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Let me get this straight to the point. I am Orimura Ichika, a lone male IS pilot in the entire world. Right now, I am in the IS Academy filled with girls, women and more girls, and yes I'm aware I mentioned girls twice. Fortunately, Houki and Reine-san being here make me feel more comfortable or less uncomfortable. Don't look at things the wrong way; I don't hate women in general, only the arrogant ones that I can't tolerate, which I hope I won't encounter in my three years here. Of course, since I'm here surrounded by girls everywhere I should be in 'paradise' according to Dan, but being here gives a feeling far from 'paradise'. Obviously Dan had never been stared at by girls this many.

So far, I, Houki and Reine-san have introduced ourselves in front of the class and after Reine-san collapsed comically, Yamada-sensei took her into the infirmary where Yamada-sensei told us that Reine-san was not in serious danger, more like falling asleep actually, the class continues the self-introduction. On a side note, I should have referred Reine-san as Murasame-sensei whenever she's working at the Academy.

Murasame Reine-san was one of the engineers, with Aragaki Shinjirou-san being another who worked under Chifuyu-nee in Kuromochi Machinery Development and we've met during one of my visits there. Since she's one of the engineers and in charge of the designs of IS, she has access to multiple IS blueprints available in the Kuromochi Machinery, ranging from old blueprints to prototypes. Now, she also works in IS Academy under Chifuyu-nee's orders to be her eyes and ears while I'm here, although she hasn't done well as she collapsed just now. I can't help but worry about her since she has this tendency to collapse in almost any situation, maybe she's just tired.

Now that I think about it, Chifuyu-nee's enterprise is one of the sponsors here and some of the IS here are actually rented from Chifuyu-nee. So the girls around me are astounded by my connection with the company. Shortly after my ability to pilot an IS have been discovered, Chifuyu-nee made an announcement that, aside that she's the CEO or the president of Kuromochi Machinery Development, that I'm part of Kuromochi Machinery even though I'm really not. I guess it is one way Chifuyu-nee protect me after my secret have been discovered. And I realized that she's not kidding when she mentioned that I'm part of the company. I've become the junior test pilot of Kuromochi Machinery. My job in Kuromochi Machinery is to test IS prototypes that have been recently called a 3rd generational IS along with my 'senior' test pilots. Also, Reine-san wants to test a hypothesis that if there's any difference in IS capability between male IS pilots and female IS pilots. Chifuyu-nee agrees with Reine-san and thus allowed to put the hypothesis to the test, but Chifuyu-nee doesn't allow the result to be published due to the lack of male representative to make a generalization. Meaning, I'm the only male who pilots the IS, therefore I can't represent the whole male population.

Back on topic, the self-introduction has over and Yamada-sensei is teaching in the first period. Strangely though, Yamada-sensei is awfully nervous for some reason. I can think of a few reasons why though, one is the fact I'm sitting in front of her and I cover the least distance between her. Two is that since Murasame-sensei is in the infirmary, Yamada-sensei feels surrounded by the number of students, or so I thought. My classmates seem to have fun making fun of Yamada-sensei, as if there were no strict authority figure in class. I bet if Chifuyu-nee was the teacher in this class, the class will actually be a lot more disciplined.

(Meanwhile at Kuromochi Machinery CEO Room)

As the president of Kuromochi Machinery, Orimura Chifuyu, browse through the documents that was placed on her desk, she feels a strange vibe running through her. She stopped what she was doing and wonders about that strange vibe she just felt.

"Hm….Why do I have a feeling that Ichika is commenting about me being a homeroom teacher at his class…?"

Sighing, Chifuyu immediately dismiss her earlier thought and continues to do her usual business as the president of Kuromochi Machinery Development.

(Back to Ichika)

Now that the first period is over, the first end period begins now. As usual, my classmates are looking at me and when I looked through the window of the hallway, I saw groups of other girls staring at me from the window. If I were to go somewhere during this time, where would I go?

"…Ichika." Houki called my name as she stood right in front of me.


"If you're uncomfortable, why don't we go to the corridor to pass the time?"


"Ah, let's go then." Houki and I went outside of our classroom and went into the corridor.

In the corridor, where there are just the two of us here, stood at the edge of the corridor and enjoy the view.

