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A short history before the story

Infinite Stratos, IS for short have been the most advanced machinery ever existed so far. As much as the IS was the most awesome battle machine ever invented (in the IS universe of course), there was a fatal flaw in the IS. It can only pilot by females, although that's not the case for the man named Orimura Ichika. For some unknown reason, this man bends the rules of the IS and managed to pilot one when he volunteered to test the first IS in existence, Shiro Kishi or its English translation the White Knight.

In the early stage of the IS, Ichika saw Tabane in tears when he stopped by to practice kendo in his cousin's dojo. He was five back then.

"Tabane, why are you so sad?"

"Oh Ii-kun, you saw me crying huh?" Tabane wiped her tears and faced her young cousin, slowly stopped crying.

"What happened?" The young boy asked.

"Well…it's about my invention, those scientists don't take me seriously. My invention is the best in the world yet they just laugh it off."

"Oh…Tabane, what is this invention you're talking about; I want to see it."

"Ii-kun…no, you're just going to laugh at me aren't you?"

"I won't Tabane, let me see it!" Ichika couldn't control his excitement.

"You promise you won't laugh?"

"I promise."

After making a promise Tabane showed Ichika her invention, the Infinite Stratos. Seeing her invention, Ichika's eyes sparkled.

"Wah, that is so cool!" Filled with excitement, he approached the white IS and touched it. He was surprised as a bright light engulfed him and in the next second, he was piloting the IS.

"W-What just happen?!" Ichika said filled with shock.

"Oh Ii-kun, the IS reacted to you. You're piloting an IS!"

"Whoa, cool…"Ichika looks at his body as he's armored with the IS. Ichika started to walk, which proved to be harder than it looks.

"Careful Ii-kun, it may take a while to get used to it."

"Still, this is rather cool!"

"I'm glad you didn't laugh at me."

"Why would I laugh at you, this is awesome!" Said the cheerful boy as he continues to learn how to move with the IS.

Orimura Ichika and Shinonono Tabane are cousins since their family got married 3 generations ago. Even before that, the Shinonono family is the servant of the Orimura family ever since the end of the Sengoku era. Even though the servant-master relationship changed to a family relationship, the Shinononos still had that ancestors' blood of serving the Orimuras, meaning they still consider themselves as servants. Even so, both families have shared strong relationships towards each other ever since.

According to the Shinonono family history, they have become servants of the Orimura after a Shinonono Kunoichi was saved by an Orimura Monk when she was severely injured in the midst of the Sengoku era. Grateful for the monk after he had nursed her to health, the kunoichi and her family swore loyalty and serve the monk and his family. Since then, they have become servants of the Orimura with various professions until three generations ago, where one family of both families decided to marry each other.

"Ichika, let's practice already!" Called out a girl in a ponytail, his other cousin and Tabane's younger sister Houki.

"Oh, okay." Ichika stopped moving around and lower himself to get off the IS as instructed by Tabane.

Unknown to Ichika, his test piloting actually gave an idea for Tabane.

'Hm, I wonder if Chi-chan wants to volunteer for this test.'

Of course Tabane doesn't want to involve Ichika with something dangerous so she decided to choose Chifuyu to do the dirty work for her.

"Chi-chan Chi-chan!" From there Tabane dragged Chifuyu into piloting the Shiro Kishi and test the IS by hacking 2341 missiles which all firing towards Japan.

In the clear blue sky, a lone knightly figure stands into the sky. Chifuyu waits as the missiles are about to approach her.

"Hey Tabane, how long will the missiles arrive?"

[Hmm, about thirty seconds or so. Alright then Chi-chan, there should be a sword that you can use on the weapon selection. There's also a particle cannon but I doubt you can use it though…]

"It's alright Tabane, I would prefer to use the sword only anyway."

In a particle of light, a great sword materialized on her right hand.

"A great sword, Ichika would actually like to swing this type of sword…"

[Look alive Chi-chan, the missiles are here!] The missiles have arrived and Chifuyu was ready.

Chifuyu slashed all the missiles with grand swordsmanship, precisions and grace as the exploding missiles are like fireworks during the night sky.

[As expected of Chi-chan, all the missiles have been destroyed. But there seems to be more company.]

As Tabane said that, Chifuyu detects new threats. Specifically Chifuyu saw 207 fighter jets, 7 cruisers, 5 aircraft carriers and 8 satellites.

"You have got to be kidding me…"

[Hm…are they fans of my invention? It seemed to be too early somehow.]

"Idiot, this is your fault to begin with! You had to hack THAT many missiles towards here!"

[Oh well, you can do whatever you want Chi-chan with them. You can destroy them if you want to.]

"You have to drag me into this mess Tabane…HAAAAHH!" With an annoyed face, Chifuyu slashed through every last of the threat. Fortunately for the people who were involved in the threat, Chifuyu would never intent to kill them, making it a fortunate no casualty operation, albeit failed on their view.

With a silence, Chifuyu disappear into the setting sun, making the knight's disappearance like a fade away into the setting sun.

