The Monster Under The Bed

Diana had a problem.

Like many a six-year-old, she was absolutely convinced that there was a monster under her bed. It was probably there right now, thinking about the best way to eat her. She bet it had big eyes and sharp teeth and maybe a spiky tail. It might even breathe fire.

But normally, she wouldn't have been worried. When her big sister was around, she was safe. Everyone knew that the monsters under the bed never came out if there were big kids or grown ups around. If only Diana was bigger, she'd be okay. But she was small and not scary at all, not like Averia.

Her big sister was away on camp, so she was on her own in their room. It was the middle of the night, and the lights were off. A cloud covered the moon, and her whole room went dark. A quiet rustle came from under the bed. She pulled her blanket up to her chin.

It was there – the monster was right there under her bed.

The door was on the other side of the room. During the day, it didn't seem far at all. But right now, it seemed even farther than the moon.

No, she couldn't let herself get scared. She had to be a big girl. If she acted like a big girl, then maybe the monster would go away. Gathering all of her courage – and grabbing her plush toy, Mr Snaggles, for protection – she climbed out of bed.

"Hello…" Diana said, peering into the darkness under her bed. "Is there anyone there?"

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