"Come on Levesque! Cough it up witch girl!" The boy snarled as he cornered the dark skinned girl. Her hair was pinned back in a bun and her gold eyes looked at the boy fearfully. She wore a black dress and clutched her canvas bag tightly to her chest.

"I don't have diamonds Rufus! Go away!" She grumbled as she tried to put on a brave front but her posture was slouched and she looked like she had seen a ghost. His hands balled into fist and he thrust one out in a gesture to give him what he wanted, she merely stared at it making his frustration grow.

"Your momma can make diamonds, now gimmie a diamond!" He roared and kids surrounded the two, many were laughing and jeering, "witch" at the girl. She shook slightly, her breathing quickened as she tried to get past him but he shoved her roughly against the brick wall. It felt like someone had given her a giant five star and she hissed in pain.

No one noticed the black haired student who strolled casually out of the school with a dunce cap on his head, he looked over at the girl trapped by Rufus and scowled at him before sauntering over to the two. When people saw the boy they backed up slightly as he ripped the cap off of his head. The boy was decently muscular but not overly so, he had bright green eyes and he was somewhat tall. He was about to Rufus's ear and was known as a funny, carefree guy who usually wore a mischievous smile on his face.

There was a loud snap and Rufus smirked before bending down to pick up the diamond,"No please!" She cried out with genuine concern. Before Rufus could pick up the diamond the black haired boy slammed his dunce cone over Rufus's head making the bully yelp.

The boy slung his arm around Rufus's shoulders,"Now Rufus, that's no way to treat a lady! Try not to act like an animal for once yeah?" The green eyed boy asked and the courtyard burst into laughter. Rufus tried to get the cone off his head but it was jammed on and didn't appear to be coming off anytime soon. The girl smiled at the boy and a small laugh escaped her lips as she watched her savior.

Rufus started screaming curses but the boy cut him off,"Listen you dunce, you're already ugly, don't add a bad personality to the list of why girls would never date you." He clucked his tongue and more laughter broke out. While the boy took care of Rufus the gold-eyed girl picked up the diamond and slipped it into her bag.

"No good white trash!" Rufus yelled and Percy grinned before giving him a light tip backwards. Rufus stumbled and the boy stuck out his foot making him fall flat on his back. The students were pointing and laughing at the humiliated Rufus and the boy smirked before going over to the alleged "witch."

She looked relieved,"Thanks Percy." She whispered as they began to walk away from the school.

He smiled brightly at her before holding his arm out,"Anytime my dear Hazel, next time just hit him with a diamond it's bound to work." He joked and she laughed before looping her arm with his. St. Agnes Academy for Colored Children and Indians was a cruel school, Hazel had to go there because she was black, Percy had to go because he was a broke white kid who couldn't afford the white school education. Many looked at him in disgust or in fear, the teachers treated him with respect unless he stepped out of line, which he did all the time. He was a good looking thirteen year old, but if you got to know him he was really a big goof ball, he was extremely protective of Hazel. He had on a white button up shirt and black trousers, he wore a happy smile as Hazel leaned on his arm.

"What would I do without you?" She chuckled and Percy looked down at her, he was always surprised when he heard people tease Hazel. Have they seen her? She was absolutely beautiful with her cinnamon colored curls and bright gold eyes. He swore she had perfect cheekbones and a bright smile that always made him feel euphoric. The two were jeered at when seen in public, a black person and a white person together? It was a monstrosity; had Percy been black and Hazel been white then he would have been shot. But seeing as Percy was white and seen as the dominate one in their relationship they were only glared at, a black girl could never rape nor could they force a white man in a relationship. 1942 was a tough year, heck the 1900's were tough years for colored people.

"Who knows? Probably crash and burn." He shrugged nonchalantly and the gold-eyed girl rolled her eyes. As they walked through the streets of New Orleans people pointed at the two, both blacks and whites, Percy ignored them but Hazel felt a bit self-conscious about the entire ordeal. She loved being with Percy but felt like she wasn't good enough for him. He was always so confident and funny, he was charming and well...white. Race was a big deal apparently and she sometimes felt inferior to Percy. She had told Percy but he merely kissed her forehead and told her it didn't matter, because people were people no matter what they looked like. Then he would call her beautiful and give her a warm hug, his hugs felt magical, she didn't know what it was but she always felt comforted when he hugged her.

