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Summary: Somehow ending up in the Harry Potter world, Avatar Aang finds a young and neglected Harry Potter alone in the snow. He takes him back home to Air Temple Island, where and and Katara decide to adopt him as a third son. But when a mysterious letter arrives for Harry...and for his foster parents, will they accept the invitation?

And sorry about the sudden jumping-into-the-plot thing. I'll explain later.

Publishing Date: February 5, 2014



A New Home

The strange man did not know how he had gotten here. Moments ago, he had dropped his three children off with their uncle, and in the next second, a bright light had passed over him. And the moment when he opened his gray eyes, he was in a strange land. It was unlike any he had ever seen before: it was covered in the same snow...yet it was all different.

Large colorful machines were parked on concrete, and some of them even passed down the road. The man knew that being in their way could mean trouble, so he stepped off the road and into a pile of snow. Displeased that the snow was too thick for him to go through, he sent a small flame to the ground to pace his way, pulling the flame back to avoid chaos.

By the way, this man here is what people of this world would call "strange". He was like one of the Buddhist monks that lived near the Himalayas, down to the orange-and-yellow clothing and the shaved head. Yet what was strangest about this man was this: his head had a sky-blue arrow tattoo on his forehead, which ran over his head and then down his back.

Anyways, as he had used his Bending, he heard a startled yelp, which made him step back. The man cleared the snow away and looked down at shock at the bundle near his feet.

It was a young boy, a boy at around the age of eight, just a year under his youngest child's age. He was looking up at the man with a weak thin face and scared yet bright green eyes. He looked rather skinny as if he hadn't eaten for days, and his clothes were rather baggy and too big for a boy of his age. This was no place for a child to sleep or live at, or else he would freeze to death.

The tall man stooped low and tried shaking him awake. "Kid? Are you okay?"

The boy muttered something, but whatever it was, the bald-headed man couldn't hear him. Neither did he open his eyes.

"Poor kid, he's freezing," he muttered, feeling the boy's head. "And he's got a fever. I need to get him to Air Temple Island...and quick." Scooping the boy up in his arms, he said, "Don't worry. I'm taking you to my place...if I can find that portal, that is."

"You!" The tall man looked up to see a fat beefy man stalk out of the house to him, wearing long gray clothes. "The freak stays here! If you take him, his punishment will be harsh!"

Anger welled up in the man as he heard the unfamiliar voice growl this threat. He didn't want to resort to violence, but he did retort, "Well, monkey-feathers to that! I've seen the condition you have put him in, and it's not right for a kid. So whether you like it or not, I'm taking him with me! He'll be going to a good home, and that's that."

The beefy man glared at him with beady eyes. Then he snorted and growled, "All right then. Take him. We didn't ask for him, and good riddance to him!"

"Thank you. And gladly." Then as a final warning, as he noticed the portal appearing before him, he added, "I don't know how I came to your place, but I promise you this: may karma catch up to you."

And before the ugly man could do anything else, the Avatar stepped through the portal.


"You awake now?"

The young Harry opened his eyes, feeling strange yet comfy warmness around him, as he looked around. And when he looked up, he was a bit startled.

He was amazed to see a man looking down at him. The man had a middle-aged yet handsome face, one filled with concern...especially in those dark gray eyes. He wore orange-&-yellow robes, and he was also wearing a medallion around his neck, a golden medallion that had strange symbols on it. And on his shoulder was a strange creature that looked like a monkey with a prominently white face and gray patches of fur around its proportionately large eyes. The fur on its back was gray and white on its stomach, and its tail had a gray and white pattern of rings.

Not able to say anything, Harry merely nodded and looked away. He knew that it was rude to stare at people for a long time.

"Yep, you're awake," the man said, reaching down to ruffle his hair as he flinched; Harry was afraid he was going to be beaten. "Good to have you here; we thought you were a goner. Just sit tight, though; I better get my wife to check on you. This lemur here can keep you company." To the creature on his shoulder, he said with a wink, "Do your stuff, Momo Two."

Just then, the lemur chirped, hopped down from the man's shoulder, and landed on the bed. The man gave the two of them a small smile and walked off until he was out of the room. Harry just watched on as the lemur walked up to him and nuzzled him, curling up beside him. He reached out and stroked its fur, realizing that it felt as soft as one of the cats his neighbor, Mrs. Figg, had at her house. Unlike a cat, though, there was no odor of cat, and the lemur didn't try and scratch him. Instead, it nuzzled him again only to leap off the bed as the door opened again.