Of course after this incident, Tabane's invention, the Infinite Stratos was known all over the entire world. Many of the current weapons are very much outmatched against the IS, thus become the strongest weapon in the world. But as stated WAY above, the IS only reacted to females, with Ichika as an exception, which is too bad for the men in society. But this is not the story is all about. Sure, men are no longer in power in society, then again, there not even in focus in this series. But neither does the other women, so the way society is in this series doesn't really matter. NO, this is a story (Not exactly) of Ichika and his cousin Houki facing the obstacle that Ichika have been through as a dense harem protagonist in the fancy school with the Vegeta place that is called IS Academy.

But before that…

I bid thee farewell?

After the IS became well known, the government have become wary about the Shinonono families' safety. Yet they are also aware the history between the two families, as they are in dead end on what to do with the Shinonono family, unless they would also drag the Orimura family as well. In the end though, the Government decided to give protection to the Shinonono family, but Houki would argue otherwise as she wants to stay with her beloved cousin Ichika.

"Outo-san, can I stay with them? I…want to be with Ichika." Houki pleaded her father.

"But Houki, do you really want to go with them, are you going to be just a burden with them?"

"But Otou-san, I don't want to leave him…" Houki was crying as she slings into Ichika's arm.

"….Very well, I know you well Houki. You're not going to be happy if you're going with us right? If you wish to go with them, then you'll be Ichika's servant as according to the Shinonono tradition."


"I've told you the story before Houki, every Shinonono have dedicated their life to serve the Orimura since the first, Just like Tabane to Chifuyu. Even though we are now cousins, we still have that blood from our ancestor to serve our cousins." As Houki's father told her, Chifuyu looks at Houki with concerned eyes. Ichika is going to have Houki serving him, just like Tabane serving her, although Chifuyu would consider fortunate that Houki is unlike her servant/cousin Tabane, who is eccentric in almost every aspect and would always dragged her into some unwanted situations.

"…I-I understand Otou-san, when I grow up, I'll be a full-pledge servant to my cousin Ichika."

"I have raised you well Houki. Chifuyu, I hope she wouldn't be a burden to you and Ichika. And please take care of her."

"Ah, it's okay Oji-san, Houki will be in my care."

"Ah, and do contact us if you have any problems. Don't worry; we will contact you from time to time."

"Ah, will do."

With those final words, Houki's family went into the government limo and the limo went away to who-knows-where. Inside the limo, Houki's father let out a grin and his wife smiled as she saw her husband's grin.

"You're thinking of Houki didn't you?"

"Very much so, Houki will experience a lot under Chifuyu's care."

"I see. You're actually glad that Houki is with them."

"I won't say I didn't, those two are undoubtedly close."

"I agree. I just hope that Tabane would visit them from time to time."

And so, the Shinonono family excluding Houki moved somewhere else under government protection. Houki on the other hand was now being raised by Chifuyu just like the way Chifuyu would raise Ichika. Much to Houki's mother's relief, Tabane does occasionally visits them since Tabane cared for the three. Houki, who had always seen Chifuyu as a strict cousin were surprised that as much as strict she is, Chifuyu can be rather gentle. One example is when Chifuyu would actually told them bedtime stories and sing them a lullaby occasionally, which does sends Houki into a shock but at the same time she was happy to have a strict but yet caring and gentle cousin like her. Houki would contact her parents from time to time, mostly on weekends to see how they were doing. However due to the her family being under surveillance, Houki would only contact them once or twice a week, but it's still enough for Houki to contact them.

Dan, Ran and Rin

Ever since the Shinonono family have left Houki under her cousin's care, she had been getting along with Ichika just fine. She had been Ichika's classmate throughout elementary school and would always sit next to him, even in junior high; Houki would always be with him. Houki never left her training of Kendo as she along with Ichika would practice Kendo on their backyard together.

In one of the duo's encounters during their time in elementary school was a boy named Gotanda Dan, who've become their classmate and close friend during the 4th grade. His features include scarlet red hair and wearing a bandana on his head which fascinates the two of them. It was during their clean up duty that they have started their official relationship as friends.

"Hey, I saw you two together almost all the time. Are you two a couple or something?"

"Wha?! We're not a couple or anything!" Houki was the first to react in retort.

"Eh?!" Needless to say that Dan was surprised by Houki's retorted answer. Then Ichika explained to Dan.

"Actually, we're cousins. Houki and I were together since elementary school."

"Oh, you're cousins. That's kind of cool. I'm Gotanda Dan, but you may already know me from the self-introduction. We've never really have a chance to talk much, so nice to meet you." Dan, Ichika and Houki shake hands as they talked to each other and their friendship started.

Ever since, Dan would always hang out together with Ichika and Houki if he were given a chance. Within a short period of time, Dan, Ichika and Houki become close friends who looked out for each other. Whenever they were in trouble by some bullies, they would always tackle things together, even Houki, who would fight alongside Ichika against bullies in their school. However, this result Houki to become more tomboyish at some point. Since then, they have been called by several titles in school but one title stands out the most, the trembling trio.

"Hey, do you want to stay at my place for a while? We can get something to eat, my family owns an eatery." After their relationship bloomed, Dan decided it was the time to show them the eatery.