"Whose house? Mine or yours?" He asked as they continued walking on the sidewalk with arms linked.

"Yours." She said quickly, she didn't want her mother forcing her to make diamonds and other riches. Hazel loved Percy's dad, his name was Jeb Jackson and was the spitting image of Percy. They didn't know who his mother was but they did know that he wasn't normal; he had special abilities like Hazel. A loud jazz band played on the street next to them and Percy grinned before taking Hazel's hand and twirling her. She laughed and the older man playing the trumpet bounced along next to them, the saxophone player started dancing along making the couple smile widely at the two. Percy pulled out two dollars of his remaining lunch money and tossed it in their cup.

The trumpeter pulled away,"God bless you boy."

The saxophone player grinned,"You two are brave to be together, maybe y'all could set an example that race don't matter to nobody and it shouldn't." He said approvingly and Percy smiled at Hazel adoringly who smiled at him back bashfully.

"Told you we make a hot couple!" He exclaimed and the musicians laughed before they began playing again. Percy and Hazel waved them goodbye before he interlaced his fingers with hers. They cautiously walked into the broke parts of New Orleans, the sidewalks became cracked and uneven. Homes were broken down and were on the seams of destruction, they looked around warily before they began sprinting to Percy's small house. It was a small wooden house, it was chipped and it appeared that someone had rooted through their trash. Percy and Hazel burst through the door, both breathing heavily, this neighborhood was dangerous. Percy was a white boy and lived in a mostly black neighborhood who held hostility towards whites, both races had raging tensions towards each other, and Hazel was a black girl. Just walking around for her was dangerous, with the Ku Klux Klan and raciest whites who would lynch or torture blacks she was always in danger. The majority of both races looked down on the interracial couple, the two were a disgrace to society but no one ever tried to hurt them. Percy's father was a large, muscular man who was intimidating, Hazel's mom was apparently a witch and no one wanted to become a toad or die from touching the two.

"How was school?" Jeb asked from the small kitchen area as he tossed them two apples. They both let go of each other's hands to catch the fruit; Percy grinned widely before taking a bite of it.

"I got another dunce cap and humiliated a kid." Percy shrugged nonchalantly before taking another large bite of the apple.

Jeb sighed,"Percy I thought we went over this, you're so smart, why did you get the dunce cap?" He asked in dismay. Percy and Hazel pulled up a chair to their tiny table.

Percy looked up at his father,"I spoke out of line apparently." He grumbled moodily before setting his apple down on the dusty, wooden table. Hazel's free hand reached for his and she grabbed his hand comfortingly. He smiled brightly at her and Jeb looked at the two in approval, he was happy his son was man enough to be with the girl he wanted despite her color.

Percy turned his attention back to his dad,"Mrs. Rose said black and whites could never be together relationship wise, it wasn't natural. Then I said, haven't you seen those mixed children in the orphanages? Me and Hazel are together and it's completely natural. She yelled at me for disrupting class but then I said, humans can be with whoever they wanted because everyone's a human not a color." Hazel beamed happily at her boyfriend for his defense of their relationship, the two were questioned all the time because it was "immoral" and created "abominations." Biracial children were usually unwanted, blacks and whites apparently didn't mix and their children were shunned more than the black community. Usually thrown in adoption centers and forgotten, there weren't many, but they were left to rot there unless someone adopted them or they were kept. Both events were extremely rare.

Jeb nodded slowly,"You shouldn't have gotten a dunce cap for that Percy, you were defending your beliefs and there's nothing wrong with that. Now why did you humiliate a kid?"

Percy shrugged,"He was bullying Hazel, used the dunce cap and shoved it over his head." Percy grinned cheekily and Jeb walked over to his son and clasped his shoulder.

"That's my boy! Now I gotta go to the market, running out of food. Please tell me you have some spare lunch money. I'm low on money." Jeb said sadly but Percy could only shake his head, he felt guilty for giving it to the street musicians, but he had liked them. He should have known his father would be low on funds.

Jeb smiled at his boy reassuringly,"That's alright my boy, I'll see what I can get yeah?" He walked over to the coat rack and grabbed his hat and coat.

"You two behave while I'm gone, and Hazel while I'm out I'll stop by your moms and tell her you're with us." Jeb said kindly as Hazel threw her apple core away, the brunette smiled widely at Jeb.

