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30 Kisses Theme: #18 - "say ahh..."

One Plus One
By Misarae

You Wanna WHAT?!

"Mom, can I go on a date?"

The plastic rice bowl that Higurashi Kagome had been washing clattered into the sink as she whipped around, staring at her seven-year-old daughter in horror. "A.. date?"

"Yeah! Like the bigger kids do?"

Visions of telling her daughter that she wasn't allowed to date until she was thirty danced in her head. Until she realized that even she wasn't that old yet.

"Absolutely not!"

"Please Mom? This really cute boy transferred into my class, and I'd really like to spend time with him."

"Don't you spend enough time together in school, Sachiko?"

Higurashi Sachiko swung her legs as they dangled in the air. "We don't get to do anything fun together there. It's all work, work, work, and boys and girls have P.E. in different classes."

"What about lunchtime?"

"We get teased enough as it is."

Sachiko's last sentence made Kagome turn around fully, taking in the lack of her daughter's usual bright smile. "They're making fun of you?"

Sachiko nodded. "No one else likes him," she said. "They're really mean," she added with determination shining in her eyes, "but I'm not gonna just leave him to face the bullies alone!"

Kagome bit back a sigh, wishing that sometimes her daughter didn't take after her quite so much. "What's this boy's name?"

Sachiko brightened a bit. "Naoki. Takahashi Naoki."

"Well, if you find out his phone number, I'll call his parents, and we'll see what we can do."

Sachiko leapt off her chair to cannonball into her Mom, hugging the older woman's legs fiercely. "Thanks, Mom!"

"You wanna WHAT?!"

"Go on a date, Dad."

"And what put such a stupid idea into your head?" Inu Yasha fought against the impulse to take a harmless couch cushion and shred it.

"The older kids do it! Besides, isn't that what you do when you like a girl? You go out with them."

"You're way too young to even THINK about getting involved with girls, pup. They're way too much trouble."

"Too late, Dad. You should've seen Sachiko on the playground! She had my back like a pro."

Inu Yasha's ears flattened against his skull at the sound of that, his eyes going reflexively to those same appendages atop his son's head. They were identical, save for the size and color. Naoki's ears had black fur to match his hair, rather than being whitish like his father's. "They're getting on your case at school?"

Naoki shrugged. "They haven't seen my ears. They just can't believe a shrimp like me can beat 'em in a fight, so they keep sending bigger and badder kids after me."

Inu Yasha bit back a groan. Why couldn't the pup have been quiet and studious, instead of taking after his brash, impulsive old man? "And you're saying this Sachiko helps you?"

Naoki beamed. "She kicks total ass, Dad!"


Naoki stuck his tongue out. "Inu see, inu do!"

"Why you little..!"

Inu Yasha tackled his son, roughhousing until they were both exhausted.

"You're not bad, pup," Inu Yasha said with a grin.

"Learned from my old man," Naoki replied. "So, about that date?"

Inu Yasha sighed, knowing he didn't have a choice. Inu instincts were strong, and a female who was willing to fight to protect another was a prize coded into their genetic makeup. "It won't be a real date. Not if you don't want that girl's Dad tearing you limb from limb. Or at least, I'm guessing she's human?"

"Yup, she's human, but she's like Mother."

Inu Yasha tried to ignore the punch to the gut that came along with his son's words. It didn't knock the wind out of him anymore, but it wasn't a pleasant sensation. At all. Dammit, why did Naoki's crush have to be the daughter of a shrine family? Not that it didn't make a disgusting amount of sense, but he would give anything to protect his son from having to endure a broken heart.

"Fine. I'll see if I can find her parents' number. What's her family name?"

"Higurashi. And here!" Naoki drew a crumpled piece of notebook paper out of the pocket of his baggy jeans. "It's her address and phone number."

Inu Yasha stared at his son in disbelief. "You are way, WAY too young for this."

The cocky smirk on Naoki's face tempted Inu Yasha to lock the kid up until he turned 100. At least.

Author's Note: What happens when I'm hip-deep in an epic story, mired in youkai politics and other serious matters? My brain decides to take a holiday and give me the sappiest, fluffiest thing it can come up with in protest. Not that I'm really minding! This is total, utter, shameless self-indulgence, and I had a blast writing it.

If you're just looking for the citrus, I'm afraid that's not until Chapter.. 11. Yup, Chapter 11. Fanfiction dot net will be hosting the lime version, and Eternal Destiny and AO3 will have the full lemon. Because THEY won't pull my fic for being too explicit (as well as Eternal Destiny being a heavenly site for an IY/Kag fans like me, just in general).

I picked Sachiko and Naoki's names from 20000-names dot com, because they sounded right and the meanings are relevant. If there are other fan-made kids with these names, I apologize.

Sachiko = happy child

Naoki = docile tree

Okay, Naoki's not that docile, but it was wishful thinking on his parents' part. ;)