"What do you think, my family's eatery is the best right?" Dan asked them as they were devouring their meal with delight on their face showing that they enjoyed their meal.

"I see you two agree with me." Dan's face was filled with joy that his friends are enjoying their meal, but changes after seeing his little sister looking at them in the corner. The little sister came out of the corner and approached her brother.

"Onii, you're doing the dishes today. Okaa-san said so!"

"Right now?!"

"Yes, don't slack off now Onii."

"*Sigh* Sorry you two, I have to clean up the dishes this time in the back. I guess I'll see you two later in school." Dan left, much to his reluctance.

"….So you're Onii's friends?"

Ichika and Houki simply nodded and asked her,

"You're Dan's imouto?" Ichika asked her.

"*Nod* I'm Ran, so what's your name?"

"I'm Ichika, this is my cousin Houki."


Ran observes them for a few seconds. She noticed there were some bandages on both of their faces.

"Did Onii get you two in any trouble?"

"Well, not much. We're just doing things together."

"…Sort of like that." Houki drinks her miso soup after said that.

'I guess Onii made some great friends.'

"Well, I'll be just helping Okaa-san right now. Bye." Ran left back into the kitchen, leaving them alone.

"Hmm, something tells me that Ran-san is wary of us." Ichika said to Houki.


"Maybe it's just me, just forget about it Houki."


After the first time, the two would occasionally come to the Gotanda Eatery whenever Dan would invite them after school and Dan would spend time with them so much it has become of a habit. And, in the 5th grade, a student of a different nationality came into their school.

"Please introduce yourself Huang."

"Y-yes. I am Huang Lingyin, pleased to meet you."

"Hey, she's Chinese!" One of the classmates shouted and many whispers can be heard.

And during break, the girl named Lingyin was being teased by a bunch of bullies.

"Hey Chinese girl, do you have any pandas at your home?"

"Or maybe bamboo fields in her home."

The bullies laughed as they keep mocking her due to her nationality. Of course, this should be when Ichika would stand against them.

"Hey, leave her alone!"

"What's with you Orimura, are you going to recruit this girl into your trembling trio?"

"Heh, it wouldn't even be called the trembling trio anymore."

Houki, seeing the bullies mocking her cousins stand beside him with anger in her face.

"Don't call us that!"

"Oh it's your tomboy cousin. What are you going to do about it?"

"Simple, we're going to beat you guys if you don't leave her alone." Dan stood up beside Ichika as he told them.

"Tch…fine. Do what you want with her." The bullies left knowing what happen if they would push it further could prove certain bad outcome.

"Ah…what are you going to do with me?" Ling trembles as she was scared of what happen next.

"What are you talking about? We just saved you from those bullies."

"A-ah, that's right. Um, thank you." Ling thanked them with blush present on her face.

"I'm Ichika, Orimura Ichika, nice to meet you."

"I'm Houki, Shinonono Houki."

"I'm Dan, Gotanda Dan."

After school they would discuss about each other as they walked around.

"Eh, Ichika and Houki are cousins?!" Rin said with a shocked face.

"Yeah, at first I thought they we're some sort of couple." Dan answered her.

"Hey Dan, I thought we agree not to bring that up." Houki said following a sigh.

"Ha…Sorry Houki. By the way, Ling where is your home?"

"Oh, it's around a few blocks away from here. My family runs a Chinese restaurant."

"Oh, it will be easy to find your home if we're deciding to visit you sometime." Dan said as he made a nudge on Ichika's shoulder.

"What are you doing Dan…?" Of course, Ichika doesn't really understand why Dan nudges his shoulder in the first place.

"Eheheh…" Dan sweat dropped as if he has done something stupid in front of Ling.

Food debate

After Ling moved to Japan and attend school, she has made friends with Ichika, Houki and Dan, and from there she was called Rin, due to the fact that Japanese cannot pronounce 'L'. Her family has run a Chinese restaurant several blocks from the Gotanda eatery. The two eateries have one common attraction, the fact that there were two so-called waitresses who serve there made customer come for more. In that case was Ran, Dan's sister and Rin in both restaurants respectively due to their cute looks and good manners.

Rin and Dan have visited both eateries and eaten the most popular dishes in both eateries. Both of them enjoyed the food there, but they knew a certain time will come for the four to deal with: Which one is better?

Both eateries used their family recipes to give that unique taste to their dishes, making the customer come back for more. And both also have that certain something that attracts more (male) customers, Ran of the Gotanda eatery and Rin of her family's eatery.

"I'm telling you, my family's super sweet pumpkin stew is the best!"

"No way, my family's sweet and sour pork special is the definite best!"

"Yeah right, my family's cooking have been attracting customer since the day the eatery was opened!"

"Back at the motherland, our family's eatery is the best in the district!"

Out of all the argument, there's always those people who got in the middle of it and unfortunately that goes to both Ichika and Houki, the half of the 'Fearsome Four'. That's right; they have changed from the 'Trembling Trio' to the 'Fearsome Four'. Of course, they weren't the one who come up with that idea.