"Ah, Ichika." Houki gets my attention as she was about to say something.

"What is it?"

"Are you…really comfortable being here?"

"Hm…to be honest, I am. I'm being stared at from the first period till the end, how else would that be considered comfortable. Dan, I bet you'll like to switch places with me right now!" I talked to the sky and watched it as the clear sky relaxes me. I took a deep breath before speaking to Houki.

"Of course, I'm glad that you're with me Houki. You and Murasame-sensei, I'm glad that at least I can talk to you or her. Speaking of Murasame-sensei, should I contact Chifuyu-nee that she collapsed during the self-introduction?"

"Uh…I don't think so. She'll recover somehow." Houki, despite what she just said, I think she's worried, but not too much. Murasame-sensei does recover after a few hours of sleep. That's what she need basically, sleep. I wonder if Chifuyu-nee overworked Murasame-sensei to some extent.

"So Houki, you really don't mind going to the IS Academy with me? It seemed Chifuyu-nee forced to go with me during last year."

"What? I don't mind being here, although it will be difficult studying about the IS. Even so, I want to come with you, whether Chifuyu-nee asks me or not."

"Oh, it's that Shinonono tradition isn't it?"


"I remember that Oji-san told you about your family tradition, where a Shinonono must serve an Orimura as a way to repay what my ancestor have done to yours. Even though we are officially cousins, you still want to serve me don't you?"

"Well, that's what I was thinking…"

"Well then, I guess it's your choice. Tabane made her choice when she became Chifuyu-nee's servant; I guess you made your choice to serve me. Mind you, I would still treat you as my cousin."



Hm…The announcement bell signals the second period has begun.

"Let's go, Ichika."


We went back to our class, strangely though, were we being watched during our small talk? Even so, I couldn't find out who they were. They can be quite swift.

"…Thus, the basic operations of IS have to be witnessed by the country. If no permission is granted, we have to pursue criminal responsibilities…"

Yamada-sensei continued with her lesson ever so eloquently and Muramase-sensei is still in the infirmary. For some reason, her explanation seems familiar somehow…

I turned to Houki who jolted on her notes on Yamada-sensei's explanation. Ah, I should take note also, I might regret it if I don't.

IS study are actually very different from what I have learned during my previous schools, so it's hard for me to take in what I'm learning here. Yet, I think I have recalled this type of information somewhere. Maybe it's during last year where I started working at Kuromochi Machinery.

Hm…what did I do during last year….?

(Last Year, Kuromochi Machinery)

One day, a group of black-clad men came into the Kuromochi Machinery, specifically to Chifuyu-nee's office and gave Chifuyu-nee a notification letter, which according to Chifuyu-nee is about the enrollment into the IS Academy.

"Huh, I knew this day would come. Ichika, you will be enrolled into the IS Academy. You'll be studying there for three years and Houki, you'll going to study with him there." Chifuyu-nee told us, Houki only nodded as we've been discussing about this before.

"Ah yes, you two need to read this before enrolling at the Academy." Chifuyu-nee took a thick book from her desk and placed it on the table nearby Ichika and Houki.

"Um…Chifuyu-nee, what is this?" I asked her.

"It's an IS reference book. It's a must read when enrolling the IS Academy."

"This thick?" Houki looks at the pages of the book; I would already assume it contains a few hundred pages.

"Unfortunately, that's the most simplified of what you must learn in the IS Academy. Whether in terms of mobility, firepower and suppressing ability, the IS far surpasses all the older weapons in that aspect. You two must learn this weapon thoroughly to prevent any accident should they occur. You two will learn the basic knowledge and training with the IS to prevent such accidents from occurring. Even if you can't understand, memorize it, and remain firm and steady. These are rules and regulations. And I expect you two to read the book and memorize all of the content within a week. Then after that, I'll test you two to see if you understand the content in the reference book."


"Don't complain you brats, I taught you two better than to complain. Every IS students that will enroll in the IS Academy have to read the reference book and understand every content there, and I don't want you two to be left behind just because you don't understand the content of the reference book. Don't worry; even if either or both of you fail to understand, we would repeat this test the following week until you two fully understands."

""P-Please don't, we'll memorize all the contents within a week!"" Houki and I were practically scared. We don't really want to repeat the test if we should fail.