As the lemur ran off, Harry looked to the side to see the newcomer, the man behind her. This was a woman at around forty years of age...and she was beautiful. She had light tan skin, she was rather tall but not as tall as the man who had tended to him, and her figure looked as if she had gone through a few pregnancies, explaining her semi-curvy frame. Her face was a little bit younger than forty despite having several facial lines, yet there was a lot of wisdom and warmness in those bright blue eyes, and some of her long dark brown hair was tied into braids. Finally, her light clothing appeared to be some kind of animal hides with a light blue color, reminding him of Eskimos.

"Is this the boy?" she asked the tall man in a concerned and sweet voice. When he nodded, she rushed over to Harry and sat down at the edge of his bed, saying, "Good morning, dear. Are you doing okay?"

Harry nodded a bit. "My head hurts a bit...can I have some water?"

The woman nodded. "Of course you can. But first, close your eyes. I need to see if I can feel any stirring chi left inside."

So he did. As he did so, he heard the swish of water and felt cool wet hands touch the sides of his head, making him feel relaxed. He heard the woman murmur "There's some blocked energy just around the temple of your head. Let's see if there's any more we can detect." She moved her hands to his injured sides and gasped when she felt his broken ribs. Harry felt that this hurt him a bit, so he winced.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. You can open your eyes now," the woman murmured, lifting her hands away from him.

What he saw next was amazing: she was moving the water around with her hands as if she was psychic. But he did not want to think about it, for his uncle said that showing signs of magic was a sign of abnormal "freakishness". He calmed down in time as he laid back against his pillow, feeling the lemur from before leap onto the bed and curl up next to him.

"So what's your name?" the woman asked softly, handing him a glass of water.

"H-Harry," the boy stammered, still in awe at the water being controlled that way.

The woman smiled kindly at him, a caring and very beautiful smile. "I've never heard of a name like that...but it's a nice name. Anyways, I'm Katara, and this man over here is my husband Aang. He's the Avatar."

The man who was named Aang gave a grin and waved to him before he left the room. Harry had no idea what an Avatar was, but he looked back at the woman named Katara and said, "Your names sound weird...but yours is pretty," he told the latter.

"Thank you," Katara said in a sweet tone. But her smile faltered a bit when she said, "Aang told me of how he found you beaten up. So what happened? Do you want to talk about it?"

"No." Harry took a sip of water as he replied.

Katara gave him a sympathetic look and reached over to move a lock of black hair from his face. "Well, if you want to talk about it later, tell me. It's not good to keep one's feelings to yourself for so long. That's what I taught my husband when we were younger," she added with a small giggle. She got up from the bed and said, "One more thing, Harry: If you need us, then my brother will come over and help out. I'll let him know."

Harry nodded.

"Okay. You just wait here," Katara said, her voice getting a little stern. "And DON'T get out of bed just yet, young man. You need to rest first before you go anywhere." With a gentle look on her face again, she said, "Sorry. Almost twenty years of being a mother can make me act like that. I'll see you in a little bit, Harry."

And at this, she walked off and headed out the door. Harry felt himself feel a bit drowsy thanks to what had happened, and due to Katara's healing and sweet scent, he fell asleep instantly.


Once she was out of the infirmary room, Katara looked to the side, trying to think over what she had seen. She had just seen an injured child in the bed, and it looked like he had been abused. Whoever had done this to him must not have known to raise a child like they should. She herself and Aang had raised three children together for nearly twenty years, and they had sometimes shown signs of being injured if they fell or played a bit roughly.

But Harry...was a new case. He was a child from another world with different needs and different ways of living. But Katara was determined to help this child out no matter what happened.

She stepped outside to look around to find either Aang or her children, but she couldn't find the latter. Perhaps their uncle Sokka had taken them on his little "expeditions", which would result in funny shenanigans. As for Aang, the Avatar himself was sitting on a bench and looking out to the sun high in the sky, his dark gray eyes closed as if he was thinking.

"Aang? Can we talk?"

The Avatar looked around at his wife from his meditating spot, his eyes opening. With a small smile, he said "Sure" and lifted himself up to his feet with some AirBending. "What do you wanna talk about? Is Harry gonna be okay?"

Katara nodded as she stepped over to him. "Yes, he'll be fine. He's resting, and I told him that Sokka can come over to check up on him. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah," Aang told her, smoothing a hand over her cheek to assure her. "First, we gotta find them. Where did he say they were going to go?"

"To the bison caves," Katara replied. "I hope they don't get hurt."

Aang shrugged and pulled his hand away from her face. "Considering the games Sokka plays with them, that's quite likely to happen. Let's go before anything happens."

So they set off towards the beach where the sky bison slept in their caves. A few years after the end of the Hundred Year War, Aang, Katara, and their friends had found a long-lost herd of sky bison, creatures who had been thought of being extinct for a hundred years. Now they populated Air Temple Island, and Aang planned on introducing them back to the other four Air Temples around the world. Anyways, they were on their way down the slope to the beach when they heard cries of laughter and bison roaring.

