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Option F – Diana gets a little help from someone cute and cuddly

Diana was fast asleep, but Mr Cuddles was wide-awake. The little girl had finally managed to fall asleep after being reassured by her parents that there was no such thing as monsters under her bed. But Mr Cuddles knew better. Animals were gifted with a sixth sense when it came to such matters, and he wasn't about to let anything happen to Diana.

A quiet rustle came from under the bed, and Mr Cuddles hopped off Diana's pillow and onto the ground. His keen eyes peered into the darkness under the bed. There, half-hidden by the shadows, was a swirling mass of crimson energy. At the centre of it were two, jet-black eyes.

Mr Cuddles bared his teeth. He'd never encountered this particular kind of monster before. But as a hamster, it was his sworn duty to protect Diana from it. The monster reached out with one, blood-red, energy tentacle. Mr Cuddles hopped onto the limb and bit down. Hard. The monster hissed, and the hamster raced up its tentacle and poked it in first one eye and then the other.

Go back to your own dimension! Mr Cuddles shook one little fist and then went for the monster's throat. Or I'll bite you some more!

The monster retreated deeper into the shadows and then vanished, never to return. Mr Cuddles took a few moments to make sure it was really gone and then clambered back into bed beside Diana.

It was tough being a hamster sometimes – not only did he have his duties as a class pet but he also had to fight off monster invasions on a regular basis. That uppity chocobo had it easy compared to him.

At least Diana's room only had one monster to worry about. Mr Cuddles sighed. Yuffie's room had been absolutely infested with monsters. He'd been up all night! Oh well. He yawned. Maybe he and Diana could go to the pet store tomorrow and pick up something tasty to eat.


Author's Notes

As always, I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this.

This story is based on Fangrai Forever Prompt #262: Fang and Light have a kid, and they're convinced that there is a monster in their closet/under thier bed. Fang and Lightning try their best to tell them that there isn't a monster there, but their child isn't easily convinced by words alone. This leads to Fang and Light having to make a show of "killing the monster" or something of the like.

As soon as I saw this prompt, I knew that I had to give it a go. However, I wasn't sure exactly which direction I would take it in. Would the monster be real? Would the monster be imaginary? Then I realised I could try something a little different. Why not let you guys pick what happens?

That's when I decided to include the "Live Trigger" to end chapter 1. I should also acknowledge RedKid11 – her hilariously awesome comic, Bad Touch, was the first place I saw someone use a "Live Trigger" as part of their fiction. It worked really well there, and I'm hoping it worked her too. For those of you who aren't aware, Live Triggers are from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Please let me know what you thought about this story and the format – it's not something I've done before, and I'm curious to know if you thought it worked. If people liked it, I might try it again sometime.

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