Chapter 21

The next day William was in his room looking into his closet. Someone knocks at the door. William opened the door and saw Michael.

"Hey" Replied William.

"Hey kid, you forgot something" Said Michael and showed him a box.

"Is this for me?" Asked William. Michael shook his head. William opened it.

"This is what Amanda bought for you as you were in Los Santos. This shall be a remembrance for you on us" Said Michael. William smiled. "And thanks for saving her and Tracey from the Merryweather." Said Michael. "I stay forever in you debt" Said Michael.

"No problem." Said William.

"So, I've got to go. Wish you good luck in your life" Said Michael.

"Thanks" Said William and Michael walked away. William walked into his room and looked at the tux.

Meanwhile Yumi was at home and checking her clothes and tried to decide which she should take. Mr Ribeiro appeared and knocked at the door.

"Come in, I'm still dressed" Said Yumi.

"Hey, with who are you going to the prom?" Asked Mr Ribeiro.

"Ulrich, Ulrich Stern" Replied Yumi.

"Hmm seems familiar"

"Do you know him?"

"No, but my nephew had trouble with someone named like that or similar"

"Because of what?"

"I don't know, I think it was because his team was winning"

"Okay" Said Mr Ribeiro and noted a rose on Yumi's bed.

"Who gave you that rose?" Asked Mr Ribeiro.

"It was William" Said Yumi and took the rose. "He might be a jerk, but he can be really sweet sometimes"

"He might still have an attraction on you"

"Love makes him crazy" Said Yumi smelling the rose. "And I think that's why I like him so much" Said Yumi. "He cares about me, he wanted to apologize me and he even made it in a way Ulrich would never do. He wanted that I forgive him, he...he wants me to be happy." Said Yumi and though for a second. "Since I started to date Ulrich, I was happy with that, and William was kind of happy too..."

"He's happy that you're happy, that's..."

"the proof of love" Said Yumi. "I cant believe, I didn't ever noted that before" Said Yumi.

"Well, there are more types to proof the lo..." Replied Mr Ribeiro, but Yumi hugged him.

"Thanks for making me realize that" Said Yumi.

"Its okay" Said Mr Ribeiro. "So I leave you alone, so you can choice the dress you want in peace"

Said Mr Ribeiro.

"Thanks" Said Yumi and closed the door of her room.

Meanwhile William was dressed in the tux Michael gave him. The jacket was white, the pants were black and he only need a bow tie. William tried to tie his bow tie. But he couldn't without looking into a mirror. William wanted to go to the restroom, where there were a lot of mirrors. He opened the door of his room and there was Sissi. She was about to knock on his door.

"Oh hey William" Said Sissi.

"Hi Sissi" Said William. "I was about to go to the restrooms to tie my..." Said William and Sissi took his tie and tried to tie it. Sissi tied his bow tie right and adjusted the collar of Williams jacket.

"So, you look great" Said Sissi.

"Thanks that you tied my bow tie" Said William.

"You're welcome" Replied Sissi. "Hey, how should I take my hair open or bounded?" Asked Sissi.

"I think you look great with open hair" Said William.

"Lets go to my room, my mom wants to take some pictures of us two"

"Okay" Said William and closed the door of his room. Sissi stuck her arm in Williams arm and both walked away.

Meanwhile Yumi was already dressed and was waiting until Ulrich came home to take her to the prom.

"My parents would like to see me going to the prom" Said Yumi.

"If they took a plane, who would come here earlier, they would witness it" Said Rita.


"What is it Yumi?" Asked Yumi.

"What...What..." Yumi though for a bit. "I've had the idea to bring me and William during the prom, when Ulrich and Sissi aren't around somewhere to a place where were alone."

"Do you want to kiss him?" Asked Rita. Yumi wanted to answer, but the doorbell rings. Mr Ribeiro opened the door and it was Ulrich.

"Hi...Who are you?" Asked Ulrich.

"Yumi's parents asked me to look after her and Hiroki. Why?" Asked Mr Ribeiro.

"Oh hey Ulrich" Said Yumi.

"Hey Yu..."

"So, you're Ulrich Stern" said Mr Ribeiro not amused.

"Yes, is there a problem?" Asked Ulrich.

"A few years ago, you and my nephew get into a fight, because his team was winning"

"Oh that small stupid Portuguese kid, right?" Asked Ulrich.

"Ulrich!" Exclaimed Yumi.

"He started" Said Ulrich. "Its not my fault."

"Just ignore that, you don't have to get provoked first"

"Okay, sorry" Said Ulrich. "Shall we go?" Asked Ulrich. Mr Ribeiro packed him.

"Hey kid, I might not be one of her parents or something else, but I want that you give her the best night, shell ever have AND if she comes with a bad mood home, I will rip all your hair and shame out of your body shove it down your ass and I also cut you dick and stuck it in your ass, so that you will never get the chance to give some woman baby's!" Exclaimed Mr Ribeiro (This went too far) Ulrich, Yumi and Rita looked shocked.

"Papa, tu exageras-te"Said Rita.

Dad, you exaggerated

"Sorry" Said Mr Ribeiro.

"C...Can we go?" Asked Ulrich.

"Okay" Said Yumi and walked to Ulrich.

"How long goes the prom?" Asked Mr Ribeiro.

"I think until 22:00" Replied Yumi.


"So have fun" Said Rita.

"Bye" Said Ulrich.

"Thanks, see you later" Said Yumi and she and Ulrich left the house.

"Man he's so..." Replied Ulrich.

"He's very very caring, I know"

"You call that caring?" Asked Ulrich.

"He might have a different way to show it, but..."

"But, what?" Asked Ulrich.

"I don't know, lets talk about something else"

"Okay" Said Ulrich. "Does Hiroki not come?"

"He's not feeling good"


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