"Well then, work hard but don't push yourselves too hard. The test will be taken orally; you must state what you have understood within the reference book. You two will be tested here next week, Aragaki and Murasame will be the ones to test you two individually to prevent any 'sharing information' from the two of you and they will report your progress to me as soon as you're finished the test. I will determine whether either of you or both of you should be qualified or retake the test. Even of you two were passed this test, I expect the two of you to remember what you have learned. Understand?"

""Yes."" This was to show how strict Chifuyu-nee can be to both of us.

In the end, we read the reference book, make our own mock test to help ourselves to prepare. And because we have to take the test separately, we have to take turns becoming the interviewer of the mock test. After a week though, I ended being tested by Shinjirou-san while Houki was being tested by Reine-san. I have to say, both of us actually failed during our first test. That was not a test that was an interview! Also, being interviewed by Shinjirou-san was really nerve-racking, while Houki can't help but get distracted by Reine-san's black rings on her eyes. But then again, Chifuyu-nee would be a lot worse if she interview us instead. We have to redo our reading and retake the test, and by the second time we actually passed.


After that so-called test interview, Chifuyu-nee gave me and Houki an approval as we have passed the test. But that doesn't mean we are off the hook, Chifuyu-nee wants us to remember what we have just learned and apply it into the IS Academy.


And the content from the reference book, no wonder all of Yamada-sensei's explanations are all very familiar.


(Back to reality)

What, what, what just happened?! All I heard just now was Yamada-sensei's voice and my classmates are laughing for some reason.

"Eh?" I seemed to look in front of me and Yamada-sensei was in front of me. Her jugs are really tempting me somehow.

"Um, Sorry for interrupting your flashback moment, but you need to pay attention in class Orimura-kun. I won't be responsible if you are left behind Orimura-kun, and I certainly don't want to face Chifuyu-san's wrath if you were to done badly in here." Yamada-sensei seemed dread about that last sentence. No, I think its pure fear I sensed.

"Don't worry, Yamada-sensei. I can count on Houki if I want help with my studies."

"Huh?" Houki looked at me in confusion. Come on Houki, you can do it right?

"A-Ah…yeah. You can count on me Ichika." Houki seemed to agree with me.

"Ah, you two seemed to be very close, it's almost like a couple." Yamada-sensei commented while looking at us. And that's caused the class to become filled with activity. Whispers can be heard all around the class for a while until the door opened and revealed Murasame-sensei on the door.

"…I'm back." Murasame-sensei said in that same tired tone.

"A-Ah Murasame-sensei, you've recovered. You'll be teaching in the third period later Murasame-sensei."

"…Ah, thanks."


Second period ends and I somehow spaced out during the entire second period. I really need to focus or I'll be in serious trouble. Right now, I'm minding my own business as I stay at my seat until Houki called my name.



"Were you even paying attention just now?"

"About what?"

"The whole second period, what were you doing anyway?"

"Oh, just reminiscing that one year ago where we have to read that absurdly thick book called IS reference book."

"Really, why would you reminiscing about that? That was one of the hardest moments for both of us because of that one book."

"By the Houki, what did Yamada-sensei lectured about just now?"

"Well, most of what she just lectured was related to the reference book."

"Oh, no wonder why is it so familiar. And to think that everyone here didn't raised their hands during the lecture means that Chifuyu-nee was right on the spot when she mentioned that students here have to memorize and understand the content of the reference book."

"Ichi, Houki…" As we were about in the middle of a conversation, Reine-san stood right in front of me.

"Ah, Reine-san…"

"Its Murasame-sensei here, but you can call me casually whenever I'm not teaching here."

"Y-Yeah." Murasame-sensei somehow never pronounced my name for some reason and calls me Ichi every time. She said she can't pronounce certain names for some reason, I wonder whose name she never pronounce I wonder?

"Ichi, are you okay while I was resting?"

"Ah, I'm okay Murasame-sensei. I was actually more worried about you."

"Hmm…Thank you. But you shouldn't worry about me though, I'm not sick."

"Yeah, I know…." I wonder if Murasame-sensei would actually teach us today.

During the third period, Reine-san replaces Yamada-sensei, who teaches the first and second period. I never knew whether Reine-san was a good teacher or not. All I know was Reine-san is rather intelligent and that's probably why Chifuyu-nee sent her here.

