Yolei: Rise

Yolei: Rise

by Silver

*Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or its characters or creatures. The characters of Diamon and Ex-Piedmon are my creations, so I do own them. Jeez, one disclaimer and I'm already sick of them!*

Author's note: Well, I'm back! This is my continuation of Walkabout, but I hope to focus a bit more on Yolei and the others in this story. I really hope that this story goes as well as Walkabout. I wrote Walkabout because Davis was one of my favorite characters, but I'll need as much input from Yolei fans as possible in order to do a good job, so please review my work!

I'll set up the timeframe so that no one gets confused. It's about one week after Walkabout. The kids have returned to school and life is getting back to normal. Ken has given up being the Digimon Emperor, but the Digidestined still feel a great deal of animosity towards him. Veemon is the only one of the new Digimon to reach his Champion form so far. The Digital World is still rebuilding from the Emperor's attacks, and there is a fragile peace for now. Of course, this is an alternate timeline to the events in the show, so I'll have probably end up changing a few things in order for the story to make sense. I think that about sums it up.


Poromon hovered over his partner, Yolei Inoue. The purple-haired girl was currently asleep on her bed, but she should have been awake ten minutes ago. Poromon lowered himself down to Yolei's face. "Yolei? Yolei? Time to get up!"

"Hmm… five more minutes, Mom."

Poromon sighed, "That's what you said ten minutes ago. C'mon, wake up!"

Yolei just moaned and rolled over. Her left hand came up and knocked Poromon down onto the bed. Yolei rolled right on top of him. "Ack! Yolei, get up! I'm being smothered!"

Yolei stirred, "Huh? What time is it?" She looked at the clock, and was suddenly wide awake, "AHH! It's 6:45! I should be dressed by now! Poromon, why didn't you wake me?" No answer. "Poromon? Where are you?"

That's when Yolei heard the muffled shouts from around her armpit. Yolei sat up and looked down her slightly flattened Digimon partner. "Oh, there you are! Good morning, Poromon."

Poromon gasped for breath, "G-good morning…" Yolei quickly showered, dressed, and ate. She had to hurry if she wanted to get to school on time. She returned to her room to find that her mother there, making Yolei's bed. "Hey, thanks Mom!"

Yolei's mother smiled, "No problem, dear. Now, you'd better hurry if you want to get to school on time." It was then that Yolei noticed that her mother had Poromon in her arms.

"Um, Mom? What are you doing with my favorite stuffed toy?" Yolei had hold back a giggle at the cover story she'd come up with for Poromon. As long as Poromon remained perfectly still, no one would believe that she wasn't just one big stuffed toy.

Mrs. Inoue said, "Oh, it's looking a bit dusty and dirty. I thought I'd throw it in the washer and clean it up for you."

Yolei quickly grabbed her partner, who was looking furious at the moment, "Uh, that okay, Mom! I think I'll take him to school with me today, my locker needs a little decoration! Well, gotta go! See ya!" She grabbed her backpack and made beeline strait for the door.

Yolei's mother called after her, "Have a great day."

* * * * * * * *

"Who's she calling dirty and dusty?" Poromon fumed from Yolei's backpack.

Yolei glanced around at the other people on the street. No one seemed to care who was talking. "Shh! Poromon, you have to be quiet."

Poromon said, "But I'm not dirty or dusty."

Yolei nodded, "That's right, your not. But you could use a bath. We'll stop by a water fountain on the way home and give you a quick soak."

"Okay. But I'm still not dirty!" Yolei couldn't help but laugh at her partner's insistence on cleanliness.

"Hey, Yolei!" Cody came running down the street.

Yolei smiled, "Hi, Cody. I thought you'd be at school by now."

Cody said, "I got held up. Upamon was really hungry, so I had to sneak him more food."

A voice came from Cody's backpack, "It was really good candy too, yummy!"

Yolei and Cody walked together down the street, talking all the way. They made school a few minutes before the bell would ring. The loudspeakers were making their usual announcements.

"Attention please. To the owner of locker 243, your locker has been confiscated. Please come to the principle's office to retrieve it. Thank you."

Yolei stopped, "Did he just say-?"

Cody replied, "He did."

"Then doesn't that mean-?"

"It does."

Yolei shook her head, "A lot of weirdoes go to this school, that includes teachers." A soccer ball rolled at Yolei's feet.

"Hey, Yolei, a little help, please?" Davis waved to them from the soccer field. Yolei kicked the ball back to him. "Thanks!"

Cody called, "You're going to join us for lunch, right?"