"Say Houki, they've been always argue like this whenever the topic about the best food started."

"Well, they both have a family-run eatery which makes sense that they would argue about the best food."

"I guess you're right…"

Of course, the two would never involve themselves to this kind of debate, but when they do, they would do it involuntarily. Like this,

"Fine, let's see what they think which is the best food in both of our family eateries!"

"Ichika, Houki, which one of the eateries is the best?"

""…"" They can't help but shut their lips after being dragged in into this. And at times of making a decision like these, Ichika and Houki would do a huddle.

"Okay, what now Houki?"

"Hmm….Should we tell them that both are okay?" Both whispered as they don't want their conversation to be heard from the other two.

"I don't know about this Houki, but let's try it anyway…"

"*Nod*" The two break their huddle and came to a simultaneous decision.

""They're both the best!""

Dan and Rin were surprised by their synchronized respond for a few second then give them a synchronized respond of their own.


"*Sigh* Must we decide Houki?"

"…I guess we have no choice…"

"Or do we?"

Ichika looked at his cousin and Houki looked back at him for a few seconds and give them another in timed respond.

""Then don't get us involved into this!""

""Ehhhh~"" Both Dan and Rin were no shortage of shocked by their respond and decided to end the topic.

The White Knight saved the day



It happened in an instant. They were supposed to return home after school to watch Chifuyu compete in the finals of the second Mondo Grosso Championship. During the first Mondo Grosso, Chifuyu was the winner of the Championship and took the title of 'Brunhilde'. However, in the finals of the second Mondo Grosso, Ichika and Houki got kidnapped by men in black, no not the franchise, in a matching black van (Sounds cliché isn't it, does almost every villain have a taste in black? Please don't apply the ethnicity.).

Both were tied to prevent escape (obviously), and for some reason, they weren't blindfolded. Maybe the kidnappers are not shy to show their faces or they just want to scare them. Either way, the situation is not getting any dangerous now.

"Well, to think that these two put up a fight."

"Then again, this is the little siblings of Brunhilde."

"Yeah whatever, but they won't stand a chance against us being tied up right now."

"Heheh, yeah."

"Did the video call go well?"

"Yeah, you should've seen her face when we show the two in the video call."

As the conversation between the men continues, which both Ichika and Houki detests to hear, they heard their conversation being cut off as if they were being under attack.

"S-sir, there's an IS approaching us!"

"Is it her?"

"No, the shape of the IS looks different!"

"What?!" The man took the high tech binoculars from the man next to him and saw the IS.

"What the hell, that's not her IS. That's-!"

Before he even finished, the unknown IS cleaved the door with her great sword and break in at the unknown building, which assumed to be an abandoned warehouse.

"What the hell is that IS?!"

The IS sweeps down the entire group of the men and leave them unconscious, some of them even met their early grave through the sword of the IS. Ichika and Houki looked at the IS with awe.

"Ichika..is that..?"

"….Shiro Kishi!"

Suddenly, they heard two voices from the IS.

[Hi Ii-kun, Houki-chan. Are you okay?]

[Ichika, Houki, are you unharmed?]

"Chifuyu-nee, Tabane?"

"Nee-san, are you in that IS?"

[Nope, and neither does Chi-chan. Me and Chi-chan are linked into Shiro Kishi's channel while Shiro Kishi is temporarily unmanned, sort of like auto pilot.]

[I'm actually still in the Mondo Grosso, preparing for the final match. When I received the video call, I wanted to save you immediately and forfeit the match but Tabane has other plans. I owe you one Tabane.]

[That's alright Chi-chan, I'm at your service remember?]

"Wait, if you and Chifuyu-nee are not piloting Shiro Kishi…" Ichika interrupt their conversation.

"…Then who piloted it then?" Then Houki continued.

[Oh, that was just a dummy to simulate the human pilot; it's temporarily unmanned like I mentioned just now Houki-chan.]

[Ichika, Houki, Shiro Kishi will look after you until I return, so stay by her side.]

""Hai!"" After the two said their yes, Shiro Kishi grabbed the two of them and left the abandoned warehouse to their home, where she will watch over them as ordered by Chifuyu.

Meanwhile at the Mondo Grosso…

Chifuyu gives a sigh of relief upon the successful rescue. Ichika and Houki were unharmed even though they didn't state it.

"Oh, looks like the rescue mission went successful I see."

"Yes Clarissa, Tabane has done a good job. Maybe having her as my cousin/servant isn't so bad after all…"

"Aww, to think I would impress you with rescuing them with the specialty of the German Army…"

"What are you doing, trying to impress me? Still, I should thank you for tracking their location. It makes it easier for Tabane to prepare."

"Tabane, are you referring to the genius IS creator?"

"Yes, that IS inventor is my cousin/servant." Chifuyu answered with a deadpan tone.

"Cousin/servant?" Clarissa was at that point confused.

"Well, our family has been in a master-servant relationship until three generations ago, where we have become related. But the Shinonono family still has that blood to serve the Orimura."

"Oh, that's a very interesting history. You Japanese are very fascinating!"

