She'd only come over to pick up Rose (her little girl was so young, always wanting to see her Granny Granger), but with the unexpected delay that her mother had encountered on the way back from the muggle petting zoo, Hermione had been left to wait alone in the house for… quite a while, actually. Having nothing better to do, she had taken out the newer discs from below the old television set and popped them into the slightly newer DVD player. She'd watched plenty of science fiction with her father when she was younger, and stopped by once in a while to catch up on the silly shows now that she was older. Given that Rose was getting older (already five!) and more rambunctious, however, so she hadn't had much of a chance to watch anything recently. And really, her dad wouldn't be that disappointed if she watched a season or two without him…

Hermione reached over to the remote and turned off the television that held a place of honor in her parents' living room, then sat quietly on the couch with her hands folded in her lap.

It hadn't really been a logical connection to make. But the very idea of it… it concerned her.

Oh, it wasn't really possible. The creatures that existed in the Whoniverse (that's what the muggle fans called it, right?) were unlikely to exist in real life, especially given that she knew many supposedly fictional creatures (though she could always give Luna a rundown on them and see if that got anything to crop up). Still, the concepts behind it were strange, concerning, made her think.

Weeping Angels, once their eyes were open, could be stopped by looking at one another, and that could be achieved temporarily by putting a mirror in front of one of them. It wouldn't work forever (nothing did), but it was a good stalling tactic, because they couldn't move if anyone was looking at them, themselves included.

Hermione had run into a lot of magic mirrors over the years, and besides, would the mirror become an angel itself? Though it would still be two angels looking at one another…

But (that word came up a lot, didn't it?) what about talking mirrors? Would the talking, pseudo-sentient mirrors react differently, more like a living person that had looked the angel in the eye? Or a contact mirror, like Harry and Sirius had had?

What about the Mirror of Erised?

What would the angel see if it looked into the Mirror of Erised?

Would it see anything at all?


…Hermione had seen a lot of magic mirrors.