms and helped her rising and falling by pumping in at a rhythmic pace.

Yugito vocalized her pleasure through guttural moans and animalistic screams. Naruto was certain that she was so loud that her screams were waking the entire camp, if the two of them hadn't already.

She grabbed him by the cheeks and just held his head in place as he pumped into her and she fell down with slopping sounds of lovemaking. She stared into his eyes, a lusty expression on her face as Naruto did the same.

They remained in that position until the pressure inside her belly grew too great. Yugito wrapped her arms around his torso and sunk her teeth into where shoulder met neck on Naruto as she began to ride out her orgasm.

Naruto nearly yelped at the sudden pain on his neck. It drove him to greater heights, however, as he began thrusting in and out with wild abandon, any sort of rhythm and tempo gone as he pounded into her tight, eager snatch.

The Uzumaki belted out a guttural moan when he exploded into her waiting snatch. Yugito's eyes widened, then screwed themselves shut as the orgasm hit her like a bullet train. Her vaginal walls tightened and undulated, trying to coax as much cum out of Naruto as she could.

She opened her eyes halfway. Dots were obscuring her vision and she could taste blood. A little bit shocked at that fact, she pulled her mouth from his neck with a little difficulty. At some point during the night, her incisors had grown somewhat due to the slight influx of bijuu chakra from her system.

Naruto whimpered a little in pain and rubbed at the already healing wound.

"S-Sorry." Yugito said, barely having enough breath in her lungs to vocalize that amount of verbiage. She was only held up because gravity had deigned her to fall on Naruto's chest instead of his legs. For some reason, her legs were numb and her arms felt like they were on fire.

Was sex really that powerful? Although she didn't have a clock on her, she knew that they couldn't have been going for longer than five or six minutes, yet she felt like she had gone through one of the hardest workouts of her life.

Naruto slid down on the cot until his head was touching the pillow. Yugito managed to roll off of him and land at his side. He immediately wrapped an arm around her and pulled her naked body towards him.

They laid like that for a while, basking in the afterglow of sex.

Naruto began laughing to himself a little bit. "You know what?" Naruto asked all of the sudden.

"What?" Yugito asked, eyes beginning to droop closed.

"I forgot something." At that, Naruto propped himself on his elbow and looked down on Yugito's tired face.

"What'd you forget?" Yugito asked tiredly.

"I love you."

Yugito's eyes widened from their sleepy state and she felt a blush creep forward on her cheeks. "I-I love you too."

Naruto laughed and wrapped his arms around her, placing kissed all over her face. "I love you so much." He said. "I can't believe I forgot to say how much I love you."

Yugito began giggling and half-heartedly slapped at Naruto's chest. "Well how much do you love me?" She asked whimsically.

"I love you to the moon and back again." Naruto said. "I love you enough that I just want to keep you near and fuck you over and over again."

Yugito laughed a little too. "What if I get fat? Will you love me then? Will you fuck me then?"

Naruto leaned down and licked at her sweaty brow, tasting the salty liquid that came from the rigors of pleasure. "I'd absolutely ravish you if you got fat."

"What if I got blind?"

"I'd put a collar and leash on you, then lead you around."

"What if I get… an arm cut off?"

Naruto grinned and pulled off his civilian-use arm. "Then I'd give you a hand." He said, brushing the hair away from her eyes with the mechanical fingers.

"What if… I… die?"

Naruto's eyes widened. "Then… I'd love you for the eternity that you'd be gone from me." He said, caressing her cheeks with the backs of his knuckles.

Yugito's eyes softened. "Naruto… what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean?"

Yugito gestured wildly with her arm. "There are people out there who want us dead."

Naruto buried his face into the crook of Yugito's neck. "Then I'm just going to have to kick ass, take names, and chew bubblegum… And I'm all out of bubblegum."

Yugito chuckled a little. "That's quite the goal you have there."

Naruto balked indignantly. "I think it's a wonderful plan. Simplistic. Easy to remember. Hard to get wrong." Naruto emphasized each point with a kiss to Yugito's lips.

Yugito laughed at his points. "I guess you're right." She said, laying down again.

Naruto laid down by her side and wrapped his arms around her. "Of course I'm right. You're married to Naruto Uzumaki, the guy who's gonna be hokage someday."

Yugito closed her eyes and went to sleep with a contented smile on her face.

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