"…For the remaining time, we'll mainly be describing all sorts of equipment that can be used in actual combat, and their characteristics." Despite Reine-san's tired tone, the class seems to be paying attention, and took notes including Yamada-sensei.

"Ah, but before that, we have to decide on the class representative who'll take part in the interclass tournament. As the name implies, the class representative will not only compete in tournaments, but also attends student council meetings and committee meetings as well. In short, she or he'll be the class leader who'll represent the whole class, fights tournaments and will be the measure of the class enrollment ability."

The class has become very active. Class leader? Somehow the class leader system never changed. Whoever will be picked as class representative will have a hard time and carrying a heavy burden equivalent of 29 classmates.

"Sensei, I recommend Orimura-kun!"

"I feel that it's a good idea too!"

Wait- what?!

"Then the candidate will be Orimura Ichi… is there anyone else? You can either nominate yourself or another person, both are fine."

Dammit Reine-san, my classmates can hear that you know! Who knows that when they'll call me 'Ichi'? It's a matter of sooner or later thing.

"Eh, Ichi?"

"That's a cute nickname~!"

"Ichi…Kyaaaaa, just saying it is just cute!"

"KYYAAAA! 'ICHI' IS SUCH A CUTE NICKNAME!" Squeals of girls roaring loudly in class, it's more like a fan girl club for a certain male character in here.

Wait, am I supposed to be worried that my classmates will call me 'Ichi' on a daily basis or the fact that I'm going to be the class representative of this class…?

"Um, excuse me Murasame-sensei, can I just withdraw from the position?" I raised my hand to make her notice.

"It could be possible, but there's no other candidate to take that position. And it's obvious that all of your classmates have only one candidate to pick on their minds."

"So…I can't really withdraw from the position, do I?"


"Hmm…How about 'Kirito', she's somehow reliable to become the class representative." I pointed towards a girl two seats behind me; I honestly don't know her name yet. Although her looks reminds me of a character named Kirito from the most watched anime two years ago. Somehow that anime was much hyped up that I recalled there were masses of people cosplaying as him during one cosplay event and it was extremely popular, even for non-anime fans.

"Um, I think I'll withdraw from that position." Gah- She withdrew the position fast even before my declaration. "Um, Orimura-kun, my name is Takatsuki Shizune, not Kirito from the anime just because I resembled like him." Wow, she also known that anime as well.

"Now that he mentioned it, Takatsuki-san does resemble Kirito-kun."

"That's amazing."

"Wait, you girls know that anime?"

The all of my classmate excluding Houki replied in unison,

"Of course!"

"Ichika, just accept the class representative position and get this over with. There's no one to oppose you anyway." Houki said to me as if it was obvious.


I can feel it, the stares of expectation that says 'if it's him, he can do it'. These girls see me as a suitable leader, just because I'm the only male here. Even more so by the fact that I'm connected to one of the most successful IS industry and one of the sponsors of the IS Academy and let's not forget the fact that I'm related to the two most famous people in the world, Chifuyu-nee and Tabane. Seeing that I have no choice but to accept my position, I declared my position to confirm it.

"You girls suck, but I suppose I have no choice."

"Eehh~!" I can hear the groans of my classmates after I said that.

"I'll be the class representative of class 1-1." I declared in front of my class.

"Then, The class representative will be Orimura Ichi. No one has any objections, right?" Murasame-sensei declared in front of the class.

"Nope." Everyone replied in unison and my classmates cheered for me. Somehow, I've dig a deep hole here, not that I don't like being the class representative.

"Thank goodness, I thought you'd never accept the position."

"Orimura-kun will lead class 1-1 to victory!"


Somehow, the cheering went on without any end to this.

"U-Um, please be quiet in class." Yamada-sensei tries to settle down the class but failed.

"Orimura-kun, let's have a class representative party."


"Oh yes, let's make it a class representative assignment party."

"W-Wait a minute, we're not going to have a party!"

"Aaawww…." Oh great, I looked like a party pooper right now as the girls brooded.

Seeing that the class is not in a cheerful mood, I guess I have to do this.

"….Okay, a small one wouldn't hurt. And it will hold next week."

