"Look we don't want any trouble, just leave us alone." Percy warned as he stepped in front of Hazel. His green eyes gleamed dangerously but he was inwardly nervous, he couldn't allow Hazel to be harmed but the monster in front of him was hideous. She was a woman with snakes for hair; she had long claws and the snakes hissed menacingly at the demigods. Percy could remember the training he had done when he was alone, he knew he needed more practice but all he had was those few years of practice. He hadn't spent his entire time in Elysium training, he enjoyed death and being with Hazel, training was more like a pastime, a second priority. He certainly didn't expect to be brought back to life, had he had known he'd be back in the land of the living he would have prepped more. He wondered if Hazel could channel some of her powers as well.

The woman cackled,"You're funny kid, strange to think you're my uncle son of Terra." Hazel was somewhat weirded out and Percy was confused. Who was Terra? Wasn't he a son of Gaea? Both he and Hazel were puzzled by the name change of the powerful being. Both were disgusted as well at the thought of Percy being the uncle of the monster.

Percy frowned and the snake lady sighed,"You know, I'm a gorgon! Daughter of Keto who is the daughter of Terra? Your mother is Terra-" She shook her head vigorously,"Anyway your mommy misses you. She wants you to come home." Percy felt a clench in his gut, the build up of power would probably take him a while and he needed to stall.

"I thought her name was Gaea? And shouldn't she hate me? Hazel and I put her back to sleep." Percy said as the ground beneath him began to tremble slightly. He felt unbelievably hot and a bead of sweat slid down his forehead. His muscles clenched and his hands turned into fist.

The woman paused and sighed,"It's Terra. I mean, you're both Roman right? And your mother is a loving mother and very forgiving towards her children, this demigod however shall die. She made the mistake of retaliation." So Gaea was actually Terra? When he had met his mother she was Gaea, had she changed names and now she was Terra? This was the future and a lot of things had changed. It was confusing but Percy shoved the thought out of his mind and bristled at the monster's threat towards Hazel.

Percy glared at the snake haired lady,"I retaliated too. You're not touching Hazel." He growled menacingly and the gorgon laughed again before giving him a powerful backhand to the face. He reeled backwards cupping his red cheek, it stung painfully and he heard a scream. The gorgon had Hazel by the neck and began squeezing the life out of her. The dark skinned teen tried to escape the monster's grasp, she clawed at the gorgon's arm but it didn't work. Percy clenched his jaw but before he could move the gorgon threw Hazel into a parked automobile. She slammed into the vehicle; her head smacked the hard metal and her outstretched hand smashed through the window. Glass sprinkled the ground and blood poured from her mouth, her eyes drooped from the force of the impact and the red liquid oozed from her hand as well. The gorgon whirled towards Percy decked him, he flew backwards and crashed into the ground, he was seeing stars but rage fueled him. He was on his feet and shaking violently as the gorgon stalked towards his girlfriend. It reminded him of Rufus and the other kids that bullied her, he pictured her backed into corners and jeered at and taunted. He was her protector. No one was going to hurt her anymore, not people, and certainly not monsters. He absolutely loathed seeing her so feeble against her tormentors, she was starting to develop a backbone but that wouldn't save her from the gorgon. He was powerful enough to kill her, he had to be, no one was going to hurt her especially when he had more power to prevent it from happening.

The ground shook harder as if an earthquake had struck,"You don't touch her!" He roared and cracks appeared in the street, mortals gasped at the 'earthquake' and ran in doors screaming. Many abandoned their cars leaving the three alone. The gorgon looked surprised before she let out a hiss, she sprinted towards Percy who was trembling in rage. When she got closer Percy lifted up a fist and a wall made of earth erupted from the ground, he was sweating immensely but paid his perspiration no mind. He punched the air and the wall went flying towards the monster that dove out of the way at the last minute, his frustration grew as she continued sprinting towards him. Earth rose and covered his fist so he had concrete boxing gloves. When she got closer to the demigod and he took a swing at her, she nimbly dodged the fist and thrust her claws through his stomach making him gasp at the excruciating pain. Hazel seemed to be recovering and let out a scream of terror at the sight of the gorgon's hand in her boyfriend's stomach. His concrete covered fists crumbled leaving his hands bare as he took labored breaths.