"Thank you Mr. Jackson." She said graciously, she didn't want to go to her mom's house at all. Her mom was acting strange lately; her eyes glazed over and she was stiff. She would avoid doing so as long as possible, Percy was her great escape, a way for her to escape the raciest world, a way for her to escape her mother. She loved Percy, simple as that.

He chuckled,"How many times do I have to tell you dear? It's Jeb to you." He then proceeded walking out of the house and locking it firmly behind him. Percy grinned and walked over to his girlfriend before kissing her forehead.

"So polite with adults Miss Levesque." He snickered and she glared up at him.

"Just because you aren't doesn't me I'm not."

"Me? Be rude to adults? You insult me." He said in mock hurt as he stepped away from her and put a hand over his heart.

She laughed,"You're silly Mr. Jackson." He smiled at her before giving her a peck on the lips that gave the girl goose bumps. She looked up at him nervously and bit her lip, she didn't want to broach the subject but it was now or never. She sighed before looking down at her feet, she wasn't sure how to tell him and a wave of depression hit her like tsunami. How would he react?

He noticed her distressed look and used his hand to tilt her chin upwards so she was looking at him,"What's wrong?" He murmured and she clenched her jaw tightly as she looked into his sea green eyes.

"M-my mom is making us move to Alaska." She whispered and Percy froze, Hazel was the only reason he went to school, he had no yearning for knowledge, he just wanted to see her and protect her from bullies. He felt sick to his stomach and Hazel looked close to tears, she wrapped Percy into a hug and buried her face in the crook of his neck. He hugged her back tightly but his facial expression remained emotionless as he glared at the wall and leaned his head on her shoulder. She couldn't just leave him because he needed her. She was the one who talked to him, the piece of white trash, when no one would. The two occupied their own lunch table because people feared the witch and white boy; no one liked the outcasts because they were different. And when the two had started dating their peers went crazy and that gave more ammo to shoot at the two but neither broke.

Suddenly Jeb burst through the door with a pair of automobile keys and blood splattered his black coat, his eyes were glazed over and he looked at the two emotionlessly. Hazel gasped at the sight of blood and Percy looked at his dad in shock.

"Come now, we have to get going." He said in a monotone before stiffly turning towards the still open door. Percy walked to his father in alarm before grabbing his arm.

"Pa you okay? You're bleeding." Percy said in concern but his father pulled away from him not making a facial expression as he stared at his scared son.

"Of course I'm fine, get in the automobile and I will explain more." He said before his sea green eyes swiveled to the surprised Hazel.

"You too Hazel, we're picking up your mother as well." She frowned before looking closer at Jeb. He looked like he wasn't really himself and she was concerned for the man, every instinct was screaming to run away from him but what else could she do? He was probably tired or something, she reassured herself. But it didn't explain the blood on his coat.

"But Pa, we don't have an auto-"

"Just get in the automobile now!" He roared making his son look at him in disbelief, his father never screamed at him, never. Percy clenched his jaw before grabbing Hazel's hand and squeezing it tightly. He led her outside and opened the door for her to get in the automobile, it was black and sleek, the leather seats were comfortable but Hazel was too frazzled to think about it at the moment. Percy shut the door once she was inside and walked to the other side of the car and got in. Jeb was soon in the drivers seat staring ahead blankly as he drove to Marie's house. Once the woman walked out of her home the two instantly noticed something different about her, she was stiff and her eyes were glazed over like Jeb's. She didn't say a word once she got in the passenger seat and Percy looked at Hazel worriedly before grabbing her hand.

'We'll be okay.' He mouthed and she nodded and smiled meekly at him.

"To Alaska." Marie muttered and the two gaped. Percy prayed that this was a joke but judging by the two adults it wasn't. The drive was a long and tedious one, they were driving to Alaska, this would take days and by the expressions of both adults and their unblinking eyes there was no stopping. Hazel leaned on Percy's shoulder with her hand still in his. They didn't let go of each other the entire way.

-Line Break-

"Faster!" Marie hissed as she pushed the two forward with Jeb at her flank. The cave was huge and snow covered, they were freezing. Percy had his arm wrapped around Hazel and rubbed her arm to try to keep her warm. But both of them were numb from the cold, all they could hear were the crunch of snow. It had taken them three days to get to Alaska, Jeb was speeding wildly and they didn't stop as predicted. Percy and Hazel were extremely malnourished, hunger clawed away at their stomachs and their throats were dry without water.