"So, what do you have planned for me after asking for your assistance? After all, I did request you to track down their location."

"Well, in exchange of the specialized German Army's assistance of finding them, you will become the instructor for IS training for our base for a year starting next year."


An announcement can be heard from throughout the facility.

"The final match between Chifuyu Orimura from Japan against Natasha Fairs from America will begin within a minute, please prepare yourselves!"

"There goes the announcement; we'll talk about this later." Chifuyu left her locker room and prepare her [Kurezakura] for the final against Natasha's [Fang Quake].

"Aiming for another victory eh Brun?"

"…Sure, just don't call me that."

The final outcome of the match, Chifuyu won, thanks to her ability 'Reiraku Byakuya'. Her sword has the ability to cut through any kind of armor, which makes her the strongest pilot in the world so far and took the title of Brunhilde twice.

"I'm home."

""Chifuyu-nee!"" Both Ichika and Houki greeted her with a happy face when Chifuyu returned the next evening. Yes, Houki called her Chifuyu-nee after spending so much time being raised by her, and Chifuyu doesn't really mind at all since they are related after all.

"So did Shiro Kishi look after you well?"

"Shiro Kishi did just fine."

Shiro Kishi came out from the hallway and into the front door.

"Hey Tabane, I think her work is already done." Chifuyu speak through Shiro Kishi.

[Welcome back Chi-chan, and now that this knight's work is done, it's time to say farewell for now for the knight. Say bye-bye Shiro Kishi.]

Shiro Kishi left the door, turned around and waved goodbye at the three.

[Don't worry; I'll visit you in person sometime.] And then Shiro Kishi flew into who-knows-where in the setting sun.

Whoops, secret's out

Ichika is known to be the only male in the entire world to pilot the Infinite Stratos, however that information only goes through his relatives like Houki, Chifuyu, Houki's parents and Tabane. Anyone outside of the family have no idea whatsoever, then again that fact may as well be ridiculous to others as the most obvious fact of the IS is that it is the only machine that can be operated by women only.

It's their final year in middle school and the sad thing is that Rin is no longer with them. Rin returned to China during the start of the final year of middle school after some martial problems with her parents, forcing them to return into their motherland.

Although Ichika and Houki have been in the same middle school for three years, they have some trouble navigation through the school. It's rather ironic that they have been into this school for three years and yet they're lost in the corridors.

"Where's the examination hall? We're never going to take our test if we're late." Ichika said in a slightly panicked tone.

"I can't believe we don't even know where the examination hall is?!" Houki was just as worried as her cousin.

"You tell me…"

Upon their exploration to find the exam hall, they see a door with a note attached to it. The note said, 'IS entrance exam'.

"IS entrance exam?" Ichika said as he's reading the note.

"Oh yeah, there was an announcement that an IS entrance exam was going to happen here." Houki realized.

"Shall we take a look inside?"

"Ichika, we don't have time to waste. We need to find the exam hall or we'll be disqualified."

"Maybe we should ask someone inside for directions." Ichika opened the door and find that there's no one in sight and the room itself is barely lit. The only thing that was noticeably there is an IS. The IS was in a kneeling down position as if she was waiting for a master.

"Nobody's here?" Houki scanned through the dark area. She also noticed that Ichika is approaching the IS.

"I-Ichika, what are you doing?" Houki followed him in worry that he might do something.

"Hm, maybe I should use the IS to help us out."

"Ichika, what are you trying to do?"

"Here goes." Ichika touched the IS and the IS reacted to him in a flash of bright light. Houki wasn't really surprised, since she saw Ichika piloted an IS since he was just 5. Ichika knows how to move with the IS thanks to Tabane's lesson on how to move an IS.

"Whoa!" Ichika suddenly was surprised.

"What is it Ichika?" Houki can't helped but taken aback.

"This IS has a map of the school and it shows where we are!"

"What, are you serious?"

"Yeah, and I found where the exam hall is. Houki, come on!" Ichika grabbed Houki and started to move. Normally, Ichika would hide his ability to pilot an IS as a secret by getting off the IS and run into the exam hall. However, they don't have much time as their final exams was about to begin.

Ichika went bursting through the door with Houki in his arms, using the IS he begins to charge his way into the corridors and went to the exam hall. What he was unaware of is that the IS entrance exam invigilator was behind him, her gaping mouth filled with shock after witnessing what just happened. She happens to returned from her break from the cafeteria and went back at the most right time possible to witness the event.

"There it is!" Ichika announced as he reached to the exam hall entrance and there was an invigilator who keeps an eye on the students who would arrive at the exam hall. What he saw stunned him, a man piloting an IS with a girl on his arms, charging on the way to the exam hall. Fear for his life, he enters the hall to avoid being crashed into the IS. Much to the invigilator's surprise, Ichika, went inside the hall with no ill-intention with Houki being released, standing up into the hall. Of course, Ichika and Houki's entry leave nothing but surprised faces from the other invigilators and fellow candidates for the final exam including Dan.

"What in the world Ichika?!" Dan was the first to ask.

"Well Ichika, looks like your secret's out." Houki pointed out the IS he's piloting.