The Avatar and his wife rounded around a corner and exchanged exasperated smiles. The latter's brother was buried up to his shoulders in sand while the three children were around him. Seeing him like this slightly made Aang and Katara smile at this; he was a good uncle to their children, hanging out with them if they were busy and the like.

"Okay, can someone dig me up now?" Sokka was asking. "I gotta get back to the city in a few hours. Someone dig a war hero out?"

"Not until you say 'Waterbenders are the best,'" Kya said with a smirk. The nineteen-year-old girl was a bit like her father with her playful nature, yet she was the oldest of the Avatar's children and a calm Waterbender like her mother. "Go on, say it!"

Sokka gave a pretend groan of despair. "Really?! I'm gonna die out here!"

Nine-year-old Tenzin, the youngest and the only Airbender of the three, asked in a worried tone, "Shouldn't you dig Uncle Sokka up by now? What if his shoulders start aching?"

Bumi, who was twelve and the only non-bender, retorted calmly, "Relax, little bro, you worry too much. He'll be fine."

"If the tide comes in, then it won't be just his shoulders that won't be fine," Katara interrupted them, making them turn to their mother. "Get your uncle out of there right now."

With a roll of the eyes, they did as they were told and got their uncle out of the sand in time for the water to wash up to their feet. Bumi was like a mix between Aang and Katara thus looking a bit like Sokka, Kya looked pretty much like her mother even down to the Water Tribe clothes, brown hair, and blue eyes, and Tenzin looked like a miniature Aang. Still, they seemed to have fun teasing their uncle, and Katara seemed to like that too despite the slightly stern look she had at the moment.

"Aw, Mom! We were just having some fun," Kya began with a sheepish smile.

"Yeah, come on," Sokka said while he was dusting sand off of him. "I asked them to!"

Katara rolled her eyes. "I'm not denying you the right to have fun. I just want you all to be careful. And it's like I'm raising four or five children at once," she muttered sarcastically. To her husband, she asked, "Is there something you should add, Aang?"

Aang appeared to be thinking it over. Then finally, he said, " careful in the future."

"Besides that," Katara retorted with a mix of amusement and exasperation on her face.

"Oh yeah!" Aang cleared his throat and said, "Kids...this might be a shocker for all of you, might be getting a new brother."

Silence for a few moments. Then... "You're pregnant again?" Sokka asked with a grin. "You two must've made major oogies all over again!"

"Yeah," Bumi added with a laugh. "Lots of oogies coming this way!"

Aang and Katara gave them an unimpressed look before the former said, "No. We've tried having another child...but you know what happened, so we're planning on adopting a child this time. We got him from another world...and spirits know how in the world I got there...but the young man himself is resting in the medical wing on the island. His name is Harry, and-"

"Harry?" Tenzin asked in disbelief. "I've never heard of a name like that."

"Don't interrupt your father, Tenzin," Katara chided him lightly. "Let him finish."

"It's okay, sweetheart," Aang reassured her with a smile. To Tenzin and the rest, he said, "I don't know what kind of name Harry is either, but he's resting now. You can come over to the medical wing and meet him, but don't play around roughly with him. If you do, I might let Zuko come over and make you do twenty hot squats." But at the gasps, he said, "I'm kidding!"

Katara swatted his arm playfully and said to their children...and to her brother, "Now that that's been said and done, let's go see if Harry's awake now."

(Author's Note: Switching POVs now.)

So they packed up whatever they brought out near the sky bison and headed back to the center of Air Temple Island. When they got to the infirmary, for some reason, their MetalBending friend Toph Bei Fong was there and guarding the room. The blind police chieftain seemed to recognize them and gave them a nod, and Aang nodded back. There was really no need for words of recognition at the point.

When they got into the room, two other people were here. One of them was Fire Lord Zuko himself, staring out the window, and the next person surprised them the most. Sitting at the head of the bed with Harry was Mai, Zuko's wife and Fire Lady of the Fire Nation. Harry appeared to be looking at the Fire Lord in a quite fearful way, and Aang wondered what was wrong.

"Hey guys," he said with a bow to both of them. Looking up after their greetings, he asked, "What's got Harry so upset?"

Zuko turned around so that he could see his scar, the red scar on his face he got from his father. "I don't know. I just looked at him, and he freaked out a bit. Mai said I must've scared him."

"Maybe it's because of your scar," Mai replied, looking up from Harry. "Looks like you scared the poor little guy."

"'Poor little guy?'" Katara asked with a smile. "What got you talking this way?"

Mai turned her usually-stoic face to her. "When you have a daughter after having been pregnant for TEN months, it gets to you."

