Katniss's POV

I see Prim and she runs straight into my arms.

I do not understand. Why is she here? What is she doing here? Wasn't she supposed to be back at 13?

And then the moment I see him comes. He is alive and well, a little beaten up, but all right. He is in one piece what I cannot say about Finnick…

His arms spread widely for me and I am home.

I am with the man I love. My heart is completed now that I have Haymitch and Prim here.

He does not want to let me go.

I have a feeling that he never will.

The war ended. We won. The rebels won. Snow is dead. The Hunger Games are no more.

Only there are still casualties. Terrible casualties. It makes me feel sorry for what I said to Peeta. Peeta who gave up his life to save my sister.

My sister was never meant to find herself in the open combat. She was kidnapped and brought to the Capitol. She only began her work as a slave in the hospital when Peeta and Finnick found her while looking for Haymitch.

There was a bomb. Snow intended to hurt me by killing my sister, my friends and my lover. He failed, I can say, but not entirely.

Peeta managed to save Prim and he died in that explosion himself. Finnick lost his right arm, but survived. I am glad he is alive because I would be really sorry if I had to look Annie in the eye and tell her that I was the reason he did not come back to her.

It has taken a moment and… I realize I am finally free.

Few years later

It has been so many years, but it is still hard for me to get used to this brave new world. No one oppresses us any longer. We are free. We are free to travel the world. We are free to do whatever we want. We are free to have children without worrying about them being sent to the arena.

We are FREE in every meaning of this word.

And I have all I need right here with me.

We stayed in the Victor's Village in Twelve. The five of us.

My mother and Prim are in District Two, working in the hospital. They can do most out there.

Finnick, Annie and their son visit us from time to time.

Johanna, who is living next door, met a guy with whom she fell crazy in love with and now she has so much more people to love. They do not have children yet because Johanna says she is not a mother material, but she does great with mine and Haymitch's son so I guess it is only a matter of time before Tom will convince her.

Yes, I am a mother myself. It was not something I planned. It just… happened. We were so focused on each other with Haymitch that we missed the deadline for my next birth control shot.

I find it a blessing. I know I would never have made the decision to have kids myself. I was too scared and too traumatized after the Games. I still had nightmares then and I am still having them now. I know that the Games will never return but I keep dreaming of my child being sent to the arena anyway. I am not the only one. Haymitch has similar dreams. I guess we need to live on and forget about that because our days are filled with love.

This is where my story ends.

Sometimes I remember Peta and Rue and Beetee and Wiress and all the others I lost during the war. I still feel guilty that I hated Peeta so much when I received the greatest gift he could ever give me. He saved my sister's life and I will never forget it. I can only be sorry and remember him as there is nothing else I can really do.

If I saw him again… or if I simply die one day - probably because of old age - I will tell him : I am so very sorry.

the end