"…" Ichika not knowing what to say, stay silent for a few minutes, knowing that his ability will be known to the world soon.

CEO of the Kuromochi Machinery revealed

Kuromochi Machinery…It's an enterprise in Tokyo that deals exclusive on the industry of the Infinite Stratos and they have been mass producing the 2nd generational IS [Uchigane] for the IS Academy to rent. The enterprise has connections with the IS Academy and thus become one of the sponsors of the IS Academy. Kuromochi Machinery was founded immediately after the IS have been introduced and thus become the first IS enterprise in the world.

There are two things of the Kuromochi Machinery many people outside the enterprise have wanted to know. Who founded the enterprise and who is the CEO of the enterprise? It has never known who founded it and the CEO of the enterprise for 8 years until Ichika's ability of piloting an IS have been revealed.

One day, Ichika and Houki have finished their final exams and they're at home, relieve the tension from the test.

"Man, that was quite hard, but I think I answered most of them correctly." Ichika stretched his body as he said that to Houki.

"Well, it better be. We have studied a lot before the test and I'm hoping we'll be having good grades."

"….Chifuyu-nee's coming late again, isn't she?"

"...Yeah." As the atmosphere become quiet, a ringtone can be heard. It was their home's telephone. Ichika immediately picked it up.

"Hello…?" Ichika answered not knowing the person on the other line until he heard her voice.

"Ah Ichika, is Houki with you?" Chifuyu was on the other line.

"As always." He replied.

"Then I want you to go to the Kuromochi Machinery right away. My employee is already in the residence, picking you up." The call ended immediately.

Ichika waited for a few second until he called Houki to go to the front door. There a man, with long brown messy hair with a beanie, dressed up in a reddish pea coat, with cream brown pants and black leather shoes called out to them.

"You're Ichika and Houki right? Come on; get in before the reporters stormed into the house!" The man ordered them as he led them into his car. Ichika and Houki, not knowing the situation gets into the car as Ichika recall that his sister did mentioned employee and suggest that the man might be the one.

"Phew, I'm glad that settled quickly." The man started to drive to the Kuromochi Machinery.

"Um, what's going on here?"

"Oh, my boss is asking me to pick you guys up." He said as he continued driving.

"You know that Kuromochi Machinery have been keeping secrets right?" The driving man told them.

"…Uh, yeah." Houki answered.

"Well, you two are going to find that out."

"Who are you?" asked Ichika to the driver.

"Me? I'm one of the engineers in the enterprise. Boss asked me to pick you guys there since I was available."

"Then, who's your boss?" Houki asked.

"Well, she's the CEO of the enterprise and someone you knew."

""Someone we knew?"" Both of them are confused by his answer.

They have arrived at the Kuromochi Machinery through the employee's parking lot. The building covers a large area including training facilities for IS testing, workers lounge for workers to take a break and an astounding tower sits right at the center of the facility.

"We're here. Come on, follow me." The man told them as they followed him. They were heading to the central tower and a receptionist greeted the man.

"Ah Shinjirou-san, I see they're with you now."

"Is she busy?"

"No, she's not with any client right now."

"Good, alright you two come with me." The man named Shinjirou lead them to the elevator to the top floor. And once they've reached the top floor, they have reached a large door with an insignia on top that says, 'CEO room'.

"Well, here we are." Shinjirou knocked on the door and waited for a response.

"Aragaki, is that you?" A familiar voice can be heard from the door.


"Yeah, and they're with me right now."

"Come in then." After given the approval, Shinjiro opened the door and revealed an office, almost like the Oval Office like in the White House in America. And from the center desk, a woman seated in front of them, with an authoritarian aura within her. Orimura Chifuyu sits on that exact desk.

""Chifuyu-nee?!"" Both Ichika and Houki were surprised.

"Why do I expect that you'll be surprised to see me? Never mind that, have a seat." The two sit into the couch that faced sideways.

"Ah, you may leave now Aragaki."

Shinjirou only gave a slight nod before leaving the room, closing the door.

"Um…Chifuyu-nee..?" Ichika asked her.

"Hm..?" Chifuyu respond by her brother calling her.

"…Who was that man?" Houki continued.

"Oh, that man is Aragaki Shinjirou, an engineer in the Kuromochi Machinery, right where you are sitting now. He might appear intimidating but he's rather gentle to his friends, so give him a chance if you were to meet him again."

"So Chifuyu-nee, what are you exactly doing here?" Ichika asked again.

"Well, to answer your answer, I'm the CEO of the Kuromochi Machinery."

""What?!"" Both of them were in shock.

"S-Since when?" Houki asked.

"Well, to be honest, after I finished train those soldiers back in Germany, Tabane asked me to become the CEO of the enterprise since Tabane would be in serious danger if she took that position. So she asked me immediately to be the CEO. Of course I reluctant to accept but Tabane's constant nagging has left me no choice but to accept it. Basically, I'm the CEO of this enterprise while Tabane is the founder."

""Oh…"" The two of them understood immediately of the situation.

"So, why you call us here then?" Ichika asked in curiosity, not knowing the full situation.