Aang nodded along with his wife, remembering well what happened. Mai had been a mother for nearly seven years after being overdue with her baby for ten months (which was a month longer than the usual gestation), and she had been a little distant due to not knowing what to do as a mother. Fortunately, she had managed to learn how, and she was now a good mother to Ursa the Second, named after her husband's mother. And as for Zuko, he had loved his daughter ever since she was born (unlike his own father), and she brought out his soft side often.

He turned back to Harry. "Are you really okay? Did Zuko scare you?"

"Only a little," Harry admitted. "But he's good."

"He's speaking the truth," Zuko added, a smirk on his mouth. "His curiosity kinda reminds me of me when I was around his age. Aang." He turned to the Airbending monk. "Where exactly did you find the boy?"

Aang merely gave a shrug. "I...have no idea. One minute, I was dropping the kids off with Sokka, and the second, I saw this weird sphere of light. When I touched it, it took me to a rather strange place, where people talked funny and brightly-colored vehicles were around."

"Bright-colored vehicles?" Sokka spoke up. "Don't tell me you've been slipping cactus juice behind us! Wait a minute...that was me."

"Anyways..." Aang ignored the little outburst from Sokka but smiled at that. "I stumbled over something in the snow, so I uncovered it with Airbending, and there he was. Harry was cold, starving, and very close to death when I saw him. A man had come out, roaring that I give 'the freak' as he says to him back, but I told him 'Monkey-feathers to that!'"

"You do know you're still using slang from over a hundred years ago, right, Twinkletoes?" Toph called from the hallway.

Katara turned to the blind Metalbender, apparently miffed about the bad treatment the man had given Harry. "And you do know you're still using nicknames, right, Toph?"

Said woman shrugged. "Hey, it's what I do."

Aang finished, "Finally, I brought him here, Katara helped healing him, and we came out to see if Sokka and the kids would like to meet him. Kids?" He turned to his three children, who were looking at Harry in awe and sympathy. "You wanna say hello?"

"Sure!" Bumi sprinted over to Harry and gave him a wide grin. "Hey there! I'm Bumi!"

Kya came up beside her brother and said more calmly, "I'm Kya. Nice to meet you!"

Noticing Tenzin staying back, Aang gently nudged his youngest son forward until the little Airbender was beside the bed. "Hello," he squeaked, suddenly clearing his throat until he tried sounding deeper. "My name is Tenzin. Welcome."

"Hey," Harry greeted them all. "Where exactly am I again?"

"Air Temple Island, kid," Sokka spoke up. "Aang invited us to come see if you were okay. By the way, I'm their Uncle Sokka...and I can be your uncle too if you wanna stay."

"I think he might have to," Zuko spoke up for the first time in a while. "He's got a family who won't take care of him...and we just might have to take him in." Seeing the looks on everyone's faces, he added, "I'm not saying that WE, Mai and I, take him in. I'm saying that YOU, Aang and Katara, can take him in."

Katara shared a look with Aang. "That's what we plan to do...if no one else will adopt him."

Soon, it was time for Harry to have one of his healing sessions, so Katara said for everyone to leave him in peace. They did as she was told, offering good-luck and promises of seeing the young boy again before they left. Even the Air Acolytes who came over to see him decided to leave right away; plus, Aang had a class to teach the younger ones.

"Just remember to rest," Aang told the young boy. "Don't go bouncing around too soon."

Just then, he saw Katara walk over to the doorway, beckoning him with a finger. So he followed his wife out to the hallway, where she asked him with a smirk, "Aang, do you know who he reminds me of?"

Aang tilted his head to one side. "What? Who? What're you talking about?"

"He reminds me of you when you were young like him," Katara answered, pressing herself against his body. "Always modest and kind...he's like you in a way."

"I guess so," Aang admitted. "If he gets hyper, then I don't know what we'd do with three hyper kids and one calm one. Besides, you remember all the adventures we got ourselves into because of that?"

In response, Katara swiftly pinned him to the wall, purring, "You mean all the adventures you got us into because of that?" She kissed him gently on the lips for a few seconds before finishing with a gorgeous smile, "Don't worry, sweetie. Harry will be fine. I'm going to go get some herbs in the meantime. Can you keep an eye on him for me before you get to your students?"

Aang smiled back at her and nodded while she let him go, releasing him from the wall. He watched Katara look over her shoulder and wink slightly before she headed down the hallway and out of sight. This was one of the virtues he loved about his wife besides her beauty: her kindness and gentleness towards children. Despite Kya and Bumi being quite a handful when they were younger, Katara had never lost her long-honed motherly instincts, not once.

With a sigh, the Avatar headed back into the healing room.

To be continued...


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