"Alright!" The girls have regained their cheerful selves after I said that. Honestly, these girls…

(Later that night)

I went back to my room with Houki, thinking that I've been missing something during the class representative selection. On a side note, we've used our time in the afternoon training kendo in the IS dojo much to Houki's suggestion. There's something that's bothering me, during the class representative selection I feel that something was missing, and I don't know what that is.

"What's wrong Ichika?" Houki asked me, her sharp face makes it easier for her to gain my attention along with her worried expression.

"Well, there's something bothering me about the class representative selection."

"What is it?"

"I was actually expecting that someone would oppose me as the class representative this afternoon."

"But no one was against you during the vote, is that what's bothering you?"

"With no competition, that class representative selection doesn't seem right to me…"

"Why are you bothered by that?"

"It's just that….Forget it Houki, I can't really understand it myself."

"Stop worrying then, you're the class representative now. You should focus on your task now."

"Hmm…." As much as Houki tried to cheer me up, this unusual feeling keeps coming back at me. At least I'm cheered up, just a bit…

It has been yesterday that I took the burden of becoming the class representative of class 1-1. My classmates have already planned the party, but I'm not really enthusiastic about this and neither does Houki. Its morning and we're on the way to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. As we set foot on the cafeteria, the stares continues as the whole students are eyeing on me.

"Look, it's that rumored male student."

"That's Orimura Ichika from class 1-1 right?"

"Hey did you hear, he's been elected as class representative and he won automatically."

"Well, that is to be expected since he's the brother of the president of one of the IS Academy's sponsor."

"Wait- really?!"

"You didn't know? He's the brother of the president of Kuromochi Machinery. That information was released a year ago."

"What, does that mean he has connections?!"

Gossips are literally everywhere and it's all about me. I'm quite surprised that Houki was never mentioned, then again the information regarding Houki being my servant isn't really well known except my class and a certain few individuals. Certainly, whenever people see me, they think I'm some kind of arrogant rich boy or something; however I'm not that kind of person. I've only been rich recently.

As Houki and I lined up to get our set meals, find an empty seat for both of us, the stares just keep on coming and I don't really like being stared while I'm enjoying my meal.

"Ichika, is it really a good idea to held a party by next week?"

"Well, there's no use delaying the party any longer. Besides, the girls would be in down spirited if I don't allow them to set up a party for me."

"Well, no matter how much I look into it, it looks like you're exploiting them."

"What are you talking about; I'M the one being exploited here." I stressed the word 'I'M' to give Houki the clear message.

"You're the class representative Ichika; it will be your responsibility at your end." Houki ends the conversation as she ate her rice.

"Right, right…" I took a bite of my meal when three girls appear before me. Somehow, they're my classmates because one of them really stands out which makes me hard to forget. Because…she dressed like a fox in her fox costume.

"Orimura-kun, can we sit here?" One of them asked me.

"…Well, it's not like you can't." I replied to them.

"Yes!" The three declared their victory as they sit next to me. Currently, we are sitting in a six seated table and there should be one more seat, hopefully no one will take that seat.

"Aw…I should have asked him…"

"Don't worry, there's always next time." I can hear someone talking about near my table.

"Orimura-kun, what kind of food do you want for the party?" One of the three asked me.


"Well, since we're going to have a party next week, we would like to know what food you want for the party."


"Of course, this is about you being the class representative after all. It's called the 'Class Representative Assignment Party'." The three proclaimed in synch.

"So…you're the class representative of Class 1-1? I have to say that Class 1-1 must have to be very pathetic to pick a rare breed such as you as the class representative." Suddenly, me, Houki and the three girls turned around and saw a blonde girl with coronet curls with a blue hairband standing in front of us.

"What makes you say that?" I said to her.

"Isn't it obvious? Your class chose you, a man, as the class representative, who makes your class very weak." She said to me with a pose to show her superiority. This is the type of person I hate the most, the arrogant ones. And by her aura, she's the arrogant Ojou-sama type of person.

"Our class is not weak!" The three girls retorted back at the blonde girl.

"What makes you the right to say that?!"

"Who are you anyway?!"

"Humph, I guess it is unladylike of me for not introducing myself." The blonde girl readjusts her pose before speaking again.