"To be honest, I've been the CEO quite recently at the start of the year, and the public wants to know the identity of the CEO, waiting for that big reveal. Since there were no actual CEO's before me, possibly run by Tabane herself, it will cause her unnecessary attention to her and might eventually put her in danger if the Kuromochi Machinery would reveal such information. And since your ability to pilot an IS has been revealed, that gives me a chance to reveal myself as the CEO of the enterprise and your ability to the world."

""So, what happens to Ichika then?" It was Houki's turn to ask.

"Most likely he'll be going to IS Academy by next year, regardless if Ichika wants to or not."

"But Chifuyu-nee-"

"Ichika, I know it's quite sudden for you. But the secret that you kept for 9 years have finally been revealed. You can't escape this situation now. Actually, I would like to propose the two of you of something."

"Really, what?"

"I'm suggesting that the two of you would be under the Kuromochi Machinery as test pilots and representative cadets of this enterprise. Though I had to admit, the military nationwide has done this before, but never with enterprise like this. To summarize, you two will be under me and this company. And by the time you're in the IS Academy, I will use my company to back you up. Houki, I hope you don't mind, you will be with him at the IS Academy next year."

"So you want me to go with Ichika at the IS Academy next year." Houki thought about it for a second.

"I don't mind, I'm also going to serve Ichika according to the Shinonono tradition at the IS Academy. I'll make sure Ichika wouldn't end up as a harem protagonist of a generic harem anime when he's staying at the academy for three years."

"What did you just say Houki?" Of course, Ichika for some reason feel offended.

Welcome to the IS Academy

Ichika and Houki are in the Kuromochi Machinery building to discuss about some information and the situation the Ichika and Houki will go through. Chifuyu have been recognized as the CEO of Kuromochi Machinery and Ichika and Houki have become members of Kuromochi Machinery after Ichika's secret was revealed throughout the world. But many are still curious on how Ichika piloted the IS and how long Ichika knew and piloted the IS in the first place. After realizing that Chifuyu had become the CEO of Kuromochi Machinery, Ichika had realized that his family along with the Shinonono Family have become rich due to the enterprise was founded by Tabane and run by his sister. He was even being told that both he and Houki had a bank account, each about 2 million yen on their deposit.

"And that's our situation. A friend of mine will welcome you and lead you to tour the Academy and show you to your new temporary home. And also, Murasame will be at the IS Academy as your assistant homeroom teacher to keep an eye on you."


"Well then, you'll be leaving to the IS Academy by tonight. Go to the monorail station by 7 pm and go to the IS Academy by the monorail. A friend of mine will wait you there."

As instructed, the two went to the monorail station, took the monorail to the IS Academy, the only mode of transport to the IS Academy. Once there, they were supposed to meet someone that was Chifuyu's friend. And a call of their name took their attention.

"Orimura-kun, Shinonono-san!" A petite young woman, with a surprising huge bust waved at them as if she wants to get their attention.

"Chifuyu-san said that you'll be arriving at 7, so she asked me to wait for you at the station. My name is Yamada Maya and I'm your homeroom teacher at your class."

"Hmm…." Ichika mumbled something as she introduced herself.

"What's wrong Orimura-kun?" Maya asked him.

"Your name….is somehow syllabically palindrome." Ichika pointed that her name when spelt backwards, the pronunciation is still the same.

"Hahaha, you're the first one to notice that this year." Maya let out a nervous laugh.

"Well then, let me show you to your new home." Maya leads them the tour and to the dorm building, where they will be staying together for three years.

"Um…Yamada-san, when did you and Chifuyu-nee become friends?" Ichika asked her during their trip.

"Well, it was during the representative selection tournament where I met Chifuyu-san during the tournament. I was the semi-finalist during the tournament and Chifuyu-san and I went into the same bar, the rest is your guess. Oh, and I also told that one of the engineers of Kuromochi Machinery will be my assistant homeroom teacher."

"Yeah, let's just hope Reine-san doesn't faint during class."

"Excuse me?" Maya overhears Ichika's statement.


After arriving at the dorm building, Maya leads them into a door that says, '1025'.

"Here's your room, all of your things are packed already into your room. And class start's at 9 am tomorrow, I'll be seeing you two." Maya left, leaving the two alone.

"Well, this is our room then." Ichika opened the door and what they see inside fascinates them. The room was like a five-star hotel, perhaps a lot more than that.

"…Yeah." Houki merely reply.

They unpacked their things from their luggage that Chifuyu had set before their arrival, including their everyday use items like their phone charger, clothes and so on. Ichika laid down on one of the beds and feel relaxed by the comfort of the bed.

"Ahh, this bed's awesome!"

"Ichika, this is the first time a man like you will wander in this facility. As a cousin and servant, I will keep an eye on you."

"Yeah, I know."

"Are you nervous?"

"Of course I am, I'm the only guy in the world who can pilot the IS. Of course I will be the center of attention, regardless of what I do."

"At least you're aware…"


The next day, at class 1-1…

Ichika sit nervously as tension in the class are all aiming at him.