Davis nodded, "Yeah, but I'll be a little late. Our soccer coach wants to talk to us about tomorrow's game. Could you tell Kari and TK for me?"

Yolei nodded, "Sure. See ya later." She and Cody went inside. Yolei still couldn't believe the change in Davis. Ever since he'd returned from that walkabout thingy, he'd been a bit more controlled. He and TK hadn't argued all week, although Davis still had a twitch in his eyebrow whenever TK seemed a little too close to Kari. He also didn't blow up as much. He also took more of an interest in the others and what was going on in their lives. Yolei was amazed that Davis had changed that much in just one week. Still, a lot of things did happen to him during last week.

Yolei secretly wondered what she would have done if she had been in Davis' position. Maybe she needed to spend more time in the Digital World too.

* * * * * * * *

"Hi guys." Yolei sat down across from TK and Kari. Cody joined them a moment later.

TK smiled, "Hey, how's it going?"

Yolei shrugged, "It's okay." She poked the cafeteria food with her fork. "What is this stuff?"

Kari sighed, "Don't ask."

Cody asked, "What does it taste like?"

TK grumbled, "You shouldn't ask that either."

Yolei sighed, "Same as usual, huh?"

It was then that Davis came in and sat down next to Kari with a sour expression on his face. Yolei said, "Well don't you look cheery."

Davis gritted his teeth. "I just met with my soccer coach. He gave me my assignment for whole game. He said I should play defense this game. I hate being defense! I like being on offense!"
Yolei frowned, "So why don't you tell your coach that you wanna be on offense."
Davis took a deep breath, "Well, the coach said it was for the good of the team, so I didn't object. I'll just have to do as good a job as I can on defense."

Kari patted his back, "Good for you. We'll be there rooting for you no matter what position you play."

Davis smiled, "Thanks."

TK asked, "Why does the coach think you'll needed on defense?"

Davis said, "Because the last time we played against the upcoming team, I did this really great slide-tackle to prevent a goal. The coach wants to see if I can do it again."

Yolei said, "Hang on. 'A really great slide tackle?' Would that be from the game against Ken?" The others were suddenly silent at the mention of that name. Ken, alias the Digimon Emperor. Yolei could never forgive him for what he had done to the Digimon, especially Hawkmon. One of the Emperor's attacks had once poisoned Hawkmon. Yolei had nearly lost her friend that day.

Cody said, "I can't believe we'll have to see that jerk again." Cody was probably the most hostile towards the memory of Ken. Yolei figured that was because Cody had a very strong sense of justice. Both his late father and his grandfather were policemen, it must run in the family blood.

Davis mood lightened, "Actually, I'm kinda glad to be playing against Ken."

Kari frowned, "Why are you happy to see him again?"

Davis said, "Two reasons. One, I'm looking forward to taking him on again. I'm going get to test how much I've improved since our last game." He punched a fist in the air, "And I'm gonna go for it! I'm going to try and beat Ken Ichijouji!"

Yolei pressed a hand to her face, "Davis, calm down. You're embarrassing us." Everyone in the lunchroom was looking at them.

Davis turned a little red and smiled meekly, "Sorry. Anyway, the other reason I want to play against Ken is that I need to ask him a question."

TK arched an eyebrow, "A question?"

Davis nodded, "When Ken was the Digimon Emperor, he captured several Veedramon. My friend, a Veedramon named Vee, is still looking for those other Veedramon. I can speed up the search if I simply ask Ken where the Veedramon are."

Yolei couldn't believe how naïve Davis sounded. "What makes you think he'll tell you anything?"

Davis asked, "Why shouldn't he? I mean, he's not the Digimon Emperor any more. You all saw how sad he was when Wormmon died. Anyone completely evil wouldn't have feel that bad over the death of a friend, but Ken was sad, so he can't be all bad. Besides, he hasn't caused any trouble so far, so I think he really has given up being the Digimon Emperor."

Cody shook his head, "That isn't very sound logic, Davis."

Davis waved a hand, "I know I'm not the brightest of the group, but I do trust my feelings. And my feelings say that Ken isn't a problem anymore."
Yolei said, "Hey, it's your funeral."

* * * * * * * *

The next day, almost the whole school had assembled for the soccer game. The Digidestined and their Digimon were sitting in the very front row, watching Davis' team warm up. Demiveemon was sitting in Kari's lap, watching his partner with eager eyes.