"Surely, you haven't heard of me, Cecilia Alcott, class representative of Class 1-2, a representative candidate of England and the only valedictorian student of the IS Academy?"

"Oh, so you're in the neighboring class." I said to her, and she doesn't look too happy about my answer.

"What's with that answer, shouldn't you be more impressed that I'm the elite of the elites?!"

"I really don't have the time for this; you should be on your way." I told her, because class will be starting soon and I haven't even finished with my breakfast.

"Hmph, if that is your attitude, I won't take it easy on you during the interclass tournament, no matter how much you would beg me!"

"Suit yourself; I don't anyone to take it easy on me anyway."

"At least you're not lacking in confidence, I, Cecilia Alcott will not hold back against you during the interclass tournament, so be prepared."

As she said that, she left adding the same pose to show it off. I would always think to myself that I wouldn't meet any arrogant people in here, but I have thought too soon. And the fact that she's my neighboring class representative will be a lot more annoying. I feel like I want to punch that girl if she decided to anger me to some extent.

"Orimura-kun…" I turned around to the three girls after I heard my name.


"You must beat that girl during the interclass tournament!"

"We must restore our pride as class 1-1!"

"She doesn't have the right to look down upon us, beat her up Orimu!" The three girls are obviously had their prides hurt, and I somehow I have a new nickname.

"Well, I'm planning to."

"Just do overdo it Ichika." Houki said to me as she finished her meal.

"….Fine then." She left to put down her trays while I'm still finishing mine.

Right now, I'm almost at the end of the second period. And Yamada-sensei is teaching right now. As much as I want to sleep in the middle of the class, Yamada-sensei would notice me immediately due to I'm sitting on the middle front row and she would reprimand me immediately.

"In other words, the IS was originally created for space work, so the pilot is covered in a special armor. Also, the armor has the ability to increase body functions and keep the pilots in a stable state. This increases the heart rate, pulse, lung capacity, amount of sweat lost, and endorphins (amino acids that the brain releases during times of pain, exercise, excitement and other exciting things)—"

"Sensei, is that really alright? It's kind of scary when the body is manipulated like that."

One of my classmates said with an uncertain look on her face. It's true that the unique feeling created by piloting an IS may cause people to feel uncomfortable.

"It's not really that complicated. Oh yeah, for example, everyone's wearing a bra, right? If one has that kind of support, there's no reason that it will cause any adverse effects on humans. Of course, if it's not by your own measurements but out of shape, then—"

…Coincidentally, our eyes met, and Yamada-sensei just stood there, dumbfounded. Several seconds later, she blushes. This the almost like a scene of an ecchi anime/manga before, so if there's any ecchi anime that has this kind of setting, it might be a best seller.

"Well, that, no, that's, Ori, Orimura-kun, you have no need to do that. I, I don't know. This example. Ah, ah ha, ah hahaha…"

Yamada-sensei can only laugh blankly, unknowingly creating a subtle atmosphere throughout the classroom. Compared to me, some of the girls seem to realize something as they fold their arms in front of their chest, looking like they're trying to hide their breasts.

Of course, being with Houki and Chifuyu-nee for almost of my lifetime, I'm used to seeing girl's underwear. But these girls gave me a different vibe where it is disturbing my hormones. Come on, I'm a teenage boy! And this bad atmosphere continues for 10 to 20 seconds until Murasame-sebsei break the silence.

"…Continue please."

"Ah, okay."

Yamada-sensei returned back to topic even though it looks like she's about to bury herself in the book.

"Then, well, I'll got something important. The IS has something similar to a human's consciousness that can converse with the pilot—in other words, understanding each other by living together. Mm, the longer the operation time, the more the IS understands the pilot's characteristics."

I see. In other words, it means that I can't slack off during training.

"The more you understand each other, the more you can use its utmost capability. You have to understand that the IS isn't a tool, but your friend."

Immediately, a girl raises her hand.

"Sensei, is it like a lover~?"

"Well, that, mm…it should be that kind of a feeling. I haven't experienced it before, so I don't really know…"

Judging by her answer, I'd say she had never experience this with a man before…


There goes the bell, and I have 15 minutes of break before the next period with Murasame-sensei. But before I even took off from my seat, hordes of girls started to surround me while the teachers went out of the classroom.