"Damn, I knew something like this is bound to happen, but I never expected it to be this severe…!" Ichika whispered, only Houki who sits next to him can hear him. The others nearby him are just too busy staring at him.

Because, IS Academy is known as the all-female facility, and this is probably the first time a male has entered this realm. Houki should have known that Ichika will get uncomfortable easily and so does Chifuyu. That's why Chifuyu have sent on of her engineers to go there and act as his assistance homeroom teacher.

"Don't worry Ichika, I'll be next to you as always. And Reine-san will be the assistance homeroom teacher here."


"Everyone's here right? Then let's start the SHR(Student Home Room Meeting)." Maya announces to the students of class 1-1, but everyone doesn't pay attention to her.

"My name is Yamada Maya and my name is syllabically palindrome. Then everyone, let's get along with each other for the next year~" Once again, Maya was ignored as the students keep staring a Ichika. The intense atmosphere is absolutely easy to read, and Ichika raised his hands.

"Sensei, I'm feeling uncomfortable…" Ichika tells his discomfort to her and Maya tried to tell the students to stop.

"Um, Everyone, please stop staring at Orimura-kun. He's not going to be any more comfortable this way." Some students stopped staring at him, which made the discomfort more bearable for Ichika.

Houki this time raised her hand.

"Sensei, where's the assistant homeroom teacher?"

"Ah, she's in a meeting and will be here soon. In the meantime, why don't we go through with the self-introductions? Normally we would start in an alphabetical order, but this is a special exception. Orimura-kun will introduce himself first followed by Shinonono-san."

""Ehhh?!"" Both of them are taken aback, just a little.

Clearing his throat, he stood up and starts to introduce himself, even though he's still nervous.

"Well, I'm Orimura Ichika, the lone male IS pilot and a member of the Kuromochi Machinery. And I'll be in your care." After that introduction, the girl's stares are getting intense as if they were expecting more.

"Hey Houki, what now?" Ichika whisper into Houki.

"Why don't just say that you're the little brother of the CEO." Houki suggested.

"That's a little show-off, but I guess these girls want something big anyway." Ichika whispered back and take a deep breath before continue speaking.

"I'm also note that I'm the little brother of the CEO of Kuromochi Machinery." After he said that, the class went silent for a few seconds and then,

"KYAA, it's that Chifuyu-sama's brother!"

"I've always been a follower of your Onee-sama Orimura-kun!"

Lots of shrieks can be heard and Maya tries her best to calm the crowds of students down. Ichika, who had enough of the shrieks sat down and Houki stood up and introduce herself.

"I'm Shinonono Houki, and I'm Ichika's cousin and servant!" Houki had to raise her voice to overcome the shriek and when the other student heard the word servant, the class immediately went silent.

"Eh, did you hear that?"

"She said cousin and servant."

"What does that mean though?"

"Wait, did she said they were cousins?!"

"KYAAAAA~!" More shrieks can be heard.

"Um…Did I say something?" Houki asked Ichika, who put his head into the table unable to tolerate the shrieks.

"Pretty much…" Ichika replied, then the sound of a door opening can be heard.

"Ah Murasame-sensei, is the meeting over?"

"Yeah…" Reine said in a fatigued tone. "Is the self-introduction over?"

"N-No, we're just started with Orimura-kun and Shinonono-san."

"Then I should introduce myself then. My name is Murasame Reine, the assistant homeroom teacher. Nice to meet you-" Reine immediately collapsed on the floor and fainted.

"A-ah, Murasame-sensei!" Maya tends to the unconscious woman.

Murasame Reine can be described as a woman in her twenties, with huge just like Yamada Maya. She wore an unbuttoned lab coat, under her work clothes and skirt. She wore a pantyhose and work shoes and has a blue teddy bear on her breast pocket. Her silver hair and blue eyes is her distinct facial feature but her most prominent feature was the black rings that appear at her eyes, showing signs of lack of sleep. Adding the lazy, tired atmosphere from her seems to make the class room to become lazy and tired. She's one of the engineers along with Aragaki Shinjirou that Ichika and Houki made acquaintance who worked under Kuromochi Machinery and Ichika and Houki's assistant homeroom teacher when Chifuyu sent her in the IS Academy. Right now, she's not on her best condition to attend the class…

"I knew it…" Ichika said in a deadpan tone.

"Reine-san collapsed and fainted on the spot…" Houki followed with a similar expression as Ichika.

What will Ichika and Houki go through with Murasame Reine as their assistant homeroom teacher?


Name: Aragaki Shinjirou

Gender: Male

Age: Twenties(Older than canon)

Details: One of the engineers of the Kuromochi Machinery. Appears to be intimidating, but he's quite sympathetic and cares for others. He plans to make a new IS unit called [Castor].

Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Name: Murasame Reine

Gender: Female

Age: Twenties

Details: One of the engineers of the Kuromochi Machinery. She appears to be sleepy from the black rings on her eyes. Intelligent and mature, she has been sent by Orimura Chifuyu to the IS Academy as the assistant homeroom teacher to keep an eye on Ichika and Houki.

Series: Date a Live

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