"Why are we in Alaska? Why are we in this cave?" Hazel asked quietly as she shivered.

"Just shut up and move! The faster you do this the faster you can be warm!" Jeb snapped.

Percy glanced back at his father,"Don't talk to her like that! She was asking a question." He snarled and Jeb merely glared at his son before looking straight ahead.

"Percy this is insane! We have to get out of here." Hazel whispered and Percy grimaced once he noticed her lips starting to turn blue. Before he could say anything they came into this large cavern room with a giant hole in the ground. Percy frowned before looking back at his dad who seemed just as confused as he was.

"Percy, Hazel we have to get out of here now." He said urgently and Percy raised an eyebrow, two seconds ago his father was screaming at them to walk faster into the cavern but now he wanted to leave?" The black haired man looked at his son in panic and Marie seemed to snap out of her daze as well as she looked in the cavern in fear.

A dark voice chuckled,"So glad you could join us!" It held an unearthly ancientness making the four scared out of their wits. The cavern exit suddenly collapsed on itself blocking their exit.

Percy stood in front of Hazel protectively and glared at the hole that the voice seemed to be coming from,"Who are you? Look just let us go, we didn't do anything." He growled but on the inside he wanted to curl up into a little ball to keep the evil voice from reaching his ears. He wanted to teleport everyone out of there but he unfortunately didn't have that superpower. All he could do was make the earth move a little bit and he wasn't sure how helpful that would be in this situation.

"Oh you have nothing to fear my son, I would never harm you. I love all of my children." She said soothingly and Percy's eyebrows shot up as he turned back to his dad in shock.

Jeb looked faint,"Gods I had hoped this day would never come. You promised to leave us be Gaea!" He yelled angrily before clutching his head tightly and inwardly beating himself up, Gaea had taken control of him and he had led them to their deaths.

Gaea cackled,"Oh Jeb, naive as ever. You never even told Percy who his mother was? A nice girl named Sally; I was able to influence her and Jeb to be together. She harnessed my power because I was controlling her, and here you are." Percy looked sick to his stomach and he started breathing heavily, this couldn't be happening, his mom was supposed to be a kind goddess who would come for him and his dad. She would make it so they no longer were poor, she would make it so Hazel would be happy. Pluto was supposed to be there for Hazel but he rarely was, she had only met the man once and Percy thought that once he was claimed his mother would take care of them.

"Now." Gaea hummed and suddenly Hazel's hands were in the air and the ground shook underneath them,"Just a nice human sacrifice and the rise of Alcyoneus and then everything will be going according to plan." The evil earth woman laughed maniacally. Hazel seemed to be trying to fight herself but it wasn't working as the ground continued to shake violently. The four knew Gaea was evil, just from her presence they could feel her wretchedness.

"P-Percy I need you to try to make the earth shoot upwards. Please I have a plan." Hazel said through clenched teeth as she tried to fight for control, Percy nodded and took her hand that was held in the air held onto it.

"Please Gaea, take my life! I'll be the sacrifice as long as Hazel lives." Marie pleaded and Jeb could only watch the scene helplessly. He didn't know what to do and he didn't know how he could stop this. Hazel teared up at her mother's words; she didn't know her selfish mother was capable of risking her life for her.

Percy squeezed his eyes shut and tried making the earth go upwards but nothing happened,"I can't do it!" He yelled over the trembling of the earth whilst Hazel focused on summoning all the jewels she could.

She looked over at Percy,"Yes you can! Just know no matter what happens I...I love you." She stammered and Percy felt his heart soar at those words, he squeezed his eyes shut again. Do it for Hazel, she loves you, you can't let Gaea win...you'd let Hazel down. You'd let your father down. Percy felt a familiar clench in his gut before the earth shook more violently. Marie and Jeb held onto each other in fear as they watched their children.

Percy knew what was going to happen,"I love you too." He told her before kissing her temple right as the rocks slammed into the jewels with a tremendous amount of force. This made the jewels shoot to the surface and the entire cavern exploded.

The whole racial things I put in here were not meant to be offensive so do not see them in such a way. If you do that's silly. Anyway the racial things I put in there were true, some took a lot of research...well mostly Hazel's life story and stuff.

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