"I say, Orimura-kun."

"Over here~ over here~, a question~ a question~"

"Do you have time during the day? Do you have time after school? Do you have time at night?"

So many question barraging at me, I don't even have the chance to rebuke. Houki, I need your help!

As if she responds to my silent call, she came into my table, pushing her way from the crowds of girls and 'BAM', put her hands onto my table as if she trying to gain their attention.

"You're all very noisy, leave him alone!"

Her voice silenced the whole class, leaving them standing silently.

"Thanks Houki."

"No need to thank me Ichika, I would do it for you even if you didn't ask me."

"Ah, that's right…"

The silent atmosphere continues on until the Yamada-sensei and Reine-san went back into class. The girls who were just surrounded me went back into their seat in disappointment. Then Reine-san approached me as if she's going to say something to me.

"Ah, Orimura, you'll be given a personal suit as of today. Initially, you were supposed to be provided with your personal suit, but due to some set back it was delayed to today. You better follow me and Yamada-sensei after class."

"Ah, Okay…?" Just as I replied, the whole class started buzzing.

"A, a personal suit? For a first year, and at this time!?"

"Which means that the government has given support…or maybe from Kuromochi Machinery."

"Ah~ so good…I want to have my own personal suit soon."

Personal suit, maybe it's from Chifuyu-nee.

"Um, Murasame-sensei, is it from the Kuromochi Machinery?"

"Yes, the president was the one who wanted to give you a personal suit."

"Ah, it's from Chifuyu-nee?"

"Yes, and also your personal suit was being constructed by Professor Shinonono."


"Ehh, did you hear that?!"

"Orimura-kun's personal suit is made by Professor Shinonono herself."

I guess I have special privilege, given that my personal suit is being made by Tabane. Speaking of which, it's been a while since I saw her. I wonder when she'll visit us again.

"Erm, sensei. Is Shinononon-san, a relative of Professor Shinonono…?"

A girl trembles as she asks Reine-san…that's right, this surname Shinonono will be discovered anyway.

"That's right, Shinonono's that person's little sister. And please be aware that Orimura and Shinonono are related as well."

Added the fact that we're cousin, it's obvious that Tabane is my itoko (cousin) as well, Houki's Onee-san (Big sister) and Chifuyu-nee's cousin/servant.

"EEEEEHHH—! This, this is great! We have two famous people's relatives here!"

"And those two are also relatives, as cousins and servant as well."

"That that, how's Professor Shinonono as a person!? She's a genius, right!? And is she Chifuyu-sama's servant?!"

"So Shinonono-san's a genius too!? Teach me how to operate an IS the next time."

So many questions and shrieks, that the class is practically a stadium now. The third period is starting and the girls aren't really ready to start. Suddenly, I feel something inside me wants to scream out something like,

"OI, YOU ALL BE QUIET ALREADY!" I shouted at my classmates on the spot. Houki seemed to be surprised as well at my outburst.

Silence fills the class for a few seconds. I guess shouting that sudden wasn't really a good idea…

"Orimura-kun looks angry….He looked so cool like his onee-sama!"




What the hell is up with my classmates?!

After that much event and the whole lesson ended, I decided to follow Reine-san and Yamada-sensei as they instructed me. Houki came along with me just to see the personal suit that I suppose to received today. I followed them into a hangar of some sort and here, Houki and I was surprised what we saw.

"Ichika, is that…?"

"No way…"

"Yes Ichi, this will be your personal suit, your old friend." Reine-san said as she showed me 'that'.

"Um, 'old friend'?" Yamada-seemed confused by Reine-san just said.

"Yes, he and Houki have spent time time together with 'her' and it's time for them to reunite…"

I looked at her in amazement, she maybe looked different from the last time I saw her, but it is her.

"We've finally reunited, old friend. Did you miss me ShiroKishi?" I said to my personal suit and proceed to touch it.

When I touched her, the familiar feeling when I was just five resurfaced as many bits of information come to me and I was engulfed by a bright light. In the next second the bright light took me somewhere I'm not familiar with.

(Unknown area)

I'm currently not in the IS Academy, but rather somewhere I'm not familiar with. The calm blue sky, flat watery floors that I seem to be stand on. And few trees can be seen nearby. I looked around and saw a white medieval knightly figure right in front of me. She almost resembles like Chifuyu-nee, although her helmet makes it hard to recognize.