Yolei and the others wished that everyone in the school was attending because the school wanted to support the team, but they had to admit the truth. Everyone wanted to see Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji. Several camera crews were on hand as well. They wanted to catch clips of Ken in action. Yolei sighed. The whole world thought that Ken was one of the best people out there. It seemed like only the Digidestined knew the truth about him. He's as bad as Ex-Piedmon! Yolei grimaced. Why did all the cute boys have to be so much trouble?

"Hi, guys." Tai and the older kids came up to the younger Digidestined.

Kari smiled, "Hi Tai. Hi guys. You came to see Davis too?"

Matt smiled, "Yep. With so many people here rooting the other team, we figured Davis should have some extra support."

Another voice came from behind, "Yoo-hoo, hello Matt."

Matt's eyes bulged. "Oh no…" All the kids looked behind to see Jun and her parents behind them. Mr. Motomiya looked like an older version of Davis, and it was clear that Jun got her looks from Mrs. Motomiya. Matt said nervously, "Hi, Jun."

Kari smiled, "Hello. You must be Davis' mother and father. My name is Kari Kamiya."

Mr. Motomiya smiled, "Very nice to meet you, Kari. We've heard very good things about you from Davis."

Kari smiled, "I'm glad to hear it." Although, Kari couldn't say she was surprised. Davis probably wouldn't say anything poor about Kari.

Mr. Motomiya looked at the others, "Now let me guess. You must be TK, and you must be Cody." He smiled at the youngest boy. He finally looked at Yolei, "And you, young lady, are Yolei, correct?"

Yolei nodded, "Yes, sir. Davis' told you all about us?"

Mrs. Motomiya said, "Oh yes. He's been staying up late every night this week, waiting to see us. No matter how many times we insist, he simply won't go to bed until saying hello. He's told us all about you and what's been going on in school. We decided to get some time away from work to see this game. After all, it's so important to him."

The Motomiyaes sat down next to the Digidestined. Jun, of course, sat next to Matt. Matt looked utterly miserable.

* * * * * * * *

Davis stood at the back of the field, watching the front line. As expected, Ken was part of the offensive line, and would most likely be the main player. Davis knew that he had to keep an eye on Ken at all times. If I can just get his attention, then I can talk to him later. I have to do this. Davis' hand unconsciously pressed to where the Digivolution Crystal should be hanging. He wasn't wearing it now, but he could still remember the power that it had awakened within him. The Strength of Will. Davis would need all the will power he had to stand up to Ken.

Davis glanced up at Kari and the others. They were all there to cheer for him. Davis smiled, and that smile brightened when he saw his family. It felt so good to see his family there supporting him. Davis did feel a little sorry for Matt, however. Davis loved Jun, but she could be just a little pushy sometimes.

* * * * * * * *

Yolei watched the game with wrapped interest. The referee blew his whistle, and Ken instantly took possession of the ball and broke through the forward players. He slipped by the halfbacks with just as much ease.

The announcer, who had come because Ken was playing, roared to the crowd, "And the game has begun! Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji has the ball and is almost to the goal."

"Wow." Mr. Motomiya blinked, "He's fast."

That's the understatement of the year. Yolei watched Ken. He was going to score! Suddenly, Davis came running in on Ken's blind spot and slid in at the ball. Davis knocked the ball away from Ken and sent it towards one of Davis' teammates. Ken stumbled forward, but somehow managed to keep from falling.

Ken ran past Davis, who was still getting up. Ken caught up to Davis' teammate and stole the ball back. He sprinted down the field with the ball. Once again, Ken evaded all of the other players and shot at the goal. The goalie wouldn't make the shot in time, but Davis again came in from nowhere and deflected the ball with his head. The ball bounced away, but a member of Ken's team intercepted it and scored while the goalie and Davis were still reorienting themselves.

Jun sighed, "Too bad. Davis was doing great. Where are his teammates? They can't expect Davis to do all the work!"

Izzy said, "They were all expecting Ken to score, so no one thought to check the other players. Ken made sure that that other player was supporting him so that if missed the shot, his teammate would make the goal instead."

Tai grumbled, "Davis' teammates are letting Ken's reputation get to him."

Yolei said, "What I don't get is how Davis is managing to block Ken. He's not as fast as Ken is."

Tai said, "Davis knows he can't beat Ken's speed, so instead he heads to where Ken will be. Davis knows from the last game against Ken that all the passes will eventually lead to Ken. As long as Davis keeps on Ken, he takes away their key scorer."

Yolei frowned, "That sounds a little too strategic for Davis."