She smiled sadistically as he fell to his knees,"Don't worry, this won't kill you. You might fall unconscious and be in a lot of pain but that's about it." She said cruelly,"And I bet your girlfriend will taste delicious." She taunted while savoring the look of agony and hatred the demigod held. She ripped her hand out of his stomach and he fell to the ground, blood seeped out of the wound and he could feel the energy draining out of him. But instead of falling unconscious he felt strength surge through him, he looked at the wound again and was shocked to see earth patching up the injury. Dirt was going inside of him and he laid there stunned, he heard another laugh as the gorgon went to Hazel who was standing on her feet. Her eyes darkened and a dark aura surrounded her. She didn't notice her healed boyfriend as she focused her attention on the monster. No one could hurt Percy; he was her savior, best friend, boyfriend. She refused to let him be taken by anyone. It was her turn to be the savior, the protector, she needed to save Percy like he had done for her all those times during the 1900s.

She let out a feral scream leaving Percy shocked. He had never seen his sweet, innocent Hazel look so menacing and deadly. Soon skeletal hands clawed their way from the earth and two skeleton warriors appeared from the ground armed with swords, they charged at the monster and her eyes widened. Hazel charged with them, diamonds shooting out of the ground in her wake, one ruby appeared in her hand and her injured hand was cradled to her chest. She held the ruby like a knife and threw it at the woman making her scream as it impaled her arm. Percy scrambled to his feet whilst ignoring his somehow healed wound. The earth returned to his hands again and he sprinted towards her. She whirled around and looked at him in shock.

"I-impossible! Only few monster children from Terra can be healed by the earth...you both were supposed to be inexperienced-" She didn't finish as the skeleton warriors grabbed her by both arms, Percy cranked his fist back and concrete smashed into the gorgon's face. He hit her repeatedly making green blood pour from her mouth, he sneered at her before his boxer gloves grew spikes. He rammed his fist through her chest making her scream and blow up into dust. The skeletons turned to Hazel and gave her a salute before they fell apart leaving their swords behind. The earth fell from Percy's hands leaving the boy panting from the amount of power he had used. His face was covered in sweat and his body was sore from the fight. Before Percy could move a blur tackled him making him almost fall to the ground, Hazel clung to him and squeezed him in a tight hug. She was somewhat sweaty as well but neither cared as they held each other. Percy was so relieved that she was okay that he momentarily forgot about the fight. He pulled away momentarily and kissed her forehead before smashing her to his chest again.

"Gods are you alright?" He whispered once he remembered her injured hand and bloody mouth. Some blood smeared her lips and he gently wiped it off, her hazel eyes looked at him in worry as she began inspecting his stomach. He was rather concerned with her hand but at the moment there was nothing he could do about it.

"What about you! She stabbed you in the stomach..." She trailed off once she saw no mark; there was no signs that Percy had been hurt from the fight. She frowned and looked at him questioningly but he shrugged.

"I-I don't know." He stammered before grinning widely,"You were amazing! Why, that gorgon didn't know what hit her!" He enthused; being a daughter of Pluto was interesting. Hazel could summon the dead, he knew that she might have some influence over such forces but he didn't know she could call her own personal army. She grinned at him before spitting some blood out of her mouth an onto the empty street. Before she could say a word about his powers there was a loud honk, the two turned to see a large automobile driving up to them. It was black and was in an odd rectangular shape, the familiar driver waved towards them. Percy picked up one sword and Hazel picked up the other, close combat with a monster was dangerous.

"There you two are! Sorry, couldn't find you at first. Come on! We need to get to San Francisco!" Nico yelled and the two looked at each other in surprise. Percy walked forward towards the automobile door and grabbed the handle. He tugged it but it didn't open, he frowned and did so again and again but to no avail.

"It won't open!" Percy growled in frustration as he pulled it again.

Nico raised an eyebrow,"You have to slide the door open."

"Slide? Wh...What are you talking about? I'm pulling the handle and nothing's happening." Percy grumbled and Nico face palmed before stepping out of the drivers seat and went to the door. He grabbed the handle and pulled it sideways, the door slid open and Percy gaped at it in surprise as did Hazel.