"So, we meet again. And hither I am to assist thou on thy journey. Methinks thou hath prepare to face thy foe in thy future, but thou would'st need my help in order to face thy adversaries anon. Come hither, and face me!"

The knight spoke to me in some unusual language, yet I somehow I understand her as I approach her. The knight lends her land to me to grab mine. And suddenly, the knight glows in a bright light and disintegrated in front of me.

"I remember that thou art a mere child when I hath lad my eyes upon thee. O Orimura Ichika, we hath been reunited and I am at thy command."

As the knight fully disintegrated, the particles which were the remains of the knight went inside me as if embracing me. As in that moment lots of information went inside my head. And all of it were information about my IS and its weapon. Suddenly, a huge sword impaled into the watery ground, which was held by the knight before appear right before me. The sword stands as taller than the knight from before.

"Grab that sword, for it will be of utmost use for thy journey. Use the sword to smite thy foes!" A voice called out to me. It was the knight's voice.

I approached the sword and grabbed the handle. The sword was heavy as a stone, but for some reason I can pull the sword out. The feeling was almost like King Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur out from a stone. I held the sword up high to the sky with my two hands, and the clouds are starting to turn black and flashes of blue lightning appear and struck the sword followed by the sound of thunder. The calm watery floor were replaced by stormy waves crashing each other and the trees nearby were blown away by a sudden storm.

Looks like Thor, the god of thunder is visiting me. Or is it Take-Mikazuchi? Either way, the sudden changes within my environment shows that the thunder gods are approved of me to wield this two-handed sword.

"Thy sword shalt be thy guidance, to create a path of thy will. The name of thy sword shalt be…."

Yes, my sword. My sword shall be named…


I lowered the sword and started swinging the sword horizontally and vertically in random. I do admit, my swing speed is lower compared to what I do in kendo but the swords power is the real deal. As I end my sword swinging session, I impaled the sword into the stormy sea floor and brushed my hair like Siegfried Scthauffen which caused the whole area to calm down.

Then a sudden flash of bright light blinds me for a moment. And in the next moment, I was back at the IS Academy, where Yamada-sensei, Reine-san and Houki looked at me with a surprised look.

(IS Academy)

"O-Orimura-kun's IS immediately gone through first shift?! That was extremely quick!" For some reason, Yamada-sensei looks at me surprisingly.

"What's wrong Yamada-sensei?"

"It's that…Personal IS takes some time to adjust with its pilot to undergo first shift. But your IS undergo first shift immediately as soon as you touch the IS. Look, you're even piloting one right now and that sword appeared instantly." I noticed that the sword from that place before was in my hand and I'm piloting Shirokishi right now without my notice.

"Ichika, are you okay?" Houki asked me in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied to her.

"Ichi, are you satisfy with the IS?"

"I'm more than just satisfied Reine-san, I'm happy that I'm reunited with Shirokishi."

"I'm sure your Onee-san would be happy as well."

Shirokishi….is now become my machine.

Infinite Stratos:

Name: Shirokishi (White Knight)

Type: Close Quarters Combat

Owner: Orimura Ichika

Generation: 1st to 3rd

Armaments: Great Sword "Rakurai" (Thunderbolt)

Details: The only 1st generation IS ever existed, reconstructed and modified into a 3rd generation IS developed by the collaboration work of Kuromochi Machinery Development and Tabane. Its sole weapon, 'Rakurai' has been also modified and reconstructed into a broad, heavily modified great sword. Its armor provides protection, but at the cost of its mobility. (A heavier and slower version of Byakushiki)

One/Off Ability: Pierce (A passive ability that enables Ichika to execute his attacks 100% effective regardless of enemy defense and IS shield. The great sword's weight combined with this ability grants Ichika a very powerful attack to his foes. Has a very high potential of being a double-edge sword due to its potentially dangerous ability. A passive albeit more dangerous version of Yukihira's Reiraku Byakuya.)

Next chapter will focus on a class representative selection match between Cecilia and not Ichika. (You might have the idea) If this is a rush, then sorry…but it is rather tedious to start all over again.

Until then, fare thee well.