Fox walked along the street, near empty, quietly. He was happy right now; and he wanted to talk to somebody while this feeling enveloped him. The silence of the streets would have normally frightened him, but, in the warm air of a dying spring day, Fox welcomed the peace and quiet of a sleepy city.

Looking at his past was something Fox learned to do earlier than most people. He found it easy to reminisce and wonder about how things could have happened. And, at this moment, Fox found himself thinking about how much his life had changed in the past decade. With a wedding coming soon, now seemed like the perfect time to remember and to thank those who had helped him out of his hole.

Fox remembered the stinging pain of loneliness that haunted his thoughts all those years ago. Nobody seemed to be there for him, and Fox didn't really care. All he wanted to do was cramp all the agony into his little head and let it eat away at him until he exploded in space. And then, a glimmer of hope.

He found Krystal entrapped on Sauria.

Their meeting was quite strange, actually. Why did she captivate him like she did? Fox didn't care; all he knew was that he loved this woman and that he wanted to spend his entire life with her. He was lucky she was still around when he realized this.

But, besides Krystal, who else was there to thank for making Fox realize who he truly was? Fox spent days figuring out a long, long list of all the people he needed to thank.

That list included his father.

Fox pushed the old iron gate open and stepped inside. It had been a long time since he had been here, in the cemetery. He didn't like remembering that day 12 years ago, when his childhood melted away in the blink of an eye and the fist of reality came crashing into his face.

Fox began to walk slower and slower as he approached James McCloud's final resting place. What had changed? Why was Fox different now?

He remembered at that moment that 12 years ago, one word dominated his mind.


Back then it was a negative word to him. Fox hated everything. But now, love seemed to be who he was. Fox WAS love.

Fox stood over the small tombstone. It was like any other grave, and, as with any other grave, it only meant something to a specific group of people. He sat down, crossing his legs. Fox ran his hand over the imprint of his father's name.

"James McCloud…" he whispered, moving his hand over each letter.

"Born: 3954. Died: 4009…. Beloved Father and Pilot." It was then that Fox noticed something that hadn't been there the last time he was here.

Etched crudely into the stone was a word, placed directly underneath the phrase, 'Beloved Father and Pilot.'


Fox smiled as he ran his hand over the etching. He didn't put it there, but he had a good idea of who did. She loved leaving him little surprises, especially when she could use her telepathy to make them a bit more special.

Fox then stood up and walked away, feeling complete. Like something had filled him, like there was nothing more he could do to find out who he was. This feeling of completeness was something Fox had never felt before, but he knew he would feel it until the day he died.

Fox's void had been filled.

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