"Whoa." They breathed in awe and Nico rolled his eyes before going back to the drivers seat. Percy stepped aside so Hazel could get in first, she smiled at him and he got in after her. Once he sat down he tried to pull the door shut with its handle but it didn't budge.

"Nico it won't close." Percy complained as he pulled it again but nothing happened.

Nico sighed,"You have to hit the button and then pull it closed." He explained calmly and Percy's frown deepened.


Nico smacked his head against the wheel,"Dear gods."

Nico wasn't always this bitter; he remembered when he was naive and acted like a little kid. Heck he was a little kid. But since Bianca's death he hadn't smiled in a little bit, her death seemed to mature him immensely. Ever since that daughter of Poseidon broke her promise to protect Bianca he had been filled with such anger and sadness that it was scary. He was twelve yet he acted like he was a thirty year old who had lost everything. And he had. Bianca was the only person he cared about and now she was dead, by the time he was able to go to Elysium she had already chosen rebirth. He tried resurrecting her but her ghost told him not to, now she was gods knows where and he didn't know if he could find her.

The trio drove in silence, Percy's fingers interlaced with Hazel's who smiled at him and he returned the gesture. He gave her hand a small squeeze of reassurance and glanced at Nico whose eyes were focused on the road. Percy was still blown away with the fact that the twelve year old could drive anything. He didn't notice the toilet plunger tied to the boy's foot so he could actually reach the pedals. Nico had been alive for years like Percy and Hazel, while in the Lotus Casino he did what he pleased and wasn't questioned about it. He wanted to drive around? No one would stop him and he never got in trouble for it. They were taking the back roads so police wouldn't spot them and night had fallen. Nico had given his sister ambrosia and it had healed her hand right up, her mouth as well. As if uncomfortable by the lack of noise he hit a button and a noise erupted from within the car. Nico had turned on the radio.

"I make them good girls go bad!" A voice screamed and Hazel raised an eyebrow as Percy looked around in bewilderment. His sword was resting across his lap and Hazel's was on the ground.

"How come this guy makes good girls go bad? Is he evil? Why would he want to do that to good girls? Does he make them steal and murder?" Hazel questioned and Percy looked at Nico expectantly.

The boy's face turned red and he quickly switched off the radio,"So I saw that monster mess. By the looks of it you two really had a throw down with the beast. All that concrete thrown around everywhere...what happened?" Nico asked as he changed the subject from the song.

Percy sighed,"Gaea is after me-"

"Sorry did you say Gaea?" Nico looked nervous as he looked at Percy from the rearview mirror. He looked at Percy somewhat fearfully before he masked his disbelief with a curious facial expression.

Percy nodded and Nico shook his head,"No one calls her Gaea, she's Terra. Gaea is Greek; Greek is a dead culture. You and Hazel are Romans and are to call gods and creatures by their appropriate names." Nico instructed and Percy's eyes widened before he nodded, he didn't want to call her by the wrong name. It was inaccurate and Percy didn't want to look like more of a fool. Hazel explained to Nico what had happened with the gorgon and how she and Percy had killed her and this had made Nico's eyebrows fly upwards.

"Nice going sis. You're a natural with the powers of Pluto. Me, I can summon the dead but I can barely shadow travel. If I could shadow travel I would get us to San Francisco so much faster. And Percy, your earth powers are awesome!" The boy exclaimed in amazement, he had been lucky to shadow travel to Texas, it was difficult but appeared luck wanted him to have a good day.

Percy frowned,"Awe...Awesome? What's that?" Percy asked and Nico looked at the sky sadly before slapping his forehead in frustration.

Hazel shrugged,"He's filled with awe...but is some really necessary at the end of awe?"

Percy scratched his chin,"Awesome." He said experimentally and grinned,"This word is fun! Try it, awesome!" He said again and Hazel smiled widely at her boyfriend.

"Awesome." Hazel said and Percy laughed gleefully before he repeated the word again as did Hazel. Nico started muttering and Percy grinned at him cheerfully and leaned forward in his seat.