Tai laughed, "Well, he did ask me for some pointers. I told him what I just told you, and it looks like I was right!" Yolei smiled. She had been right. Still, it was something new to have Davis asking for advice. He had actually taken his pride down a notch or two.

* * * * * * * *

Ken couldn't believe how this game was going! His team was winning 5 to 0, but that was far below Ken's standard. Davis was blocking almost every move he made. Ken had only managed to slip by Davis twice; that was unbelievable! Davis was like Ken's shadow, every time Ken turned around Davis was there trying to take the ball away. If it hadn't been for Ken's teammates, they'd only be leading by two points!

The game was just finishing half-time, and the announcer was echoing Ken's thoughts. "Well folks, this has been one incredible game so far. The home team is losing 5 to 0, but Ken Ichijouji has had to fight for every goal. The home team defense has been putting up a terrific fight!"
Ken looked down the field at Davis. He looked exhausted, but he was still focusing on Ken. There was something in his eyes. Something was different about him than from the last time Ken had seen him. Something's up. I have to find out why he's so set on defeating me.

* * * * * * * *

"I… think… I'm… gonna… barf!" Davis panted. His face was pure red, and every muscle in his body ached. His team had lost 7 to 0, but he had put up a great fight. He had no regrets. His coach had been pleased too. He'd praised Davis highly for his defense skills.

The coach had said, "Davis, you did a great job. Maybe I should put you on defense full time." Davis had moaned and promised the coach that next game he'd play even better at offense than defense. Davis' heart sank at the realization, I'm going to have to play even harder than today in the next game. I'm gonna die!

"Hey, Davis!" The Digidestined and Davis' family came up.

Davis' father was beaming, "Son, you were wonderful! I've never seen anyone play so hard!"
His mother said, "We're so proud!"
Jun gave him a thumbs-up, "Way to go, little brother."

Davis smiled, "We lost though."

His father said, "But considering that you played against The Rocket, you did a wonderful job!"

Davis said, "Thanks for coming down, everyone."

"Excuse me." Davis turned his head the other way to see Ken standing there. He was standing calmly, with his bag in his hand.

Jun yelped, "Oh my! The Rocket! He's cute!"

Davis looked at his sister, "JUN!" Jun replied with a shrug.

Cody glared, "What do you want?"

Ken looked directly at Davis, "May I have a word with you?"

Davis stood up and winced, "Sure. Guys, I'll catch up with you in a minute." He walked off with Ken.

Davis' parents called after him, "We have to get back to work, son. We'll see you tonight!"

Davis called back, "Okay, I'll see you tonight!" His parents left. Jun was still hanging around Matt.

* * * * * * * *

Davis and Ken walked to the other end of the field. They had to stop several times for Davis to recover his breath. Ken was much better off than Davis after the game.

A voice came from inside Ken's bag, "Ken, can I come out now?"

Ken looked around, then said, "Sure." A tiny head poked out of the bag.

Davis' eyes lit up, "Wormmon! You're alive!"

Ken said, "This is Minomon, Wormmon's In-Training form." Minomon had a smaller version of Wormmon's head and two tiny hands like Demiveemon's. He seemed to be perched on top of a pinecone of some kind.

"Minomon came out of my computer shortly after Chimeramon's defeat. He was reformatted after saving my life."

Davis smiled, "I'm glad. A Digimon's a friend you never want to lose." Ken didn't make any motions, but Davis could feel that Ken agreed with him.

Ken asked, "You were very intense out there. I couldn't help but feel that you were trying to get my attention."

Davis nodded, "I was. I have a question for you."

"What is it?"

Davis took a deep breath, "I need to ask about something you did as the Digimon Emperor." Ken winced, but Davis had to continue, "Did you ever capture a Veedramon?"

Ken blinked, "Yes, several."

"Where did you place them?"

Ken paused as he tried to remember. "Veedramon are extremely powerful. I think I sent them to a very harsh area called 'The Ancient Valley.' It's a place filled with powerful Digimon that I wanted to add to my army. I-I never got the chance, however. Chimeramon turned on my before I could call back the Veedramon. That area's home to a lot of old Digimon races. There may even be a few Megas hiding there."

Davis nodded, "Okay, thanks. That's good to know."

Ken asked, "Why do you want to know about the Veedramon?"

Davis replied, "Because I need the info to help a friend."

Ken arched an eyebrow, "That's why you nearly worked yourself to death in the game? To get my attention?"

Davis shrugged, "Hey, it worked, didn't it?" Ken nodded and turned to leave. A thought popped into Davis' head. "Hey, we're going to the Digital World tomorrow, do you want to join us?"

