Author's Note: I noticed that this fandom didn't have one yet, so I decided to try it out ^_^ enjoy! I hope nobody's offended by this. But if you can't laugh at yourself then you're probably not mature enough to be in this fandom.

Dears Writers of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Fanfiction,

What the hell is wrong with you fangirls/fanboys? Why the hell am I getting raped or brutally beaten in almost every fucking story I see on here? Am I so pathetic that I'll just let someone take advantage of me and treat me in such a way? NO!

And then there's the whole 'Takano saving me from my rapist' bullshit. I'm a twenty-six year old man; I don't need Takano to work out my problems for me, or anyone else for that matter! Learn something… Shit.


Onodera Ritsu

P.S I hate you all.