"Come on Nico, say it. Awesome! You know you want to." Percy cooed and Nico had to fight himself from giving a smile to the two. Oh were they in the wrong time.

Nico remained silent,"Nico! You have to say it with us!" Hazel encouraged and Percy nodded in agreement.

"Say it, say it, say it!" They chanted and Nico groaned before exhaling loudly.

"Fine. Awesome." The two cheered and Nico allowed a small smile to play on his lips.

Percy piped up,"So apparently there's no more segregation. That would have been nice to know! I went into a store asking if it was for whites only!" Percy complained,"So not awesome." He grumbled and Nico couldn't fight it anymore. He laughed. For the first time in months he let out a loud laugh, it felt so good, he could barely breath from how hard he was laughing. He missed laughing, he missed smiling, it's not like he stopped on purpose he just didn't have the will to laugh. He didn't have the joy or the life in him to smile.

"Glad you thought it was funny, I was just worried I was going to get chased down." Hazel muttered making Nico laugh even harder because of how absurd it was, now a days no one was kicked out of a store for skin color and the fact that Percy and Hazel were nervous of that made it hilarious.

"But then," Percy continued,"it was MLK day. Whoever that is, so people thought we made a play or something." This brought tears to Nico's eyes and he had to pull over to avoid from driving in the cornfields near the small road. His stomach hurt because of his rambunctious laughter and this made Percy smile, he was glad the kid was being a kid. He had been acting like a bitter old man but whatever he and Hazel had said was apparently funny.

Nico wiped a tear from his eye and turned back to the two,"I really like you guys." He said genuinely and Hazel smiled warmly at him before she leaned forward and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. She was just naturally an affectionate person and this had been the first time she had seen her little brother smile or hear him laugh.

"We like you too Nico." She said kindly and he smiled widely at her, as a son of Hades/Pluto he was usually rejected and feared. But he had met a son of Gaea or Terra, he would be a bigger outcast than he was and Nico felt bad for Percy. But Nico had also met another kid from the death god; maybe they could be rejects together. Outcasts together. Because Nico didn't have a family, his dad was too busy and his sister was dead and nowhere to be found. But now he had a new big sister and she had a cool boyfriend who didn't care who Nico's and Hazel's father was. Maybe he could keep going without Bianca.

-Line Break-

The wolves snarled viciously as they surrounded Hazel and Percy. Nico had dropped them off at the woods telling them that they had test to take before they could go to Camp Jupiter, he had also promised them that he would meet them there. Percy gripped his sword tightly and as a wolf crept closer to them he took a swing at it hitting the wolf on the nose. It whimpered and Hazel thrust her sword at another wolf keeping it away from them. They had gotten this far and Percy wasn't going to fail, he wouldn't allow the wolves to stop him and Hazel from getting to safety.

"Enough." A voice boomed and the large wolves stepped back from the demigods as a large reddish colored wolf walked towards them. She had mud brown paws and her fur had brown in it as well. Her silver eyes analyzed the two cautiously as, she looked to be seven feet tall like the other wolves and Percy was extremely intimidated. Hazel was in awe at the massive size of the beasts, she held her sword at the ready but instead of growling or trying to kill them the beautiful wolf merely stood in front of them. Her head was held high and the wolves surrounding her had their heads down slightly to show submission to their alpha.

"Hello demigods. I am Lupa, goddess of wolves. Who are your godly parents?" She asked as she continued eyeing the two.

Hazel spoke up,"Pluto." Her voice was loud and strong much to the surprise of her boyfriend. She was no longer helpless but confidant and he found that extremely attractive, he liked it when she was somewhat timid around him because she was adorable. But her confidence was amazing; for lack of better terms it was awesome. She spoke with such fearlessness and stood tall and proud, maybe the discovery of her power made her feel more confidant. Her curly hair framed her face perfectly as she looked at the wolves calmly.

Percy mimicked Hazel's confidence,"Terra." There were several gasps within the wolf pack making Percy somewhat nervous. Instead of saying a word Hazel reached over and grabbed his hand making him smile. His worries seemed to wash away; they had survived segregation, racial slurs, bullies, gorgons, and a twelve year old driving. They could survive this.

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