Ken spun around, "What?"

Davis said, "Do you want to come with us? You could be a big help with finding the Veedramon."

Ken said, "I saw the way the others looked at me. Do you really think they'd accept me?"

Davis said, "I know they wouldn't be happy about it, but I think they'd understand that you could help. Give them a little time, they'll see you've given up the whole Digimon Emperor thing."

Ken asked, "And you? Do you think I've given up being the Emperor?"

Davis said, "You were sad when Wormmon died, and you haven't caused any trouble since then. I think you've changed."

"Prove it."

Davis asked, "Can I see your D3?"

Ken reached into his pocket and pulled his digivice out. He tossed it to Davis, who looked it over. "Your digivice isn't black anymore." The D3's colors had changed. It looked just like Davis' own D3, only the coloring along the sides was black. That was a big change from the pure black color of the D3 before. Davis repeated, "It's not black anymore, so I don't think you're evil."

Ken replied, "That's a pretty simplified view."

Davis asked, "Why does it have to be complicated?"
Ken couldn't answer, "I appreciate the invitation, but I'm going to pass. I'll see you on the soccer field again."

Davis smiled, "Next time, I'll beat you for sure!"

* * * * * * * *

Davis rejoined the others. Matt had vanished, and so had Jun. Why did Davis suddenly have the feeling that Matt would get him for what had happened? Kari walked up to Davis and held out the Digivolution Crystal. "Here you go."

Davis took it, "Thanks for holding on to it for me." Davis had been afraid of losing the crystal in the locker room. He'd asked Kari to take care of it for him. Davis looked at Izzy, "Izzy, can you contact Tentomon for me?"

Izzy said, "Sure, but why?"

Davis said, "I need him to find a Veedramon named Vee. He has a big scar on his forehead, and I last saw him near the remains of Spiral Mountain. I need Tentomon to tell him to meet us at a place called The Ancient Valley tomorrow afternoon. Make sure Tentomon gives Vee directions, because Vee isn't very familiar with the Digital World."

Yolei blinked, "Wow. You've thought this out, haven't you?"

Davis smiled, "Yep. I've got it all planned out! We leave tomorrow for the Digital World!" Everyone nodded in agreement.

* * * * * * * *

"Where is he?" Yolei tapped her foot impatiently. Davis and Demiveemon were late, all the other children and Digimon had assembled in the computer lab. "Of all the gall! To set up this whole journey thing, and then to not even show up on time!"

Cody said, "Yolei, calm down. Davis will be here soon."

Kari said, "He's probably just finishing up soccer practice."

TK nodded, "Yeah, give him a little more time."

As if on cue, Davis entered the computer lab. "Hey, sorry I'm late." He looked back at the doorway. "Guess who showed up at the last minute." Ken Ichijouji stepped into the computer lab.

Yolei snarled, "He's back again! Why do you keep showing up?"

Ken said, "Your friend invited me. I declined at first, but he had managed to peak my curiosity."
"WHAT?" Everyone looked at Davis.

Kari demanded, "Davis, why did you invite him?"

Davis said, "I thought he could help us find the Veedramon faster. Guys, I know you don't like Ken, but I think he's turned over a new leaf. Can't you give him the benefit of the doubt?"

Yolei answered, "No."
Davis sighed, "Look, no one is twisting your arm to come. If you want to stay here, that's okay, but I wish we could do this together. I think Ken could help us search much faster, and Vee needs me to help him find his friends. I'm asking you guys to at least tolerate Ken being with us until after the mission is over. Please guys, this is important."

Kari took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay… if it's to help out some Digimon then I'll let him hang around us, as long as it's for a short time."

TK nodded, "Same here."

Davis looked at Cody, "Cody? Is this okay with you? I won't force you into this."

Cody said, "Helping the Digimon is more important than my preferences. But don't expect me to like it."

Davis nodded, "Thanks. What about you, Yolei?"

Yolei said, "If everyone else is going, then so am I. I'm coming along to keep an eye on this worm." She pointed at Ken.

"Did someone call me?" Minomon came out of Ken's backpack.

Davis said to the others, "The sooner we start this, the sooner we can end it. Let's go. Digiport open!" The computer screen flashed white and pulled the children inside. Another journey was about to begin.


Author's note: Okay, this chapter didn't focus on Yolei as much as I wish it had, but this was just to set up the plot. Things get interesting in the next chapter. This is a three part story, and the next chapter will focus on Yolei a lot more. Yolei: Learn is coming soon.

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